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  1. I'd be interested in seeing the point system you have. As far as names I don't really have any suggestions short of using a thesuarus. My mind is full of code and permissions systems atm so renaming isn't in my scope atm. Maybe later I can think of something. Google Docs is probably best - the editing/suggestion feature making it great for the "shredder" stuff.
  2. Totally agree that it's not a very active club and the demographic for two people is just as easy to share a folder between pms to drop copies etc into Which is also a possibility, if we don't have enough. Create a shared folder in google docs and do an entrance 'interview' with new club members to see if they want to participate in those 'private' critiques, and behind the scenes you could send them the share access. But sharing links and passwords is not safer than just posting it here. Though I do know we have a few more active parties just not seeing much from them right now - maybe they forgot lol. I have to remember to check back. I'd really like to get an active online writing group short of the chaos that is my facebook groups of tens of thousands of people.
  3. the RPs have private clubs for their subsections. I don't think they'd have a problem with one specific to copyright protection. At least it makes more sense in this case IMO. I get it's a separate club and all but it would be better than posting passwords to google docs in public places. Still the same problem as posting it here imo.
  4. I don't think incentives work as well as say deadlines do. Nothing overly extensive, but stickers don't do it for me. Though gamifying things always is fun. I'm currently using habiticia for my daily life, work and writing cause it has levels. Something simple like each level is 2x the points so level 1 (is free) or 2 points, 2 would be 4 pts... assign each 'activity' a point value at creation and let us keep tabs on that. But I'm happy with just having someplace active to talk writing so whatever others might want to spur activity/participation. All the public clubs are public to everyone. I don't know if we are an open but private group. Don't even know if that is an option. You could ask if you could create an invite only private group specifically for copyright retention.
  5. I made a daily word prompt, music prompt and photo prompt that posts new stuff everyday. It's random. The word list is short not sure if it's duplicating or not, but I don't think it is yet. But it could be. You can pull from that: https://thedailyspur.wordpress.com/ and if there is some other prompt that could be randomly pulled with a large enough data source I could add in more. It was just a word prompt.
  6. The walk was nothing new. Nox had spent more time traipsing around cities. The only difference was there were roots and bushes to contend with instead of people and garbage. It was rather refreshing. Ful and Mer followed along or at least, he assumed they did. Once to their destination, Nox would have preferred to get straight to work but instead they offered up refreshments and Nox declined their hospitality. He just wanted to get this done. One of the Band was there with them. "Which one of you is the craziest?" The mere question made Nox's head snap in his direction. He hated that word. He'd heard it one too many times. He was about to answer when a girl stepped in. She easily covered up the mistaken words. Craziest to volunteer. "None of us volunteered." Nox said with a smirk. Nox chose, instead of taking offense at the intended words, to chuckle. "But I'm more crazy than them. Been at it longer. But the taint is gone. You have nothing to fear." Nox knew first hand the difference in before and after. Saidin was so clean now. That sticky residue made him sick to his stomach. But he had touched it before. Damage was done. He knew that. Nox wanted to change the subject though. "So where are we digging this hole?" **** [[ ooc: pretty sure it's cleansed if not I'll retract my bits but pretty sure that's the right time line. ]]
  7. Nox waved off Ful's concern. "I'm fine." He prayed he didn't have to go past the thin veil that kept him from losing his grip on reality. It wasn't the madness, he knew that, just extreme paranoia and caution. But the power made Nox feel safe and he didn't want to go in the stedding. "I was told we didn't have to go in. I can't help dig a well inside there." He wasn't going to dig a hole for them with a shovel. If they thought that was why he was here, they were mistaken. He could dig a well with the Power out here. And if it was in there, then he was just going to be transportation. Nox waited for instructions. He wasn't going inside no matter what.
  8. So.... I just finished the first read through of 5 books (the prequel, and the first 4 completing the first arc). I have a ton of work left to do. But I think I wrote down all the plot holes and the questions. And going in I knew book 4 was WAY too short. So I kept in mind things that I could address in that last book to fill it out since there was nothing but the main plot in the whole thing. I'm going to flesh out the 4th book. Work on getting my story bible complete. Then work on the scene by scene analysis and editing. But I found this Self Publishing Podcasts and one of the things that they said was cool that was't usually seen was something like the Walking Dead where you could visit the page/app while watching the TV show and it gave you behind the scene footage. Which really said to me I REALLY need more time in the day so I could do my epic ebook app where all my books are offered through the app, and at the touch of the word you could see information about that word... so say it's a characters name, you could see their biography, a rendition of their likeness, where they appeared in prior books etc.... (no spoilers unless you'd enable them but they'd be off by default). Want to know more about the place the scene is taking place you can do that too. Like I said epic ebook plans. It's a lot of work as both a writer and programmer. And can't really do both at the same time le sigh. And if you wanted to make money with the app it'd have to work for other authors too.... with minimal coding ... ugh... more work lol. So yeah that's one thing I'm thinking of doing. But I'm thinking that a simple web page too for each book with the same information could work too. Again in order to enable spoilers based on a book that still requires programming. Which I've dunked into before. (All this is why the story bible is important) But none of this matters if people don't ya know buy the book. My first draft has been published on Nox's blog. Why? Because I wanted people to read it. And I have no intentions of removing it when I get these published. So the free version will always be available if you can wade through typos and the blog style format. (I was going to start with another But... lol so I'm not) I read an article somewhere don't remember where or when it was dated that said the best way to stay on top at Amazon is to put out books every 30 days... no way I can manage that. These books have taken me 3 years to get to this point. Granted the next 4 won't but I won't start editing until I finish the next 4 book arc... why? So I can fill in the plot holes over the arc. So give it another 2 years to do. At least. I can release the 4 books 6 months apart and cover the 2 years I think it'll take to write and edit the next 4. BUT I was thinking that I could break up my prequel into the short stories they actually could be, and sell then 30 days apart, for as my stories as there are, and then release book 1 30 days after the last short, and offer up the whole short story compilation for free 30 days after release of book 1 (or the first short for free release the compilation 30 days after) Sound good? Bad? What have others of you who have self published. I know Jason and Mashiara are both traditioanlly published so not sure what that differs for ya'll.
  9. Start writing? See which one like Lily says suits your fancy. My current story looks nothing like the first go. The character and world are the same, but that first book is nothing like the original version.
  10. I like the prompt/theme idea as well. Though I'm less likely to participate. As I'm in editing phase I'd be happy to share pre and/or post edited works too. I always like collections of what happens in writing articles around the web too. I could help with collecting some from my favorite authors. Or we could all post those that we liked/found useful etc.
  11. Pintrest can have some great prompts. I'll share my board as it's mostly magical in nature and might spawn some plot ideas. But it's not easy to grab on my phone.... But my pintrest is linked in the sidebar... It'll be the writing prompt board.
  12. Sounds like you need a multi boss/plot with lots of sub bosses/plots. My current series is broken down into 2 arcs with 4 subplots all working towards the one end defeat the bad guy. But knowing nox he won't follow the generic outline to a t. The first book being not thought of as a series in this case would need to get a bigger why. Why did these events happen on a larger scale? Who could have been pulling strings? And why? Then after i have these big main points. I work on the subplots for each story. Where each book defeats a sub boss untill you get to the big boss. If ever. My first book in the series revolves personally around the love of his life coming back into his life as part of the bigger plot. Even though they haven't see each other in 5 years. The next book deals with a very personal matter that does touch the main plot but is all about destroying his inner demon... Quite literally. And in each book they defeat a sub boss. The reason the story takes place. My four book arc takes place in 2 months. But look at the wheel of Time. 14 books that takes place in two years. A lot happened in those 2 years. Realistic. Maybe. Maybe not. Just make sure you don't switch seasons quickly or you will lose those other moments in between. We as readers won't care really how much time passes as long as it's logical. As a writer timing is everything. I have a few timeline issues I need to fix. Because the first draft I skew accidentally when writing looked at the wrong calendar. I use Pinterest to find prompts when I'm looking for an idea on what type of sub story I want to tell.
  13. The gateway was closed and everyone was through. It was tiring, and being this close to the stedding made Nox nervous. He didn't want to be without his power. It was a curiosity but no, he wouldn't cross the line unless he absolutely had to. And this was optional - so no! he thought to himself. She had made the comment he'd heard a lot over the past years. But it was normal to him now. He remembered the first time he stepped through the gates into Tear from the Farm. It was the first time he'd been awake to do so, and it had been daunting at first. Now he did it with ease. Which only went to show he could adapt. Even if it was anxiety bound - he could adapt. Nox looked around for the other two under his charge and found them with a few members of the Band of the Red Hand. He only knew they weren't wolfkin, their eyes were normal. Every wolfkin in the area all had those golden eyes. He didn't want to interrupt but he also didn't want them to get too far out of range. They were his students after all. Nox answered Rhya. "I don't think I will." He said it loud enough for Merdyn and Ful to hear "Though they might want to give it a go." Nox had no interest in losing his power. But they were far more curious than he was.
  14. I'm lurking. Been busy with other writing endeavors but I check everyday and I don't beleive I'm holding anyone up on any RPs. Except my own.
  15. How did he get so lucky? The world never gave him anything, and here was a man willing to give him everything. And while the thought scared him to death he wanted Merdyn to stay forever. But Nox had never been good with giving himself fully to anyone. Sharing his body was easy. His space and his heart were difficult. He wanted to say yes, but he let his lover kiss him, and reassure him again. He'd have to reassure him again probably several more times before the courage to say yes left his lips. Nox was such a mess. He would never feel good enough for Merdyn. He was a noble. But he'd try to be worthy... [[ we can wrap this up if you want don't really have much more to go. You opened a new thread. I think Nox needs to do some 'betterment' exercises which I know are unncessary but Merdyn can catch him taking etiquette or speech lessons or something equally 'noble' ]]
  16. OMG!!! 20 years I've been either actively participating or lurking at this site. Met my husband and some of my greatest friends in the world. Thank you Jason. And Thank you DM for all the fond memories (and all the annoying things too - they aren't fond but they are memories of this wonderful place)
  17. glad it's helpful. I tried to get access to it but the person who has the site I don't know *sighs* suppose we could update the wiki with all that info
  18. I'm fairly certain none of us actually know any of this. Everything I know about the Black Tower is housed here: https://blacktowerdiv.wordpress.com/ That's the most help I can be.
  19. Nox sighed as he ate. "I can go shopping. We don't have to go slow. I'm not fragile. I'll tell you when I'm done and can't handle anymore." He knew it sounded snappy but he wasn't a kid. And he knew he was a mess. Nox took a few more bites and then looked up at Merdyn. "I'm sorry. I'm not used to having something tip toe around my issues. I know you care. And don't want to upset me. But you can't live that way, with every worry. Trust me to know my limits." Nox smiled at Merdyn. "The food is excellent." He didn't ignore the comment he'd made. Nox was trying to figure out how to say what he needed to. "We've had a lot of those moments for me. Where you are there when I'm not at my best. I'm trying not to be such a mess. I don't know if I want you to see inside my head, but then I think what's better, then I don't have to explain. You feel it. You don't need me to tell you, you'd know. This wouldn't happen. But what happens when you get tired of me, of all this." Nox waved his hands indicated everything about him, the mess the anxiety just everything he disliked about himself and couldn't do much about other than cope. It wasn't his fault... and it wasn't Merdyn's he didn't deserve this.
  20. That sounded like a logical plan but Nox didn't like shopping. Most shop owners didn't like scrawny scruffy kids in their shops when he was a kid and now it caused anxiety to remember how much he lacked as a child and still now how much he didn't have. Nox only nodded at the suggestion. He would bear the anxiety and Merdyn would help him through it. Just like now. "I might be able to handle that with you." The food did smell good. Nox didn't bother getting dressed as he walked over to the table Merdyn had made for them. It was fancy too. The plates, the meal everything. He grinned at Merdyn. "You know I'll eat anything right?" He looked over at his lover as he sat down. "I'll never say no to any hot cooked meal. And if you made it for me, even less of a chance I'll say no." That's what happened when you were a poor kid. It truly was amazing Nox hadn't gained weight coming to the tower, he had more food in his belly on any given night than he had most of his childhood in a week.
  21. The smell of salt air stirred in the room. It wasn't unpleasant, at least it wasn't the gross stench of the mud in Illian or Tear. He hated that smell. And the stars were pretty, though he had a tendency to count the stars. So instead Nox pressed his head into the crook of his lover's neck and took a deep breath. "I'm sorry I'm difficult. But thank you for being here." He hadn't actually had anyone ever take an interest before. Adrim was different, he cared but it wasn't the same. Merdyn wanted to be here with him. Nox didn't think he'd ever find someone. The idea that Merdyn wanted more, wanted a life with him scared Nox, and made him happy all at the same time. Nox grinned against his neck and spoke quietly. 'Maybe in a few days you can put the bedding on. I've never slept on silk before." He leaned up on one elbow and looked across to his nobleman and he truly was his, with a smirk "Just make sure my blanket is easily accessible."
  22. Nox rolled over and pressed a kiss to Merdyn's lips. He could do that so many times and still never get enough. Nox had a lot of issues, he knew this. Merdyn was just now beginning to see the the depths of it. There was strength and there was weakness and while Nox was strong, he was also very weak. The trait had affected him, but he'd always been that way, it was only worse now. Nox pressed another quick kiss to his lovers lips and pulled himself close to him. Nox pulled away enough so he could see the color of Merdyn's eyes and spoke softly."It's not too far. I want you here. Bring whatever you like. Just do it slowly." Nox grinned against his lips. "Maybe, one new thing a day, or every other day." Nox sighed and rolled back on to his back and stared at the ceiling. "I might still have an attack but it won't be like today's."
  23. Nox was completely aware of the other man in the single room dwelling. He knew he was being unreasonable, but it wasn't like he planned it. He wasn't looking for sympathy nor did he want to make Merdyn feel bad. The power swept across the room cleansing it of the 'offending' items. Which only made things worse. Merdyn thought he was angry with him. It was nothing like that. "Too much." Nox muttered over and over again. It was jsut too much change. Nox let his lover lift him to their shared bed. He did consider it theirs now. But the more and more Nox thought about it the less and less he thought Merdyn would stay. It might be best to be happy with what he got and hide his over reactions for when he was alone. Nox didn't know if he was strong enough to do that, this was his home, his sanctuary. His safety net. Merdyn's arms were comforting. His prior thoughts dissipating with the loving care he was receiving. He wasn't running. But he had the wrong idea. Nox didn't turn around but he whispered into the comfort of his lover, how odd that felt. "I'm sorry. You went through a lot of trouble and I ruined it."
  24. Nox grinned at all the food. He'd seen more of it since coming to the Farm. And this spread was probably more food than he saw in all his child hood. Al'tar only gave them enough to look good so he could sell them for a pretty penny. Not too boney and not too fat he always said. Nox sat down at the table and took a little of everything on his plate. It was heaping before he was done serving himself. Merdyn was worried about crossing a line. Nox could only shrug to that. "No more so than me falling apart in front of you." But for some reason Nox was less embarassed about it and more afraid that Merdyn might avoid him from then on out. But with a pile of food in front of him, Nox didn't care. It all tasted great and he couldn't decide what he liked more. "Thank you for taking care of me. I owe you." And Nox was sure that Merdyn would be there the next time too. And that felt more right than Nox wanted to consider. [[ we can wrap it up anytime ]]
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