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  2. Catch 22 (I liked it but somehow I abandoned halfway) One of the Rabbit books (don't remember which one and I'll never try another) by Updike Asoiaf (horrible writing and too many new characters while running out of guys I cared about. I've given up on Daenerys povs in mid book one then abandoned others one by one. I think I did get to book four but by that time I wasn't reading 90% of the povs.) Struggling with Malazan now. Don't seem to be able to get into book two. Gave up Dragon mid book two. Its a joke for a series. I actually started reading the Hunters of Dune (continuation of Dune by those two morons. I never got through. In fact I felt what they did was s desecration of the series.)
  3. Evidence seems to indicate that it could have been done in 2 books easily. Dom wrote a nice article on it (maybe on RAFO?).
  4. Someone even wrote down in detail what the plan likely was. On some other site.
  5. Quote of the series indeed :-)
  6. Yea. That's a mistake. Put your stuff into books, not into interviews. Seriously. BTw how do we know she wnt to other world?
  7. dont even understand where you got that idea from and i made sure to reread that chapter
  8. Good point. Somehow it bothers me much less with Stephen King.
  9. Well I didn't catch anything about worldhopping and I DID read the Most born series. This sort of intra-series stuff I find no fun.
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