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  1. Yeah. But I know it was recent I was about to calendar my name. Hopefully you can do it on the new site.
  2. You could do that before 🙂 I used to be Matalina but changed it a few years back. I would wait till they got live to do it though just to be safe.
  3. Just like to point out that NaNo is working hard on their new website for November. You can use and preview it at: https://preview.nanowrimo.org/ They also have new forums which are in use at https://forums.nanowrimo.org/ Your old buddies didn't transfer but they'll explain all that But the preview site I believe is what will use the data for going live when they do, but I'm not 100% on that.
  4. The place looked relatively normal. There was nothing the police hadn't marked that stood out to Nox. Investigating wasn't really his thing, but there was no sign of struggle anywhere in the house. The man looked like he'd been having a good time, and now was sitting here dead. If it were a Sentient killing someone which it could just be a heart attack but it didn't look like one. And after Lucas' death Nox was skeptical about all heart attacks of young men. Or women, but especially when the look happy to die. There were no pictures other than of the man and his parents. Or he had some strange kink otherwise. No women, or other men in photos. He was a business name from the looks of things, always busy, no time for anyone. Nox wished for Aria's insights again, she'd know if there were any emotional hot spots, but even the bedroom was devoid of the mans habits. There were no used condoms in the waste, and no torn wrappers lying anywhere. This man was meticulous or someone cleaned up after him. The cops would do their thing, Nox would do his. There was little more he could do here, so now he'd head home turn on his computer and start the real search. He didn't have current Atharim data, and he was building up from the ground up, but now he had legit access to the police information in all it's glory. The software his sister built for him was turning out to be more help than even she realized. For that he was grateful for her legacy. But he hated she couldn't see it for herself. He missed Aurora. You only miss me when you need me. The voice said more aggressively than before, but at least it wasn't her dead visage he was hearing. The voice was wrong and not Aurora. His guilt made him angry and Nox knew better than to stay around innocents now. The power was just a sludge pull away but he had more control than that. So down the stairs he went making sure the officer in charge had his card. He knew the coroner would call, but he had to vacate immediately or he might lose the fine control he was holding.
  5. yeah like a choose your own adventure book, but more in MUD/MUSH style game. Though I'm actually thinking more of a text link connection so not so much typing in commands, but a simple hyperlink to navigate around the story. Potentially writting in second pov which is a challenge.
  6. This is my part of my morning edit:
  7. I've never completed a fly by my pants nano. Tried but then something always happens. A plan even a vague one is important with deadlines imo. I'm thinking I might do a text adventure instead of a traditional novel since githubs game off is in Nov too. But I'll have a plan I hope.
  8. this was just a quick blurb after four books so lots of lore was written before and I'll just bleep out the swearing... Nox is a bit much sometimes lol
  9. Nox opted to take the stairs. The call wasn't too high in the sky scrappers, but it bet the confined spaces of the elevator. Not his favorite thing in the world to ride - and these speedy elevators almost always made him sick, better to avoid it when trying to make an impression. He didn't have a badge to flash when he arrived, but he had a card that said he had permission to investigate crime scenes. And when he handed it to the man at the door he got a double take. "Seems like it doesn't fall in your jurisdiction." Nox laughed. "And do you know how a Sentient kills?" He blinked at me, so Nox answered him. "By pushing emotions at them until their heart explodes." To add emphasis to his words Nox seized the power within in and a fire ball formed and popped out of existence when he mentioned exploding, the man at the door jumped and quickly moved to the side letting Nox enter. "Careful don't touch anything." Nox nodded, he'd seen enough detective TV to know the rules. But he had no intentions of touching anything anyway. Though the power still coursed through his veins as he walked into the living room where a man sat perfectly poised on his couch like he'd been having dinner only moments before. And he had been, the dinner plate still sat in front of him, though it had spoiled long ago. Such a waste. The ice had melted in the wine caster. And there was no condensation left on it either. It had been a long time since his death and when he'd been found. There was a man examining the body. He looked up when Nox stopped behind him. "Domovoi?" "I was in the neighborhood." Nox answered with more interest in the mans expression. "He looks almost ecstatic to be dying. Like he wasn't in any pain. Heart attack?" "I won't know till we do an autopsy. There are no signs of struggle. But I've never seen a body dead after a heart attack that is still sitting happily upright." The man stood up and gave Nox a looking over. "He should have known who you were just by the arm." Nox laughed and tucked the missing arm behind his back nervously. It hadn't happened too long ago, and Dorian forbid him from the tunnels until he had a grasp of reality of one missing arm. So far he had obeyed, but Nox wasn't sure how much longer. "I'm not that well known yet.". Nox pulled out the card and handed it to the man. "Call me if it's a heart attack. Anything else is likely mundane unless it strange, like excessive blood loss or unusual human behavior." The man nodded. "Will do, you think a monster did this?" Nox smiled. " You said it yourself, heart attacks don't put a smile on your face." Nox didn't elaborate as he looked around the apartment for anything else. He made sure the landwarriors were recording everything.
  10. so in this instance I'd have Tarasala reluctantly accept her help.... like... well fine if that will make you leave me alone and get out of my way faster... fine you can stay sorta thing. And at any instance until she warms up to her point out she doesn't want her there, and is unsure of her 'wisdom' doubts her and her motives... until that point where teralyn gains her trust and they have a meeting of the eye. I'm envisioning Disney Hercules and his training with the Saityr who I can't remember his name. Except in reverse.
  11. With a lot of grumbling about not wanting to do it? Actually going to be doing this I think for NaNo writing a story where my two potential love interest characters are forced to work together against both their wills for the advancement of them both. And I see there being a lot of arguing, a lot of grumbling, but because they both want the same thing in the bigger picture they do it. But not without letting the other one know they don't want to be there. But forcing it, maybe that's what is needed. Short curt sentences to show that it's over as quick as possible as a style choice. Really depends on who's PoV it's from and the characters deep down feelings. What do they really feel about the opposing character? Do they hate them for something superficial or was it something unforgivable?
  12. Rosana's place upstate was a strange mix of modern and ancient. The black cauldron handing from the fireplace in the middle of the courtyard was new. It was nearing Halloween and the wicca were playing to their strengths. The whole villa was decorated in black and orange things. Alex looked scornfully on as he passed under faked cobwebs made of cotton. "I hate Halloween," he exclaimed. Though I knew Alex didn't hate the holiday itself, it was also his birthday. Isabelle and Carina were happy to be home even if it was only for a few hours. Something about a feast the family couldn't miss. To which we were family. Even Ryan got an invitation, but then again he was bound to Ant who was practically married to Isabelle now. They were almost inseparable - when they weren't fighting. Alex came over to me and smiled as he wrapped his arm around my waist, "Come on pretty boy, Rosana says we have to sit down now." I followed along after my blue eyed wonder and noticed the nice bulge starting to show in Isabelle's slight frame. My kids where in there, well mine and Alex's. It still scared the living f**k out of me. The whole Dad thing wasn't my fear. Isabelle could die from this pregnancy. Alex whispered inside my head Shush. She'll be fine. I gave Alex a wry smile as I sat down in the chair he pulled out for me. He was always so chivalrous. Rosana stood at the head of the table with her coven and my family gathered around. Her voice was strong enhanced by magic I felt along my skin. "We are here today to bind ourselves on the sacred full moon to the Third Ascendant." My eyes went wide as Rosana continued, "The signs point to the times of darkness. And he is our only hope of surviving this attack on our culture and way of life. With him we survive, without we die. Those who choose to leave may do so now, the bond is forever, the tie unbroken." Ryan stood up with a shit eating grin on his face staring right at me. Rosana's glare however had him sitting back down in a heart beat. I stuck my tongue out at the 16 year old immortal therapist who was older than Ant. It never ceased to amaze me when I realized Ryan's body was that of a boy, the same age as my brothers, of whom I considered Matt. Faelen always seemed younger though he was the same age - the realization that he likely would always be made me sad for him. The wolf boy would forever be in my heart and likely my home. Such was the price the omega of the pack paid. And I would gladly make that sacrifice for him or any of my family around this table and beyond. Rosana threw some herbs and what looked like a plucked chicken into the cauldron and a bright green puff of smoke filled the sky above us. "And so shall it be." Isabelle pulled a ladle from the cauldron and dipped it into the liquid inside the cauldron. Lifting the precious liquid out she poured it into an jeweled iron cup and offered it to her mother. "Pass the cup and drink of the bond. Let the magic fill your soul and bind you." She took a drink and she shivered with the magic of the cup. Everyone passed the cup to their right and it skipped me. I was supposed to drink last - the binding cup. The Third Ascendant's seal, Rosana had claimed. The cup was nearly fully despite the fact that it had been received by everyone else. Alex handed me the cup after his sip and he eyed me strongly. Our bonds were already so many - what was another. I gave him a wry smile as I took my sip and the magic flowed through me, and over me and through every bond I could feel them. Bound in the night, bound to be their leader. I hoped I didn't f**k it up. [692 words]
  13. I can see the file. Not sure what you are asking or if you are asking anything 🙂
  14. Moscow was a big city and Nox knew it like the back of his hand. The scanner was a bunch of code meant to hide the actual meaning of the call. But Nox had been learning them from Dorian. A body had been found at one of the expensive high rises in the city. Nox had climbed one of those buildings a several months back with a girl he'd never seen again. She had been interesting, but after thinking about it she was just like all the others. And he was finding himself wandering away from the soft curves of women towards the angles of men. It was something he'd always seen, but now it was a desire he wasn't fighting any longer. The damage his father had done was slowly fading, but it would always haunt him. Just another guy with Daddy issues. That was supposed to be a girl thing, but here he was living it. The complex was close by and Nox headed in that direction. There was nothing suspicious about the body found. Just a dead body. But Nox knew first hand, that even an innocent looking death could be caused by something not quite so mundane. He knew first hand how Aria could kill, he'd learned the hard way how to avoid her power, but she was dead now. Lucas had died that way Nox was certain of it. They said it was a heart attack, but Gioradano had been with him last. Nox had listened to the message. It hadn't been pretty. Aria's father had been a case that had gone on unsolved, and while he had officially disappeared, Nox knew his body was in the tunnels somewhere hopefully devoured and not turned into a creature that he couldn't eradicate. Thankfully the place wasn't far and Nox didn't have much more time for his mind to wander.
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