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  1. Heeeeey @LilyElizabeth.... So I was waiting for the third Myrdraal, and then things got a bit busy, and now it seems I am *slightly* over the deadline >_> I don't really think I can do this in the next week or two, but maybe in April... Um... Is the contest still on? I feel I might need a little bit more competition? 🤔
  2. Yeah, I am almost done with my re-read of the series, and the whole thing seems... more weird to me the more I think about it. The whole thing with removing free will but still sort of keeping your personality seems very strange, although I've gotta admit I don't get the same sense of strangeness when it comes to compulsion which in many ways seems kinda similar. For myself I think I'll just head-canon that it removes the soul of the person and replaces it with something else, which seems to mesh well enough with the concept of people seeing something strange in the eyes of people who have been turned... I think I'll just settle for some of the things, especially in the first one or two and last few books, not being very well thought out and attempt to not be too drawn out of the story by them by overthinking 🙂
  3. *frowns* Not to my knowledge - and what is this Moat you talk about? At any rate, it seems the song is over. We'd better get back to ending the world. Is any more of my posse around? *fixes @Elgee with a black-flecked stare* You! There is no time for this tomfoolery to go on! We have a galactic horror to free, and Dragons to fry. No time for dancing and... ...is that macarons over there? Maybe I'll just have a little snack before getting back to my main mission. How long did you say this Feast was going to continue?
  4. *leading Delenn across the floor in dance, I try to make sense of the strange flickering which seems to happen ever so often* Never you mind where I am! Just make sure you do your part for the Great Lord. Disappointment will have... consequences. *does a pirouette*
  5. *strides purposefully into the room, the light seeming to dim around him* You very well should recognize your immediate superior, Delenn! What is this I hear about all the Chosen taking time off to go to some silly ball!? ... Though it is very pretty in here, I must admit. Maybe just one dance before going back to plotting the end of time itself? Will you give me this dance, @Delenn?
  6. Happy birthday Cross! Well, a day or two late I expect, but it is the thought which counts, right?
  7. *crawls back up on the ledge from the dunking Lily gave him* Who knows who will be dunked or not? Roll the dice, and if it favors you the one on the ledge is dunked. If you are unlucky you will replace them. Dovie'andi se tovya sagain
  8. You are walking along the streets of Tar Valon, enjoying the festivities of the Feast, when you come along a dunk tank. Up on the ledge, the Sword Captain of the Warders is sitting in just his tighty whiteys. A small target is next to him, and in front you can see a table stacked with small, heavy balls. *flicker* You are no longer walking the streets, you are staring down the Sword Captain who is carefully aiming a ball at the target next to you... Or is he aiming for your unmentionables? It's kinda hard to tell. You know which one you are hoping for though. *flicker* You are back at the street, just having let go of the ball which is speeding towards its target. *flicker* You feel the seat giving way under you, as... *flicker* The Sword Captain plunges... *flicker* Water envelops... *flicker* ...wet... *flicker* *flicker* This is the Flicker Feast dunk tank. Give it a go, and try to dunk the person currently sitting on the ledge. To give it a go, either roll a 10-sided dice at home or use a digital tool to do so. On a 1-5 you replace the person sitting on the ledge. On a 6-10 you hit the target and dunk whoever's currently there. No aiming for the gonads. Flavour text as you prefer or not. Let's celebrate!
  9. This is the intro to the poem on the page in which I found it, in case you want a little more detail:
  10. Zephyr whispers secrets through willows is correct. Hopefully being the executioner will save you from being brutalized too much more.
  11. Just got home from my new year celebrations! Happy new year, everyone!
  12. Thomas Moore was an Irish poet who wrote the poem as an elegy for his friend Robert Emmet, who was executed for rebellion against the English. Emmet's last words were “When my country takes her place among the nations of the earth, then, and not till then, let my epitaph be written.” These words are why he is not named in the poem. Though of course it is really about our Great Lord Lady of the Grave. Very apt.
  13. I'll give it a go, send me a PM with the words! To be clear though - you are the GM as well as the member we'll write about? And can we use other words than the 30 we are given? They only need to be included in the paragraph? Oh, and you can probably remove the part about using html-tags to edit the text. Though I'd love to be able to edit my posts directly, DM doesn't seem to allow this anymore 😢
  14. There are several Ws in there! Good guess! _EPH_R WHISPERS SECRETS THROUGH WILLOWS Letters guessed: A C E G H I L N O P R S T U V W 3 notches Hmm, I wonder if someone can guess the entire phrase now?
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