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  1. Update on the court proceedings. The accused has plead not guilty. The trial is set for May next year.
  2. It is a risk. but after reading this, I am still really excited.
  3. The discs functioned as focus points. The actual true seals were saidin made. I do not know if Black Cuendillar is made by men or not, but the discs were forged by LTT. He could have made them by taking the symbols from his clothes, or from the Hall of the Servants, but the seals were forged by LTT. The discs did show getting dark, but those were caused by the Dark One breaking the seals, since his True Power corrupts even Cuendillar. I do believe, however, that it is more likely that Cuendillar made by men is identical to that made by women based on other results of channelling, such as Traveling Gateways. I think they are identical in colour, just as the Gateways are identical. If there is Black Cuendillar, then I feel it is most likely forged from the True Power.
  4. I like it!! Even reading the Cleansing myself, it felt like a medical procedure being performed. It is really cool. Of course, I then went into the nuking theory, which re reading told me was wrong. Thanks for this!! No one has explained the Cleansing well, too many mathematicians here using equations that lost me.
  5. Greetings Yruc!! Welcome to Dragonmount!!
  6. The Dark Tower was not an indicator, since it was well received by his horror fans, not so much by fantasy fans only, which is why it struggled. Compared to the Lord of The Rings at least. If the books are well received, then it has a chance if the show is done well. Of course Wheel of Time must end in a satisfactory way, especially with what the story is about. If it ends as poorly as Game of Thrones did, then it will have a tarnished reputation heading into the future.
  7. The most obvious would be video games, and a continuation of the comics that Chuck Dixon is working on, or was. Plus an explosion of merchandise for the show.
  8. Plus we all saw how Moghedien and Nynaeve both struggled with trying to defend and attack. We saw it was tough. Rand had a similar time with Asmodean, and Ba'alzamon as well earlier.
  9. The comics were actually being done by Chuck Dixon. He did New Spring and The Eye Of The World. I do not know if he is doing the rest of them. I heard he was, but I have not heard much since Dynamite failed. I own Volume One of The Eye Of The World and I really enjoy it. But that is me. But your attempt looks really interesting!! I hope you do it. By the way, if you get to A Memory of Light, the fight between Rand and the Dark One, I hope it is Final Crisis unleashed. That book is awesome!!
  10. No women were involved in making the seals. The discs were entirely LTT.
  11. I think they are saying that if you find a way, somehow, mental illness can be lived with. But it requires not only a strong personality from , but a great upbringing and the right people around you that care.
  12. Sammael altering the minds of the people is probably a result of the connection he has with the Dark One. We have seen the black cords off Ba alzammon and Asmodean in previous books. That connection allows the Dark One to influence the world a bit more in spite of the seals being in place. But it is a probably a limited range like a city wide range of influence. Tear was affected to by Be'lal in the same way.
  13. LTT made the cuendillar seals himself. He used that symbol, because he was the leader of the Aes Sedai at the time. The cuedillar seals are also made entirely of saidin. No female Aes Sedai were invlolved in making the seals. It was male work only.
  14. But Nyneave Healing Naeff's madness reveals that the taint is a variation of the True Power's Compulsion. We know that there are effects when it is used that does not happen with the One Power. Perhaps the Dark One did nothing, but the crossed balefire agravated the taint each time Rand channelled after that. Perhaps each time he channelled, since book two, a weave of True Power Compulsion overlaid his mind, getting worse each time. If this is true, then the balefire crossing overlaid two or three weaves of True Power Compulsion, each time Rand channelled after that moment, speeding up the sickness, which distracted Rand from going being aware of the madness from the taint. We also know that Lews Therin's voice gets more and more difficult to manage after this point as well.
  15. I recommend the veil and mustaches. If you do the fez, you may get kids mistaking you for the Doctor, since 11 wore one.
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