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  1. They sell reflective blankets for cars, maybe put that outside window to stop sun going in, it's meant to keep car cool while parked and it worked better then we expected
  2. Oh yeah fun times and memories, who know always a chance of return.
  3. Well some sites have a Button to turn it of, and someone just told me my phonebrowser altso has a turn of mobile versjon so i has fixed it Well the view of site, i tried doing stuff on profile and it dont change my signature But i found it under account info
  4. There is one it shows on my board but not on phone so guess it's invisible in mobile view. Can't find how to access it though
  5. Of course it does, have you not seen the documentary cloudy with a chance of meatballs
  6. Yeah like bellow my post, get rid of the mail adr from when i was staff and other stuff, maybe get a pic in there If i can find someone to make one
  7. Thank you, so many patterns out there, so it can be quite fun and challenging
  8. Well gabbi beads popular with kids, Nice activety to conect, but making stars get old so started making pics and other stuff, working on a gift for someone now making an aquarium pic and here are a couple pieces
  9. I might try to write, want to take it slow though sine dont have as much time as before. so likely only the chars i developed most like liitha, Aslan, maybe M'bela over time. Easier to get into Those as i used them more and therefor remember them better.
  10. Hi i am good, she aint anymore (a baby that is), and thanks How are thing with you guys?
  11. I am sure, will have to look info that next time mango is on sale. How are thing going?
  12. Mmm never thought of that...mango daiquiri..looks lovely
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