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  1. May Game - Guess the picture

    Disney Princess backpack?
  2. I think it all just comes down to the fact that they had a an incredible upper hand and let it go to waste because of their in fighting and pride. Imagine if one of them wasn't nearly as prideful as depicted in the book and made a point of learning any of the healing weaves for Nyn, or the warding spell, or really anything that was available. I believe the only thing they could have benefited from was knowing about the Seachan and utilizing them more and maybe . They were blind to the knowledge of the abilities of the time but there wasn't much to be blind to when it came to using the OP. But they were blind to their true enemies because they focused to much on their fellow Chosen and themselves.
  3. Critical Role

    I'm on episode 30 something for season 1 and up to date for season 2. I started to get into watching Shield of Tomorrow so I haven't watched season 1 of Critical role for a while.
  4. Critical Role

    It's fantastic. @Nolder go to Youtube and check out the "Geek and Sundry" channel and check out the Critical role episodes. If you can see the first season awesome but starting with Season 2 Episode 1 is perfectly fine too. No major references to previous season and it's only at episode 19. Granted the episodes are about 4 hours long. But's fantastic.
  5. I'd Like An Ale, My Pipe, and A Good Book

    I'm in sales so yeah, it's great.
  6. The Meadow

    You Tube show from Geek and Sundry, some voice actors play D&D. Very entertaining.
  7. Critical Role

    I know it's not TV but it's a show and I gotta know where my critters are at?! Is it Thursday yet?
  8. And this is why it is illegal to use!

    Or weave crafting?
  9. I'd Like An Ale, My Pipe, and A Good Book

    Yeah I did get a job again. Thanks for asking. Working for a software company now.
  10. Spring time fun?

    I'm going to work on my house some more! Seriously, I need to post some pictures. Would love for you guys to see it.
  11. Word Association

  12. The Meadow

    Oscar works and now that name has a whole new meaning thanks to Critical role, I may need to change the spelling to Oskar.
  13. An Itty Bitty Toddling

    Right on Right on!!!
  14. Everyone come meet...

    Good stuff! Congrats!
  15. Word Association