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  1. Thanks for bringing her to my attention. That's my sorelia now.
  2. This bothers me so much. Every time I think about it, blind rage flares up in me. Al'Lan Mandragoran, Aan'allein pissing on a tree. Thanks for making my favorite hero into a joke, thank you so much Rafe.
  3. What do you guys think of Meera Syal as Verin Mathwin ? I love the actor and she's been my headcanon for last few years now. I don't know how I connected her with Verin, but i think i saw some speculation online and as soon as I saw her I was sold. To me she is the perfect blend of motherly(remember the guy who told her eyes reminded him of his mother 😅?) and mysterious. Also, as I have been picturing Shohreh as Cadsuane, and as they're both from Far Madding, picturing another brown woman as Verin made sense to me. It has been a delight to see her and Tomas on screen, however short a time 🙄 (thanks Rafe, not). What do you think of her as Verin?
  4. Honestly with the actress who is playing it it would really hit harder than the book( it was already very hard for me), when the "thing" happens. It's like realizing your own grandma is a serial killer. 😅😅
  5. @Samt Umm, Rosamund isn't a brunette... so, i don't understand? Anyhow, if hair is the issue, I think this fanart might help you picture her in this role.
  6. I am sorry, Mother, but I have to say this: because he just doesn't care what the fans think. He has his own idea(interpretation) of the story, good for him, everyone does. And only his interpretation matters. Even something small like listening to the fan casting esp when even the actor is on board. It is because we reached out to her, we made so much noise about it that even Shohreh noticed, and reached out to Him. Not the other way around. That's all i will say. Anyone can play Elaida do Avriny a'Roihan. I am of the belief that they should just merge Liandrin and Elaida together. Kate Fleetwood did such a good job with this character it would've been nice to see her raised to the Chair. They've already given her a story to fit it. 🤷🏽‍♀️
  7. Do I sense a hint of salt in that statement, Mother? 😅 I love it regardless and am happy you agree.
  8. Mine is, has has been for a while, well few years now : Shohreh Aghdashloo Someone else used to be my fan cast back in early 2000, but honestly it's been so long i forget the actor 🤔 Although I heard a rumor recently, she is being cast as Elida, and I hate it 🤕 *runs and cries in a dark corner* 😨😭
  9. @HeavyHalfMoonBlade agree with you, as always. ❤️ Being brown, female, muslim, and gay _ i would say they are pendering to my demographic. But do i like it? Nope, i find it ridiculous to uplift one demographic by tearing down others. This is not growth, this is stupidity and it is bound to fall on it's faces. You can quote me on that. This is my 2 cents. No one needs to agree with me. don't quote me. I don't need to be told how the world is like. We are talking fantasy people. It doesn't need the real world pushed in, or made into the world we live in. Especially when you are in the business of escapism. RJ made a world where color of your skin doesn’t matter. Everyone is the same from Saldaea to Mayene(you see what I did there? 😉🤭) Nor does it matter who you sleep with or love. He made men and women equal but different, and each with unique and different characteristics. which is normal!!!!! I like the show,i do, i would watch anything that brings these characters I have loved for so long to life. I just don't like their agenda, and disregard for the literary world RJ created. Flaw and all it's His story, not yours. Be respectful 🙏 that's all I ask.
  10. This is literally an appreciation post: for Ceara Coveney. I just love her as Elayne. Elayne Trakand is my favorite (very closely followed by Aviendha) among the inner circle, of course after the five. So to have an actor who literally embodied her, in mannerism and looks, just makes me so happy. And Ceara's accent is just as Michael voices Elayne in those rare Mat povs interacting with the Elayne (bloody daughter-heir). I mean Kate does a more subtle job at switching accent when it comes to voicing the girls. But every time I hear Elayne from Mat's PoV, it always made me chuckle. And Ceara Coveney's accent is very reminiscence of that. Also let's give the casting people a shout out, they have done a bang on with most of the casting choices.
  11. “I’m Perrin Aybara, and your precious Lord Dragon sent me here..... If one of you looks at me cross-eyed, he hangs! And you can tell Masema I said so, too!” I frigging love when Perrin gets mad. It would be an interesting dynamic to see him facing Masema in the show.
  12. It was probably Demandred. Because I don't see Moradin doing that not at that stage. The Nae'blis had better thing to do. I know, I knowwww, Issy is the king of dream shards, but i think, and it is my headcanon that being of light was Demandred. It is shown from Masema's pov right before perrin's battle with shaido.
  13. So, just rereading the part when Perrin finally meets up with The Prophet of Dragon. I am finding it more interesting now that in the show they've established Meshima has a relationship(kinship) with Perrin, as they've both survived Seanchen/Falme together. Edit: I know in the books they spend time, I didn't say they didn't, but it was very antagonistic. In the show they showed even if they are not "friends" they did work together and develop a kinship. It really would be interesting to see Perrin meeting Mashema again when he is sent to Ghaeladan to deal with the Prophet. And Meshima not really been in the journey with Rand and hating him all the way. In the show the awe in his face of seeing Rand, it makes more sense for him to worship the Lord Dragon the way he does, than the book. What do you think, did the show make this dynamic more plausible?
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