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  1. wotfan4472

    Rand's magic pipe

    Or, what if Rand with the pipe is like him becoming the first angel?? It struck me while reading, and something that was bugging me. The idea of balance is critically important to the series. I think the Creator does have a essence that equals the True Power. But the pipe hints to me it can only be accessed by prayer. If it is our world, then that would make sense. Considering how our world handled religions, it fits, even more so if Demandred is the stories equvalent of a fallen angel, as Moridin becomes the stories equivalent of Satan. The Sharan prophecy could be pointing to something that was suppose to happen in the fourth age. The reveal of the Creator's identity?
  2. wotfan4472

    Was Masema insane?

    That is Lanfear's markers though. She manipulates peoples minds by constantly disrupting their dreams and hence their sleep. These almost always triggered riots. That is mostly what she did in the AoL, though Moghedien was far more dangerous in this regard, just as Graendal was more dangerous in the mental battles. What I mean is that Masema's activities in Ghealdan point to Lanfear being behind them. It also happened before the FoH, since there were rumours of the Prophet and what he was doing in the FoH after Rand got to Cairhein. I also always thought that Lanfear had alot to do in TGH, just not sure if that included Masema. Could Verin have been ordered by Lanfear to do something? That does not make sense. The only way is if Lanfear did it in Ghealdan, using Masema's devotion to Rand against him.
  3. wotfan4472

    Was Masema insane?

    It would have started after he arrived in Ghealdan. You are also correct that it was Lanfear herself. Specifically before the events at FoH at the Docks.
  4. wotfan4472

    Using physical water

    Because Aviendha was taught by Wise Ones, whom had Aes Sedai from the Age of Legends to teach the first Wise Ones, and so the knowledge of that weave, and others, was passed down.
  5. The show's perspective from the three women worries me. Moiraine's perspective for this season is great, but what happens when we get to the Docks battle?? Nynaeve's focus is really not quite up to pasture thanks to Elayne and all of that. Looking forward to the Moghie fight. As long as they also focus on the Three, especially Rand. He drives the entire story. Apart from these worries, I am in. I hope that they deliver, I have been extremely excited since it was first announced last year.
  6. wotfan4472

    August #WoTWednesday Recap

    wooo!! It is looking good!! Really really good!! Thanks for the update Mashiara :)
  7. I like Logain more. Stopping the Trolloc attack at the Ruins in AMOL gives me tears in my eyes each time I read that and the reaction of everyone he saved. It is beautiful. It really makes me enjoy his arc through the books. A truly heroic journey, that sums up the message of the story. That anyone can be a hero and play a part no matter how big or small in saving the world.
  8. wotfan4472

    Wheel of Time Wednesday

    Great news. But I agree Mashiara, I want more news.
  9. wotfan4472

    Slayer killing rand's dad

    He was Luc. In many ways, it was Luc killing Janduin because he failed to look after his sister. The Shadow had no idea of Rand yet being the Dragon Reborn, and that he was Luc's nephew. He knew to go there because he was probably sent, maybe by Ishamael.
  10. wotfan4472

    After the end

    Ishamael is in Rand's body that took all the damage through the course of the series. The funeral that everyone thinks is Rand's, is in truth Ishamael's. It is how he could leave with only a small group knowing about it. It is also stated that anyone channelling the True Power or saidin at Shayol Ghul gets burned out. It is the one thing that stopped Demandred from killing Shaidar Haran in the LoC Prologue.
  11. wotfan4472

    Moiraine & Siuan 'tingling'

    It is not just Rand that experiences that tingle. All the men that channell experience it. It might be because Saidin uses heat as a base, while women use water or air, both of which have cooling properties. Since these things do not mix, it would make sense that heat sources would react more to the presence of the opposite when it is tapped.
  12. It was the beginning of the Wheel removing a Great Captain. We know that the Last Battle was preceded by four war fronts, so four Great Captain's were needed. Pedron Niall was a wild card and totally unpredictable. Someone that the Wheel could not have involved in that conflict. Further more, his presence would have shattered the Alliance formed to deal with the crisis. He had to go, and it started by the Pattern getting rid of Niall's most trusted and greatest commander. I firmly believe that Geofram would have joined the Alliance like Galad did had he been the one in Niall's position, if he lived through everything everyone else did.
  13. wotfan4472

    Creative Uses for Cuendillar?

    No. The person would die. The body would treat it as a foreign element and eventually kill him or her as they exhaust itself
  14. What about for the Aiel I love You....I'll Kill You by Enigma. Zen Rand at Dragonmount must be Dumond's God Music Cosmic Gate Remix or Hemispheres by John OO Fleming and Solarstone.
  15. wotfan4472

    Thanks for that, RJ....

    I came across this from a girl in high school. My response was to read Dumai's Wells as a counterpoint. Next I knew she was reading the Eye of the World and loving it!