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  1. Ok of course you can layer up and make amazing glow effects with layering but lets get to the basics and more simple glow stuff this is the stuff when i want to make simpler stuff glow and its either 1. use blur 2. use skreen, addition or similar mode in layers 3. a combination of the two ok here i got a black background and i got text i want to make glowing in a layer afront of it now i am going to make a layer between my name layer and my background now it looks like this aka my text has been selected i head into select menu and in this case set it too 3 pixel, then make my empty layer my active layer i go to edit and fill it with my selected color now because the color i want to glow is fairly light, you can see it disapears a bit in the light color, so for that reason i go to select menu, shrink 2 and choose a color slightly darker then my text to fill the new selected inner field with now i use the cut tool (i am sure there is a better way for this but this the simplest way i found to deactivate a selection) and click utside the frame now i go to filters, blur and use gausian blur on this layer to me this not good enough so i duplicate layer and set it to addition and half optimacy now the thiner the line and if its in medium to dark range i find this works a lot better then with light colors most of the time, with them you likely want to layer more and work on shading out and in and all... example and in this one the bluur layer only have one color not two like the last one, and there is no layer on top of the text either Framing now of course you can find beautifull frames in say pixabay you can just put your picture in, there is also an framing tool in the filters and artistic menu or was it decoration but basic gist there is nothing hindering you making your own frames, either by use of cuting tool, shrink and grow feature in the select menu or by use of eraser and different brushes - and combine this of course with any number of other tools and effects will cover a few here ok first and very simple one i have a picture, i duplicate the layer, i colorize it, i go to select and choose all, then i go back to select and here i shrunk by 25 now i delete the new selection and voila now this same version can be used to fill say one color, shrink some more, fill another color, and shrink again fill another color you can of course blur those layer lines you see you can even use another picture, patern or something and do this with you could play with it and do the different frame colors in different layers and make them more transparent in some layers then others and so on and forth ok now another way to do this is create a new layer on top of your picture and simple use the airbrush tool, the pencil, the paintbrush or the eraser to make a new frame in the edge by creating some of the brushes with form now i figure you see the paintbrush and pencil and all, but eraser? yes simple make a picture the layer above with say a pattern, use a big eraser and remove it completely, then use anti erase to take back parts of it
  2. yes its more basic as a toddler, does it understand yes same way a child does when say learning colors in kids books looking at colors and beeing told this is the color yellow, this is the color red, this is blue they memorize the colors, and understand that the joint word for them is color same way this parrot learn that things are called matter, and different matters have different taste and texture it can recognise its not communication on university level no...it is in the early years of humans...but definantly compatible 😉
  3. yes is the frame for something specific? is it meant to be a gateway or such? (is currious lolz) but definantly yes, all kinds of styles will be needed as we grow...these things used to be very popular and we used to have a lot more requests...as people discover its back and we are organized in a place they can reach us...i think that its soon going to start growning...which is why i already saw tendency of potential clutter between work treads and requests/auctions and split it into two boards
  4. https://pixabay.com/illustrations/jump-pike-jump-fun-person-hop-1653000/ https://pixabay.com/illustrations/man-people-guy-male-elf-fantasy-5389055/ https://pixabay.com/illustrations/princess-middle-ages-dress-woman-3983645/
  5. https://pixabay.com/photos/water-drops-blue-liquid-clear-839590/ https://pixabay.com/photos/nature-flower-flora-color-summer-3061436/ https://pixabay.com/photos/landscape-forest-open-space-field-219843/
  6. also speaking dont mean you communicating as such, like huskies can learn to somewhat speak, i would say its debatable if its used to communicate, it seems to be set off more as a trick by the owners... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v650l7ZOOIQ however mostly is not all, this dog has a lot of vocabulary and i am sure some things migth been trained to connect with specific stuff so it may well have some of it connected to the specifics, like stuff as food and such our dogs know well when its close to food time and to communicate this too us if we forgotten, and with a dog who has this vocabulary instead of that sounding like barking, or carying a foodbowl it may well be it tells the owner "i waavaaaoowann foovooovod" is it basic but consider how a todler slur in begining its the level we all been at once 😉 oh and for a parrot thats not just a pet mimicing though there is no reason pet parrots cant learn to communicate as its up to owners to teach them, however not all parrots are capable of speaking (speach is a physical atribute too, which is why say its posible to more easily train a dog like a husky then many other breeds word like sounds) here is one in a study to research just how much with scientific documentation a parrot can learn to understand and communicate
  7. you have to separate talking and comunicating, we can if we put our minds too it learn to communicate with most animals, some animals also have speach, and in some cases the speach can be used to communicating too it just depends on how well you thougth the animal who has speach, just like you do with a child, only unlike children who has a much bigger capasity to learn languages the animal will never have as broad of a language as the child will as it grows older the problem many face in teaching animals are teaching them on a human basis or the basis of another animal they learned to train, you have to train an animal based on its specific species and breed...and to do that you have to first learn to understand its communication system...we know and understand how people learn as we done that ourself....but if you havent been trained well and learned to understand these things well yourself - you often will have trouble to teach it to others of your own spieces like children even...its why its not just a kids potential that determine school results, socioeconomic background in tests often has a lot to do with how well kids learn...its not their potential its just that they do not get access to the same resources and follow up, at home, and sadly many places in school too as different socioeconomic neighbourhood has reflective schools in level so they dont nesicarily get the best teachers, best books...and so on and forth
  8. For sharing good quality pics of seasonal objects for your holiday and celebratory times from free source sides that's up for grabs (aka you spotted it while looking for something else and figured someone might have a use for it).
  9. For sharing good quality pics of people from free source sides that's up for grabs (aka you spotted it while looking for something else and figured someone might have a use for it).
  10. For sharing good quality pics of backgrounds from free source sides that's up for grabs (aka you spotted it while looking for something else and figured someone might have a use for it).
  11. Firstly, lets get the "boring" juridical stuff out of the way, aka Copyrigths. This means you can't just google whatever you want, snag it out of your browser, and use it for sigs. The maker or taker of the picture owns it, and using it without consent is illigal! (Thats the short version, if you want to know more you can start here: Digital Millenium Copyright Act) Now too the good news; a good amount of pages online actually have stuff you can use for free, either by crediting, or even without crediting. A little heads up though, a lot of them also have some premium section, or cooperation with sites where you have to pay a membership to gain free use. Although there's usually clearly marked which pictures this attains too. More on good sources for sig makers ..
  12. Just connect with sig makers to get names and txt on
  13. Welcome to the November auction ...the auction will open the 10th of November and run till the 15th. Auctioneer: @Lavandula The way to bid is to post the name of the sig or sigs you want to try to win, and a number between 1-500 thats not been posted already for that sig. Ex I want to bid for crystal- 368, and Trick - 429 you can bid on as many or few sigs as you want, and obviously its up too you if they are for you or a gift for someone that you know would apriciate the sig. Crystal by Liitha Starscape by Liitha Metal by Liitha
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