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  1. That is my feeling to, but with differences in whether it is saidin, saidar, or the True Power being sensed. Saidar should be more softer or musical. Saidin should be the Highlander Immortal sense. The True Power, however should be the drunk, stumbling, woozy feeling. Like the scientist first walking up to give his evidence in the Chernobyl trial episode, but to a far worse extent.
  2. Min's book relationship needs to be present, not just for all the big moments, like Dumais Wells, but also for what Semirhage does to Rand. He literally loses his hand for Min, and then the collaring that Semirhage does later. Those two things are immensely important to his character growth in the later story. It will not make sense with anyone if it is Elayne or Aviendha in those positions, because it would not make sense. They would expect Elayne or Aviendha to stop Semirhage each time using the One Power in each instance. Min is there in those moments to show the Shadow will do anything to get their way. And Rand in turn must prove that he is prepared to do anything to stop it. By the way, if the show does not follow the story events, then Lord Of The Rings is still the most superior book adaptation we have ever gotten in a movie or tv show. This show becomes a project based on the books, not an adaptation, which is vastly different in approach.
  3. It could have been Be'lal ordering the bandits to do that, or Rahvin ordering it. In fact, any Forsaken free at that point could have been involved.
  4. O.K, I have seen the footage, and I am in all the way!!!!!!! Rosamind sounds how I imagined Moiraine talk.
  5. Your welcome. It took a while for me to remember it!
  6. The Dragon Reborn. Where Nyneave, Elayne and Egwene get captured after meeting Aviendha, because their ship runs aground. There is a Fade hunting Aes Sedai in the area leading them to thirteen if memory serves.
  7. What do you think of the music? I actually really like it.
  8. Nikhil Koparkar did a theme featuring the Budapest Orchestra. I really like it. It is available on Youtube. What do you guys think of it when you have had a listen?
  9. I am really happy with this casting. I like the choice. have really enjoyed him in other roles. Cannot wait to see this show!!
  10. Yesssss!! I am in!! They are all there!!
  11. No, Fain most deffinitely lost the battle. He never achieved the reason he was present at Thakan'dar in the first place. It also supports Min's viewing that all three must be at Tar'mon Gaidon or all is lost. The fight at Thakan'dar is this very fight, since Lanfear's attack is at the exact same moment as Fain's attack, and Rand grabbing the DO. This requires both Mat and Perrin to counter. It also means the Light's defenses had totally collapsed by then, thanks to the rampaging Wild Hunt. As for the winner of the Last Battle, it was clearly shared between Mat, Egwene and Lan, considering the Last Battle was at the time a secondary engagement being fought at Merrilor, and won just a few days before, so Rand could do what he had to without Demandred or M'hail storming through the location and killing him. The distortions around Shayol Ghul actually helped to stop those possibilities from happening.
  12. They, like the Orbit covers, make them look like they are very sophisticated and professional covers. They look like they belong alongside the Lord of The Rings bright red book on a bookshelf.
  13. Happy Birthday Harriet!! Because of The Wheel Of Time, I know that even my country has it's share of ambitious people that can turn bad. I also know that they are not always bad people, just complicated people that make mistakes while trying to live their lives and do what they think makes the country better. Thank you for helping bring this amazing reading experience to life.
  14. I have read the books and loved them, however, I have had a thought after watching Nae'blis's Youtube video on the Dragon Prophecies. In the comments, I had a little exchange about them, and it got me thinking. This could have been asked before too, so I apoligise in advance. In part of the line in the Prophecy at the beginning of Lord of Chaos, these three words "The unstained tower" got me thinking....Does this fit the White Tower at Dumai's Wells like I thought...or does it fit the Black Tower more? Does the unstained tower hint at the Turned Asha'man being stained in these three words? Also, in addition, another question: considering the Prophecies also mention a broken tower, could this be the Black Tower both times? Now the story has ended, and taking into account the details of how the story ended, I ask, because does this hint at more than first thought?
  15. My only concern with this show, and this is something everyone should be mindful of, is if the show says Egwene is the Dragon Reborn. That to me is botching the show. I have no issues with the casting decisions. I am more worried about the world and its mechanics like the One Power and how the characters interact with the world around them. Particularly if they make Egwene the Dragon, which completely turns the story inside out. That causes a snowball effect on the whole story, and kills the product when the audience goes to the books to see how they did it there. Particularly after the show ends. How it performs affects any other take on the story in other mediums like animation or video games. We have seen a lot of those projects that have been anywhere from brilliant, to average, to awful and everywhere in between. I have my hopes for the show, but that scenario above is my biggest worry. As for next casting announcement, I need Lan. How his actor works on screen makes or breaks Moiraine and Nynaeve both.
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