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  1. @Jagen Sedai It won't be present day for much longer, if that helps peak your interest. @HeavyHalfMoonBlade you don't need to wait for anything, go for it.
  2. You are welcome to introduce your character in the first person, give your background or your partner's (along with their name) or any other details you'd like to add and write what you do up until entering the crack or leaving the cave through the entrance. I'll try and remember to add what to add that kind of limit on the next post.
  3. You can throw whatever you want at it. You'll see as we move forward in the story. @HeavyHalfMoonBlade don't worry if you don't know what I'm talking about. Give a response and I'll clarify things if need be but I'm flexible and played many different RPs that either required rolls or not. @Delenn All you half to do is respond to the thread as though you are you or a real world character with the potential to become whatever you'd hoping for. We'll get to the Greenie later if you want.
  4. Anyone who wants to join, let me know. It's possible for more to join. I have it set for one but within the next couple of post others can join. I don't have any plans to run it like DnD with dice unless that's what the players want. It's more along the lines of choose your own adventure. Don't want to give much more away. Check in here with who your character is after ready the story and then feel free to reply to the IC thread. For starters, the first person replying is the POV character in the starting cave. You will start as yourself or some version of yourself you'd like to RP as, you will change as the story progresses. Have fun!
  5. This hike was not going well. The mosquitoes were out in force and seemed to be as big as hummingbirds and even with long sleeves and bug repellant, they still managed to find a way to bite you. This, combined with the muggy heat, made everything simply unbearable. Your partner was just as miserable as you and every word spoken seemed to spark some sort of argument so you both continued in silence. The most recent argument had been whose idea it was to go on this overnight camping trip, and both of you kept blaming the other. There was also the fact that you both had been hiking for 4 hours, 2 hours longer than planned, as the original campsite had already been taken. One of you had filled out the reservation for that specific camping spot. The blame game was still being going on over whose responsibility it was to do that. Whatever the case, there was a cave that was supposed to be appearing around the next bend and both of you were looking forward to the coolness of the cave to relieve some of your misery. At last, the small trail, mentioned by the campers who were in what was supposed to be your spot, appeared on the left and within a few moment both you and your partner heaved a sigh of relief as you both set down your packs in front of a moderately large cave formed by 6 massive boulders piled on top of one other at the foot of a cliff. You both entered and enjoyed a moment's respite, from the heat and surprisingly the mosquitoes too. The cave entrance was just big enough for one of you to enter at a time without having to duck or have the boulders brush your shoulders and the cave was just big enough to perhaps lay out 3 or 4 sleeping bags. There was an old journal labeled Guest Book in the corner with a pencil and a couple of beer cans in opposing corners. In the back there was a fairly large crack, just big enough for an adult to squeeze through with a metal plaque above saying "Enter at your own risk" and scrawled in sharpie underneath "Despair all ye who enter!!" With evening approaching quick, you both appreciate not needing to pitch your tent with your natural rough and quickly light your stove outside the entrance of the cave to make a hasty meal. Still not ready to talk about the hurtful words spoken on the hike you both hit the sack and quickly fall asleep. A few hours into your nights sleep you're awoken by movement nearby. After just having a stress dream of you and your partner never reconciling you decide now is as good a time as any to apologize. You decide to flip on your lantern and be the bigger person and apologize first. As the light illuminates the cave, you have just enough time to see your partners lower half of their body slide into the crack in the wall.
  6. Character Name: Tannyr (Nettle) Age: 20 Place of Birth: In his parents' wagon among the Tuatha'an, somewhere in the forests of Haddon Mirk. Physical Description: Tannyr is 5'10 and lean and athletic, weighing in at 175 lbs. He's got a head of hair much like straw, sandy in color, cut very unevenly just past the ears along with a scraggly, uneven beard. He's fairly tanned all over from living out in the sun. He has golden eyes and dresses in furs and leathers. He carries a gnarled, knotted, Shillelagh made of an Oak root that comes up to his hip, a small flint knife at his belt, a satchel full of herbs, and a reed flute. Personality: He has laughing eyes most of the time and walks with a skip in his step, almost as though every few steps he's trying a new dance step. More often than not he runs to get where he needs to though. Hums and sings under his breath constantly but never loud enough for others to hear. Doesn't speak unless spoken to and when he does speak he keeps it to a minimum. Tends to stare at others with direct eye to eye contact, usually to the other's discomfort. Never goes into towns or cities. Only interaction with other humans is with farms he's familiar with and that aren't too put off by his eyes and who appreciate his music and song. He wanders around the farms outside of Far Madding and will do hard labor sometimes for a meal or food he can't find in the forest. Always goes and visits Tuatha'an when they come to the area. Seems to become a completely different person when around the Tuatha'an: talkative, singing loudly, dancing, and laughing. Seems like one of them if he didn't have the leathers, furs, and golden eyes. Character History: Tuatha'an Life: Tannyr has had a rough life, growing up watching his Uncle's wagons being raided and abused from his earliest memories. He has watched his friends and cousins die and be abused in every way possible. However, he is a strong believer in The Way of the Leaf and has clung strongly to the songs and dancing that his people love. To cope with much of the hurts he, his family and friends have faced, he took up learning every song and dance he could. He hopes that through song and dance he can bring the joy he longs for to everyone around him. He even harbors a hope that they will one day find a song that will make the Tinkers accepted, whether that be The Song or another. He loves to make people dance with his singing, flute and lyre and, for those who don't follow the Way of the Leaf, at least hopes to keep them from hurting themselves. A new problem came into his life at the age of 18. The dreams. These dreams called to him, even when he was awake, and terrified him. In these dreams he was violent and hunting... and on four legs. At first he was afraid to tell anyone about them but when even his parents began looking at him as though he was a stranger. Less people came to his fires to hear his music and eventually he went to his uncle for advice. His uncle then told him that his eyes had turned yellow. He could not believe it. Sure, he had begun to see better but why had his eyes changed color? A week later their wagons were attacked. He tried to warn the wagons as he could smell unfamiliar scents in the air and see movements in the forest they had been traveling in. But it was hard for anyone to look him in the eye, let alone listen to him. Then the bandits attacked. To make matters worse, their leader, his uncle, was killed as he tried to convince the bandits to not bother them. Tannyr's father did his best to lead after that and actually had Tannyr use his new, keen senses to help them be more aware of visitors and possible bandits. This gradually led to more people coming back to his fires to dance and listen to his music. A woman he cared for, Elli, had even begun to show interest in him again. But the dreams were still there and, even worse, there were wolves in his dream, seeming to laugh at him as he tried to stay away from hunting. Finally the breaking point came as they entered the forest north of Illian. Another group of bandits attacked at night. Tannyr had just enough time to get out of bed and see them attacking. Out of the corner of his eye he saw one man grab Elli and attempt to drag her into the woods. Then everything went red. He could no longer hold back the animal inside or those violent urges and the desire to fight. He rushed at the man and began tearing at him with is fingers and teeth. The bandit was so surprised and shocked he hardly put up a fight and before Tannyr knew it he was standing over a dead man. In the next moment, everything went black with a hit on the back of his head. When he awoke, he found himself alone, his head bandaged, with his pack, some provisions, his lyre and flute, and a note of sorrow and farewell. He was no longer welcome among his own people. He had broken faith with The Way of the Leaf. Life as a Wolfkin: After a few days of grieving a man arrived. His name was Karoan Vear and he had golden eyes. He helped explain what was happening. It was also the first time he had wonderful, glorious bacon. He learned more about his dreams and the meanings behind them and that he was actually traveling to a place called the wolf dream. The man then led him to Stedding Cantoine, north of where he was born. It was an amazing experience, the calm was indescribable and meeting his first Ogier left him breathless. This was the place he was able to recover and grieve. However, Karoan became restless and began to leave more and more often. Eventually Tannyr began to travel with the man. This lasted for a year, as Karoan taught Tannyr the area; Illian, Murandy, southern Andor, and Tear, and the life of a Wolfkin. It was very difficult for Tannyr to leave The Way of the Leaf, especially to satiate his hunger for meat. But one day he met a wolf, Rapids, who helped him break through this. As Tannyr was being his usual sullen self, Rapids ran up and pushed him into a mess of stinging nettles. This was of course very painful but after the wolves and Karoan finished laughing, Tannyr's mind finally grasped how even a leaf can have a bite and that taking a life, whether in self defense or to get delicious meat, was a part of nature. Eventually Karoan Vear began talking of leaving as he didn't like being around people as much as Tannyr did and enjoyed living his life in the forest rather than the Plains of Maredo. With a tearful goodbye they parted ways. After a few months though, Tannyr became restless as well and considered leaving the area to search for others who, like him, may need help learning the ways of the Wolfkin. Thus began his wanderings which began with revisiting Stedding Cantoine to see if the Ogier would be willing to let new Wolfkin rest and possibly settle in theirs or other steddings. This is when he learned of the many abandoned steddings across the land where he could begin pointing other Wolfkin to for peace and refuge from a world that wouldn't accept them. Character Reputation: Among the Tuatha'an, he is warily accepted. He is accepted at a half dozen farms and will usually be chased away or attacked if he approaches others. When Tannyr is with those half dozen farms and the Tuatha'an, they actively encourage him to sing or play his reed pipe and he is happy to oblige. He opens up more to Tuatha'an than any other people. He has never interacted with his past wagon train and never asks about it. He lost his lyre when he and Karoan were chased out of a small town in Illian so he only plays the flute now but he would love to get his hands on another lyre. He hasn't gone to any town since. He is known by a dozen Ogier at Stedding Cantoine by name and they greatly enjoy trading songs and music with each other. He has worked on improving his skills at healing with herbs, something his mother began to teach him before he left the Way of the Leaf, and trained with Karoan for a year on how to defend himself with his cudgel. His knife is merely for utility.
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