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    Mountain climbing, running, hiking, reading, building, hunting, traveling, teaching, board and card games, and a bunch of other things.

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  1. congrats mate! Wish I could stick around to celebrate with ya.
  2. Thanks everyone, sadly some real life things have soured this moment. Going to be gone for the foreseeable future.
  3. The First Oath: I swear to uphold the honour and integrity of the White Tower Community and stop anyone who doesn’t. Tai’shar White Tower! The Second Oath: I swear to respect all members of the WT Community, despite any differences we might have in background or opinion. As Warders are brothers in battle, this Org is my online family and I will treat them as such. Tai’shar Gaidin! The Third Oath: From this day forward, I am a true member of my Discipline and I swear to uphold the ideals of my Discipline and the White Tower and Warders, even if life takes me away
  4. Hey BB, you in Cali right? You will have no problem finding vegetarian options. But yeah, donuts, bagels, pies, we got all sorts of good baked goods.
  5. Not that I've noticed. We do have nasty fire seasons sometimes so there is the occasional fall season in which everything is black. They have lots of pull off spots but the traffic does sometimes get slower than the speed limit.
  6. I am still so pissed off this isn't in the news still. It makes no sense.
  7. Thehumantrashcan - manshima - re'shai disc Fall time. There is this highway in Washington, highway 2, that goes through some beautiful spots just full of color, especially in the foothills and lower mountains of the Cascades. Fall colors make traveling wonderful.
  8. I, Thehumantrashcan, speak for JamesBrown. He has shown commitment to the tower and the members here. He has shown creativity in his discussions to further the betterment of his peers as well as respect demanded of a member of the tower. I am honored to represent him in this raising ceremony. Huzzah for JamesBrown!!
  9. Welcome Hayacraftd! We are happy to welcome you to our numbers! Huzzah!
  10. Dar, keep up that attitude. I know it's probably tough at times but you're wonderful and amazing for having it. You've got the perfect perspective. I pray that you are able to get everything rebuilt soon and that it ends up being cheaper than expected. So happy to hear the good that is happening and the people who are making a difference there.
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