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  1. Red sash sig

    I like it! Thank you for sharing! I may make a few myself to share. ^.^
  2. Critical Role

    Yeah, she owns the company - or at least founded it. But it's nothing like the Guild. It is genuinely people playing D&D.. but awesome. Not everything is for everyone but try the second campaign (if you must). She only makes a 2 episode 'special guest' experience later into the first season. *waves hand* and it's not integral. (though kinda funny). Her thing isn't my thing either, so i get it. :)
  3. Critical Role

    You can also hit up and avoid the youtube ads (i think?). I invest in because I really enjoy their other shows and the benefit of not having to wait until monday for release if I miss the live air on twitch.
  4. Arie: Req and Ranks

    Yay!! Thank you all! Full rank in something! ^^ Feels good to earn something worth showing off here again. <3
  5. May Hangman: Musical Showtunes!

  6. For the record.. this was just chaos. I didn't understand a single phase or role this entire time. #steppinginishard
  7. Now that is impressive.
  8. I mean, at a certain point there isn't a reason to hide.. so i'm just going to not cooperate. :P
  9. Vote: Arie :P You should explain that.
  10. May Hangman: Musical Showtunes!