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  1. August Roll Call (2018)

    I'm not going to miss summer either. The california heat is hellllllllllll too. I'm looking forward to the joy of.... FREEDOM! Kids are back in school and i just may get some actual... time do get *cough* done around the house without it getting messed up 5 minutes later... 5 Days a week. I'm weeping it can't come fast enough.. >.> As for that, i'm looking forward to Christmas. It will be the first trip to visit with my family since christmas 2016...
  2. July Chitter Chatter

    Omg! Someone else that likes it! Nom nom nom
  3. July Chitter Chatter

    Cookie dough anything these days. But i'm a BIG fan of subtle flavor palette such as Almond Pistachio, and Matcha. :D And, now once again in between jobs. tho the next one is working for the husband... so just waiting on fingerprints and sign-offs from the main company. So super busy these days. (like always..)
  4. May Hangman: Musical Showtunes!

  5. Red sash sig

    I like it! Thank you for sharing! I may make a few myself to share. ^.^
  6. May Hangman: Musical Showtunes!

  7. May Hangman: Musical Showtunes!

  8. Critical Role

    Yeah, she owns the company - or at least founded it. But it's nothing like the Guild. It is genuinely people playing D&D.. but awesome. Not everything is for everyone but try the second campaign (if you must). She only makes a 2 episode 'special guest' experience later into the first season. *waves hand* and it's not integral. (though kinda funny). Her thing isn't my thing either, so i get it. :)
  9. Critical Role

    You can also hit up and avoid the youtube ads (i think?). I invest in because I really enjoy their other shows and the benefit of not having to wait until monday for release if I miss the live air on twitch.
  10. Arie: Req and Ranks

    Yay!! Thank you all! Full rank in something! ^^ Feels good to earn something worth showing off here again. <3
  11. May Hangman: Musical Showtunes!

  12. For the record.. this was just chaos. I didn't understand a single phase or role this entire time. #steppinginishard
  13. Now that is impressive.