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  1. Ok. If you say so. I'm sure you're right about Moghedien too. Have a good day
  2. You need a re-read. Just the Sea Folk docked at Tear outnumbered the people in Tear. All the southern ports of Randland were packed with Sea Folk vessels. Those cities were filled with Sea Folk. No army? It was RIGHT there....on the side of the continent where noone expected an attack. Demandred -as their Master of the Blades- could have (ab)used the Sea Folk prophecy much like Asmodean did with the Shaido to have a people that was described by RJ as 'strictly hierarchal and obidient' to attack (the Stone of) Tear, the Altarans and the Seanchan held ports for killing their former Mistress
  3. I wouldn't change it one bit. Neither would I change my theory about Demandred hiding as Amel (see quote from first post:) I think what this theory and the one about Demandred being Amel prove, is that it makes mince meat out of RJ envisioning Demandred as Bao with the Sharans. BS made that all up and in doing so, BS nullified RJ's whole Sea Folk story (the Bargains, the Bowl, Zaida's odd behaviour, the positioning of all the Sea Folk ships in ports, their stance towards the 'shorebound'). RJ would have made the middle books *BETTER* in hindsight by how he hid all of this rig
  4. It's around 10 in the morning here in the Netherlands, on a beautiful, quiet, sunny 17th of Oktober. I'm sitting behind my desk just staring outside, remembering a man that has been (and still is) a very big part of my life. Ever since that glorious 10 day hike in the Austrian mountains back in '96, when my SO bought me "The Eye of the World" to have something to read in the evenings. I'm surrounded by colleagues who have no clue who Robert Jordan -let alone Jim Rigney- is. But I just raised my first cup of coffee in silent salute to Jim, who would have turned 68 today.
  5. The Bloodless? (I think Empty One is nice, but that it's a more fitting name for the Dark One or the Zomaran)
  6. Androl & Bao; They were unnecessary, downright interfering, with the story that RJ would have written. I hate them, because to me they represent all that is wrong with what BS added to the Wheel of Time.
  7. He had bought it because he collected ancient / AoL items. It was one of his more recent trophies IIRC.
  8. 'It was something the Pattern did' True -offcourse-, but an unsatisfying answer that doesn't answer how it worked at all. It's an answer to every question concerning the Wheel of Time in the same sense that any question about our Solar System, Galaxy or Cluster can be answered with 'it was something the Universe did'. Somehow, an answer like this feel 'more' right to events that impact a lot or work on a huge scale, but it tells us nothing. The answer of "How exactly did the Pattern do this something" remains unanswered (or is avoided when the one asking the question starts nodding h
  9. I've always believed that to be true. I once wrote something very similar about the Horn, it's function and where and how it would be used in the Last Battle: original topic with some nice follow-up posts IIRC: http://www.dragonmount.com/forums/topic/60798-day-that-dawns-twice/?do=findComment&comment=1864846 I think you're right about how he lit his pipe; it's "A Matter of Thought"...at that place at that moment. And about Brandon his opinion; I couldn't give a rats ass to be honest. What Sanderson did with WoT's storyline -while it had so much potential- is no
  10. You gave your own answer. I think most of the WoT-loving people were more then a little ... urm...'lost' in the last two books, so I guess that doesn't matter much. I'm guessing it will all make sense to you anyway.
  11. This. Goosebumps! I have the same with "To Come Out of the Shadow". That whole chapter is packed with small, very emotional scenes and sentences. Especially at the end, that chapter has all those gems. Ingtar's confession, Rand's tender absolvement (of you will), Ingtar finally content and his brave Last Stand right into the next chapter. What I find so amazing is how I can still SEE him fight, proud, laughing, content IN the Light.... while all we have to go by are Ingtar's triumphant shouts. Far behind him, Rand heard Ingtar’s voice rise. “The Light, and Shinowa!” The clash of
  12. Are you still around Fish? Suttree? Anyone know how to get in contact with them aside from this forum?
  13. It usually depends on my mood... When I'm feeling sad/ melancholic (I get that quite a lot to be honest after reading AMoL and thinking about WoT); Noone should have finished the Wheel. WoT is RJ's world. I miss the man... so, so, so much, it makes my chest hurt at times. When he left us, I lost the favourite uncle I never had and never met. It's one of my greatest regrets; never having shook his hand or send him a letter... just to express how much he meant to me. I miss him. If noone would have finished the story, I know I would ache untill my dying breath,...but at least my memory o
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