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  1. The game rounds are one adjective 6 nouns So the white blub above is from a dictionary explaining nouns, and has nothing to do with round. Oh ok see now I see ok example ok so the way to think about it would be if player X had posted blue Million says cat I say boat Lava says atlantic And no one else joined, say player X was an avid fan of the adventures of blue cat, they might choose cat as the winner. Another person might find that the sea was more accurate to fit with blue, and a third might have fond memories of fishing on a blue boat So the game in and for itself is shaped by the players and their personalities, for some players u want the noun who best fit with the adjective, with another it could be whatever makes the funest combination when combined to make the person laugh. So it just comes down to what you can come up with from the letters there are to choose from
  2. There is none, but both me and @JamesBrown are former members, and I lead it eons ago too. So if questions we try to help out cover it.
  3. Lii, cuen leader and it could be better but that's life 😛
  4. Also @Millon come help with our activity..JB need competition
  5. Need to be a noun, the adjective for round 1 is Big aka starting on B (this is based on my apples to apples dice game). So you could say Giant Copied from Merriam Webster in case someone don't know grammar (I certainly don't hence having to look it up) What is a noun? Nouns make up the largest class of words in most languages, including English. A noun is a word that refers to a thing (book), a person (Betty Crocker), an animal (cat), a place (Omaha), a quality (softness), an idea (justice), or an action (yodeling). It's usually a single word, but not always: cake, shoes, school bus, and time and a half are all nouns.
  6. Sorry didn't think of that, is sick so Brain is a bit clogged and dense
  7. ok so how many had the joy of trying the swab test yet? just sudenly realised the notorious kindergarden or back to school autumn is coming soon, with all its joys of colds and flu's which share symptomes...gonna be a long couple years till they find a vaccine
  8. Ok so the judge posts an adjective starting on the appropriate round letter. An adjective is a describing word like blue, sweet, small The six next player posts a noun each with that rounds available noun letters. It's first come first serve. Ex if the letters are a b c d e f, and f.ex. million posted the word cat, then I came in I could not choose C so I post Boat, then Lava comes she has to make a word with A D E or F. And so on till all the letters been used. The last player tags the judge who posted the adjective so they can judge it. The winner of a round become the next rounds judge. If 2 days have past and not all noun letters has been used, the judge pick a winner so the game can move on. The game is not limited to 7 players, but only the first 6 to post in a round get a chance to score points so just jump in. Also the judge pick their own criteria for choosing the winner, be it the most accurate, or what makes them laugh or whatever (just as in RL) Round Start 1 adjective: Big 1 noun letters : D T K G G O Roundnr-adjective-noums 2: I - S P B R O L 3: I - N D N I G C 4: G - P F F N Y E 5: U - I J N L C B 6: S - R S W M D H 7: H - N M C N E P 8: M - N S S I V G 9: U - N L C K Y P 10: S - G C O P G M Players - Points
  9. Ok got one other player from DM Should I save up for a guild/faction whatever it's called or just keep sinking it in my heros
  10. ok and just to test for future reference...does this site take movies ...so yeah seems so so this is a small test video from on top of one of the stores in the magical alley island thingy, with flying furnitures. Video.avi
  11. we could make a own DM guild? its not that hard to make up 100k havent joined a guild jet still just trying to figure out the basics of strategy and smart choices only played a week, never heard of the game before (i just searched for ea games cause wanted to try something new and chose at random)
  12. So here is my characters (no i didnt make them myself, just did hair, clothes and such, one was maxis generated, the other i got from the gallery) They just been on a date, and have currently jumped in the pool (Lii) and sat down with a piano (Ichiro). Of course got some pics from the aforementioned date As can be seen Lii is a fan of or in grifyndore, and she has started learning witchcraft (Ich hasnt). Here they just goten home after said date Hasnt done too much but caugth a couple pics in "magic world"
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