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  1. Welcome Maeric! I know you!! ^^
  2. I have a roleplay character that loves the overdress, but I think this is absolute class and smexy!
  3. that vest/overdresss tho!! ❤️ ❤️❤️❤️
  4. A new Red Head definitely needs her own new Spork. My old Redness is pleased by this. Congrats Taymist!
  5. Just, looking at these, I genuinely appreciate the color of Red and it's vibrancy. ❤️ *such a sexy color!*
  6. We may not always have gotten along, but you have been a pillar of the Red's for longer than most. Thank you for all you've done and best of wishes in your journey. It will be strange for us, at the very least.
  7. ermgod!! Little bean is soo precious! Congratulations! Be sure to spoil yourself with naps, showers and food during this early stages. ❤️ *tugs yellow shawl*
  8. Oooh, i LOVE that yellow shawl!!
  9. *Stabbs Quib for good measure* *Stabs the Dar*
  10. Happy Birthday! Here are some bookmarks, and new paints!
  11. *cuddles the Ren'Shai and passes around the tankards from her missing warder's stash* Not like he's drinking it.. busy chasing kittens to eat, no doubt.
  12. All the asian sashes that remind me of their celestial priestesses. ❤️❤️ How about something to celebrate the 20s!
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