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  1. How strong was Jesus Rand?

    No, a circle of thirteen Aes Sedai would still shield him no problem, no matter how powerful Rand gets. I think it is connected to the fact that men can be Turned easily by thirteen Aes Sedai and thirteen Myrdraal. I also think the Age of Legends may have created a shielding weave designed to specifically target male Aes Sedai, or any extremely powerful Aes Sedai of either gender. It is most likely they developed it during the War, but was probably forgotten by all except the Red Ajah.
  2. The Dragon Reborn

    This has been happening since the moment we saw Rand journeying to Emond's Field with Tam. It is just that now we are seeing the world react to him, afterwards, which we did not see previously, apart from Domon and Thom, of course.
  3. It affected me as well. There is so much to the books
  4. It could do with how the Ajahs are ranked by accomplishment at the time. Since it is after the Battle of the Shining Wall, I would think the Yellow would be most important, because they are needed to Heal, which is why they left first. I think the Green left second, because in the Hall's eyes, they helped keep the battle from entering Tar Valon.
  5. Moiraine is the one that can be trusted to wait for the moment. The others would have failed, especially when Moridin picked up Callandor. They had a tendancy to throw away plans, and make things worse as a result. Moiraine knew precisely what her place was. Nyneave could be trusted to back it up despite her objections.
  6. I forgot about Moghi's capture being a part of the vision. I do not remember Graendal's capture in the vision, so the future has shifted further again for the Aiel.
  7. An interesting question szilard about the False Dragons. I think the question calls for a separate thread. I have an idea.
  8. I do not believe that at all. The issue is the ones that could dissect this book and discover what he meant very quickly were either turned off by another writer finish the books and how different he was from RJ, or moved on because of other interests caught there attention. I think something big is in there, we just need to connect the dots that are there. I also think it is something that RJ intended, too.
  9. How do we revive the forum?

    We are getting new people, it is just that they are either reading from scratch, or going back to finish the books. Those will always seek out DM. But the biggest surge in traffic will most likely be from the t.v show when it comes. That will be interesting, especially if old identities return because of the show.
  10. Named for Rand, now what?

    Welcome Just Rand!! No such luck for me, but there are a few that have named their children after their favourite characters. They will most likely introduce themselves when they see this thread.
  11. Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    So, what did everyone think of the film itself. I find it the disappointing equivalent of the insulting; in my opinion; Star trek into darkness. I also have to admit, at least RJ and BS answered our questions. Imagine if the books did this. The film is very disappointing to me.
  12. As a matter of condolence, I use " The Creator's Hand shelter him/her, and the Mother's Embrace welcome him/her home." I have always felt it to be beautiful. Alot of people comment when they see it and love it.
  13. Ishamael was a Fool

    I think there is only one Wheel and one Pattern. Remember Perrin vs Slayer in AMOL? There were alternate representations, which means Verin's musing in Book 3 about the Dark One and his prison is true. Plus the ghost in the White Tower. It is just an Aes Sedai from a parallel world working through her White Tower arranged in a different manner. Perhaps she saw them too?? As for the alternate world, perhaps the War of a Hundred Years was raging when the Trolloc Wars broke out there? I like your ideas though. Just that it looks to me to be the opposite. Or it could be a little of both opinions just as easily.
  14. Ishamael was a Fool

    Not only does the Dark One allow free will by his existence, the Creator does as well. In fact, the destruction of the Dark One was shown to remove free will. That means the Creator's destruction would do the same. The Wheel's destruction however, must unmake creation itself regardless of wether the Creator and the Dark One are there or not. The thing is, Ishamael is aware of all of this due to his back ground. But I think only the Dark One can do this, but his prison must be destroyed first, and someone wanting that is Nae blis. Anyone else wanting another outcome must be dead as well due to the Dark One's suspicion meet these things, and Ishamael's mission in life is achieved.
  15. Rafe Judkins May Be Starting Wheel of Time Script

    woohoo!! Awesome news!! Hello all!! Missed this site, great to see it back!! Looks really cool to.