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  1. The great battle done quote is Nicola Foretelling of Moridin holding Callandor. She is saying the Last Battle is won, but the Dark One has still to be dealt with, and Moridin now at that moment has Callandor.
  2. wotfan4472

    What to keep, what to drop?

    Four Kings is far too important of a moment to cut out though. That has to be in, and Rand suffering the aftereffects of that in the Barn needs to be included as well. That could be done in two or three episodes, but Mat's changes are important to his story and character later. That journey has to be shown.
  3. I started reading the series when I was 13, and never looked back. I consider the characters friends as well. You are not alone in feeling the loss of not seeing where the characters any more in new stories. As for The Wheel Of Time, it brought Epic High Fantasy back from death in the 80's, and turned it into the powerhouse book genre it is today. It is as influential as Watchmen is for comics.
  4. wotfan4472

    Padan Fain, thoughts?

    The Wheel would have still used Fain as a counterpoint to the Creator if the DO died, because of the issue of Balance. The Creator does not balance the DO. Rand has that purpose. Who balances Fain with that in mind? Mat is the answer to that question. Fain was just present in the story, because the Wheel took Rand's free will and right to choose into account. He just hung around too long, because Rand had to figure out the right choice in the right circumstances, something the battle with the DO actually showed. The very instant that was showed and he had decided, Mat killed Fain, because Rand had chosen a different course. Fain surviving any longer would have destroyed the Wheel , because the encounter was supposed to happen the way it did. Put Fain in there, what would Moiraine had done if Thom died. He was guarding the entrance to the Pit itself. One way this could have gone down is if for example, Rand cannot grab the DO, Moridin gets free, since Callandor functions as a male Adam requiring two women to control him, both sides of the One Power are tainted, leaving only Mat to stop Fain. If Moridin does not kill Mat first. One REALLY bad outcome. Actually I would say a complete disaster.
  5. Mat was needed because he has bargained with the snakes and foxes twice before, and knew how difficult they could be to agree to anything. Thom and Jain had zero chance of finding Moiraine, because they had never encountered the snakes and foxes before. The game only has the leavetaking, not the actual negotiations that have to happen. As a result their chances of escaping without Mat were below zero.
  6. wotfan4472

    Padan Fain, thoughts?

    I think that had Fain gone into the Prison, then Rand is no longer the Dragon, since he cannot deal with Fain. Mat would have taken his place as Champion. Plus, Artur Hawkwing hints that Mat is well known to all the Heroes, but he is not counted amongst them. This is possibly because he is Rand's replacement if Fain had taken the DO's place.
  7. I would have changed The Gathering Storm and focused more on Loial and the Great Stump, and moved Perrin's story from there to the Towers Of Midnight.. We never got a good look at the Ogier and how they communicate with each other when it is only their people. We saw how the Aiel behave when it is themselves. I would have liked the Ogier from their own perspective. The Knife Of Dreams was great with the hint of that community and customs. Such a missed opportunity.
  8. wotfan4472

    Thoughts on Amazon green lighting the WoT TV Show

    That is the reason for my reservation about the Moiraine focus. Been burned too many times, in fact the 13th Doctor means I cannot leave the fire I stepped into, since it is in my view the first time in 55 years , the Doctor is meh. If they focus on the characters from the books, then I will at least find something in it to enjoy. If I smell another 13th Doctor and all that comes with that, then no, unless they go from Rand and the boys perspective when that attitude shows up.. Then it will make sense. Otherwise no. Hence my mixed feelings, even though I am still really excited.
  9. wotfan4472

    Is Rand the Creator?

    Yes, he can bring the apple trees back into bloom, because the dead apple trees were the Dark One's work. Rand at that point on can do that because it is Rand's taveren nature being used to fight back against the Dark One. The Pattern needs that balance, and as the touch from the Dark One grew, so does Rand's direct localised influence on the land. All he is doing then is restoring what the Dark One is tearing apart.
  10. wotfan4472

    Rand's magic pipe

    Or, what if Rand with the pipe is like him becoming the first angel?? It struck me while reading, and something that was bugging me. The idea of balance is critically important to the series. I think the Creator does have a essence that equals the True Power. But the pipe hints to me it can only be accessed by prayer. If it is our world, then that would make sense. Considering how our world handled religions, it fits, even more so if Demandred is the stories equvalent of a fallen angel, as Moridin becomes the stories equivalent of Satan. The Sharan prophecy could be pointing to something that was suppose to happen in the fourth age. The reveal of the Creator's identity?
  11. wotfan4472

    Was Masema insane?

    That is Lanfear's markers though. She manipulates peoples minds by constantly disrupting their dreams and hence their sleep. These almost always triggered riots. That is mostly what she did in the AoL, though Moghedien was far more dangerous in this regard, just as Graendal was more dangerous in the mental battles. What I mean is that Masema's activities in Ghealdan point to Lanfear being behind them. It also happened before the FoH, since there were rumours of the Prophet and what he was doing in the FoH after Rand got to Cairhein. I also always thought that Lanfear had alot to do in TGH, just not sure if that included Masema. Could Verin have been ordered by Lanfear to do something? That does not make sense. The only way is if Lanfear did it in Ghealdan, using Masema's devotion to Rand against him.
  12. wotfan4472

    Was Masema insane?

    It would have started after he arrived in Ghealdan. You are also correct that it was Lanfear herself. Specifically before the events at FoH at the Docks.
  13. wotfan4472

    Using physical water

    Because Aviendha was taught by Wise Ones, whom had Aes Sedai from the Age of Legends to teach the first Wise Ones, and so the knowledge of that weave, and others, was passed down.
  14. wotfan4472

    Thoughts on Amazon green lighting the WoT TV Show

    The show's perspective from the three women worries me. Moiraine's perspective for this season is great, but what happens when we get to the Docks battle?? Nynaeve's focus is really not quite up to pasture thanks to Elayne and all of that. Looking forward to the Moghie fight. As long as they also focus on the Three, especially Rand. He drives the entire story. Apart from these worries, I am in. I hope that they deliver, I have been extremely excited since it was first announced last year.
  15. wotfan4472

    August #WoTWednesday Recap

    wooo!! It is looking good!! Really really good!! Thanks for the update Mashiara :)