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  1. 1. Done 2. as an old returner, I don't even remember at this point 3. Der'Manshima, Me'arearth
  2. It's nothing too fancy, just a computer that's smaller than your standard PC. In this case it's about 37cm x 29cm x 18cm, which doesn't sound that small but it really is considering how much I packed into it. I'm also the family's tech support, I guess that's what happens when you work in anything IT related 😛
  3. My weekend was great! The last of the parts I ordered arrived so I could build a new PC and I absolutely love it. It's a small form factor PC and I've wanted one for years, so I'm absolutely thrilled I could finally build one!
  4. Oh wow, Jaydena, now that's a blast from the past. I'll definitely get this filled out :)
  5. Oh that's awesome! Cloud Security is actually the focus of my Certs right now. I'm still pretty new to the industry so I'm working on the Azure Security Engineer course right now, eventually going towards their Administrative and Architecture courses. I'd love to be a security engineer or architect some day :) Cybersecurity can definitely be like that sometimes, no matter what you do there will always be a fault that people will exploit...but that's also what keeps me motivated. I can't stop everything but I can do my best to make it harder on those who want to hack me :D
  6. Software Engineers always amaze me. Believe it or not you don't need to be amazing at coding to be in cybersecurity, and coding has never been my strong suit, so people who can do it well are like magicians to me. Something I tell my boyfriend pretty often. My hobbies these days are mostly focused around learning for my certification courses, but I also play computer games...started that when I was 12 and never really looked back :D And that's awesome for your other some, really impressive! :) Thank you! Your mother is pretty amazing. I always
  7. Well hi, welcome back! I think I actually remember your name "Cadsuane" from back then as well which is pretty cool. Glad to hear life has stabilized for you :)
  8. Awwwww, this is really unexpected, thank you! :) What about me...I've never been good at this stuff...lets see. I'm a returning face with a brand new identity, which is fitting because of how much has changed since I was last here (for the better). I work in Cybersecurity which is really interesting because it's always changing and you get to learn something new every week. In my spare time I mostly like to keep up with what's going on in my field, and I'm doing some extra learning so I can get certifications that will help me get to where I wanna go! I don't read as mu
  9. Apparently I'm being volunteered now! Might as well keep this going, rollroll
  10. I'm only one woman! I can't burn all my luck on this! Oh well, let's go!
  11. Hi Lily! I definitely remember your name, and I'm pretty sure we interacted, but it's been a really long time. How'd the paper go?
  12. Thank you! And I don't know, what would you recommend, any house specialities? I'm also WFH, have been for about a year now. I'm in this weird state of really enjoying it and getting so sick and tired of it. I used to be Raijin, and it seems like I went inactive shortly before you joined. I've long since lost the password to that account and the email I used to sign up with, so here I am with a fresh new face. Nice to meet you! :)
  13. Well I got them sorted....it wasn't easy but I got there. I'll try again, maybe the dice will be nice to me this time.
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