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  1. Previous Thread: https://dragonmount.com/forums/topic/107980-renshai-field-trip/
  2. Welcome to the Ren'Shai Dojo, this is the disc thats about honing your body and being into fitness, so we are prepared for whatever migth come. We like to talk about what it means to survive, but we also enjoy kicking back talking about sci-fi, gaming and such. Our members consist of (inactives in hidden content): Regent Discipline Leader: Arie - Yellow Aes Sedai Der'Manshimas: Vanion - former SC ThorkinBarrimore Haycraftd Aspiring Manshimas: our shields:
  3. Was sort of avoiding a new thread, but information needed updating, and I'm sure Lava will appreciate not getting unnecessary PMs. 🙂 Previous Thread: https://dragonmount.com/forums/topic/108926-mearearth-field-trip/
  4. Welcome to the Me'Arearth Dungeon (thats gaming dungeon you nimwits not jail), in this disc we like to read and think. We often debate books, logic, fantasy, travel and similar topcis. Like your D'n'D or other games, come on in and debate the book of the month over a good board game, and a drink from the bar of course! In the past we hosted events like Dr. Who week and the like. Our members consist of (inactives in hidden content): Regent Discipline Leader: Arie - Yellow Aes Sedai Aspiring Manshimas: Our
  5. heh. apparently this is a 'too serious' or maybe a 'too touchy' kind of topic! Also, the US exploded pretty shortly after, so... 😛 I personally would love to see a bit more communication between groups and maybe some stream-lining raisings between all clubs to make it easier for new people to be part of the community. Purge the outdated policies and process that doesn't do anyone any good. Maybe some more friendly competition. That's just me. 🙂
  6. Finished "A Darker Shade of Magic" over Audible. I want the next book. 😐 I may get through more books this way, though it isn't my favored way to read.
  7. I made the mistake of looking up the book series that inspired Bridgerton.. Because... Soo, I've started that.
  8. I'm excited for these, and the stickers! *mosey's over to see what to write*
  9. A bit of a misnomer, but perhaps with themes of truth. 2020 Was a special year, and I am sure we are all relieved to say it is at an end, though we are carrying it's burden into the new year. So my topic of discussion to bring to you, are what you feel is significant in Foretellings, Dreams, and GOALS. Why do we treat the new year as a way to restart our goals, what are you hoping to see in the new year, and what are some of those dreams, no matter how silly they are, whispering in your year. More specifically, what are some hopes for use as a community you are lookin
  10. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBARESDB1dvUXUHZwIVHUdw Drawing with Waffles is awesome for some casual watching, and good sketching observations! ❤️ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcR1TUaD8Zn6P6O8hOA-xYA Shayda is great with small doodle tutorials even if she leans more into journaling. Her Florals are fun and easy to follow.
  11. I'm going for the goal of 35 books. I KNOW I do read more than that in PDFs but i haven't been tracking. That said, I have some books that I buy, or gifted, that I just need to bloody read. Overall Progress: 1/35 A Darker Shade of Magic (Audible) - COMPLETE (Jan 11) Fire with Fire (Audible) - in progress (50+%) The Name of the Wind - in progress The Duke & I - in progress (oh, bridgerton) I'mPerfect - in progress Books to Read: (in no particular order) Six of Crows Vicious Ink &
  12. Looking really good, and your posture is different too! I'm sorry the sizing is still a little not completely satisfactory. I feel you on the want to be comfortable!
  13. I approve of the Warder Gif. Like, It's perfect. In every way. Happy New Year!! ❤️
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