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  1. Gardening with Lily

    Welcome to Gardening 101 with Miss Lily!! Now today we are going to cover everything we need to know on decorating our garden. Best of all, we will be decorating with things even people without green thumbs can do: Garden Gnomes! Now in the past we have had some problems with gnomes in the white tower but I promise we have that under complete control. I mean look at this face.... See, we have settled our differences. Now Lily can I have you...Lily? Lily where did you go? Huh, I wonder who posted that sign. Oh, hi little fella, remember we agreed Lily and I could be here and show how valuable you all can be and how peaceful you all can be in a garden. Do you know where Lily is? No? Oh, what's this you're giving me? Ummmm....why are you giving me this? Wait, where did you go? Cute little gnome? Lily? *Gulp* Oh another sign, I hope this will help me. Oh no, not again.... What have I done....
  2. I'd Like An Ale, My Pipe, and A Good Book

    It is and don't worry, we know people can have that view of us but don't worry, we are very limited in what we see do with data and there are laws being propsed to limit further. Thankfully, any data collected is only through the companies who made the apps and you have to give them permission to collect that data and then we sort it out for them.
  3. I'd Like An Ale, My Pipe, and A Good Book

    Deals with data and mobile apps.
  4. Gardening with Lily

    Me too, excellent control of the garden minions. What concerns me is where are all the ones that had the weapons?
  5. June Game - Animal Train

  6. Summer reading

    Awesome, where is that? Park or your property?
  7. I'd Like An Ale, My Pipe, and A Good Book

    pushing sales for the most part but I do get to hope on demo calls showing the platform we sell.
  8. June Game - Animal Train

  9. SuperCon - Cosplay Fun Thread

    Another one I've always been partial to is Vash the Stampede from Trigun, the first anime series I was introduced to. Always thought that would be fun.
  10. SuperCon - Cosplay Fun Thread

  11. SuperCon - Cosplay Fun Thread

    If I ever have the time I'd want to do a Space Marine from Warhammer 40k I know I'll probably never have time or the money but still it's my dream. With the extended legs and everything so you appear as tall as they're supposed to.
  12. Gardening with Lily

    They weren't for you bub...
  13. You Guys are Wonderful

  14. Critical Role

    @Nolder I highly recommend you check it out. They just recently left Geek & Sundry so if you don't want anything to do with Felicia Day it is now Felicia Day free, unless she guest stars during the second season. @Arie How are you liking the second season? I'm really enjoying Travis taking up the mantle of the leader this season. He's doing incredible. I really like how most of them have taken a very opposite character type and I think for the most part each of them are nailing it. I'm not sure if I'm at the point of enjoying all of their characters like I did for the first season but it's very fun. Really liking some of the NPCs Matt has introduced as well.
  15. Critical Role

    I know it's not TV but it's a show and I gotta know where my critters are at?! Is it Thursday yet?
  16. 2018 World Cup

    I couldn't have been more happy with Columbia v England game. So great, down to the last wire. You could see England dominate the first half, playing their game of calm and collected. Then Columbia comes in and makes the second half theirs with that fast, high pressure attack and they just would not let up and how it payed off in the last seconds. Man it was so good. And finally after all these upsets, England breaks the streak of failed Shootouts. I got a couple of English co-workers and we all watched it during lunch. They were as giddy as school girls after the game. Of course they were nervous wrecks during the second half through the shootout. That game was what soccer/football is all about. Could have done without the flopping but we are talking about football. I'm just glad US soccer and their fans frown upon it more than see it as a legitimate strategy. But that's a rabbit trail for another time.
  17. June Game - Animal Train

  18. Gardening with Lily

    Now why would we be uncivil to someone who is one of us?
  19. Gardening with Lily

    Careful Elaevia. No sudden moves... They're keeping an eye on you.
  20. Gardening with Lily

    Cooks up a giant bot of chili And lots of TQ!!!!! For the gnomes of course. Nothing bad ever happened with drunk gnomes.
  21. Build Your Wealth

    Nice, I used to do the same. Now i have a join account with my wife and some how the money I usually had end up in savings seems to disappear periodically. Strange...
  22. Just dropping a hint

    Till shade is gone, till water is gone, into the Shadow with teeth bared, screaming defiance with the last breath, to spit into Sightblinder's eye on the Last Day.
  23. *waves

    How's this for sneaky!
  24. June Game - Animal Train

    Tabby Cat