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  1. Join the ACW Tuatha'an Camp

    I'll be lurking for a while so I'll throw this up here officially. Your DM Name and any nicknames you prefer: Matalina but most people call me Mat. My writing pen name is AJ Hunter. Your Wagon Interests - Art & Crafts, Writing, Hobbies (get specific if you like): Writing (and Drawing but the Drawing is still majorly learning) Your other interests/notable acheivements/things you want us to know about you: Mother of 2 girls, married to the man I met here at DM in 98... I have a step son, between he and his wife they have 4 kids. I maintain a character blog for my main character. It's fun writing from his perspective. Right now I'm focusing on telling his story but he rambles once and a while. I'm learning to draw characters. I've taken to trying illustration of them instead at the moment. We'll see how it goes. One day I'm going to make a super-ebook app that allows you to click a character (or a word) and it gives you more information about including where else they appear, a spoiler free history that keeps up with the story. I also want to write a writing notebook app that is equivalent to Scrivener but online and offline and does a lot of the things I need like automatic version control. Questions for us: none really. Your Email (Optional):
  2. Dm9 complaint

    in the menu... yeah I wouldn't look there lol. Thank you.
  3. Dm9 complaint

    I love the new look it works great on mobile. However the mark all as read link is gone. It's important to me to keep things at a minimum for browsing quickly. Is there any way we can get that one little link to not disappear in mobile. Now I could be missing it entirely but I don't think I am unless it's hidden someplace I didn't look.
  4. Check In - NEW DM Role Call

    I hope to be around at least a little bit.
  5. should say hi here too

    Uh.... yeah see the minute you start that mode of torture on someone they can inflict it back.... yeah that's okay.
  6. should say hi here too

    *balefires Kronos* get off me.
  7. should say hi here too

    I'm sure I could find something.
  8. should say hi here too

    hahaha, *bows* glad to amuse you.
  9. should say hi here too

    An aura is this light/darkness zigzagging thing you can see before a migraine, it blocks your vision. This is how mine looks: It is highly annoying.
  10. should say hi here too

    ha! not really. at 6:45ish this morning I had a migraine aura, I NEVER have an aura with a migraine, when I do it's killer. So I had to drive with partial vision to drop the girls off at school and get to work. Thankfully it faded quickly and i wasn't driving impaired long. Now I'm fighting the pre-migraine 'hangover' feeling. I took migraine meds at the first sign of pain so we'll see how it goes, no pain = good, but this hangover feeling is almost worse. I should have stayed in bed lol.
  11. should say hi here too

  12. should say hi here too

    lol, I think everyone is tempermental at 4am.
  13. should say hi here too

    hahaha... throroughly making sure Kronos stays quiet? Sadly that's the phones way of saying don't wake me up at 4am and expect me to work.
  14. should say hi here too

    well that was my phone not sending for you... whoops
  15. should say hi here too

    Shush you:p