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  1. Welcome! Welcome! What was your favorite culture and character in the books?
  2. Most excellent. Planning on buying it from B&N this weekend. Thanks!
  3. If I'm about to start the Dresden files series, what book should I start with?
  4. <div class="tenor-gif-embed" data-postid="14321185" data-share-method="host" data-aspect-ratio="1.78571" data-width="100%"><a href="https://tenor.com/view/to-be-fair-letterkenny-end-scene-fair-be-fair-gif-14321185">To Be Fair Letterkenny GIF</a>from <a href="https://tenor.com/search/to+be+fair-gifs">To Be Fair GIFs</a></div> <script type="text/javascript" async src="https://tenor.com/embed.js"></script>
  5. That was my exact reaction but more smiling and less blowing out smoke.
  6. Oh man, these and the other memes made my night!
  7. HA! Yeah, sometimes that's not very often. Talking about games though, ow, that was a rough one tonight. I'm still reeling from it.
  8. LOL. Hey you listen to any talking sport heads? Rich Eisen or anyone else?
  9. Yeah, it's going to be tough for both our teams. Those Cardinals are looking really good and other than this weekend the Rams seemed unstoppable.
  10. I'll be sure to show up with my TVA costume. I have to say, this whole thread really fascinates me on how differently everyone sees how this series is supposed to be. For example these costumes, despite the writing being very descriptive and detailed, we all come up with different head cannon. I've read so many people who want it to be a fusion of post apocalypse and medieval, Renaissance, Medieval, very multicultural, etc.
  11. 15 - 2 right? 😉 Game didn't disappoint. Kept it close.
  12. I do believe we got the same lighting when we saw Trollocs and the Myrddraal. The WoT trailer used a variety of lighting. The village bright and cheerful, Wintersnight was dark and dreadful, the scenes in the forest with Logain's followers was grey and misty, lighting at the white tower was bright and almost glittery. The difference in lighting is the WoT teaser shows a variety of moods that the lighting and editing team are going for while the GoT team is going for gritty the whole way through, if the teaser is showing us what the whole series is going to be with a minute of quick scenes.
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