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  1. Except Dragonmount is more like Taranaki in New Zealand. There are no mountain ranges close to it. It is just like it came out of the ground, as opposed to the Maori legends which say otherwise. Dragonmount is closer to the Mountains of Mist, but still quite a distance. The Spine of the World-which is the Dragonwall's true name in the books-is further away from Dragonmount.
  2. Gun law changes signed into law today at 6 pm NZ time. Goes into force at midnight 6 hrs later. They are still working out the buyback scheme.
  3. Mary Poppins the original movie character was gifted by Verity Lambert because Walt Disney was a big fan of Doctor Who, and wanted to do a movie based on him.... Mary Poppins is the Doctor's wife and Susan's Grandmother. Of course, Walt went on to do Chitty Chitty Bang Bang using his male character inspired by the Doctor.
  4. Mat's part in the rescue was what allowed them to get her out. Mat's part to the Last Battle made it absolutely certain that the Pattern needed him, Thom and Jain to go in. Mat going in was not a mistake. It had to happen, or the Dark One and Demandred win.
  5. Which is great. The only other Trinity in anything besides Star Trek is DC's way more famous Trinity. To see a Fantasy variant because the Comic and Sci-Fi ones are awesome is a sign of respect and admiration. To see a fantasy equivalent play out is awesome, too.
  6. Or, more likely she is the Doctor's wife
  7. Yeah. Because of one murderous fool 50 died.
  8. Then that makes the mirror world a nod to a sci-fi world . Perhaps the grolm are mutations of frogs, caused by use of technology like nuclear weaponry and the power plants melting down?? Maybe a parallel of Orson Scott Card's world between the First and Second Bugger Invasions which was weakened by the previous Trolloc Wars?? It has to be a sci-fi world that was on the brink of destruction. The only one that fits to me is the world where Ender comes from.
  9. The great battle done quote is Nicola Foretelling of Moridin holding Callandor. She is saying the Last Battle is won, but the Dark One has still to be dealt with, and Moridin now at that moment has Callandor.
  10. Four Kings is far too important of a moment to cut out though. That has to be in, and Rand suffering the aftereffects of that in the Barn needs to be included as well. That could be done in two or three episodes, but Mat's changes are important to his story and character later. That journey has to be shown.
  11. I started reading the series when I was 13, and never looked back. I consider the characters friends as well. You are not alone in feeling the loss of not seeing where the characters any more in new stories. As for The Wheel Of Time, it brought Epic High Fantasy back from death in the 80's, and turned it into the powerhouse book genre it is today. It is as influential as Watchmen is for comics.
  12. The Wheel would have still used Fain as a counterpoint to the Creator if the DO died, because of the issue of Balance. The Creator does not balance the DO. Rand has that purpose. Who balances Fain with that in mind? Mat is the answer to that question. Fain was just present in the story, because the Wheel took Rand's free will and right to choose into account. He just hung around too long, because Rand had to figure out the right choice in the right circumstances, something the battle with the DO actually showed. The very instant that was showed and he had decided, Mat killed Fain, because Rand had chosen a different course. Fain surviving any longer would have destroyed the Wheel , because the encounter was supposed to happen the way it did. Put Fain in there, what would Moiraine had done if Thom died. He was guarding the entrance to the Pit itself. One way this could have gone down is if for example, Rand cannot grab the DO, Moridin gets free, since Callandor functions as a male Adam requiring two women to control him, both sides of the One Power are tainted, leaving only Mat to stop Fain. If Moridin does not kill Mat first. One REALLY bad outcome. Actually I would say a complete disaster.
  13. Mat was needed because he has bargained with the snakes and foxes twice before, and knew how difficult they could be to agree to anything. Thom and Jain had zero chance of finding Moiraine, because they had never encountered the snakes and foxes before. The game only has the leavetaking, not the actual negotiations that have to happen. As a result their chances of escaping without Mat were below zero.
  14. I think that had Fain gone into the Prison, then Rand is no longer the Dragon, since he cannot deal with Fain. Mat would have taken his place as Champion. Plus, Artur Hawkwing hints that Mat is well known to all the Heroes, but he is not counted amongst them. This is possibly because he is Rand's replacement if Fain had taken the DO's place.
  15. I would have changed The Gathering Storm and focused more on Loial and the Great Stump, and moved Perrin's story from there to the Towers Of Midnight.. We never got a good look at the Ogier and how they communicate with each other when it is only their people. We saw how the Aiel behave when it is themselves. I would have liked the Ogier from their own perspective. The Knife Of Dreams was great with the hint of that community and customs. Such a missed opportunity.
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