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  1. No it hasn't started to my knowledge. It was something Cass was planning.
  2. CotS idea

    Damn you! Might have to make a new character. None of my evil ones are available... And I don't feel like raising Kate to the shawl. I don't even remember who's bio might still be around lol.
  3. Not that there can't be multiple ones just thought I'd let ya know we did a bubble of evil RP back in the day. I'm pretty sure that the boards still have them around somewhere. If anyone is interested. As a side note The Congress of Shadow did all of ours in Poetry/Verse was kinda fun. I think I linked in the thread in one of Aiden's posts *edit* and yes I'm having fun in NaNo
  4. There are three NaNos... two are Camp and in the spring/summer (April and July) and you can set your own word count on them... and then November it's 50K
  5. Definitely interested but out of ideas right now. Nano is sucking the creative juices out lol.
  6. Healing Training ?

    Nox has touched both. I don't know the timeline, but Nox has been with the Black Tower since nearly it's founding. As has Adrim.
  7. Healing Training ?

    Adrim gets a vote! He has a preference at the moment. There are 3 of them and each gets a vote.. he isn't going to override the decision because in reality it's their work that matters.
  8. Healing Training ?

    Oh no... Nox has tried innuendo with all the Aes Sedai's he's met and his responses are never what he expects... Jagen was very snotty about it like I'm your elder, don't flirt with me, Celestine was a little shy but not so overtly but took offense at Nox's proclamation that he was gonna bed her so that the other BT men would go away... implying they were getting in his way basically. He comes from a world where sex WAS the only game and he forgets his place most of the time.
  9. Healing Training ?

    Nah, I'm thinking he did most of his growing up in the north but the city itself wouldn't bother him exactly so it's all good. haha, I jumped in. Now to post to the threads waiting for me *sighs* I couldn't help myself.
  10. Healing Training ?

    Nox would be open to most anything as long as it doesn't take him places where he has bad memories. Though I do love that you are trying to tempt him with men lol. so yeah Nox could get down with that. Though he might be opposed to using saidin on thugs lol.. but that'd be all for the story to determine.
  11. I have a continuation of the Blademaster RP I did previously. I'm looking for someone to write the MaA in all her glory to deal with the reprecussions of the accusations laid against Aiden. @_Kynwric_ has suggested that if a trainee (or other wise) helps out there might be a WS increase involved. I'm sure it would need to go towards the Peer Training Req for a level so keep that in mind. BUT we can possible work something out with him. I only have a general direction I want to go with this, so I'd love to have a partner to hash things out with and lead it in the right direction.
  12. Returning RPer

    Heya! Another old face!!!! I don't have any CotS peoples specifically. Transfered my one surviving atm to the Warders. But Mat's progeny are running around! Sadly Mat's dead
  13. Healing Training ?

    lol if you hadn't gotten out of town you might have more Nox but he's on strict orders not to be out of bed lol, he wouldn't push his luck that much lol. He'd jump into another of your open threads if it wasn't in a bar lol
  14. Healing Training ?

    sounds like fun.
  15. Healing Training ?

    and then the fun can really start You are both doing awesome.