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  1. Trying to think of something different. Could he be Logaine?
  2. Like I said I'm ok with Henney. But you are confusing pretty with attractive. Charles Bronson would never be called pretty but I bet lots of women thought he was attractive.
  3. Lady Edeyn remarks that Lan is no longer beautiful, but becoming ugly.
  4. As far as the casting goes this is better than most of the others we've seen. That said Lan is not pretty he is almost ugly. We'll have to see if they do anything with makeup.
  5. IMO the actress they've chosen for Nynaeve is just too plain from the pictures I've seen. from the wiki : She is also described as being relatively short and slim, standing at 5'4". She is said to be very pretty, even beautiful.
  6. Arya journey to Harrenhal was in the middle of a war. Nynaeve passed through a couple of small villages in her own area in a time of peace. Once the war starts in WoT its just as brutal. Its that the POV characters in WoT are generally at the heads of armies or they are powerful (aes sedai). Tywin and Stannis did not worry about bandits on the roads.
  7. I've read both. I've always thought WoT was darker and for that matter has more sex than GoT. The language just isn't as graphic. There is lots of sex and lots of nudity. There is torture, rape and, graphic violence. It doesn't get much darker than. Asha'man kill!
  8. Elaynes pregnancy is a major problem in the stated 2 year timeline working. There are a few references that she is very close to term by AMoL which blows the 2 year timeline by a good bit since even by Cooper's timeline WH is 2 years from the start of the story.
  9. I can understand why he is having trouble with the timeline. The story and times stated do not add up another example in TEotW it only takes a bit over a month for Rand to get from The Two Rivers to Caemlyn on the timeline. Most of that time is Rand and Mat are walking and both injured or sick at times. But there has not been a soldier or taxman visit the Two Rivers in a hundred years and the people don't even know they live in Andor. The story and the passage of time and distances just don't add up.
  10. Ok I looked over Cooper's timeline its good but he is shaving a good bit off the travel times. For example : Jun 16 - Rand and the Aiel leave Rhuidean for Cold Rocks Hold. Jul 1 -Rand arrives at Alcair Dal. It is stated plainly that the trip will take a month at the fastest. They then pick up the wagons which slow them down but even without the wagons he has them making the trip in less than half the time stated. On the timeline Rand is only in the Waste Jun 15 through Aug 31 this barely covers the time needed to go from Rhuidean to Alcar Dal then back to Rhuidean. A couple of weeks were spent camped at Alcar Dal then back at Rhuidean after which they start the trip out of the Waste from Rhuidean which is very deep in the Waste. The timeline has the whole Waste to Cairhien arc as just under 3 months when it should be twice that atleast.
  11. I guess I should have asked this question. Did it seem like RJ started with a longer timeline in mind then changed somewhere in the middle of the series?
  12. In AMoL its stated thats its been 2 years since the story started. In the LoC Nyn states she hasn't seen Rand in a year +/- when being questioned by one of the AS at Salidar. They were last together at the Stone which was a year after the story started. So did the timeline change somewhere in the process? Trying to keep track of time in this series can be confusing to say the least. TEotW starts in the spring, in TDR the Stone falls in the spring/early summer so 1 year gone. Now jump ahead to LoC its been another year this seems ok to me alot has happened from TDR to LoC. But after this point time gets very hard to keep track of in WH Rand knocks up Elayne by AMoL she is getting very close to term so lets say at least 6 months if not more have passed. 2 Years seems quite a bit off. IMO the story covers 4-5 years what do you guys think?
  13. I have started the series over and am half way through TFoH she is coming off as even more of a self-center bitch than the first time. All of the other PoV characters worry and seem aware of the others problems except Egwene. The only times she thinks of the others it is how they are effecting her which she seems to think they are somehow trying to hold her back. The background given on Lanfear seems much inline with Egwene's attitudes I can easily see her turning to the DO if the story had drawn out a few more years.
  14. What crucial role in what key events? She did not have the seals she did not break them and she only even agreed to consider breaking them. Then never thought about them again The Black Tower searched for, found and, broke them. Nynaeve played much more of a crucial role. Egwene's only real talent seemed to be getting captured and saying "I am the Amyrlin seat".
  15. Her character became irrelevant after she was named Amyrlin in Salidar she couldn't speak 2 sentences without proclaiming she was Amyrlin. The whole split of the White Tower lasted much too long and was never a real player in the story after the Battle of Dumai's Wells. Yes certain Aes Sedai still played major roles but they were largely independent of Tar Valon. I was happy to see her die I was pissed that it happened at the very end of the series all that time wasted on a self centered character which brought so little to the whole in the end.
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