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  1. They can restore that if you remember your handle i think When were you a member and which disc? I think we got lists in disc treads of old inactive members too..
  2. Done (i tried) Salome (yellow), Demonauel (green) and Esteban (warders Cuen leader for now
  3. Congrats...you will have your hands full...and is it really that long ago?
  4. Hey *hugs* that's a name i not seen in a long time And it's never to late to rejoin... 😉
  5. OOOH we got anew feature me likes ¡!!!!!!!!
  6. Ok so lately i been more working on idea in my head rather then learn technique, as has been seen in chat for those who come there And here is where I am now
  7. Cuen april visit is up over in the yellows Also who wants to talk about 🐠🐟
  8. So if you were to take a tattoo, where and what. Also what would you never do and where would you never tattoo? I would be not likely do a tattoo anywhere i couldn't cover up for office...though having played with temp tattoo i could see how a neck tattoo could be nice/cool (put on a rose half colored half BW and it fit really well) Most likely i would do some type of predator tattoo, but personalized, not sure where maybe leg or shoulder (would depend on motive). @Arie there better late then never 🙂
  9. Ok update, layered on more darkness
  10. Ooooookkkkeeeeyyyy paaaarteyyyy peeeoooppleeee....let's bring it through the roof....bring us your best party music
  11. I tried to pm u in discord did you not get it? How about now?
  12. Welcome to spring break week with Cuen'deren Leave your tired c-19 mood and cozy clothes in the door, and break out your bathing clothes and club wear, and get ready to PARTY, game and have fun 🥳
  13. I tried to pm u in discord did you not get it?
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