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  1. I want weekly, too. Plus, when it is all released, I can always binge watch the season afterwards.
  2. There were other Forsaken than the 13 we know, but they were taken down through competition and infighting. How the darkfriend groups all competed, both with each other and within between individuals, through the books, is pretty much how the Forsaken competed in the Age Of Legends, but on a much more brutal scale. Many died, but none to Lews Therin's forces. There were also many that the Dark One himself killed, especially male Forsaken. Ishamael was bound closer to the world than Aginor and Balthamel were; in fact, going by Aginor's aged body and Balthamel being pretty much a walking corpse, you could say that Ishamael is the ghost. The three stages of a body going into a decline to death.
  3. It is possible that once Siuan was raised to Amyrlin, Moiraine was called back to the Tower to report whether or not the search was narrowed down, and plan the most likely location for the Dragon's location. That could have required a visit to the White Tower for a amount of time, like 8 months. This would have meant that Lan sparred with other Warders for the first four months of their stay, then spent the other four months planning their journey. This would correlate with Gawyn's mention. During this part of the stay, Moiraine may have heard information of the progrom. That knowledge may have lead to her asking Siuan for an angreal. Especially if the Black Ajah's previous activities meant the Shadow was now looking for the Dragon, too. The both of them may have concluded the potential of Black Ajah being fought at some point on the search.
  4. That does not jell with what we know. I cannot figure out how she could be at the exact same spot twice if Nakomi is Moraine. I thought Nakomi could be Jenn Aiel, but now think she is more a connection to the Wheel and the Pattern, and all the evidence presented on that theory has been well discussed already. I do not accept Nakomi is Shivan, since the Companion says that she is reborn before the Last Battle even started, just as the Companion says her twin was, so Luc is out as Shivan's brother too. We know this to be true, because Gaidal Cain failed to show up to fight in the Last Battle and Shayol Ghul both, just as Shivan and her brother failed to appear. This key point is why I do not see Nakomi being Moiraine.
  5. For Verin, I would really like Dawn French as her. She is a really good actress, and my motivation is I want an episode of her trying to get to the White Tower after leaving Rand when she sees Mat again. That is Monty Python level humor that is begging to be done. I was laughing when she went through everything she experienced, and I could picture this actress doing all of it.
  6. The Age Of Legends seems to run like how Lord vs knighted titles run in the UK, and the other Realms. There, the title of Lord and Lady is passed down by birthright, but the Sir and Dame are earned by accomplishment, and at a very high standard. Ilyena being born with the third name, but Mesaana not earning one, must mean that it is an amalgamation between the two titles. That, as time went on, it may have been beneficial for society at the time to allow the third name to be passed down by birth, or marriage, while requiring the accomplishment when it is first earned. It may have been a failed attempt to stop animosity between people that have the name, and people that do not. This may even have been a common reason for both people to turn to the Shadow after the Bore was opened and also to try freeing the Dark One totally. It would be a powerful motivation for plenty of people.
  7. Isam is a name of a Malkieri prince whose parents betrayed the nation to the Shadow in its fall. He is in the books, since he is actually known as Slayer, and Perrin's foe. He is also Lan's cousin, and also an infant, whom was thought lost in the Blasted Lands, and therefore, dead.
  8. But Sammael would have to be pushing for all of those developments as soon as he was in the top position. Moiraine could easily have discovered rumors of those developments, since her Cairheinen upbringing would have allowed her to learn of these movements, which would have been a red flag. The Darkhound attack pretty much confirmed it for her, and she must have been bothered by Illian's emotional atmosphere, as well, before that Darkhound attack.
  9. The hillforts were not built, true, but their planning and construction had started by then. Added up with troop deployment, which would have been between each hillfort location, and it all points to Sammael, if Moiraine knew all of that about him. Every step outlined here points to Sammael and his defensive abilities. Loial and Moiraine have a conversation in Tear about Be'lal. It reveals that the Ogier had information that the Aes Sedai did not have on him, due to not being as open as Sammael, Demandred, Ishamael and others.
  10. I have a suspicion that she knew there existed three possibilities. One was Sammael, one was Demandred, and one was Be'lal, since these three are considered the best in battle. Ishamael is mostly how Palpatine manipulated the Republic, and Rahvin is mostly like Dooku. It all depends on what knowledge the White Tower library had on these Forsaken, as much as the stories told about each of the them and how that knowledge matched up. For example, if Sammael was considered the best military leader with an emphasis on defense, and Moiraine knew this, then his actions in simply raising armies and building fortresses would have told her it was Sammael. Meanwhile, information on Demandred and Be'lal both clearly pointed in alternative directions that did not fit with what was going on in Illian, since they would not build their forces the same way. Egwene did the exact same process when Demandred eventually showed up, and it pretty much confirmed every bit of information they had on him when he did, because he was acting as a conqueror, which is a totally different type of military leader.
  11. 1: I think that the issue with Padan Fain's death is that many readers misinterpreted his purpose in the story. His purpose was to replace the Dark One if Rand killed him, like Saruman was in Lord Of The Rings. He was not what Gollum was; an unlooked for assist in helping Rand lock the Dark One away. The problem is, many readers thought Fain was the Gollum redemption arc, not how the books had Fain; the Saruman rejection arc. 2: The change with Perrin is because Lanfear forced him to kill Slayer fast than he did, due to her use of Compulsion on him. This was because she was running out of time to save the Dark One, and tried to use Compulsion on Perrin at the Pit Of Doom to kill Moiraine and stop it.
  12. Androl has a Talent for gateways. It is how he makes them despite his weak strength. There exist two others that have the same talent; Rand al'Thor, because Lews Therin had it and Demandred. It is this talent that allow Rand to hold open both Asmodean's gateway at the Rhuidean battle, and Aveindha's gateway, and that feat was something Asmodean commented on when he said he thought only Demandred could do what Rand just did to Aviendha's. Demandred, meanwhile, revealed it in A Memory Of Light when a channeler opened a gateway and it shut immediately when trying to escape him, because Demandred seized the weave and actually reversed it.
  13. Better to be done when they announce a release date. That decision requires the pandemic to be over, which will take a fair while yet.
  14. The nine rods are more like the members that represent the nations of the General Assembly of the United Nations, or the Governor Generals of the British Empire representing each colony. Essentially titles is my interpretation of the use of that name. They are all political leaders in the similar idea as the two examples. Lews Therin worked more as an expert that had great influence on decisions they made when they met, due to his capacity as leader of the Aes Sedai, which would be top experts in many fields, and could give the information the Aes Sedai had, and the world might need at any given situation. It is a different idea of input than having a political head of the entire world, where the nine rods would be given instructions to carry out when they had meetings with him. Lews Therin clearly, however had more direct control of the rest of the Aes Sedai, but only in the use of the One Power, since he would be involved in any decisions that chose specific Aes Sedai for specific tasks, or the far more important investigation and possible punishment for deliberate or accidental misuse of the One Power that caused harm, which is an important function.
  15. Yeah, "bloody" is a curse word, but is an acceptable form of language, but "flaming" is an English curse word, and is treated as such when spoken anywhere but America. It is very rare to hear it spoken, it is almost an Old Tongue type of word now, because many words such as "flaming" now have new words that do the job much better, plus the type of equipment this curse word comes from is only seen in ceremonial circumstances, particularly since swords gave way to guns as soldiers tool of the profession, and blacksmiths are no longer one at all. Only historians now explore these fields. The equivalent when someone hits a thumb with a hammer while hitting a nail is still a widely used one. In the English speaking world the "bloody" curse word is almost always used, but there are plenty more that fill the gap if it hurts more for one person. It also goes well if that hurt person has a far wider knowledge of the English language. It is hilarious when used in a sentence for example, and when a toe and quite a lot of hopping is involved.
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