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  1. I'm only playng two active characters at DM both of them 'new'. I'd have brought Mat/Cari back BUT she killed her self to keep her family safe, so it's not possible.
  2. HOLY CRAP! Hey Hun! I have none of my old characters still alive. Well Aiden doesn't count he was like 5 or 10 when he was last played lol. But he's around now... Cari/Mat's offspring (one of 4)
  3. She was at least talking to them again. And Nox wondered why she got stuck with this job, she obviously didn't like men who could channel. "I have an observation I'd like to share. Don't take no offense please, but I don't think you like us much. Is it us in particular? Or just Asha'man?" His curiousity getting the best of him before he could stop his words. But he didn't wait for an answer they were at the wall and they had a job to do, so Nox walked up to the stone wall and sent earth with a touch of spirit and delved at the wall for cracks. Nox found several fishers that were obvious, this was a spot that had been engineered with internal flaws. Nox looked around and took note of the land marks - easy enough to find if you knew what to look for. "Mer, you see what I see?"
  4. Aiden's freezing comment made Nox chuckle. "Nothing like that. It's not a dumb question. My guess from the look on his face she made him a very happy man. And I say she, it very well could have been a man, but I don't think so. Why kill this man? As far as I could tell he was nothing special. No more so than you or I. Not a politician, there was no gain in it." That was where things started to deviate from his Atharim training. He'd always wanted to know the why of things. Why did a person turn rogue, why show themselves now? In this case why kill him? It wasn't likely to be answered quickly or at all, but he still wanted to know and working with Domovoi had pulled on that question now he had the means of doing so. He just needed to tell Dorian what he suspected and Dorian would give him all the access he needed to find the answers. But their conversation dipped into the personal again and Nox smiled at Aiden. He wasn't traumatized so badly he couldn't talk about it. But it was the implication that he was afraid of. There was a coffee shop as they walked by and Nox pulled Aiden in side, ordered two coffees and they sat down in a booth far from the door. "From what I remember, Aurora and I were on our way to Moscow to induct ourselves into the Atharim proper like - we were without our parents, and the American way wasn't nearly so strict, but we wanted to set ourselves up as good hunters outside of our parents. Aurora and I fought like cats and dogs, and the flight was no different. I used the power to yell at her and inadvertently blew a hole in the fuselage as we were landing. A lot of people died because of my mistake. I paid what reparations I could but I didn't really know what happened until months later. I was sucked out of the plane and when I woke up I didn't know who I was, where I was or even what I was. I met Aria, she helped me remember, and I stayed here with her. She taught me about Sentient's as she was one, and we practiced on my ability to keep her out of my emotions. It's hard work. She was strong but she couldn't leave an imprint on me that lasted permanently - thank the fucking gods. Memories trickle in now. Things I don't actively remember until something happens. It busted my own self imposed walls and I remembered a lot of repressed memories I'd hidden to please my father. One of which was the fact that I liked men and have since I was a kid. My father beat me into submission - I pushed the memories away and carried on like I was god's gift to women because that's what my father wanted. A lot of good that did me." Nox shrugged and by the time he was done talking his coffee was cold. He sighed and he reached through the sludge and grabbed the power inside and wrestled it into submission just so he could warm his coffee. It was a simple task, it still was a simple task but it felt like eons passed as he reached through it. The feeling always left him feeling dirty and disconnected. It was a rush once he had it. But the sludge was making reaching for it harder and harder, but the power it called still, it sang in his ears and he wanted more. So Nox let it go before it consumed him altogether.
  5. She showed back up just after their stew arrived. Nox wasn't really hungry but he felt Mer's and ate anyway. Though she wanted to know their theories? Nox chuckled. "I don't know why you think I am here. I don't specialize in earth, I make holes in the pattern and that's it. I can I mean, but my talents are spent more on the ripping holes in the pattern than making things stronger." Nox sipped at his spoon full of broth. Sometimes he wondered if he should give up meat in general. The idea of sheep being slaughtered, cows, and the like was bothering him. Maybe because of what he could do with the power, he'd seen a man look much like a cow might. It was scary. He shuddered visibly and reached across the table for Mer's hand. He didn't hide it. He needed his touch.
  6. The closeness was nice. He hadn't intended for romance, but he kept himself open with the power. Grasping the power through the sludge was still no easier. The pain he'd imagined each time lessened, the Ijiraq hadn't been sighted in months and he was sure it wasn't around him. He wasn't a threat - the Ijiraq's had only been sent before. And they were gone now. Nox smirked, "Just don't wave fire around unless absolutely necessary." Nox pushed his shoulder into Aiden's with a broader grin. "So this case is not like others. A guy is dead sitting upright like he was talking with someone, but died cause of a heart attack. With a smile on his face." Nox let the the irony sink in. "A Sentient can overwhelm a person with emotions so much their heart gives out." Nox shool his head. "And then Kali shows up. Did you know she made me climb a building? I'm afraid of heights - deathly afraid since falling out of a plane. I need to know what the ME found other than that the cause of death was a heart attack, I already knew that."
  7. Nox shook his head. "No machines. No one can tell a man is wielding the power except another man who can wield the power. A man can sense a woman by a cold shiver. But that is the extent of it. We can't see it on video - we tried." Nox and Aria had tried. Sage had tried too. But there was nothing visible on the camera even though Nox knew he'd been using the power. There might be scientific ways of doing so but Nox was confident that the Atharim didn't have those tools otherwise they'd already be widely used. That was the power of the Atharim. But he let it go at that. He didn't want to worry Aiden anymore than necessary. There was a crooked grin when Aiden suggested a nap later, that was something he might actually enjoy, both the actual nap and would could happen before and/or after - preferably both Nox thought to himself. He felt like an undersexed teenager at the moment - like he couldn't get enough and he probably was as it was a teenage boy who had wanted Aiden back then. And without really understanding what was happening, or that eve had even blocked it out. Anything pre Methos concert was a blur, but Nox was slowly remembering those things. They finished breakfast and Nox left Kallisti through the side entrance with Aiden. "I'll start my walk now, there's have been no nests from here to the station, we'll be walking along the river today. A route I've never taken." Nox grinned, "It's not an attempt to be romantic as much as I'd like to say it was, but it was the plan for the day without you here. But we can make the most of it." Once they were way from Kallisti and down several streets in the Red Light District "So this case I'm working... Nox paused at looked to Aiden. "Do you want to hear the details? It could make a good addition to the book you are writing about - at a bit of reality to the false things." Nox grinned at Aiden. And he wanted to bounce some ideas off someone who wouldn't immediately jump to the same conclusion as Nox had.
  8. It was a fight to stay away from the spiraling, but Mer was there. It was good to have him in the back of his head, always there. He gave Mer a shy smile. "I'm alright." Mer knew fully well he wasn't. But he could pretend for a while longer. They were virtually alone in the big room. Not psychically of course, there were people near by. People talking, clanking of utensils against plates, scuffing of benches against the floor, the odd creak of a table. They weren't alone, but no one was bothering them. Their table was just the two of them, and if you could get past all staring it was pleasant enough. "We can finish our tea and maybe order something more while we wait. I'm sure the M'hael wouldn't have sent us here without reason." by us he meant Mer. Nox was just the ride. Normally Nox wouldn't have gone with his chargings he'd stay at the Embassy and wait with the other Asha'man there, but this was Mer. He was his Warder and now Nox could go where ever he went - as long as the M'hael didn't need him. Which there were a dozen other people strong enough to make gateways large enough for an army to pass through. He wasn't unique in this feat. "But if she doesn't come back soon we should send one of her own to check on her." Nox nodded towards the gathering of women nearby who couldn't stop looking their direction. it could be fear, but there were looks in their eyes that said they could want more. Mer was a rich man, even in Asha'man black he exuded nobility. Nox always felt like he exuded whore, but that was not a thing he was. He wasn't just that - even then, but the stench of his former life never really left him. Moments like those always reminded him of it.
  9. I'm still lurking. I owe a post but I'll get to it soon.
  10. Nox focused on his breathing. And on the words his love spoke. They were not calming, but Mer was concerned none-the-less and not just for him. The woman was on his mind as well. Nox gave Mer a soft smile. "We should stay here. If I was midst panic attack I wouldn't appreciate any number of strangers to follow. It would only make things worse. As for me..." Nox looked up and smiled, "I will be okay as long as I have you to keep me anchored." Nox grinned and tapped his temple. "This is a constant reminder I'm not alone." That was part of it, the other part was Nox didn't want Mer to see all the bad in his head. There came a time when he would see it all and be repulsed, no one could be near enough madness for too long and not feel it. Mer was likely to feel it more than others and Nox didn't want to share that with Mer - not the madness. He smiled brighter. "We should stay here and drink our tea and wait. If she doesn't come back we can tell the server and she can find someone to look in on her. She's bothering you isn't she?" Nox could feel his bond holders annoyance. It made staying focused easier. Staying in the present with Mer and not going off in his own head.
  11. That didn't go well. Nox watched as she started having an attack. The signs were easy to recognize specially since he'd see the look in his own eyes many many times. She left and Nox was immediately on his feet. He wasn't sure whether or not he should follow. What would someone else do if he was having an attack? How would he feel if a stranger followed him? He knew the answer and sat back down with a sigh. "Is that what it looks like for me?" Nox was his own head case, he knew it. And the taint, now gone but still it had affected him, only made it worse. His anxiety and paranoia were worse. This whole place could set him on an attack if he hadn't already been here many times. Gateways were his thing. And he tried to learn to stay in the places he'd ripped holes to. What if he'd ever gotten stuck there? His own panic started to set in but he reached across the space between them and grabbed Mer's hand. He was his anchor, he felt him in his head, and he loved Mer in his heart. He could do this. He could not panic.
  12. She didn't trust them. Nox was used to that. Not many people trusted them. And very few actually trusted him any - except maybe Mer. And others at the black tower. Nox smiled at her. "We can use the One Power to search for cracks, and mend the walls with earth." That was the theory of it anyway. "We can build new walls and buildings with the One Power too. It's how we train the Soldiers to use earth. One of our first assignments is to build our own home." Mer hadn't, mostly because Nox hadn't taught him how. But he had done other earth creations. Most notably moving stones but there was the trolloc incident. "Though that's not my specialtiy. I am good at gateways and not much else, Mer?" He had a talent for things - things that made Nox blush if he thought too hard along that lines, but he was good at cooking too. And other things.
  13. Nox smirked as Aiden was overwhelmed with the knowledge of Li Tan's secret affiliations. He added just as casually, "The Ascendancy was once one of us as well. He bears the mark of all Atharim." But it was Aria's prophetic vision that had clarified that to her and he knew because the had shared no secrets then. But that wasn't the case in the end. Aiden was eager to learn - almost too eager. But Nox could indulge him, he remembered being new and naive about what it meant. It took many times blowing himself up before he heeded Aurora's warnings. Breakfast was done and Nox dressed with the help of the power - even without wretching up his breakfast. Sometimes it wasn't worth letting the power go, but holding it was intoxicating and addicting. He didn't want to trade his father's drink for the power. He would not go out like that. He'd die fighting for his life. "I have to stop by the precinct on my rounds. I need to talk to the ME. Do you want to be bored and come with me?" Nox smirked, "I could let you sleep some more and pick you up then we can visit Li Tan's dojo."
  14. Aiden was eager to learn. Nox supposed he was too, he and Aurora had spent a year alone in the wilderness learning - mostly trying not to blow himself up. Nox didn't suppose that was Aiden's thing. He smiled at the thought of a school. "Li Tan. You know the actor, he was Atharim - apparently. He's starting a school of sorts. We could check that out." Nox had seen the adverts on the billboards as he walked through the city. It touted a school of the mystic arts, and it showed Li doing fanciful things as well as killing monsters. Nox had been meaning to check it out. He needed a new place to practice and relearn how to fight. He'd not been hunting for real since losing the left arm below his elbow. He was still learning how to function like a normal person. And if it weren't for the power he'd be lost. But Aiden didn't understand the Atharim. Even if they knew everything they could do the Atharim would be a greater threat. They conquered men who were worshiped as gods. What were a bunch of piss ant newcomers to an organization with that sort of history. The Atharim were not to be triffled with and staying off their radar was better. But Aiden wanted to learn, he was a social person. Nox prefered the shadows he always would.
  15. Babe? Nox smiled and turned back to Aiden. "I'm fine." Nox wove a fireball above his hand between himself and Aiden. "Splitting flows as many times as I'm doing it a lot of work. Almost as much work as really great sex." Nox winked at Aiden and let the fire above his hand wink out. The food was done and Nox separated the food on to top plates and let the weaves go. "It's not a physical workout but it's physically tiring." Nox stood up and handed Aiden a plate. "You mentioned the message boards Rowan's using." Nox smiled around his fork and and finished chewing before. "I don't know of anything, and I really don't think you'd want to be part of it. If your sister knows about it, then the Atharim know about it. Personal interactions are better. But I'm assuming you have thoughts that disagree with that." That wasn't the first time Aiden had mentioned his sisters use of special message boards.
  16. Nox grinned at the thought of another round and it would be enjoyable, but it wasn't like it wasn't going to happen again. He needed to stretch and do his thing or everything would be out of wack. Sleep was important, but so was everything else. Nox stood up, the sheet falling in a heap on top of Aiden. He reached his hand to the ceiling the other arm didn't reach as high for obvious reasons but the movement itself had done it's job. "Sleep brings nightmares and unless a promised dreamless sleep is offered, I won't see my sister die again, or watch the light go out of Aria's eyes. Or see my mother being mauled and then I wake up to my father in a pool of his own vomit dead. Sleep brings all the failures of my life back to me, every night." Nox found his boxers and pulled them on with the help of a weave of air. He could have asked for assistance, but Nox wasn't here to be helped. He could manage on his own, though he did like when it was offered freely. Nox glanced at the now closed door - something he didn't do on the regular. Closed doors were not good for his mental state most days, but privacy with Aiden was more important. But Nox tossed Aiden his own under garments with a grin. "How about I do you one better and I make you breakfast and coffee." Nox grabbed the pots and pans with a weave of air. "I'll be right back with what I need from the coolers downstairs." There wasn't a proper kitchen in Kallisti but the coolers kept food just as easily as other things like ice, and Carmen had granted him access to it. Particularly when Nox tended to cook for the whole crew. Upstairs again Nox set the pan full of eggs on the top of a box of air and wove a bit of fire inside. His makeshift cook top was perfect for eggs. Bacon was contained inside another box of air inside the fire box crisping up nicely making the bedroom smell wonderful. A French press bubbled away which made it look like it was some sort of magic as it was just sitting on the desk. Nox had become proficient at cooking just about anything with the Power as his only source of energy. It was as much a workout as going for a mile long run at top speed. Sweat dripped from his brow while he cooked. The slimy sludge surrounding the power within was only a nuisance, but Nox couldn't help but wonder what might happen in the long run, but then again, Nox wasn't likely to see a long run - dead was dead and he was one arm closer to the grave now.
  17. It was nice having Aiden in his bed. Though the mood broke a little when he teased about not doing it sooner. There were reasons, and those reasons still existed. But ... There was no but, what happens happened and he wasn't ashamed, nor was he upset. And Sage would lilkely understand - he hoped. Thankfully Aiden changed to subject to sleep. Nox grinned, "I've never slept well." Nox commented quickly hoping to leave it at that. The tenderness of the kiss sent shivers down his spine and other more intimate things. But the words alone would have brought a smile to Nox's lips. "I'm always up for another round. I got a few hours of sleep, that's all I need. I'll nap later." That was something that worked well in the past. Two jobs was difficult but most of the time Nox enjoyed doing both. Nox smirked, "We could..." Nox winked, "now, and later again when I need that nap. But then what ever would we do with the time in between. Nox sighed, "Tho I do have work to do, you could walk with me. If you had nothing better to do that was." Nox had assumed Aiden was his... for how long? The morning, the night? It didn't really matter, Aiden was free to come and go and now he knew were Nox was so it was easy enough to meet up anytime.
  18. Aiden was respectfully chargained and he offered to deal with the problem at hand. They'd have to wait and see but Nox didn't think they'd make any trouble. They could channel too and most people wanted to keep that under wraps. But there was no proof any of them did anything. That was one of the problems with channeler crimes. You couldn't prove that someone did something with it - there was no photo evidence and it could be anyone doing it. There were only witness accounts. But with Aiden waggling his eyebrows at him Nox couldn't think of much else than getting a famous rock star up in his room and naked. Living a fantasy one he'd never actually thought possible. Nox opened the side door and led Aiden upstairs. "I know you think it's a step down from Dorian's, but this feels like home more than anywhere else has ever felt. Except when I was living with Aria and Aurora. But they're both gone now. I grew up with nothing but what I could carry in two bags." Nox smirked as he pushed open the door to his room. Nova barked and then rushed to circle their legs. "I've never had a home before." The room was sparse, Nox's things were still tidily packed in two bags, a pot and a pan sat on the desk with a plate bowl and other utensils, cooking was easily done with the power inside however hard it was to get to through the sludge Nox still used it with impunity. And with only one arm that was his main reason. Nox pushed Nova away with his foot. "Go away Nova." He turned and put his hand on Aiden's waist and pulled him close. "I have a rockstar to ravage." The fantasy wasn't always the same in Nox's minds eye, but the real thing was so much better. Hands and lips everywhere. The soft caress of skin, the moans and groans of his partner in crime. It wasn't like it had been with women. Nox gave himself completely to a man. It wasn't a means to pleasing himself, or her, it was a bonding of sorts, something much deeper and Nox wasn't sleeping around with every dick and harry he met but the few he had were important to him. Aiden was important to him. It was a fantasy, but it was more than that too. By the end of the night, or was it now early morning Nox lay in the small bed with Aiden by his side. Nox wanted to sleep but his mind and body were still on edge. That was the trouble with working the way he did now, too much, too often. Even a roll in the hay, or multiple as the case might be that night, Nox hadn't really slept well since he lost the arm. There was too much going on in his life. Nox's fingers traced circles against Aiden's skin and hoped he could at least sleep.
  19. Nox blinked at the abrupt nature of their greeting. He was used to hostility in the Black Tower, but most people saw the black coat and were scared. This wasn't scared, this was something else. Though fear makes you do stupid thing. Nox grinned at Mer and squeezed his hand. This was his show, but Nox couldn't let it be. This woman didn't know him. Knew nothing of his past or how he had gotten here, and there was no reason to be angry at them They were just following orders just like she was. Nox tugged at Mer and they followed, catching up to their guide. "Breakfast sounds wonderful. Right Mer?" He grinned as his love still holding his hand. "Though we already ate. I don't think I could eat another bite." Nox pulled a bag out of a pocket in his coat, he'd been saving the crusty bread with left overs in it for later. Mostly for Mer cause he'd get lost in whatever work he was doing. And Nox didn't want to stray too far from him to take care of him if he didn't have to. "I brought some of Mer's leftovers. Maybe instead you can show us around and you can have this instead. It really is wonderful. Mer's an excellent cook. He runs the soup kitchen at the Tower. All the villagers love when he cooks."
  20. Nox was highly annoyed at Aiden's display. He was sure it was written all over his face. This could have been handled without hurting someone. Now there was likely a lawsuit on hand, burning a guy yeah real great work. Nox nodded to the bar tender and he called the cops. Nox didn't want to answer Aiden for fear of chewing him out in front of the pricks he'd taken care of. Instead Nox wrapped his own weave of air around the men and gave them a friendly smile. "Let's wait outside so the rest of our guests can enjoy the show that's just about to start" Nox didn't give them a choice and tugged them through the tables outside. They bitched and yelled and called for abuse. And they'd been right, but they had also started it with their behavior. Nox wasn't sure how to get out of the problem Aiden had inadvertently caused, but that he'd deal with later. The cops showed up ten minutes later. Nox recognized one, he worked the Red Light District most evenings and had been on the scene many times. He gave Nox a smile and when he came over to take possession of the men he had news. "So I talked with your medical examiner guy, rather he overheard the call and told me to give you the message to save him the trouble. It was a heart attack." he said shaking his head like he didn't understand. "He said you'd understand." "I do. Thank you." The officer cuffed and escorted the three men out to his car and off they went. Nox frowned as he turned around to look at Aiden. "You really shouldn't have thrown fire around." Nox said as he grabbed Aiden's hand and pulled him towards the alley way and back in the side door. The group he'd stepped in to gear for was gone now, he could go back upstairs. "But thank you for your help." Nox said as he stopped outside the club side entrance again. "You still want to come up?" Nox was sure he wanted Aiden too, even as he was miffed at him. It still didn't beat out the attraction he felt. Just holding his hand sent sparks through his body. A fantasy lived...
  21. Nox really hated assholes. But he gave the man a smile and was about to ask him to leave again polietly but Aiden came up in an illusion. The menacing power had been a warning to him. He'd apparently learned a trick or two from Jaxen. Nox thought about it and he could probably hold the illusion too but it really wasn't worth it. But it might make a good show. He'd think about it later. Right now another menacing presence erupted in front of him. The strength wasn't great in the man in front of him, and it was always harder to shield a man from the source of his power when he was wielding it, but Nox carefully wove the net of spirit and slipped it over the man. His dark light went out and Nox smiled happily splitting his flow so he wasn't defenseless. The man turned around and there was panic in his eyes. "I'm going to have to ask you to leave. If you are going to throw fireballs around endangering the girls and other guests then you must leave now." Nox pulled the out from one of the other guests at his table. "If you'll all come with me quietly out the door now we can let the rest of the guests see the show they came to see." Nox looked at Aiden with a smile though he hadn't really needed the help it had diffused a little of the situation. Though apparently not enough of it one of the other men pulled the power around him. Nox sighed even as he wove a second shield tying off the first to dissipate in a few hours. This shield was bigger and larger than the last, the power was greater in this one. He wove a blast of in a perimeter around him. The shield slipped over him and Nox tied it off immediately keeping his power free for any more attacks. "I will ask you one more time to leave before the cops are called and you are all arrested." Nox didn't mention the fact that he'd wrap them all up in air and carry them outside. He'd done it before and he'd do it again.
  22. So I'm editing my novel. And in order to keep the scene, I need to be able to define the elements of a scene/sequel pairing otherwise it's trashed. This particular scene could be cut, but the facts involved in the scene establish a little bit about Nox's ability that you really can't see otherwise. Nox has just been informed that he's going to be Valedictorian of his class and he needs to give a speech. Which he doesn't want to do because the rest of his classmates would make it epically horrible and he wants to avoid it at all costs, so his plan is to fail the remainder of his tests and papers to drop his grades down to the third in the class. Which we will say is theoretically possible, but I'm not going to actually calculate exact numbers or anything. Nox calculated the precise number of questions he can answer to fail the tests but still does all the work on the scratch/test paper but doesn't log the answers in the key he's turning in. Scene: Goal: To become third in class and not give a speech Conflict: Only finals and a on paper left to turn in for the end of the class Disaster: Sequel: Reaction: Dilemma: Decision: So I need some sort of disaster. He has to graduate today, I'd prefer his ploy actually work so I don't actually have to write his speech or work it into the story since he has never given it any version. I suppose I could rework the goal/conflict/disaster The goal is not to give a speech The conflict is he has straight As The disaster is he only has two finals and a paper he's willing to fail in order to achieve his goal The reaction then would be to use his ability to calculate the exact number of answers he has to leave blank for each test in order to just lower his grade just enough to become 3rd in class The dilemma is his mentor will be upset with him if he fails his tests His decision is to go through with it and deal with the consequences from his mentor. Sound logical? I think that worked out well enough... thank you Rubber Duck Debugging!
  23. Nox felt that menacing presence spring up around him. He knew Aiden was singing or since he obviously wasn't doing much else other than watching things. Candy's show was done and she had exited stage right and the next was gearing up. The music had changed and Nox wished he could actually be up on stage. He'd picked the music, done the choreography and had danced it all before losing his arm. But the show had been eventful and there were girls who could do what he did to make it all fanciful. The lighting wasn't the same, the girl hadn't figured it all out and Nox was no help in that matter. Nox leaned down and whispered in Aiden's ear, "The girl in blue was my part." He hoped it gave him a good reaction as the girl danced and swayed through all the motions. It told the story of Nut (which Nox had played, the others parts were played by the girls on stage) and Ged being separated by Shu at the insistence of Ra. And at the end a little Dory and Nemo floated by. It was an inside joke that Nox never actually got to finish. Though the same set of girls was working on that performance, they just hadn't gotten it perfected. Hades and Persephone were next on Nox's list of gods to give the burlesque treatment. The men in front were calling for more performances and they started shoving each other around in the chaos they were making. Nox took a step closer to them and the other bouncers did the same. Though they were still much further away. And Nox didn't really need help. Nox reached through the sludge in his head and shuddered at the sickly feeling it left behind as he pulled the power to him. Echos of hunger, pain and mating pulled at this mind. It raged inside of him pulsing with the power. It hurt more but Nox wasn't drawing much power. He'd not drawn even half of what he could thanks to the Iijraq's treatment of his body. He was grateful never to encounter that thing again. They shouted at each other and Nox stepped up next to them. "I think you all need to settle down and have a drink while you wait for the next show. All on me of course." [[ go ahead and make one or all react, I don't want to write all the fun ? ]]
  24. that always is a bummer.... either too many or none...
  25. Aiden's around. I'm just not heavily active with him at the moment. Aiden would taken on a WTer if no one else wants to do it.
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