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  1. makes complete sense. A lot of what you listed is kinda in the intro class.. -ish.
  2. Kinda goes both ways. We like getting to know people too, and we can't do that if it's all about us. So a combo of it is just as important. People are often more excited to share things they care about then to listen only to what other people care about. Balance is important.
  3. I think the Introduction class kinda covers the visits, right? (if i recall correctly). So that's included in that set up. I could be wrong tho, so then yes, that's another good one to add to the list! We could give a list of subjects, for certain! I think it's also fun for people to learn to reach out and ask?
  4. Updated August 22, 2019. About updated Sharing - Club GoogleDoc Folder Sharing Shredder Rules and Info Writers blog New Moderator - Eqwina
  5. That's pretty funny. Lol! I like it too!! I initially called it as 'slasher' if we want to keep it simple for tagging purposes. Or "Shrews"...
  6. Congratulations Eqwina, and thank you for being so generous in volunteering to help as a Club Moderator!
  7. added a few more. Maybe pick 2-3 to complete to get to the next rank. This way they can rush through with all sorts of things, or take their time. This will help fill the ranks quickly but also appeal to those that like doing things. (I mean, if they are just active for a month, that's kinda nothing, but at the same time projects aren't always wanted by everyone). And maybe have a special "title" for people that complete all of them.
  8. Stupid thing posted before i finished. I can add more once I am not yelling at my hooligan children from running around our new tv. 😐 I think my suggestions ideally encourage self-starting activity instead of just relying on others to post. This way we can use the new blood to re-boot the old blood.
  9. Overview is super useful. You can also see Unread Club posts, when you go to forum and click on "Unread Content". It includes club stuff with the forum posts. James makes a good point. I don't know if our current system works for raising people. I've been starting to think on viable raising systems with the limited activity. Tricky part is it would need those that are Active to step up. Maybe even a merging of the ranks, that way we don't have to separate the future warders and sedai's until they officially aspire one group or another. Possible Raising Requirements: (Forgoing the points system.) Introduction Class (Same as) Write a Blog Post about a current Interest & Share Interview one (Aes Sedai or der'Mashima (?)) member, minimum 6 Questions Petition an Ajah or Warder Path for a Project. (Yellow's may suggest research one plant on healing properties. Red's maybe a specific badass woman in history, Browns a book review, Warders a weapon style, or battle in history, etc). No word requirement. Actively Post for 1 Month as any given rank?? Share a Book Character or Chapter that is important to you (in some way). Write a silly story about the White Tower using the members of the tower. (with their permission?) Pull off a Prank. (A personal favorite) Visit every Group!
  10. This was what I wrote for an RP/Original writing site. So there are RP references that could use some editing. (don't mind all the custom coding....)
  11. The official word is that what we have now is all we're going to get. At least for the short-term. Dragonmount is reducing their forums and spread as much as possible, and GoogleDocs and folders is a viable option for sharing content - even privately - we are going to have to make do.
  12. To get back on topic, Shredder renames? (Mostly because I liberally borrowed it from a defunct writing community and I'd like to make it more our own. And I Like the idea of earning "points" I have a small system of "easy and hard" points based on writing and giving critiques that I'm happy to put into place. Including "half-points" if you don't hit deadlines. Hell, i'm even happy to toss in some physical bonuses since I'm a sucker for those too.
  13. Because this is a sincerely serious concern, i'll bring it up with Jason again with an option or two and see what he says.
  14. Thank you, Lily and Eqwina! ❤️ And everyone, for that matter!
  15. I do not disagree. If we can petition an active enough list for a private space for copyright - club, then I am willing to ask again. 🙂 Just two people may not be enough to sway. Unless @Jason Denzel is willing to feel differently.
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