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  1. Quite a long time since I posted here, but I agree that thinking and conversation is important. At the end of the day, many issues are being discussed that have never been discussed before. It is a legacy of these books that we can have discussions of these issues, because we all read examples of both how things went really well, and how things went really bad. All of it based on peoples choices through their lives in the world they lived.
  2. It was a good move on his part. Especially with the Grey Man attack here being the result of Nyneave being told by Siuan what Callandor is, according to RJ. In fact Mat and Perrin's encounters are all a result of it too. It screams of it being an attack by one of the Forsaken looking for him. Most likely Be'lal, since he is guarding the blade.
  3. If Rand is not the Dragon, there would be no replacement. Egwene believed their would be a replacement, but the truth is, without Rand, there is no chance of stopping the Dark One. He dies or falls to the Shadow, it is over, because the Wheel of Time and the Pattern gets destroyed, since it was the Dark One's goal to do that.
  4. That sentence is a bit unclear. My mother is darker than me, but whenever she went to a Doctor from Sri Lanka when I was younger, she looked British by comparison. I would look darker next to an Irishman. It is a matter of just how much people compare to others when they travel. It is an unconscious way of dealing with encountering totally different environments and societies that challenge someone at a intellectual, mental and emotional level. If Nyneave did not do this, she would be even worse than her worst reactions that many do not like her for. We all do it, because it links us to where we are from. In the real world, nations which have people from unique cultures that are flourishing find this kind of travel easier, because these cultures find similarities and differences with whichever cultures they interact with. These cultures always have customs that encourage introducing each other, and they tend to get on well, as they learn and develop. In Europe, they find this kind of travel even more difficult than Nyneave did, because those nations cultures have given way to religious culture, which is vastly different, and much more combative, even within the same religions. At least once she left the Two Rivers, Nyneave found more in common culturally with Lan and the Borderlands than with anyone else on her travels, because the Two Rivers maintained the cultural norms that Manetheren gave them, which is what all the real world cultures do for their people, except for Europe, North America and Australia. The UK, Canada and NZ are exceptions for this, since each is vastly different to each other. In many ways, all of the Two Rivers 5 found these links once they left on their travels in different peoples they met. Rand found it with the Aiel. Mat found it with the Ebou Dari and the Seanchan. Perrin found it with Saldaea and the wolves. Egwene found it with the Aes Sedai. They are as unique individually from their travels, as the peoples from the UK, Canada and NZ are in relation with their closest neighbours and each other.
  5. The Lord Of The Rings is the benchmark for a viewing experience from start to finish. If the WOT show can do that through the seasons, it will at most equal it as a watch. Because, then it becomes a re watching product. It will trigger a flood of new readers seeking to get the story the books gave us all. But, then there will be plenty of fans that will have fun regardless of how it turns out. I know I will have fun, I am getting more excited the closer it gets.
  6. Well, they could sprinkle River Of Souls as epilogues over the seasons, once Demandred shows up. If they time it right, it would match by the time he shows up in the Big Conflict. I just think that if they make him Taim is a waste of a character that actually represents and lives up to the Forsaken's reputation.
  7. wotfan4472

    Lan Revealed

    I really enjoyed this teaser. In fact, they have all been awesome.
  8. As another example, coming from a nation with the Queen as Head Of State, being New Zealand, Meghan's interview with Oprah screamed Lanfear, and Harry screams a Rand outcome with her. Remember Moiraine's letter? One outcome was that. A couple not happy because they are not going to be King and Queen, with Harry as Head Of State of 16 Realms. I am surprised by how many real life parallels I have seen in the past 3 years. It is worrying with how much of the Shadow I am seeing playing out, at all levels. I fight it as much as I can, but....woof.
  9. Considering the Wheel Of Time is an example of how division of any sort can cause destruction, with how our world is going, we are not far from following suit. Because experts in pretty much all fields (including food and water) nowadays are behaving like the Forsaken. The experts discussing how children should or should not do things, or learn things after kicking the parents out of the children's lives is the start of a very, very slippery slope to what Mesaana did, and a warning not to follow, and one snapshot of what is happening.
  10. I have a feeling that Lanfear had an item like the ring on her when she entered it with Moiraine.
  11. For those 5 seconds, I was loving it! It was sooo good seeing her actually start to channel.
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