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  1. Good going, here is something to help you keep going
  2. Well we are suposed to visit the browns..so need an easter theme thing to do with them after clearing visit to get to know them better and hang out, maybe also a game the renshai is in charge of the discusion, and me'areath the activety.
  3. (Trick is to make a chain with only changing the one letter not even order..a bit more challenging) Corm
  4. Welcome..and intros always feels akward to the person writing it 😉 hope you enjoy the site
  5. Upside to data gathering and analyzing..so many options for sources..home office just offers a different setting..and in some cases maybe even less distractions 😉 Good going
  6. Ok so had to think some on what I wonder..I am usually the person who will look it up if I got a question, but never did do research further on this..and while I wondered about it at times it usually been times it hasnt been a good time to look it up Why is coffee so bad for pregnant people And no its not just caffeine, cause they did a comparative study many years ago with cola, and while yes caffeine isnt good, the study showed that the results showed differences, so there is something else in coffee then just the caffeine thats bad.
  7. So what are things you wonder about, small or big, maybe someone in here knows the answer. Anyone can ask or answer, this is basically pairing our wondering minds, with the minds who migth know. There is afterall a huge spread in the knowledge in here between everyone..well that is when people just wakes up 😉 😛
  8. Ok not my best topic but lets try, so basic just throw in some odd facts Cats dont have the enzymes to break down milk (more specifically the lactose) its imposible to lick your own elbow Tomatos are actually a fruit, more specifically a berry.
  9. Nice james, and yeah no I dont have the head for it..think 2020 is not what anyone thougth it would be I migth do some coloring and post here, but dont have the head much for creating and making stuff from scratch.
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