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  1. All valid points. I guess my only remaining complaint, admittedly petty, is that I would at least expect Rand to notice her mood swings or something related to her condition…Elayne is frequently commenting on various changes within her POV that I was surprised didn’t register on Rands end. I agree with and appreciate all of your observations though! One last thought on the logistical side, regardless of the bond…I was surprised he didn’t hear anything from anyone about it either, not even the rumors
  2. I am on my second read of the series and on the last book. I had a random thought occur to me about the nature of the warder bond. I had always assumed that the bond made the individuals acutely aware of everything that the other was feeling, not just emotionally but in their physical body as well. With that in mind, it was surprising to me that Rand had no idea Elayne was pregnant until she told him. That’s all, just a thought I felt compelled to share.
  3. I’m curious, what recent podcast? I’m not current with the podcast scene
  4. I seem to remember that in both cases of compulsion and turning, there is an exception (although rare) that allows for the victim to resist the force projected at them. The most obvious example probably logain regarding turning, and I think maybe nyneave was able to resist compulsion somewhat. Something like the stronger ones sense of self the more they are able to resist. I wonder if that is why the shadow doesn’t simply attempt to turn Rand by force? I’m sure there are many more nuances involved but I don’t recall this tactic ever being used on Rand or for that matter, if the resources are available and most people are susceptible, why it’s not used more
  5. Admittedly I’m not to the end yet, but it strikes me as I reread that so many fans are opposed to BS and his writing of the final 3 books. As I said, I haven’t completed my first reread yet, but I have to say, even if fans hate me for it, I think BS is doing a fine job with the task he’s given. What causes the opposition within so many fans about BS and his writing/conclusion to the series?
  6. Yes I am a spiritual seeker so a lot of my thoughts about WOT are me projecting that on the narrative and seeing things through that perspective. Good catch, @Aan-Alone
  7. My two cents on the question posed by OP is this. The characters may be frustrating and downright agonizing to read about their headspace and how they behave at times, but I don’t see any reason to make the assumption that this means they are badly written characters. I think they’re actually exquisitely written characters, because they’re so exquisitely human.
  8. Agreed with what you say about how much RJ wove into the story and I don’t think it’s possible to pick up on so much of it the first time through. Especially in my case since I devoured the series back to back so ravenously without the forced break between books that the OG crew went through and gave them time to think about things more. I am not sure if I know what the significance of Cabriana Sedai or the apple farmer is yet. Can you enlighten me?
  9. Everything you say here makes total sense and checks out. I will admit though, in my case, only in hindsight. When I was reading the first time through, I thought Taim was Demandred. I devoured the books back to back after the series was already completed so there was no waiting between books and no time for me to think past what was on the page. That’s just me though. It sounds like you’ve only read the series once as well, so let me just say that I admire your skill as a perceptive reader! Your insights come across to me like someone who has read the books more than once.
  10. I love that you want to name your daughter in some way derived from WOT! I hope you find something that feels right and that you will share it in the forum when you do. I liked the idea mentioned above where you might use a name as inspiration to make something unique
  11. I felt overall frustrated with how much Taim was able to get away with and how it seemed like Rand coulda shoulda been more engaged and aware of the goings on, compelling him to do something about it. On the other hand, I feel like Taim was very good at giving Rand just enough to let his guard down and necessarily deprioritize something on his overflowing plate. For example, he appears to turn over one of the seals from the dark one’s prison right off the bat and he plays a significant role in rescuing him at Dumai’s wells, among other things. As clear as it is to the reader that Rand should have caught on sooner or at least checked in and had more involvement with the BT, I can see how Taim managed to lure him into his complacency.
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