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  1. oh god, my mentee tree is HUGE... Pretty sure Ghaul and Seiaman aren't much better... >.>
  2. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ A no: E, L, M
  3. The warder path, in my mind, first started as a character role, back in 2002/3 when I started writing Cairma. (Though i'm super fuzzy on the dates). A non-channeler running away from big problems punishing herself to be stronger when she felt like the weakest person in the world. Mentally, a lot of that mentality is there for me. I dislike feeling weak and powerless. That my voice doesn't matter. Warders has a different take on pride, strength and honor. Key things that have nothing to do with the Ajahs, where the Ajahs core of their groups is centered around Sisterhood. Sure, Warders have a 'brotherhood' but there is still that lone-wolf with a pack just a call away. (Yes, i get that its a bit sexist to say, but it really isn't) The psychology behind a brotherhood and a sisterhood are very similar though they function in completely different ways. And the more Dragonmount grew, the more that is generally evident in how Warders function differently than Ajah's, especially when Bonding anyone no longer factored into the formal purpose of the warders. So, Ajah's serve different purposes and kinda function more as guilds and groups, while the Warders stand more for their philosophy on their outlook then on what they actually enjoy doing as individuals. That being said, it doesn't apply to ALL ajahs, but if I did a comparison of the Gray and Blue to the Warders, it is more distinctive than, say the Green or Red.
  4. I have been an "Aes Sedai" since 2001. It was just the natural path at the time as when i joined, RP and Community were still the same thing. So, there wasn't really a 'path' persay and the Ajah's were HUGE and full of personality and activity. Genuinely very different from what this place is now. 6? ish years ago I tried to change paths. The people running the warders didn't feel I was a fit, that I've been a Sedai so long that how could I not be a Sedai. Coming off some other bad response (because i have a sorrid and bloody history here), I did not take it kindly and left again. I am honestly both. I am a warder that branishes a sword to protect those that I care about, Green Stripe not included. And in other communities I have gone that path and felt happy and settled. Over all, I have settled in Yellow here because it has just ended as a good fit. *shrugs* I have more than one stripe in my personality, having been in more than one Ajah here as is (but hey, 19 years active you change a bit over that time). So, sliding into a Ren'Shai leadership will suit me just as easily as the Yellow or any other Ajah. I'm not defined entirely by one path, I never will. But I am happy and welcomed where I am and that is enough.
  5. (wasn't me. >.>) Lotion oil between my fingers... 😐
  6. How I know he is worthy to be a mentee of mine. 🍭
  7. *cheers* Congratulations and welcome to the Warder Path!! 😄
  8. Then it is a good thing I corrected it. 😉
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