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  1. Healing Training ?

    @Cass I think the two wittle soldiers/dedicated now I think lol are ready to learn some healing. I'll start the thread on Monday, feel free to drop in and teach a little field medic stuffage... Adrim has a small knowledge of herbs and such but not so much in the field medic arena so it'll be fun all around.
  2. ATTN BTers

    cool... sounds fun.
  3. ATTN BTers

    You mean like exotic animals and such? Or more like a petting zoo? Not that it matters either way. Always up for something. There are like three of us who are active.
  4. That is very limiting... not sure there are many full Asha'man lol. If no one else volunteers I'm game.
  5. Join the ACW Tuatha'an Camp

    Jimmy Buffett grew up in my neck of the woods. We even have a bridge named after him. Though I can't say I'm a fan but it's still kinda cool.
  6. Healing Training ?

    Yeah, we are @Lih-Lyh. I had expected a wall of air in front of them or big enough Nox could at least move to, but hey I didn't specify and It's more fun this way. I hadn't intended to start with the healing but that was just too perfect. and @Cass I think it would be most excellent to learn that stuff. Mat knew a lot about herbs even though she was a hardcore warrior. I think Nox might actually learn something if your character were to teach his soldier.
  7. Healing Training ?

    Adrim can heal so if nothing else I can NPC Adrim for you and teach you.
  8. We are going to be out in the wilderness in a forested area outside the stedding if I'm not mistaken.
  9. Need a Partner in Crime

    I got my people just need to get into the story.
  10. No he was just testing the area, learning it automatically by placing gateway in eyeshot distance. I'll get a post in and open up a gateway to the correct location. I've been lax in my posting.
  11. Hell has frozen over

    lol. I didn't mean it taht way :P Cause my eldest is going to be 13 this year... OMG I can't deny they are my girls thats for sure.
  12. Hell has frozen over

    Owen! Nice to see another old face.
  13. OP Weaves and Scores

    I'll take a look.
  14. So I'm Looking to Bond an Asha'man...

    I am not opposed to a bond. However I don't think Nox would much appreciate it. I can already hear his complaints lol. But it's a very much IC thing and I don't want to force anyone down any path so I say wait and see lol, but for you and the others it's a possibility I'm willing to accept. Nox is glaring at me tho.
  15. @Oddpositions & @Lih-Lyh if ya'll want to join in .. I'm not exactly sure what you'll be doing but I think manual labor might be involved lol. @Taymist got a post up it's short but sweet didn't want to presume too much.