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  1. * Here is that image from Arrival that has a good visual from afar.
  2. The silver mist so often just looks like fog machines on the ground. At least that is what immediately comes to mind. I need to try and think of other examples. I think in Arrival there is some like fog/cloud wide angles that were pretty cool. It will be interesting to see more footage though. What if they used visuals that were something like this below but made it silver would that have been more interesting to you? I find the movements eerie and ethereal. Hopefully we get some truly horrifying interactions on screen to with it too. And yeah I was curious too as to how much of skimming, Waygates, and portal stones would be joined as well. Whether they thought it was too many to discuss or even bother with. I just hope they really think that through too, because it could become problematic for one of Mat’s arcs.
  3. I think killer fog is one of the harder things to conceptualize without becoming too cheesy. The Mist tried it, and did alright. But it was more of monsters in it, not the mist itself. There are a lot of shows though that try using fog in any capacity they just miss the mark. So I think they did this to avoid an even larger complaint if they tried to do a faithful rendering, and it was garbage. Especially when you want it to look different from the One Power. There are a lot of tendrils already floating about. I’m curious as to whether or not we will witness a trolloc get snagged by it in the show? I think my adjustment would make the shadows grab them and when they do almost have it become more tangible? Like an acidic tar like texture that is akin to the Blob, with lots of melting and crunching practical effects. Then as it consumes them graphically, it would dissipate back into shadow and lose its tangibility back into shadow, leaving a pile of bones and such. It would be visually fascinating and look more realistic. Could go much more horror film with it. Again, all speculation and spitballing, but I’d love your thoughts on it. Would you go for the 100% faithful adaptation or experiment? * Another interesting visual could have been inspired by how ink behaves in water? Then render that movement into the air.
  4. Love the misdirection. Gives newbies the ability to really dig in and be a part of the mystery. I wonder if they could do a temporary scrubbing of info online? At least for basic searches? Y’all remember when they did the spoiler snap with the Thanos glove on Google for the Avenger movies? Just a thought. Our community is pretty good about spoilers but I’m referring to those who try to look too far ahead online etc. again, just a thought. This show has so much potential though, and I know I’ve said it before but they have so much lore, symbolism, and prophecy that actually goes somewhere; so for that alone I’m quite thrilled with some of the symbolic imagery. I really hope this has the “it” factor and becomes something as special on tv as the books are on the page.
  5. Yes absolutely. Unfortunately I think the marketing team is playing this up accidentally because I think they are doing some red herring stuff for the start of the show and leaving out a lot of information. And due to the stresses in OUR world people are simply seeing what they want to and then drawing knee jerk reactions. But it also comes down to the people writing articles on many different websites have very little knowledge or absolutely no clue what they are talking about. “Where only women can control the power.” This is either intentionally misleading or a purposefully inflammatory type of comment to get more clicks. What is the result? There are some some women who want to watch the show explicitly because women are in the ones in charge. Which later in the series they may feel “betrayed”, that they were mislead etc. There are some men who specifically say they won’t watch it at all because of “wokeness” etc. but they don’t know that men actually CAN use magic systems, they just read a comment that doesn’t really explain anything well. When at the end of the day it is all really about a Yin Yang balance that the world needed in many things. Robert Jordan in my opinion did a pretty good job of balancing things for men and women. If a dude said something sassy about ladies…you are darn right the ladies had something to say about the men. I honestly hope this is there, it’s pretty funny at times to be honest. But I want both sides to get good digs in, in the show. If it is just one sided the entire time that will be unfortunate. A good example I can think of is the dynamic of Vasquez and Hudson in the movie Aliens. The biggest irony of all the complaints on both sides of the fence is they just sound like the Women’s Circle and the Village Council from the books haha. And so I tip my hat once again to Robert Jordan.
  6. Correct me if I’m wrong, but maybe they’re pulling a fast one on us with his stubble and the angle of the shot?
  7. Upon closer inspection he might have a Handlebar mustache. I think some five o’clock shadow might be disguising it a bit. I may be mistaken though. If he doesn’t get one at all but almost all the Whitecloaks get one… haha that is seriously some salt in the wound.
  8. Well I mean people were expecting Nynaeve to tug her braid, so yes, I think it’s fair to be curious as to why the most defining feature of a character was removed. Also, kinda hope that isn’t all Whitecloaks wear. I can see this as like their “casual”, but one never knows.
  9. Also, in regard to Thom and Court bards, taverns, and the Band of the Red Hand throughout the series. I think it would be cool if they did a song writing contest. It wouldn’t have to be a front and center thing, but to hear it in the background would be kinda cool.
  10. Haha a little bit, I still think he makes makes Dandelion look like the Bargain Bin Bard. I hope they get shots of him doing all sorts of crazy guitar playing and that the dude has pipes.
  11. I believe it is short for, “Behind the Scenes”.
  12. No I’m tracking. I don’t think I clarified myself well enough as to why I placed it with some of the other examples listed. I realize it was successful and hope WoT gets that same success, I’m just highlighting that standards have gone up considerably on visuals over the years. Star Trek being my example. I love the old Trek movies and show, but visually would be like, “what the heck?” If they reverted back to old hokey lizard costumes moving forward in the franchise. Which is why I placed it with a Eragon and Shannara, but it’s a fair point to mention that Xena was successful where the others were not.
  13. A show doesn’t have to have the highest production value to be entertaining and Xena might be a cult classic, and have a nostalgic place for some, but if WoT has the production value of Xena or Hercules…I’m out. I don’t care how many seasons they got back in the 90’s. WoT deserves so much better. I love the Original Star Trek show/movies but I would not be happy if new directors moving forward used sets and production values of the original show. And so it is with the WoT, if that makes sense? I want to be transported into a world and believe it. Not feel like I’m watching a stage play.
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