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  1. The whole thing was kinda surreal. He was going on a mission -- one that was not sanctioned by his fathers. But the rest of his day had gone as expected, classes and training and then a walk home. Kai made a point of telling everyone he was leaving to go North for a while. Everyone congratulated him and wished him luck. Some even muttered it's about time under their breath when he walked away. He'd been talking about it for so long it was hard to believe it was real. Walking home, Kai had a certain skip to his step. He was joyous and ready for anything. Probably a good thing to stay upbeat. He Still had to talk to his fathers. Or rather singular father. Merdyn was off doing the diplomat thing when he arrived. It was a last minute, which meant his father, Nox, was the only one home. That made leaving all the harder. Who would take care of him? His father sat in his room curled up with a good book. Blankets and pillows that had been previously used by his love surrounded his entire body. Kai always found it sweet the way his fathers doted on one another. It was a love he wished to have one day -- maybe. He didn't know. Being that close to someone... He still had a long way to go. His father looked up. "I hear you have some big news for me and your father." Of course, he knew. There wasn't a single person in who knew Kai, who didn't know his fathers -- and who wouldn't tell him the big news he'd been blabbing about all day. "So you mad?" His father smirked. "Should I be?" "No." Kai sat down on the edge of the bed. "But I thought there would be a loud discussion." "You never needed our permission, Kai. Just your own permission. I'll be fine. I took care of myself before you or your father came along." Kai laughed. "I even had a good argument." "I know. Cass is going." The smirk returned. "Go fetch some water and we'll make a fair-the-well soup together." This wasn't one of his specialities, but soup was the best he could do when stress was as high as it was. Some days, you didn't see the taint on his father's face, but today, with his other father gone, it was ever present. And it would make the next few days even harder to leave. But tonight... soup!
  2. Kai chuckled at Eb's disgust at gateways -- she knew what he was capable of. Knew he like his father could weave a gateway as much as she hated them. But the man already knew his talents. So he said nothing. With Eb along, he might not practice his ability as much, but she wouldn't fault him for staying on top of his game, either. There was one problem with accepting, and that was what his fathers would say. He mentally prepared his argument and would land last with 'but Eb is going'. He felt he was strong enough to do this. Could do this without their permission -- he was old enough, after all. But he didn't want to disrespect his fathers either. Kai looked at the now saddened woman and then at Eb. This was an opportunity he was likely not going to find so easily. An easy run. Something he could easily convince his fathers. He nodded from across the room. "I'm in. I can ride a horse and have one of my own."
  3. Kai didn't move. He pulled in his lips in an effort to not smile. He was taught to respect everyone. He was born in a shit pile, his fathers loved him. He knew what it meant to be both noble and crapped on. His fathers were a dichotomy of two lives, and Kai was the product of both of their experiences, having started out in a shit one of his own. You shouldn't be given respect because you think you deserve it. It's earned like everything else. He knew Eb, and it made him smile inside, knowing she didn't think he was in the wrong. But he wasn't going to make this about him. She was doing that enough. She was making it all about her. All about how bad her day was. How she hurt someone. Were the tears even real or just a thing to cause a scene? Did it matter? Kai didn't move. He looked to Eb, he'd follow her lead on this. But he wasn't presenting a threat, only to protect Uno from any further ire.
  4. Kai turned around and glared at the now crying woman. He had no sympathy for her. Tears could flow and sobs could rend the air, but he didn't care. "You aren't a bully? You grabbed Uno by his arm and you glared at him when he didn't move fast enough. What do you bloody call that? Being polite? If that's polite I hate to see what being a bully looks like to you. Just because you are having a bad day does not mean you can take it out on other people." Uno tugged on Kai's sleeve. "It's okay. Really." Kai looked down to the boy. "No it's not." He returned his attention to the table he'd vacated. "I am sorry for my behavior."
  5. Kai looked over at the newly arrived, with a jolt of recognition and a frown. He liked Eb. But she'd tell his fathers and that could go just as badly. The woman pushed the coin to him. Her words tightened his resolve, and his ire grew even larger. Their potential employer spoke his truth, and Kai listened. His first instinct was to say she started it and he even opened his mouth to say just that, but one look at Eb and he clamped his mouth shut and rethought his words. Yeah, he could have done a lot of damage. He could have done way more than offer to take it outside. Most people backed down when they were given the option of a fight, and that had been the case here. But if he saw his offer for violence as his response, then he wasn't thinking either. And Kai knew that if he got off on the wrong foot with anyone in the party, he'd have issues for a lot longer. Better to cut and run now. Maybe his fathers were right. Maybe not, but right now, Kai was done with all of it. "I don't work with bullies." He said, picking up the coin on the table and pushing past Eb with a murmured apology. "Sorry." Kai pulled Uno aside with a smile and handed him the coin. "For your troubles." So much for that adventure... [[ ooc: So apparently Kai is also a hot head and he couldn't drop it. I didn't want to force him to back down, so walking away is his best solution. Feel free to stop him. ]]
  6. Advancement WS 11 to 12: Expeditious Employment (5/5, 8/8)
  7. Kai's look got smug. He knew he wasn't a great fighter, but he knew he was a good one. He'd best many a man who thought he was just a child. But he let it flit from his lips with a laugh. "A pillowfriend? Do you think everyone someone stands up for is someone's little toy in the bedroom? Uno is a kid. He's a friend I see every day. And I will stand up for those who can't stand up for themselves." He stood up with a wave of his hand out the door. "Ifin you do be wantin to fight, then by all means. Show me the way." Kai didn't have his quarter staff with him but he had his sword at his side and with the One Power he didn't need one. He could create a quarterstaff of fire or air, or earth or even spirit if he wanted to. He was not afraid of this bully.
  8. Kai shook his head with annoyance. "Do you like to be grabbed by the arm and ordered about? Just because you think he's beneath you doesn't give you the right. You can order food with Stella. Uno is a runner, not a bus boy, not a server, a runner. He does errands for those who pay him. Do you pay him? Did you even tip him when he led you to the table? Manners gets you a long way in life." Kai looked at the woman with a nod. "You are welcome for the wine." He turned his attention to their potential employer. "I'm sorry if my outburst causes any potential problems, but I don't like when people bully others."
  9. Rude much? Kai thought to himself. It always bothered him visitors were always so rude to folks like it was their god given right to just do whatever they wanted because they didn't live there. He tried to listen to the conversation but his anger only boiled below the surface distracting him. Uno was shuffling by doing his job when the woman snatched his arm and began issuing orders. That was enough for Kai. He stood up and frowned. "You don't have to be so bloody rude all the time. Uno is not your serving hand. He's a runner. He doesn't fetch things for you or me or whatever unless his bosses tell, so stop pretending you are some sort of boss around these parts because obviously you don't know up from down." Kai walked over to the bar and ordered her precious little askings, which she could have done all on her own bloody own. He growled under his breath as Uno tugged on his sleeve. "It's alright." Donal just grunted as he started preparing her drink and Stella, the serving girl, started making a damp clothe from a clean bar rag in the small linen cabinet. Kai shook his head. "It's not. I got this. Go back about your duties." Stella gave him a weak smile as she passed, carrying another tray of mugs and food to a nearby table. He just glared at her, letting Uno take the brunt of this woman's ire. This was her job. He walked back with the tankard of wine and damp clothes and accidentally sloshed some of the ruddy liquid to the table. "Here's your bloody wine. Next time, do it yourself."
  10. Kai sat down and listened politely. He wasn't sure his fathers would let him go. But they really couldn't stop him, either. North to Malkier? But why didn't they just hire a portal straight there? Here in Merrilor gateways were as easy as finding a horse. The questions he asked made Kai shrugged. "I'm finishing up my schooling. Mostly teaching right now. Best way to learn is to teach. Or so my fathers say." He didn't know if it made him happy. He liked what he did. He was good at it. And it was unique. Not exactly what his father did, and definitely didn't want to be a diplomat like his dad. Kai wasn't any good with words. "I have always liked traveling the world. My fathers have taken me many places. I could travel anywhere in the world I wanted. Though I don't think I can make a gateway big enough for a wagon." He wasn't his father. He could make one big enough for a man to take a horse through, and that was about it. But he could do that for a long time, but a wagon that was wider than he could muster. "I've been training with a quarterstaff and short sword most of my life and I now teach my own style at the Unity Tower a combination of the weapons and the One Power." Kai didn't often tell strangers what he was capable of, most people still feared a man who could channel but here in Merrilor he felt safe -- it was home. And the city was built with male and female powers alike.
  11. Kia followed a routine, much like his father. It made like simpler knowing where to go, what to do and kept his mind steady. He was by no means crazy or insane or anything of that nature, but his mind wandered. He knew that. His fathers knew that. Everyone in Kai's life knew that -- and sometimes Kai wished they didn't. Just once, he'd like people to stop reminding him to stay on task. Mucking out the horses' stalls, then a quick washing before breakfast. It wasn't his favorite chore, but at least he liked the horses. All three of them were grand geldings purchased from the finest horseman, -- nothing but the best for the Gilyard family. At least, that's what his dad said. And it was good exercise which kept the body fit. Kai hated running, but he'd do that too before he headed off to the Unity Towers for his lessons. He couldn't wait for that to finish and be over and done with. He wasn't learning much these days -- mostly teaching and learning through teaching. Then on his way home for lunch he'd scoot by each of the meeting boards around town -- looking for adventures he could never go on. They always said he was too young. He was 18 now, he should be able to go. He was a better fighter than a lot of those slackers he'd seen venturing around. Kai had probably been fighting for more years than they have, but all they saw was the boyish face and the distracted look in his eyes. He couldn't help that the people were boring. The Riposte always had a lot messages to read. He'd probably read every one of them a thousand times. He pulled open the door and Uno greeted him with a big hug. "Kai." The boy straightened himself with a gruff grunt from Donal at the counter. Kai waved at the keep with a bright smile and made his way to the board. Smack dab in the center of the board at the perfect height was a brand new detail. Kai's smile widened. Uno tugged on Kai's tunic, and the bells on the red sash around his waist jingled like someone opening a door. "I hung it." "That is such a great place, Uno. Catches the eye right away. Good job. You better get back to work. I don't want you to get in trouble again cause I'm here." Uno ran off to finish whatever chore he was supposed to. He turned to Donal with a hopeful smile, and the man just shook his head. Kai didn't even have to ask before Donal nodded towards the purple booth by the south wall. "Purple Booth, South wall." Kai skipped a couple of paces before remembering himself. He was a noble born son, he'd better act like it and not some foppish kid who thinks he knows everything -- cause he didn't. But he wanted to. The man sitting at the booth kinda looked like the guy in the picture. Kai wondered if he drew it. He might have to ask, but he had a more pressing question. "How exactly does one change their stars?" he asked the man sitting in the booth.
  12. Totally into sending Kai into the arches as one of the first. Could easily play into his desire to travel. And since he'd have to travel to actually get to the Arches maybe it's all part of the 'quest to be raised'. Like all who are in Merrilor need to travel BY FOOT to Tar Valon, enter the perilous dungeon with nothing but what they brought and walk through the arches. (There is of course a cleared path so the channelers who run the arches can get there safely, but only the testers know this). And passing is their 'graduation' Perhaps inplace of the oath rods? As far as where my mind was poking was the Traveling Gardens since that's where Nox would have focused and I can see him being involved in setting it up. Though beyond the basic ideas I haven't given it much thought. I'm currently floundering with my own writing and since nothing is steady everything is floundering.
  13. No. I haven't. Was going to poke around with the Unity stuff but don't rely on me for that right now. I have no definitive ideas for anything yet.
  14. I'll jut reply to the bio thread. Just as easy. Oops I can't. I just added to bottom of the bio I can edit that.
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