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  1. Quick quibble with your second theory - I totally don't see Rand being reincarnated as one of Elayne's children. He'd be a child with memories of being intimate with his own mother. Creepy as heck.
  2. I love that you can communicate entirely in the specialised language of Goodkind-mocking. You death-choosers. :D
  3. I thought it was excellent, and it revived my interest in the series.
  4. And several Forsaken. It's not like there's a limit on the number of resurrections per series.
  5. Personally I like stories where the heroes die permanently, but I'm confident (because Rand is the Messiah figure, the Jesus of the setting) that Rand will die and be resurrected. The only part I don't know is whether that death will be physical, emotional, symbolic, metaphorical, etc.
  6. You only feel that way because you hate freedom This is a thing of genius. :D
  7. This was one of the most shocking and satisfying scenes in the entire series for me. What an amazing sequence. From the moment Verin said "By the way, that dress you are wearing is green", I was completely riveted. For me personally, I wouldn't care even if there are any logic or plot issues. It was still brilliant.
  8. This idea is so unlikely and yet so awesome. I'm imagining a Fight Club-esque reveal that some (or all) of the cast are figments of Rand's crazy imagination. Now I really want to read this.
  9. Is Galad the Messiah of fifteen thousand prophecies lovingly detailing his heroism and awesomeness? :D
  10. Rand is still considerably worse than Galad, but the Wheel of Time is populated with armies of these characters. That's what you get when your main cast is all teenage to 20-something, wildly attractive, incredibly powerful, most of them are prophesied and/or destined heroes and they end up ruling the world before they're 25. :D
  11. I'm amused by the Galad reference, because Galad is the most incredibly beautiful man in the world ever, the mere sight of whom brings women to their knees (figuratively speaking, you filthy-minded people), an awe-inspiringly brilliant swordsman, and a virtuous, just and noble man. Wow, this is like knocking down skittles. :D
  12. I feel for your terrible suffering, Kivam. It's like four whole hours since you posted on the crit circle. ;) Some of the questions in the Mary Sue test subtract Mary Sue points from the total.
  13. It does ask whether the character has physical handicaps and if they're significant, iirc.
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