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I am the mother of two little girls and married to my online sweetheart whom I meant here at Dragonmount.  I work as a Web Developer at a family owned business that wears many hats.  I finally finished the Wheel of Time in Feb of 2014, more than 7 years to read CoT - bad me.


I'm an avid writer, thought I write for myself more than anything.  My current works can all be found at online.  Some of the work will have or does have it's own home at one point I'll link them all up.


Right now I'm currently running a campagin here at Dragonmount that is future version of The First Age RPG (with permission for our Fearless Leader - Ascendancy).  Please check it out on the Turnings of the Wheel: Revolution One board, and jump on in, we'd love to have you.

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