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Found 5 results

  1. Speaking specifically about Elayne and Nynaeve overriding Adealas and Vandene. Are Aes Sedai stupid? Why would they create a system which would allow the stupidest just passed girl the leader in most situations when wiser, more tactful, people should run things. I actually like how Elayne and Ebou Dar queen get along, but truth is, if a sillier girl passed the test she would be running rough shod over a hundred year old diplomat who is weaker than her in Saidar. I like the girls, and admittedly Elayne and Nynaeve aren’t typical Aes Sedai who just passed the test, but the way they dismiss the older Aes Sedai seems like the worst system to have. Note: this isn’t a challenge to anything the girls did, just a challenge to the system that allows them to dismiss their elders and head strongly do it their way.
  2. Is RJ/BS saying that a man can heal himself if he is mentally ill?
  3. Why did Mistress Anan think Elayne and a Nynaeve are fakers? She was probably burnt out before Siuan and Moraine were raised young during the Aiel War, but no one said Siuan was the youngest woman ever raised to Aes Sedai, and she was 20. What age is Elayne when she was raised? 19? Not a big difference. And this is after the Dragon was declared. Anan must have known that during times of trouble, women are raised younger than times of peace.
  4. She was wrong. She ruled that Perrin was a mercenary when at the time he was a citizen who she failed to protect. Perrin was a citizen traveling within the border of his own country. He left a campfire and was pursued by the illegal trespassers, ie mercenary army. The army whom faced no threat by Perrin, chased him down and illegally demanded he disarm. Perrin was completely allowed to kill every whotecloak, and legally had no liability. The one excuse for Morgase is her emotional bias. Her error is understandable because Perrin was leading an army on foreign at the end of the series.
  5. Let’s presume these two groups originally were one population, at some point they separated, created two doorways to their respective regions. They created doorways to trade with mankind. So long as you enter thru the doorways, you are somewhat protected. They let Moraine in the one doorway no problem. Then Moraine and Lanfear come thru the doorway... I don’t know how they felt about that, but what does that have to do with the doorway? Why does the doorway catch fire and burn into a puddle of molten terangreal stone?
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