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  1. Arie

    Critical Role

    Project Alpha is a subscription-based streaming service that allows Geek & Sundry and Nerdist to basically make whatever content they want. You get access to a lot of shows that I found worth giving my money to instead of Twitch.
  2. Arie

    DIY and DIP

    That is fancy! I like that wall a lot! The P&P picture is super swoon worthy!!
  3. Vancouver is looking very pretty!! 😄 We're mostly being rained out. 😕 It's making it hard to clean and paint a house so I can sell it...
  4. Arie

    Critical Role

    I have! I have the first Art Book, Pencils, and the RPG Setting. And it's delicious with information! I personally do subscribe to ProjectAlpha.com. I don't have to fight with the episodes and I gain access to so many other goodies. (Only thing I actually subscribe to and use!!!). If you're ever missing the episodes i do believe they are also available on the G&S website.
  5. Arie

    February Roll Call (2019)

    *waves* Busy af, but here. 🙂
  6. Arie

    February Roll Call (2019)

    All the Rain. It's rare time here where I am, but the Green is really nice to see even if it won't last forever.