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  1. As another example, coming from a nation with the Queen as Head Of State, being New Zealand, Meghan's interview with Oprah screamed Lanfear, and Harry screams a Rand outcome with her. Remember Moiraine's letter? One outcome was that. A couple not happy because they are not going to be King and Queen, with Harry as Head Of State of 16 Realms. I am surprised by how many real life parallels I have seen in the past 3 years. It is worrying with how much of the Shadow I am seeing playing out, at all levels. I fight it as much as I can, but....woof.
  2. Considering the Wheel Of Time is an example of how division of any sort can cause destruction, with how our world is going, we are not far from following suit. Because experts in pretty much all fields (including food and water) nowadays are behaving like the Forsaken. The experts discussing how children should or should not do things, or learn things after kicking the parents out of the children's lives is the start of a very, very slippery slope to what Mesaana did, and a warning not to follow, and one snapshot of what is happening.
  3. I have a feeling that Lanfear had an item like the ring on her when she entered it with Moiraine.
  4. For those 5 seconds, I was loving it! It was sooo good seeing her actually start to channel.
  5. I.. do not have the same issues that come up here that you have Lezbi. Saidin and Saidar, for me, at least, show how men and women learn to tap those abilities are pretty much a metaphor for how boys and girls learn that there exist differences between them. A boys hands are different from a girls hands, once puberty ends, for example. A boy runs and walks different form how a girl runs and walks, as well, once puberty development is constant, because a boy has to learn to protect what is developing, just as much as a girl has to. I do not know what a girl has to learn, but as
  6. After many times thinking, I want the Forsaken to stay, including the resurrections. How many Dark Lords do you know that restore their dead allies to life? The Dark One is that unique. The Forsaken also fit the fact that the Dark One is of two minds in how to deal with the Dragon, and their activities, and interactions with each other reflect this.
  7. It is great!! I am digging the graphic. It looks really cool.
  8. I am swinging between " adapt it " to " give me everything in the books". It is stressful. I do know one thing; I will calm down once the show starts. The trailer will put my stress levels into the stratosphere.
  9. This question makes me think that the Aiel are making a mistake in not bringing in the Shaido that escaped Malden, and headed to the Waste. I say that, because it feels like the Shaido will be the Aiel in that vision that Aviendha saw. The war with the Seanchan may not occur, but the Aiel scavenging could easily be their descendants.
  10. I want weekly, too. Plus, when it is all released, I can always binge watch the season afterwards.
  11. There were other Forsaken than the 13 we know, but they were taken down through competition and infighting. How the darkfriend groups all competed, both with each other and within between individuals, through the books, is pretty much how the Forsaken competed in the Age Of Legends, but on a much more brutal scale. Many died, but none to Lews Therin's forces. There were also many that the Dark One himself killed, especially male Forsaken. Ishamael was bound closer to the world than Aginor and Balthamel were; in fact, going by Aginor's aged body
  12. It is possible that once Siuan was raised to Amyrlin, Moiraine was called back to the Tower to report whether or not the search was narrowed down, and plan the most likely location for the Dragon's location. That could have required a visit to the White Tower for a amount of time, like 8 months. This would have meant that Lan sparred with other Warders for the first four months of their stay, then spent the other four months planning their journey. This would correlate with Gawyn's mention. During this part of the stay, Moiraine may have heard information of the progrom. That knowl
  13. That does not jell with what we know. I cannot figure out how she could be at the exact same spot twice if Nakomi is Moraine. I thought Nakomi could be Jenn Aiel, but now think she is more a connection to the Wheel and the Pattern, and all the evidence presented on that theory has been well discussed already. I do not accept Nakomi is Shivan, since the Companion says that she is reborn before the Last Battle even started, just as the Companion says her twin was, so Luc is out as Shivan's brother too. We know this to be true, because Gaidal Cain failed to show up to fight in
  14. For Verin, I would really like Dawn French as her. She is a really good actress, and my motivation is I want an episode of her trying to get to the White Tower after leaving Rand when she sees Mat again. That is Monty Python level humor that is begging to be done. I was laughing when she went through everything she experienced, and I could picture this actress doing all of it.
  15. The Age Of Legends seems to run like how Lord vs knighted titles run in the UK, and the other Realms. There, the title of Lord and Lady is passed down by birthright, but the Sir and Dame are earned by accomplishment, and at a very high standard. Ilyena being born with the third name, but Mesaana not earning one, must mean that it is an amalgamation between the two titles. That, as time went on, it may have been beneficial for society at the time to allow the third name to be passed down by birth, or marriage, while requiring the accomplishment when it is first earned. It may have be
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