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  1. I'm only playng two active characters at DM both of them 'new'. I'd have brought Mat/Cari back BUT she killed her self to keep her family safe, so it's not possible.
  2. HOLY CRAP! Hey Hun! I have none of my old characters still alive. Well Aiden doesn't count he was like 5 or 10 when he was last played lol. But he's around now... Cari/Mat's offspring (one of 4)
  3. She was at least talking to them again. And Nox wondered why she got stuck with this job, she obviously didn't like men who could channel. "I have an observation I'd like to share. Don't take no offense please, but I don't think you like us much. Is it us in particular? Or just Asha'man?" His curiousity getting the best of him before he could stop his words. But he didn't wait for an answer they were at the wall and they had a job to do, so Nox walked up to the stone wall and sent earth with a touch of spirit and delved at the wall for cracks. Nox found several fishers that
  4. Aiden's freezing comment made Nox chuckle. "Nothing like that. It's not a dumb question. My guess from the look on his face she made him a very happy man. And I say she, it very well could have been a man, but I don't think so. Why kill this man? As far as I could tell he was nothing special. No more so than you or I. Not a politician, there was no gain in it." That was where things started to deviate from his Atharim training. He'd always wanted to know the why of things. Why did a person turn rogue, why show themselves now? In this case why kill him? It wasn't likely t
  5. She showed back up just after their stew arrived. Nox wasn't really hungry but he felt Mer's and ate anyway. Though she wanted to know their theories? Nox chuckled. "I don't know why you think I am here. I don't specialize in earth, I make holes in the pattern and that's it. I can I mean, but my talents are spent more on the ripping holes in the pattern than making things stronger." Nox sipped at his spoon full of broth. Sometimes he wondered if he should give up meat in general. The idea of sheep being slaughtered, cows, and the like was bothering him. Maybe because of wha
  6. The closeness was nice. He hadn't intended for romance, but he kept himself open with the power. Grasping the power through the sludge was still no easier. The pain he'd imagined each time lessened, the Ijiraq hadn't been sighted in months and he was sure it wasn't around him. He wasn't a threat - the Ijiraq's had only been sent before. And they were gone now. Nox smirked, "Just don't wave fire around unless absolutely necessary." Nox pushed his shoulder into Aiden's with a broader grin. "So this case is not like others. A guy is dead sitting upright like he was talking with
  7. Nox shook his head. "No machines. No one can tell a man is wielding the power except another man who can wield the power. A man can sense a woman by a cold shiver. But that is the extent of it. We can't see it on video - we tried." Nox and Aria had tried. Sage had tried too. But there was nothing visible on the camera even though Nox knew he'd been using the power. There might be scientific ways of doing so but Nox was confident that the Atharim didn't have those tools otherwise they'd already be widely used. That was the power of the Atharim. But he let it go at that. He didn't wan
  8. It was a fight to stay away from the spiraling, but Mer was there. It was good to have him in the back of his head, always there. He gave Mer a shy smile. "I'm alright." Mer knew fully well he wasn't. But he could pretend for a while longer. They were virtually alone in the big room. Not psychically of course, there were people near by. People talking, clanking of utensils against plates, scuffing of benches against the floor, the odd creak of a table. They weren't alone, but no one was bothering them. Their table was just the two of them, and if you could get past all staring it was
  9. I'm still lurking. I owe a post but I'll get to it soon.
  10. Nox focused on his breathing. And on the words his love spoke. They were not calming, but Mer was concerned none-the-less and not just for him. The woman was on his mind as well. Nox gave Mer a soft smile. "We should stay here. If I was midst panic attack I wouldn't appreciate any number of strangers to follow. It would only make things worse. As for me..." Nox looked up and smiled, "I will be okay as long as I have you to keep me anchored." Nox grinned and tapped his temple. "This is a constant reminder I'm not alone." That was part of it, the other part was Nox didn't want
  11. That didn't go well. Nox watched as she started having an attack. The signs were easy to recognize specially since he'd see the look in his own eyes many many times. She left and Nox was immediately on his feet. He wasn't sure whether or not he should follow. What would someone else do if he was having an attack? How would he feel if a stranger followed him? He knew the answer and sat back down with a sigh. "Is that what it looks like for me?" Nox was his own head case, he knew it. And the taint, now gone but still it had affected him, only made it worse. His anxiety and p
  12. She didn't trust them. Nox was used to that. Not many people trusted them. And very few actually trusted him any - except maybe Mer. And others at the black tower. Nox smiled at her. "We can use the One Power to search for cracks, and mend the walls with earth." That was the theory of it anyway. "We can build new walls and buildings with the One Power too. It's how we train the Soldiers to use earth. One of our first assignments is to build our own home." Mer hadn't, mostly because Nox hadn't taught him how. But he had done other earth creations. Most notably moving stones
  13. Nox smirked as Aiden was overwhelmed with the knowledge of Li Tan's secret affiliations. He added just as casually, "The Ascendancy was once one of us as well. He bears the mark of all Atharim." But it was Aria's prophetic vision that had clarified that to her and he knew because the had shared no secrets then. But that wasn't the case in the end. Aiden was eager to learn - almost too eager. But Nox could indulge him, he remembered being new and naive about what it meant. It took many times blowing himself up before he heeded Aurora's warnings. Breakfast was done an
  14. Aiden was eager to learn. Nox supposed he was too, he and Aurora had spent a year alone in the wilderness learning - mostly trying not to blow himself up. Nox didn't suppose that was Aiden's thing. He smiled at the thought of a school. "Li Tan. You know the actor, he was Atharim - apparently. He's starting a school of sorts. We could check that out." Nox had seen the adverts on the billboards as he walked through the city. It touted a school of the mystic arts, and it showed Li doing fanciful things as well as killing monsters. Nox had been meaning to check it out. He needed a new plac
  15. Babe? Nox smiled and turned back to Aiden. "I'm fine." Nox wove a fireball above his hand between himself and Aiden. "Splitting flows as many times as I'm doing it a lot of work. Almost as much work as really great sex." Nox winked at Aiden and let the fire above his hand wink out. The food was done and Nox separated the food on to top plates and let the weaves go. "It's not a physical workout but it's physically tiring." Nox stood up and handed Aiden a plate. "You mentioned the message boards Rowan's using." Nox smiled around his fork and and finished chewing before. "I d
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