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  1. Nox blinked at the abrupt nature of their greeting. He was used to hostility in the Black Tower, but most people saw the black coat and were scared. This wasn't scared, this was something else. Though fear makes you do stupid thing. Nox grinned at Mer and squeezed his hand. This was his show, but Nox couldn't let it be. This woman didn't know him. Knew nothing of his past or how he had gotten here, and there was no reason to be angry at them They were just following orders just like she was. Nox tugged at Mer and they followed, catching up to their guide. "Breakfast sounds wonderful. Right Mer?" He grinned as his love still holding his hand. "Though we already ate. I don't think I could eat another bite." Nox pulled a bag out of a pocket in his coat, he'd been saving the crusty bread with left overs in it for later. Mostly for Mer cause he'd get lost in whatever work he was doing. And Nox didn't want to stray too far from him to take care of him if he didn't have to. "I brought some of Mer's leftovers. Maybe instead you can show us around and you can have this instead. It really is wonderful. Mer's an excellent cook. He runs the soup kitchen at the Tower. All the villagers love when he cooks."
  2. Nox was highly annoyed at Aiden's display. He was sure it was written all over his face. This could have been handled without hurting someone. Now there was likely a lawsuit on hand, burning a guy yeah real great work. Nox nodded to the bar tender and he called the cops. Nox didn't want to answer Aiden for fear of chewing him out in front of the pricks he'd taken care of. Instead Nox wrapped his own weave of air around the men and gave them a friendly smile. "Let's wait outside so the rest of our guests can enjoy the show that's just about to start" Nox didn't give them a choice and tugged them through the tables outside. They bitched and yelled and called for abuse. And they'd been right, but they had also started it with their behavior. Nox wasn't sure how to get out of the problem Aiden had inadvertently caused, but that he'd deal with later. The cops showed up ten minutes later. Nox recognized one, he worked the Red Light District most evenings and had been on the scene many times. He gave Nox a smile and when he came over to take possession of the men he had news. "So I talked with your medical examiner guy, rather he overheard the call and told me to give you the message to save him the trouble. It was a heart attack." he said shaking his head like he didn't understand. "He said you'd understand." "I do. Thank you." The officer cuffed and escorted the three men out to his car and off they went. Nox frowned as he turned around to look at Aiden. "You really shouldn't have thrown fire around." Nox said as he grabbed Aiden's hand and pulled him towards the alley way and back in the side door. The group he'd stepped in to gear for was gone now, he could go back upstairs. "But thank you for your help." Nox said as he stopped outside the club side entrance again. "You still want to come up?" Nox was sure he wanted Aiden too, even as he was miffed at him. It still didn't beat out the attraction he felt. Just holding his hand sent sparks through his body. A fantasy lived...
  3. Nox really hated assholes. But he gave the man a smile and was about to ask him to leave again polietly but Aiden came up in an illusion. The menacing power had been a warning to him. He'd apparently learned a trick or two from Jaxen. Nox thought about it and he could probably hold the illusion too but it really wasn't worth it. But it might make a good show. He'd think about it later. Right now another menacing presence erupted in front of him. The strength wasn't great in the man in front of him, and it was always harder to shield a man from the source of his power when he was wielding it, but Nox carefully wove the net of spirit and slipped it over the man. His dark light went out and Nox smiled happily splitting his flow so he wasn't defenseless. The man turned around and there was panic in his eyes. "I'm going to have to ask you to leave. If you are going to throw fireballs around endangering the girls and other guests then you must leave now." Nox pulled the out from one of the other guests at his table. "If you'll all come with me quietly out the door now we can let the rest of the guests see the show they came to see." Nox looked at Aiden with a smile though he hadn't really needed the help it had diffused a little of the situation. Though apparently not enough of it one of the other men pulled the power around him. Nox sighed even as he wove a second shield tying off the first to dissipate in a few hours. This shield was bigger and larger than the last, the power was greater in this one. He wove a blast of in a perimeter around him. The shield slipped over him and Nox tied it off immediately keeping his power free for any more attacks. "I will ask you one more time to leave before the cops are called and you are all arrested." Nox didn't mention the fact that he'd wrap them all up in air and carry them outside. He'd done it before and he'd do it again.
  4. So I'm editing my novel. And in order to keep the scene, I need to be able to define the elements of a scene/sequel pairing otherwise it's trashed. This particular scene could be cut, but the facts involved in the scene establish a little bit about Nox's ability that you really can't see otherwise. Nox has just been informed that he's going to be Valedictorian of his class and he needs to give a speech. Which he doesn't want to do because the rest of his classmates would make it epically horrible and he wants to avoid it at all costs, so his plan is to fail the remainder of his tests and papers to drop his grades down to the third in the class. Which we will say is theoretically possible, but I'm not going to actually calculate exact numbers or anything. Nox calculated the precise number of questions he can answer to fail the tests but still does all the work on the scratch/test paper but doesn't log the answers in the key he's turning in. Scene: Goal: To become third in class and not give a speech Conflict: Only finals and a on paper left to turn in for the end of the class Disaster: Sequel: Reaction: Dilemma: Decision: So I need some sort of disaster. He has to graduate today, I'd prefer his ploy actually work so I don't actually have to write his speech or work it into the story since he has never given it any version. I suppose I could rework the goal/conflict/disaster The goal is not to give a speech The conflict is he has straight As The disaster is he only has two finals and a paper he's willing to fail in order to achieve his goal The reaction then would be to use his ability to calculate the exact number of answers he has to leave blank for each test in order to just lower his grade just enough to become 3rd in class The dilemma is his mentor will be upset with him if he fails his tests His decision is to go through with it and deal with the consequences from his mentor. Sound logical? I think that worked out well enough... thank you Rubber Duck Debugging!
  5. Nox felt that menacing presence spring up around him. He knew Aiden was singing or since he obviously wasn't doing much else other than watching things. Candy's show was done and she had exited stage right and the next was gearing up. The music had changed and Nox wished he could actually be up on stage. He'd picked the music, done the choreography and had danced it all before losing his arm. But the show had been eventful and there were girls who could do what he did to make it all fanciful. The lighting wasn't the same, the girl hadn't figured it all out and Nox was no help in that matter. Nox leaned down and whispered in Aiden's ear, "The girl in blue was my part." He hoped it gave him a good reaction as the girl danced and swayed through all the motions. It told the story of Nut (which Nox had played, the others parts were played by the girls on stage) and Ged being separated by Shu at the insistence of Ra. And at the end a little Dory and Nemo floated by. It was an inside joke that Nox never actually got to finish. Though the same set of girls was working on that performance, they just hadn't gotten it perfected. Hades and Persephone were next on Nox's list of gods to give the burlesque treatment. The men in front were calling for more performances and they started shoving each other around in the chaos they were making. Nox took a step closer to them and the other bouncers did the same. Though they were still much further away. And Nox didn't really need help. Nox reached through the sludge in his head and shuddered at the sickly feeling it left behind as he pulled the power to him. Echos of hunger, pain and mating pulled at this mind. It raged inside of him pulsing with the power. It hurt more but Nox wasn't drawing much power. He'd not drawn even half of what he could thanks to the Iijraq's treatment of his body. He was grateful never to encounter that thing again. They shouted at each other and Nox stepped up next to them. "I think you all need to settle down and have a drink while you wait for the next show. All on me of course." [[ go ahead and make one or all react, I don't want to write all the fun ? ]]
  6. that always is a bummer.... either too many or none...
  7. Aiden's around. I'm just not heavily active with him at the moment. Aiden would taken on a WTer if no one else wants to do it.
  8. Nox couldn't fathom the idea of having the money to pay a man to drive him around. He could tell by the way Aiden had reacted that he thought Nox could do better. Just because they'd met in the lap of luxury didn't mean Nox was accustom to it. Sage had understood that and Sage had money, but Sage had also taken to the basement but for his own personal reasons. Nox had reasons outside of his comfort - mostly having to do with giving Elyse space though she left anyways. So it didn't matter, but it was more than what Nox was used to. Kallisti was home just as much as the warehouse had been. Not of his own making but it was home. Aiden placed another kiss upon his lips and Nox almost abandoned his promises to the promise of sex. But family meant more. Aiden was a friend, but he wasn't family. The girls out there were and if those guys got handsy Nox wanted to be there for them. It was one of the reasons Kallisti was back open because Nox had made Carmen promises and he intended to keep them. "Back up." Nox grinned and added. "More like watching my back side." Nox hadn't missed the way Aiden had looked at him, and Nox wished that he could show Aiden more. Almost wished he Aiden had seen his show - a one time thing. Though Nox had been back up on the stage, though just not in public. He had a lot of balance to relearn, things that had once been easy and now were not. Thankfully he'd gotten used to having a missing hand. But there were still things that surprised Nox. Nox walked Aiden to a comfortable spot in the room near the lobby stage but out of the way so he could stay as long as he needed to - which was as long as Nox felt the need to protect his family. Nox stood behind him and gave the other bouncers a nod. That had been a fun introduction before that first night, Nox might look scrawny but he was trained to kill. If anything he rivaled the bigger men in hand to hand, they hadn't worried about him after he'd taken down the biggest of them in a friendly spar the day before opening. The men who'd Nox had spied had made their way to the front and were loud and obnoxious. But so far their hands stayed on the bar in front of them and not reaching for Candy on the floor. Candy could hold her own, but everyone in the room was on edge with the rowdy bunch stealing center stage.
  9. Nox had been to the Citadel before. He'd made gateways to and from the Black Tower. Though he preferred Tear to any other place, but he'd taken shifts both here and the White Tower. The stedding where the wolfkin were was not Nox's favorite place to be so he tried very hard to stay out of those missions. Things had been interesting the last time he was there. There was a certain spring in Merdyn's step and Nox could feel the happiness beaming through their bond. He was loved, and loved the man he was forever connected to. And that alone made everything worth it. Nox didn't exactly remember names well so he shrugged. "I've met a few. But I don't remember their names." He was pretty much just along for the ride anyway. It was still early yet, and they or rather Merdyn would meet whoever it was and he'd go off and do whatever it was Mer would do. Nox was proud of the young man who'd come to him as a soldier and had progressed to Asha'man and into his heart. But Nox made no presumptions about his own worth. He was just here as Merdyn's transportation. He had no tact, no diplomacy. He was just a thief and a whore to most people who knew him. And in the Black Tower little changed, but instead of stealing and selling his body, he ferried people around saving them precious time. And he was happy with that. It was better to know your place than to try to over extend. Nox was just grateful Merdyn saw more than what others did.
  10. The kiss ignited darker desires and it was all Nox could do to keep his hand on Aiden's hip. The power made it ever so much more. But Nox didn't drop it, Kali could still come back or be waiting, and he didn't want the woman to feel him. She had manipulated him enough, she wouldn't do it again. Aiden said things but Nox's mind was in a haze. A car pulled up beside them and Aiden asked how far. Nox blinked coming out of the lust induced dark haze he'd been in. There had only been one thing on his mind, and that carnal desire was feed by something else, something deeper and Nox didn't understand it and he didn't care in that moment, now in the cool night air being dragged in the direction of home by his once crushed on rock star Nox growled at himself. "It's only a few blocks." Nox gestured in the vague direction of Kallisti with his free arm. "We can walk." The cool night air might help clear his head. There was a slight echo Food. Feed. F**K Though it wasn't exactly an echo a feeling, a draw and Nox couldn't shake it as they walked. Nox refused to get in the car. The last thing Aiden needed was for his car to be spotted outside a not-strip club with a slightly biased reputation. It was bad enough they were going in the side door. As they neared Kallisti you could hear the music from one of the girls shows loudly playing through the open front doors as a group of men piled in the door laughing slightly drunk. It might not be a good day to take the night off. Nox sighed, "Come on. We might have to wait on the fun." Nox dragged Aiden through the alley towards the side door. For an alley it was clean and safe. It was well lit, and had cameras that covered the whole length of the building. It was where the girls came in and out. And where he and Raffe used when they came and went in their free time. Nox grabbed a security t-shirt from the clean pile of them sitting in the back and pulled off his own, shedding his hoodie on to the back of a chair that sat in the back of the employee area. A few of the girls were walking around half in costume half not and gave Nox a warm smile, a peck on the cheek and tight hug. They welcomed him like family and all in all he was. This was his home. Nova yipped at the top of the stairs. "You can play with Aiden later." Nox turned to Aiden and pulled him closer planting a kiss on his lips and wishing he could just go upstairs, but that group that just came in looked like trouble. He pulled away finally and sighed. "Part of the deal is I play security on the nights I'm needed. The group that just came in might need that little extra touch. I'm sorry, we can pick this up another night or you can wait. Enjoy a night here, whatever." Nox would wait for his reply, but he was grateful for the distraction the three 'Fs' echoing in his head made Nox worry a little. And the voracity of the words when he was near Aiden made him that much more afraid he'd hurt his friend and that wasn't something he wanted to do.
  11. Aiden continued to sing behind him. Nox stood as still as a statue with Aiden's breathe at the back of his neck. It wasn't an attempt at seduction but it was working none-the-less. It was only Aiden's block. He had to be entertaining somehow. The first time..... had been interesting. Though what happened between him and Sage was none of his business, but Nox knew Sage was not a captive man. He wasn't monogamous and they had propositioned him at one time after that night. The moment didn't pass after Kali left, Nox's body still responding to the rock star behind him. The touch at his hand and then the position change made sure Nox was completely into what might happen next. There was a primal need that he eagerly wanted to fill, but something else rose inside that he couldn't explain either. Aiden said his sister had encountered Kali before, and it lessened his mood, with each word. Nox knew he should get back to work. But the darker desires inside made that impossible right now standing next to Aiden. They couldn't be satisfied with a quick self release, not this time. Not with the prize right in front of him, so close. “I want you to take me hunting.” Nox blinked at Aiden confused, "Now?" Nox closed the distance, not that there had been much, but there was much more than there had been before. Nox brushed his lips against Aiden's lips and spoke softly through them. "I... But... My place isn't very far from here." Though the thought of taking Aiden to Kallisti wasn't appealing, and having Raffe so close, but Raffe would be working right now, it was still early, and they weren't even anything other than good friends - right now, Nox heard an inner voice speaking. It wasn't Aurora, but it scared him none the less. Was he going crazy now? "In the morning... Nox whispered.
  12. Nox blushed at the words, not because sex was shameful or anything horrid like that. Nox knew where he'd come from, and he had enjoyed sex probably far more than he should have at the Black Tower where it was his choice. But it was the way Merdyn said it, all proper and noble like, just like the man himself. Like it was something bad or unspoken. But it was the love and the want and desire that made Nox's face flush. Sex had been part of his life for a young age, the Black Tower had changed it all, and Merdyn even further. 'Enjoying each other's company', as Merdyn put it, was so much more different. Nox smiled through the heated cheeks and pulled Merdyn close and brushed his lips against his lovers ever so tenderly and with a soft whisper said, "Tonight and every night." It was a tease, but it made Nox feel better. Knowing that Merdyn wanted him and now that he could feel Merdyn through the bond, he wondered what it would be like now. How different would sex be knowing how the other felt. Nox was eager to learn. Nox broke away, forced himself to do it his curious mind had found a new topic to latch on to and he stepped away. "But dinner first. I can help, spend more time together." [[ We can switch scenes, let people wonder how their night went ? We can allude to it in the next thread ]]
  13. Nox read the letter, though other than the gist of it it was difficult to decipher, not everyone wrote legibly. And for a newer reader hand writing not meant to be consumed by others it was all that more difficult for Nox. Merdyn had already assumed Nox was going with him. That made Nox happy. He didn't have to beg or plead to go. Mer would need a gateway to get there and that was his job. Though any of the others could do it, and the Citadel had an Asha'man on hand at their embassy. Though Nox had hoped to enjoy a night in his bed with Mer. Even if it just meant sleeping. "Can we leave before the sun. I really wanted to stay home for one night in our bed." Nox was sure he would be fine elsewhere, but the need to be home with Mer was strong. He could feel the panic starting to rise. The anxiety about sleeping in an embassy bed. It wasn't a harsh life, but it wasn't his bed. With his things. That was the great thing about gateways. Nox could travel halfway across the world and still sleep in his own bed. He could open a gateway in his own little hut far easier than anywhere else on the Black Tower grounds. It was his home, he knew ever nook and cranny of it. It was his and it made him safe. Mer made him safe and the thought of not having him made Nox spiral. He couldn't help it.
  14. [[ Gonna let slide how Aiden knew she was Sentient because it works very well with the whole plot of the scene I was writing ? ]] Aiden whispered a single word. A word that only he could hear. He had no idea how he knew, or why he knew but that was the moment it all fell into place. Kali had manipulated him. She hadn't been dranika like he thought, she was Sentient. Dangerous. Not like Aria, but... That posed a lot of other questions as to why Nox had let her manipulate him. He'd done much training with Aria to combat that. And now that he knew Nox stepped between Aiden and Kali, his back pressed against Aiden. "Kali can't hurt us. But keep the power at hand to keep her from seeing you." Nox told Aiden. Kali was looking at Aiden curiously. She hadn't taken the blue fire to be a threat, just a curiosity. Aiden was no longer readable and she turned her attention on Nox. "This power? What is it? And why can't I feel you anymore?" Nox grinned at her. "I don't know the answers to any of those questions. Where were you last night Kali?" Kali's perfect eye brow rose as she smirked. "That's none of your concern my pretty little Nox. Go play with your new friend." He eyes took Nox in lingering on the bulge in his pants before returning to his eyes with a renewed smirk. "I'll talk with you at another time" She came closer and ran a finger down his jawline. Nox felt that sense of being in love, but he knew it wasn't real. She was trying to convince him otherwise. But she didn't realize she was failing. Nox just let it go, let her believe her touch had affected him as she walked away. And with just as much ceremony as she had entered she'd left. Nox stood staring after her. She hadn't answered his question. He should follow her, but there was a man who's body heat was starting to do a number on him. But Nox still didn't move, afraid that if he did, it would end.
  15. Nox shrugged when Merdyn asked him about a particular subject. He didn't really care. It wasn't the learning part that he enjoyed it was the immersion, the lack of people bothering him helped a lot too. With his nose in the book no one tried to talk to him too often. "I just like to read." It was something he did now that he could, and could keep doing forever even if the Black Tower kicked him out. It was a skill at least that was better than picking a pocket or fighting forever. Much like Nox had taken up making gateways. The comment about his loves spending habits hadn't gone unnoticed and Nox tried to interrupt that wasn't what he meant. It was not about running out of it, it was merely a comment that Nox had never had that sort of money to just spend. What he had had always gone towards food or clothes, never anything frivolous as books and bedding. Though nice warm blankets had been one of his own first purchases. And Merdyn quickly had found his love of blankets. Though Nox was still attached to his own. But he liked the one Mer slept with too, it smelled like him and that made Nox smile and feel safe. And safe was not something Nox always felt. But dinner sounded wonderful though it might require moving from his current spot huddled in the corner. Maybe Mer would eat with him in the cozy little nook a picnic of sorts. But Mer's preparations hadn't even started when the knock came and he was answering the door. The soldier handed Mer a parchment and quickly left. Like Mer would bite or something. Nox's curiosity got the better of him and he stood up to walk over to his love and look down at the seal. It looked much like the one that had come before when they'd been requested to dig a well for the Citadel - the Band of the Red hand's strong hold. "I wonder what made him so afraid. The letter, or you?" Or it could be Nox, though he wasn't scary by far, his mental stability was something of a problem with some folks, but he didn't voice that part of it opting to give Mer a sly smile.
  16. Nox looked at Aiden sort of confused. Had he been giving the wrong signals? He would have said something but first Aiden's wallet interrupted them, And then after Aiden had put his gadget away there was a crash at the end of the alley He averted his attention down the direction of the noise, and was not surprised to find another couple crashing into garbage that was leaning against the wall. They fell crumpled in a pile tangled in the bits and pieces, but they were in good spirits - laughing as they got up. Nox was about to get back to Aiden when the woman unfurled from the man and he recognized her dark features. They'd once left a club similar to this - fuck they'd left Kallisti together. The memory of it all crashed into Nox and he shivered at the feat of falling only to be caught by the agile grip of the woman who was straightening herself and her partner. She looked over at them and when she recognized Nox her smile beamed and she tugged on her partners hand. "Nox? Is that really you?" Nox had that strange feeling from her again. The same as he'd had the first time he'd seen her. The same that he'd forgotten when he went scaling the tall buildings. Why had he forgotten? She went to touch his cheek and Nox backed up into Aiden not letting the woman touch him. It wasn't an aversion to female touch, just hers. Something told him from past experience not to let her. But he couldn't nail why that was the case. She frowned. Nox wrapped his severed arm around Aiden, thankful it was his left and he could keep his right free for weilding the power within, not that he needed his hands, but sometimes it was easier that way. And in the same movement he reached through the sludge and grabbed hold of his own dangerous power. Kali frowned and tilted her head to the side, "What's wrong sweety. You didn't forget me did you?" Nox chuckled. "No. I couldn't forget you Kali. I'm just here with someone else." It was a lie, but she didn't know that. Nox smiled at her. "Aiden this is Kali. We had quite the adventurous encounter the last time I saw her." Kali's friend seemed upset as he watched the interaction. Nox nodded to him. "Who's your friend?" She looked back at him, squeezed, then dropped his hand. Kali smiled and he was gone, almost like he was afraid of her. He almost sprinted out of the alley falling over the same pile of trash they had only moments ago fallen together into. Another reason not to let her touch him. "I guess he's nothing."
  17. Preface: The opening paragraph has already been posted to my MC's blog, so I'm offering this shredder up as a public piece.
  18. The Red Ajah gave Nox the chills. The thought that someone hunted them down to kill them scared him, but Nox tried not to think about it. Mer was a smart man who could use the One Power. Nox had taught him himself and he knew that Mer could handle anything. They'd even handled a trolloc together once upon a time. Though Nox came out worse for wear for it, but still it had been handled. The books on the other hand those were something that Nox could focus on. He picked up one of the tomes and started at the beginning. He loved to read. Being taught to read was one of the greatest things he'd done at the tower. "Everyone should learn more no matter what. But I don't know if the others will agree." Nox looked up at Mer behind him with a grin. "Can I be the first one to read them before you give them to the library?" This was almost as great a gift as the necklace that was hung around his neck. Nox's hand absently lifted to hold it in between his fingers. Caressing it like it had always been part of him. His Mer, his live. It was another safety net to fall back on. Mer was always with him. It had been a rough couple of days with out Mer, but now it was all right. Nox could feel the man inside his head. And he tried to think happy thoughts and not wander down the darker paths. For Mer if not for himself. "You have a lot of packages, you spend too much sometimes." It was an absent comment while he started reading the first book's title page.
  19. One of my many visions of worlds out there has a cyberpunk sci-fi feel to it set in a very far distant future. This was the original information sheet I created for my MC. He's since been renamed to Phoenix or just Nix for short. It wasn't written for the word prompt. And if I have time I'll see about writing a short snippet but have a deadline at work but wanted to at least attempt but I got lost in hunting for words and the bios stuff lol.
  20. I'd love to be able to split my time between writing and coding.... drawing will never be a go to topic as much as I want to be able to draw my characters. I'll just have to commission someone to do it.
  21. hehe. Which is why my writing takes priority over learning how to draw or even on doing the coding projects I really want to do that will essentially help my writing lol. The plight of those with too many hobbies ?
  22. that's sorta why I started writing my NaNo project when I was excited about it. I've found that I don't finish if I've been waiting all october to do it. Lose the excitement. So I always have two projects, one that I can do and one that I can continue if I need to in November to get my word count It's not exactly NaNo esque but it's the only way I can function and win.
  23. @Cass you still have a month to think on it.
  24. Only one sided bond with Nox and Merdyn. To get the double bond Nox would have to bond mer too.
  25. It was such a simple thing. The locket that Mer handed him. But the simple thing made the tears flow again. He was a wreck and needed things to stop but this was good. Nox thought it was but the tears fell anyway. He smiled. It was happy tears. Knowing and feeling how Mer felt was shifting the mood, but with one exaggeration swung the other way too. It was the first time a surge of happiness had swept through Nox and he was uncertain of how Mer would take it. It wasn't bad. This was different, and he was going to have to stay in their single room hut for most of the day to process this new shift. Madness didn't just happen with the bad, but it had always been so for Nox. This was still madness. But he'd be okay with this extreme. So Mer didn't get the wrong impression Nox turned around so Mer could slip it over his neck and tighten the latch around his neck. Through the tears he managed to speak, however broken it sounded. "I love it." Nox leaned back and looked up at Mer resting his head against his lover's shoulder. "If you go anywhere I'm going with you though. At least right now, maybe it'll be better later, but right now, I'm not leaving your side." He was probably sounding like an over protective person more like a clingy one, but there was only so much Nox could take at the moment.
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