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  1. Ok lets continue this Truth: wHats your biggest pet peeve Dare: act as someones pet following them around for 5 posts, make the behaviour stereotypical for the vices known to the animal you pick (ex begging for food, rolling around for belly rubs and such for a dog, or taking the high road for a cat acting nonchalant)
  2. Welcome sounds like you got some interesting hobbies, should come by entertainment and debate the fantasy movies I am sure you also watch then 😉
  3. Ok now that I can recognise..much better less confusing
  4. Spamity..spawny spamity Also hey there hugles @Leelou
  5. Yes food and water is of essence before going to bed after drinks 😉
  6. well once i got around to stop looking at the colors on botle and actually read it ...it seems i found us some gin *hands @Cairos a martini*
  7. tumbs up now question tracker if i post one in chat would i be able to lure you in there too?
  8. lolz there more around...one each day so people can hunt for em to give em back to us 😉
  9. you gray, figured with all the foodmaking you would be white you know flour...though seems your out (was planing to lend some) where did it go?
  10. Sush hands @Eternal Phoenix and @Zander? a glass each, then sips her own
  11. Oh come on zanzan..you know you want too
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