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  1. Arie. Dedicated. Shadow. I'm excited for the cinematography. Everything is going to look SOO beautiful!
  2. Welcome Wolfy! I have you added to the list to add you to the proper usergroup, and you should have an email! welcome, welcome!!
  3. Welcome back! Hopefully Elgee can help you access all the things you need. 🙂 Always good to see returnees!
  4. I do have characters in play, or characters I can shift over. I'm honestly curious to see what changes are going to be put into play before doing so. 🙂
  5. Wonderful! And welcome! I'll have an email sent out shortly and you'll get added to the proper usergroup when i locate an Admin!
  6. Welcome! 🙂 (I know your name!)
  7. You know, one day I'll remember to read questions in full. Bartimaeus is probably one of my favorite characters. >.> Snape is also kinda up there. Goes to show where my tastes lean. XD
  8. Arie


    Had, this is true. As the former Keeper of the Pies (tm) we ran out at least a decade ago in the great pie fight of 2007. 🙂 Welcome!
  9. I may be the one scaring them off.... *shrugs* Weeding out the weak.
  10. And all set! Now to make more of you! Although, your DL is once again somewhere...... should hunt them down... Or promote one of you. 😛
  11. I have a rule with Mango's, if they are the super ripe and soft side? they really mix well with ice cream, mainly vanilla. If they are still hard-ish, they are easier to cook with and can be made in all sorts of things. Also, a Mango salsa on Ice cream? YUM
  12. Adding it to my to do list tomorrow! Nearly bedtime for me. 😉
  13. Fancy fancy!!
  14. There are a few people floating about. Though I'm sure announcements on the RP status will be made soon. 🙂
  15. Mangos!!! *swoons* i LOVE mangoes too..
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