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  1. Don't forget the blacksmiths. You need to maintain balance by having a tinker group, also.
  2. RED!!! Long time, old chum! Can't find Fiddlesticks. ? Still have memories. All of my stuff in Revolution One is gone, too. At least I can post now that I have a new e-mail address...before it wouldn't let me. Crossing my fingers for a successful recovery. Happy Holidays to all! Love, Gramps
  3. See post #5489 in the Gwampy thread in Fiddlesticks.
  4. See post #5489 in the Gwampy thread in Fiddlesticks.
  5. See post #5489 in the Gwampy thread in Fiddlesticks.
  6. Ellen Sedai, or "The Black Widow" as she preferred to think of herself nowadays smiled as she watched her son stepping gracefully through his sword forms. Some day soon he would take a place of honor along side her in the Last Battle. He would make a fine dreadlord. Perhaps her mentor Moghedian could hook him up with a male tutor. That was almost too much to wish for. Everything that he knew so far he had learned on his own. She knew that if he went to the Black Tower that she would never see him again. No. She had been patient this long... she could wait a little longer for everything
  7. Gradhrt looked around the gathering of Guardians that he was about to address. They waited in eager anticipation. Yes. All had indeed selected this group. There could be no other explanation for the perfection. Their personalities and abilities had proven to be exactly what this task had required. All of the Ancient Ones with their memories linked could not have done better. It was common knowledge among the ancient ones that All had more ability in one blink of an eye than all of them combined had in all of their lifetimes of memory. The Creator. The Force. God. All. Whatever name
  8. Rourke gave the signal for the return of his truth teller. She appeared almost instantly. Her face was pale and her eyes bulged. She must have some idea of what awaited her. "Your services are no longer required. Because of your many years of service and my charitable mood I will allow you to choose between opening your veins or being sold into servitude." He looked away from her. He didn't care which option she chose. If she killed herself the servants would clean up the mess. He barely caught a glimpse of the light reflecting off from the dagger. In a heartbeat it was buried dee
  9. Are there darkfriends among the Ogier? If there can be Aiel darkfriends why not Ogier? Or, for that matter, Tuatha'an (Tinkers)? Oops... drifted off subject... sorry. Back to the Ways. My understanding of the WOT time line gets fuzzy. I've read every book five+ times and I still have trouble keeping it all straight. Right now I can't remember whether the Ways were already established by the time of Hawkwing. Or if they were already tainted. As I remember the story, Hawkwing did not simply pick up his army and move to Seanchan. They were an expeditionary force of some kind who
  10. So with the exception of Seanchan darkfriends (there are darkfriends everywhere, even among the Aiel) and whatever Shadow forces that find a way to Skim or Travel, Seanchan should be a place for R & R (rest and relaxation) for the Light troops during the Last Battle. No Trollocs. If, that is, IF the Seanchan Empress, may she live forever, allows it. Interesting.
  11. There are Ogier Guards in the Seanchan army, so the Ogier must have interacted with them at some point in time. It might be possible that the Ways once connected the mainland to Seanchan. If the Ways go to Seanchan and the Trollocs are using the Ways then the Trollocs will probably invade Seanchan unless they think of it the way they do the Aiel Waste or the former city the Rand destroyed while cleansing the source. I tried searching this topic with no luck. Do you think the Ways go to Seanchan? Will the Trollocs go to Seanchan? If Seanchan has to deal with Trollocs, how will th
  12. OOC: EXTRA post above. ENJOY! East Town it was. The choice had been easy. The tide was dropping and there was no appropriate vessel in West Town. The only suitable conveyance was a medium sized Sea Folk ship that was anchored just off shore near East Town. The row boat ride for he and Irene had been rough but tolerable. She even squealed when one of the waves splashed over the bow and got her wet. Karlee had gotten a good laugh and a sour look out of that. Then Irene shook the water out of her hair and chuckled herself. Her smile was so lovely. The crew quickly scampered
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