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  1. Would you ....... ?

    Yup, I think I'd do that
  2. Would you ....... ?

    That was hilarous, those workers are ruthless and certainly having a ton of fun.
  3. Word Association

  4. Mini roadtrip photos

    I'd dry up in Arizona. I found visiting Cali too hot.
  5. Word Association

  6. Hello (from the Philippines)

    Hey Kevala, I encourage you to check out the Tuatha'an Camp for writing or if you like the idea of RP/collaborative writing where you can be a character in your book/story, you can always join the Turnings of the Wheel RP: Revolution One forum to do a what if story or change and come up with your own version of the WoT world. If you are looking for a WoT companion book check out the The World of Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time or the Wheel of Time Companion. There is also a wiki page for the WoT. Glad to have you here! We love discussing the books so ask away, there are many with encyclopedia knowledge here, not including myself.
  7. 5 Ancient Stoic Tactics for Modern Life

    What's Musar?
  8. Would you ....... ?

    I'd do it in a heart beat!
  9. Would you ....... ?

    I so want to skydive.
  10. Please Be Kind - Rewind

    Whatever it is, it's sounds incredibly sad.
  11. Word Association

  12. Welcome to the Wolfkin (New Pups--Look Here!)

    Great, welcome welcome! You a big RPer or mostly just a fan of the books and of course of the Wolfkin?
  13. Would you ....... ?

    Yes to the first one, I would need some serious training for the second one.
  14. Mini roadtrip photos

    Nice, I have not had the pleasure of going to the falls. Seattle many times however. Lots of family there.