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  1. Arie

    Hey There, Arie!!!!

    Yeah... I have a small collection of characters, some in the RP here. Korrena was my little wolfkin. ^^ Hell, I ran the White Tower and Freelanders for a while. Yeesh, I predate the separation of the RP and Comm, so really there was just both.
  2. Arie

    December Chitter Chatter

    Aside the break down of my children at school. (I hated being in the principals office as a student, i hate it more as a parent). I've been desparately trying to keep up with the husbands work schedule (i'm his "assistant") but also to prepare the house for our trip north to canada for christmas for two weeks while keeping my sanity with making more art. I recently purchased a panel to put art on at JordanCon 2019 and I'm having the "normal" freak out that maybe i don't have enough good pieces to put up. >.> I miss christmas choir's. I always in one while I attended church.. but i don't think just to sing is a good reason to go when you're a pagan. >.>
  3. Arie

    Hey There, Arie!!!!

    Hello! I keep meaning to pop in but life. 😛 Hai, I'm Arie! I'm a mom of two living in California. I'm ancient in DM terms, though my activity is more recent/new. Usually centered around the Tower, it felt like a good idea to branch out in the community in a way I didn't have time before. (The RP owned my soul for years). I write, art, and do all sorts of things. I like jewel tones and have a weakness for less-than-traditional community writing. (I run an Urban Fantasy Original RP site) And yeah. *howls* It'll be good for me to let loose my silliness. 😉
  4. Arie

    December Hangman: Winter Holiday Traditions!

    I'm still not sorry, because it's true. ^^ E
  5. Arie

    Holiday Cards!

    I can snail mail out postcards! 😄
  6. Arie

    December Hangman: Winter Holiday Traditions!

    swearing? 😄 #sorrynotsorry k
  7. best thing ever! XD