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  1. The woman draged her on, she could hear her unclearly far away, she was so tired. arya felt like she walked forever, stumbeling here and there, part of her realised she would fallen over long ago if not for the woman, however then she could lay down to sleep. She felt cold and warm from the excersise at the same time, she was still parched though she swallowed some water, but that was moving in her tummy and threathened to come up. The next she knew she felt shockingly cold, she was wet, then warm and she was seeing black spots, her head was starting to roll back though something told her it would be a bad idea. Her checks turned red in her pale face though she couldnt see it, stay awake all her sences told her even as her eyes sliped close. Maybe it would be better to sleep, but part of her tried to open her eyes, though her lids felt like they were made of heavy rocks. It was all she could do to keep her head from falling, though it felt more like it was slightly rocking back and forth as she faught for consiousness. So tired.. Too many myths People just assuming things that aren't true There's too many myths Coming between me and you You might have your name up in lights But you still have to keep your game uptight - Van Morison
  2. Sounds good @Wildfire Sedai @Cairos @Elaevia Lets see who is quickest to look up and bag that one
  3. Dont think you sounds well enough for work yet..4hould still be in bed if you ask me
  4. Yeah great new LG good to hear its going forward
  5. Eh my playstyle works for me, besides who did I say I thougth would be worst having in mafia roles..yeah thats rigth those two so I was on to something lol My head just way slow processing, so hard to keep up with whats going on. Also beeing sick and not being able to think clearly doesnt help, and while I enjoy some banter it was starting to hurt my head at the end, so probably migth caved to early, but again sick so couldnt muster the brainpower to properly put all the pieces togheter.
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