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  1. On that note both of mine deleted their accounts so gone
  2. good on you, I took of earlier from work so got earlier weekend...was nice too
  3. Ok collecting it to keep track Mumsy has a little white lamb that liked to jump upon the couch and lamps only to bite Taymists shawl. It loved to do gymnastics on the boulder behind the White Tower. Mumsy was always occupied with her favorite poetry book and inspecting the Warders. The other day Taymist and Mystica skipped happily through the waste of forgotten pumpkin pies on their way to go to see the Warders. The sky was filled with Green and yellow light spewing from the large glowing orb hanging in the autumn tree. From the window of My old Aunt's motorhome Mumsy could keep an eye on the playground, where the Warders would practice with inflatable enemies, who were dressed in purple and orange with lilac tutus tucked around their hips, sometimes when they were not deflated. Cairos and
  4. Welcome ...see you over in the WT 😜
  5. Think doing hearts for february, need to take a pic too anyone else going to do a year long one?
  6. So anyone still play this? Its a game where you collect dragons of different breeds on a scroll (for those who havent run into it yet)
  7. Oh I intend too, part of this challenge for me is to keep at one piece and not just start over, so got my piece of paper and scetched out how to divide it in 12 So going from there, will be interesting to see what I get at end of year
  8. Prefer stuff which I need to solve puzles, reflexes not the best so never got into any type of actionesque games
  9. Ok my stuff so far look more like a sketch le sigh, went to small on my first pic to leave much room for shading details..better luck I guess on next months subject 😛 Also trying to make out in head how to make them flow into eachother
  10. New weekend cant remember what I did last one, hope this one better. Got an idea for something to do next month but waiting on some response, so any aspies want more to do may soon have something to help out with...maybe
  11. Well now we will have two kaf addicts I guess 😉 grats Tay
  12. Very nice gown wouldnt mind having one lol
  13. Up in right hand corner by your pic there a small arrow that gives you a menu Choose acount setting and its in there on a menu to the left
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