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  1. I could think of no better banner to die under than The Dragon's!!!!
  2. By several miles haha I like the original covers.
  3. I was either 12 or 13. I read the series off and on but never caught up. I think I stopped reading in the middle of The Shadow Rising. I didn't dislike the series, I just found other things to do heh. For awhile, I thought Crown of Sword's was the final book! I remember purchasing A Gathering Storm....but I still had not finished Book 4. I spoiled one or two plotlines after catching a few words in the book flap (dust jacket). One summer, my power went out for about a week. I looked around for something to do and it dawned on me that I've been several years behind on my WoT reading heh. If I remember correctly, the first book I waited on was KoD.
  4. I think Asmodean died too soon. He had a very unique story; he had a chance for redemption. Lanfear implied that he may have begun to turn (she looked at some of his dreams) but we could never be sure given that they were just dreams. Dreams can be random and not always reflect what we want in the waking world. I would like to think he was turning back toward the light...but I wouldn't have minded an 11th hour backstab.
  5. I wonder if the answer is more simple. Perhaps the pipe is a Ter'angreal that works with channelers and non channelers. Rand cannot channel nor can he manipulate reality in this dimension. He found (or created) and kept a small gift as a reward.
  6. Moghedian. She's both a darkfriend and now a Damane. That sucks.
  7. Sanderson confirmed that Hopper is indeed the broken wolf.
  8. I'm not so sure. Rand had intended to kill the Dark One when he told her that. Otherwise....I hope that you and Rose are correct.
  9. Rand's soul makes him the True Dragon. There are false dragons and various leaders of the light. None of them, save Rand/LTT, are the true champion of the light. Even if Rand died in Eye of The World, there couldn't be another that could adequatelty take his place. I imagine if Egwene had to seal the bore then we would see ANOTHER counterstroke.
  10. That was one of the few reasons I purchased the companion. -Nakomi's identity/role -Tuon and Artur's meeting -Some of the power level rankings. Although not major but I wanted a few confirmations -Rand's exact third question Three of those weren't even close to being answered. I'm a bit bummed
  11. Was I the only one disappointed Nakomi wasn't revealed? Or did i miss this?
  12. Interesting. Perhaps there is some truth to that angle. the DO refers to Rand as "adversary". That could be a specific distinction or just a plain label.
  13. I disagree with the previous. Brandon said that RJ wrote that particular scene in the epilogue. I guess someone will just have to ask him.
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