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  1. Sooooo,,,,you're saying like you are reyler reincarnated? 🤩
  2. There is some classic GrandpaG stuff over in the evolution one roll play area...FREE!!! I'm into my fourth re-read of my book. Hard to put it down even though I know approximately what's coming next. Hope you get a chance to read it. Love, Gramps
  3. I hope you enjoy reading it. Everyone who I have talked to who were able to make it all of the way through have told me that it is very good. Several have read it more than once. I have "honey do" projects keeping me from another re-read right now but I hope to read it again in the near future. Each time that I read it is better than the time before. Sometimes I still can't believe that I wrote it even though I know I did. 😊 Love, Gramps
  4. There is a faint arrow next to the Revol... If you press that arrow it will take you to page 4.
  5. If you think like a Tinker you might enjoy reading this. I'm having trouble getting the link to work. It's page 4 of "The Way of the Leaf...A Tinker's Song" in the Revolution One roll play area:
  6. It is cheaper on Kindle if you have that available. $4.44 I think. Perhaps you could ask the nursing home staff to purchase a copy that could be shared by all of the residents? After tax a paperback copy lands right around $15. I don't get anything until there have been enough sold for Amazon to send me a $100 check...so far I have gotten one check total. In the back of my mind I had hopes of getting filthy rich off from the book sales while I was writing it. I am now pleased that I didn't bank on it for my retirement income! 😄 Love, Gramps
  7. Nearly 500 pages. I could do a separate book for each character no problem but won't. I thought about writing "The Year Before The Year Without Soap" which would explain how the whole thing happened but I don't plan to as of today. I'm not a writer. This book wormed it's way into my brain and would not leave me alone until I wrote it. I couldn't do it again if I had to. Many people who know me well were surprised that I was capable of writing it. Ancient Alien theorists believe that it was planted in my brain by beings from beyond this world as a warning to all of what could possibly happen if we are not careful. Thanks for showing interest. Love, Gramps
  8. It's only available at Amazon..."A Year Without Soap" by GrandpaG. Believable fiction. The world is without electricity. Survival of the fittest. Clans form. People are either part of a clan, slaves for a clan, or dead. Even the government is a thing of the past. The Vatican is still in place but reduced. Even the Amish community is affected. Ships that enter port are captured. One accountant doesn't want his family to be slaves but he is not able to hook up with his clan family. He does what he feels he has to and takes his family into the wilderness and forces them to split up to avoid capture. None of them are outdoors type people. They have a survival book and a backpack full of odds and ends that dad packed for them. They are to meet up after one year. During that year they will have no soap. There are main characters from many different POVs,. Ship's captain. Soldier leader. Slaves. Clan leaders. Homeless man. Head of Logistics and Supply for the Vatican. Austrian Amish family. Slave chaser/catcher. The accountant and his family. President of the United States. Chicago gang leader. Mongolian horde leader. Just to name a few. Some colorful minor characters, too. The book has a rhyme and reason that I save for the end so you can read that first if you want. I've sold about 80 copies to friends and family. Those who have made it all of the way through have told me that they enjoyed reading it. A few have read it more than once. I have read it several times and will read it again. Thanks for asking. Love, Gramps
  9. Where did summer go? 😲 If you read a few posts back you'll find that I was not at that time looking forward to a retirement that would involve a daily routine of watching TV while snacking on whatever I could find. I must have hexed myself. Other than the occasional "honey do", that is pretty much what I do now. Grocery shopping and doctor's appointments are special occasions for honey bear and I. She's retired too so we have LOTS of time to interact...every day all day! We haven't killed each other yet so we must be doing OK. Thanks for asking. ☺️ I like having an emoji button available. It's so HANDY! And it has what used to be my favorite in the old days... 😈 Well, I guess that I should go do something productive (yeah, right) before I get the urge to put on a First Fool of Fiddlesticks performance. Buy my book and read it. Tell your friends how great it is. Love, Gramps
  10. I have Charter internet, phone, and TV. Not impressed with the TV. Phone is better than what I had before. Liking WIFI. Tomorrow is summer solstice already...won't be long before it snows again! Michigan is still my home. Gotta love it. Bye for now. Love, Gramps
  11. Happy birthday to me and Happy Easter to you. I'm still breathing so far. Retired December 31st...didn't want to...just tired of fighting health issues. I'm drawing Social Security. Thank you all for supporting me. This time next year I'll be on Medicare. If each of you would just buy "A Year Without Soap" from Amazon then tell all of your friends how great it is, maybe I could afford to retire in style! NOT!!! I've read it three times and I'm considering a fourth. I have time for a quick performance to perk up your Easter spirit. No? OK. Bye for now...gotta go eat birthday lasagna. Love, Gramps
  12. Free WIFI while I get new brakes on my car...is it really free? Hi. Bye. Love, Gramps
  13. Guess that last post scared everyone away (sad frowning emoticon). I'm still breathing. Hi. Bye. Love, Gramps
  14. We finally have 10 degree weather and snow on the ground with more in the forecast. That's what makes it all worth living in the middle of nowhere USA. I finished my second reread of my book. I might read it again in the near future just because I'm old and can do whatever I want. If you already own a copy of my book you can skip the next entry. For those of you who might not have bought it yet and would like to know where you can buy a copy, here are the details: "A year without soap" by GrandpaG is only available on Amazon.com in paperback or Kindle. Counting friends, family, and coworkers I have sold 86 paperbacks and an unknown amount of e books (I don't remember how to get into the sales report for Kindle). Those determined souls who have made it all of the way through to the end have told me that they liked it. Unlike some of my Dragonmount RP stuff I did NOT kill off all 20+ characters...I guess I did disfigure one of them with a homemade alcohol bomb but at least he survived the blast. I'm not retired yet. I only make $2 per book so at this rate I will be VERY old when I quit going to work. Just kidding. I could retire today but I don't know what I want to do when I grow up. I don't want to watch TV all day every day. Some people that I know quit their good job just to go to work some place worse because they got bored. Some "volunteer"...if I'm going to work I'll get paid. Anyway, I'm still working for now. Yes, I have a little extra time today. If I wasn't so rusty I might try to put on a quick "First Fool" performance. Sorry. The garbage man just emptied my trash can so I'd better go to bring it in. Gotta eat some homemade vegetable beef soup then go to work. Happy holidays to all. To quote Homeless Joe from "Chapter 18 - Winter" of my book, "May the coming year bring happiness to all who deserve it...and misery to anyone who does me harm." That was his traditional New Years Eve toast. Bye for now. Stay warm and safe. Love, Gramps
  15. Still breathing. Hi, bye. Love, Gramps
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