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  1. I kick the pole and put mine back taller and bigger.
  2. *brings in some seasonal fun* Anyone have a favorite pumpkin design?
  3. Ryrin! How are you doing, darling? Wednesdays are a godsend. Short days. Done before noon. Its "nice". 🙂
  4. Lessie... Great-Great mentor: Kathana/JenL Great-Mentor: Lasir Ca’Ras Mentor: Taeadra Culthane & Tynaal (2011+) Mentee's: Lavandula ATuckerMorin Telcia Dyfelle (old/both) Asjenia (Old/both) Ara Galdring (Old/both) (I'll have to figure it out. I had a number at one point, but then it's figuring which were Org and which were RP. )
  5. Dungeons are very VERY popular around here. Mind the Reds, though. They have let most of their tools rust. XD
  6. You love to erupt pumpkins! *is cheeky and terrible at this game*
  7. Pumpkin Loving Volcano? XD Hawaii Pumpkin?
  8. It's like college all over again! XD ..... no thank you? I have responsibilities in the morning... *swears under her breath about adulting being a trap*
  9. The name of the game is: take the hill from the person before you by any means necessary. I plant a flag at the top of the hill and claim it as my own. Your move. :lurk:
  10. I did! But now I need points....... somehow. (i fail at spamming...... unless it includes a blade.)
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