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  1. There some tutorials for sig makers in the arts guild that cover this You can resize and crop a picture, but a lot of sig pics are actually made by people maniputing several pics, using both resizing, croping and merging photos togheter to make new pictures
  2. ok gonna make a post to get started on this, not sure i got my manual anymore so we will start with the homework of geting to know your cam and i will make some notes here to keep track so i got what is now probably considered an older camera since technology move so fast these days So i got a sony nex-5 which has an upside to moveable screen, downsize you cant actually see directly into lens, you got to work by the screen as its sort of a hybrid between a what was the regular cam to have for vacay photoes back in the day and a full scale photograp thingy with lense (no
  3. The rp has their own out of character boards, they also have an own chat room in discord... I meant to check up what you made as i want to get back into RP, but life happened and i didn't have the headspace to write...i will come around again to do that once life falls a bit more in order again (is mostly LoA atm just peeking in to do some bare minimum of staff work when I get a bit extra energy)
  4. What are some of your good and less good hobby creations of last year and why Everyone has a hobby and very many hobbies people create things one way or another... And like the gray i for one love creating and even trying out new stuff So to kick start this here is a piece I am both dissatisfied and very satisfied with. Its from dELFcember i think my blue's weren't quite right not the shading in the flames, also not quite satisfied with the elf face capture in the fang On the other hand the element i thought I would struggle most wit
  5. Just found this mostly seems to be pencils and ink....shows the drawing speed up doi would say for inspiration not really tutorials https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCma2_rrf2FeD82J3OadClvA
  6. Ok we covered a bit of what people do...but as i dog into things i realize there are levels to stuff quality wise and to which level your on So let's discuss brands I got two types of fineliners staedtler which i used for years for adult coloring books...and arteza which i got last year to start trying out inking. Maybe it's cause their old and used but in general for me the arteza was a big step up as far as getting solid colors that's easier to work with...the shade selection help too...though i got them just before they started color coding the pens so if
  7. so since screen really wears me out (well a lot of stuff do these days) i was pleasently surpriced to get aquarelle pencils for christmas so having tested them out in combo with inking a couple times i descided to take the leap and do a piece in BW for my own wall more specifically a snow leopard now as i havent practised those for months i gave myself a break to just learn it and did the rough line out over another picture from here https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-41270646 and then went freehand on shading and stuff, and will post progress pics her
  8. Ok looking at instagram sum up i love how i can see my progress The triple goddess and the 4 last ones I did without tutorials (maleficent, pride, flame and fang, cenateur)
  9. Ooof ok 21 done 2019 prompt 11 dark day (maleficent)
  10. Love it...and yeah geting enough hang of it I am freestyle ing without tutorials some days now Though for snow i had to couldn't even remember her dress Prompt 15 cenateur Prompt 17 opposites Prompt 19 pride
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