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  2. OOC: It’s late and I’m a bit tired, so bear with me. :) I might got a bit carried away… If anything needs to be changed, let me know. BTW, good to see you here Deiria! :D Aleanda closed the door behind her and hurried downstairs. She knew she would arrive late but more than hurrying she couldn’t do anymore. Hindered by her thoughts she had forsaken to leave her room early and be in time for such an important happening. Important for the Ajah it was. Yet for Aleanda it was not that important. It became more and more difficult for Lea to hide her problems. Her thoughts wandered away, far away, much too often. The desire to do things like this wandered away with the thoughts and an empty shell remained when that happened. Still Aleanda couldn’t stay in her room trying to catch up on some sleep, or reorganise her thoughts since she had to be present to welcome a new Sister. As expected Aleanda arrived as the last one. Sisters looked at her and Aleanda gave them a cold stare in return. Or actually not even that. She looked only at the White sisters who were also there already. They faces said nothing and Aleanda hoped that they were not thinking anything about this late arrival either. But with most White Sister you could never know, while they hid their emotions behind a firm expression, what they thought. Some sisters lacked this quality which most Sisters thought was an essential quality. Aleanda believed it was something of importance, being able to hide your emotions. Right now she didn’t only think it to be important but very useful as well. If she hadn’t chosen the White Ajah, she would definitely not be a Sitter. Most likely not even a respected Sister. Aleanda nodded to greet her fellow Whites in the room. The room smelled as if some corpse had been laying around for weeks and they had tried to remove the smell only that morning. A vague unpleasant smell; the smell of a room that wasn’t used very often. Together with the flickering candles that hung all over the wall it made Aleanda shiver. As she was wearing a dress that closed high around the neck and everyone was watching either the Amyrlin Seat or Lillian, no one noticed. Things made Aleanda shiver quite easily lately. Isra had to poke Aleanda with her elbow before she realised Lillian was already standing in front of them. She chose the White Ajah. Not to everyone’s surprise. “Welcome home Sister,” Aleanda muttered in Lillians ear while she embraced her Sister. Lillian had not been the most pleasant Novice or Accepted, but Aleanda knew this woman would make a good Aes Sedai however not an easy one. Close friends, she expected, they would never be. Aleanda smiled, a little smile, but a smile it was, while she released the fresh Aes Sedai from the tight hug. Aleanda had very quickly realised she regain strength, little strength, from embracing people. Waiting patiently for the other to hug Lillian and welcome her to the White Ajah Aleanda saw that some of the Sitters had already left or were leaving. Those who had not gone yet and weren’t leaving stood talking with each other. Or rather, whispering; Aleanda could not hear what they were saying. When the other two had greeted Lillian Sedai they left the room and walked towards the White Ajah quarters to give the young Sister a more proper welcome. The girl would be thrown in front of the wolves, at least that is how Lea had experienced the debate she had had with the White Ajah Sisters when she had just been raised. Off course there would also be some food and wine so that everyone would not only be fulfilled with joy because of the just raised Sister among them. The way back to the quarters passed by slowly for Aleanda. She was not in the mood for chitchats, while that was what they were doing while walking: chitchatting. But like every way will end sometime, they reached the quarters and Aleanda opened the door where the other sisters would be waiting for them and especially for Lillian. Aleanda Sedai
  3. Aleanda looked in the book she had lying around on her desk expecting the novice to go on about her homeland. The book was about Ebou Dar and about those who had ruled from that city over the country. When Rossa remained silent Aleanda coughed and looked at her. Rossa had lost herself for a moment in the sketch but started to talk again. Aleanda could not say anything about this young child than that she had received a perfect training. This woman was destined to become a great Aes Sedai. What the girl said about going back to her homeland only after receiving the shawl was said in a way some Aes Sedai in training could only have said years after they had reached the banded dress. Aleanda believed the classes some Aes Sedai gave to Novices and Accepted were much too... Weak was the word that popped into Lea's head but she wasn't sure if that was the right word. She was happy to see there were still some Aes Sedai around the Tower who were able to teach these children properly. Aleanda noticed some hidden grief in the words Rossa spoke. Aleanda had an ear for emotions in voices. Emotions would appear while people talked and even though people tried to hide these emotions, very often they failed. In conversation knowledge like this would come very useful. This time however Aleanda was not going to use it. She wouldn't want the Novice to be ashamed so Aleanda just wrote something down on her paper and pretended she didn't hear anything that she wasn't supposed to her. However Aleanda felt the responsibility to tell this Novice that she wasn't to make plans about what she would do when she would become Aes Sedai yet, as well as that she would be unpleasantly surprised when she would arrive in Ebou Dar. "Perhaps you should wait a couple more years before you start making plans about your future," Aleanda lifted her head to look at the Novice. "Who knows what might chance your mind and you could regret you told anyone about the plans you made. If you wouldn't have made any plans yet you couldn't have told anyone about them. Besides, you might be a good student, you're not nearly an Aes Sedai yet." Aleanda didn't want to make this sound as an punishment for what the girl had said, but she found that very difficult. Many Novices felt uncomfortable during these conversation with Aleanda. Before Rossa could respond Aleanda went on. "Might you still believe you should be messing with your head and feelings after you're raised by being reminded of the past because you're visiting that city again, no one will stop you. Yet I hope you won't be that silly and you have been brought to senses by then. You will get surprised unpleasantly when you reach Ebou Dar. I can't guarantee that, but little will be as you expect it to be and much will changed after so long. Changes aren't always good and the confrontation will be unpleasant. Life experience will make you see that I'm right." Aleanda paused. While she was talking Rossa stopped sketching to listen to her. Lea wasn't sure if she should've said this and in this way. The girl would learn from this no matter. "Yet I'm not saying you shouldn't be thinking about your past anymore or dream about visiting Ebou Dar. Just remember that as soon as you reach the Shawl, you're an Aes Sedai with responsibilities towards the Tower and not a foolish girl that can dig around in her past anymore." Aleanda was turning slowly in an unpleasant woman she realised. Too much stress. She didn't want to do it this way. She didn't want to talk to a Novice this way. She was slowly losing herself. Inside she sighed. This was a strong Novice who would turn into a good Aes Sedai. Yet she should've waited until she had received the banded dress to tell her this. It wasn't Aleanda's purpose to break this Novice by destroying a dream, a desire. "I'm only telling you this to prepare you for your future. Because I know you can handle this. You're only a child, a young girl but you're tough." Aleanda hoped she had healed some of the wounds this way. "Please go on sketching." Aleanda stared to the door in front of her desk. What was she doing? Aleanda Antori
  4. Aleanda listened to her conversation partner. When the Tower Guard ordered another drink Aleanda thanked the waitress, pointed at her cup and said she still had some. The conversation, even though it wasn't a very quick conversation, the surrounding and the music made Aleanda feel happier than she had in quite a while. In the Tower her life consisted mostly of work, work and work. As it was supposed to be but everyone needed entertainment from time to time. And seeing all these happy people dance and drink and sing while talking to a sophisticated person was entertainment to Aleanda. "It is very nice we can celebrate with them, indeed. They seem very happy and I think we can't have enough happy people on the world." Aleanda didn't smile in public, but inside she smiled a little. While she stole a little piece of the delicious smelling and looking bread out of the basket Lyv had ordered she wanted to ask Lyv a question when a woman, a pretty woman with brown hair and beautiful dark brown eyes, the kind Aleanda has always wanted to have, asked if she could take the empty seat at their table. Aleanda examined the woman. She had to be about thirty years old, she looked pretty comfortable with whom she was and according to the clothes and how they and the woman's appearance were looked after this one wasn't one of the poorest kind. And she didn't seem nor spoke like someone from Tar Valon. "No. Please take a seat." Aleanda said to the woman while after she had looked at Lyv. "This is Lyv Tylin a Tower Guard," Aleanda pointed at Lyv. "I am Aleanda Aes Sedai. Are you familiar with either of the newly weds? Or just another woman stumbling in an Inn to find some entertainment for the evening?" While she waited for the answer by the woman who had just arrived at their table and taken a seat, Aleanda wondered when she had heared the accent before. She had spoken to alot of people, heared a lot of accents as well as this one yet it had not made a great deal of impression on Aleanda so she'd just wait and see. Aleanda Antori Aes Sedai of the White Ajah
  5. Lyv had walked into the party on the same way as Aleanda was, she found out after she seated herself at the table Lyv sat as well. Aleanda sipped her wine while she listened to Lyv and looked at the inn's bouncer when Lyv mentioned the man. A tall man whom you didn't want to fight with. When the a song was started Lyv and Aleanda were quiet for a little to listen to it and Aleanda looked over the crowd. There were many people dancing on the song and quite as many people sitting in the inn drinking, talking and laughing. Aleanda had been in the Sirens Call before and thought it was a good inn with a good innkeepster. Somewhere near the end of the song Lyv bended over to Aleanda and said some things about marriage and she wouldn't know how that would be because of tasks in her life. Although marriage and love weren't Aleanda's specialties, nor was an inn her workarea she found it funny this Tower Guard came to her with this. After the apologises and explaination why Lyv had said this to her Aleanda noticed a blush. She must be very emberassed. Getting tipsy and whining on an Aes Sedai's shoulder. Aleanda didn't mind at the least and believed that the distance between Tower Guards and Aes Sedai could be a little less broad as it was. "Don't worry Lyv. It's ok." Aleanda tried to comfor the woman a little before she shared her view on the subject. "Marriage, I believe, only brings more trouble to your live than happiness. Like our lives aren't full of trouble already. A man might be able to give you love but, men and marriage aren't my expertise, I believe they're more of a burden." Aleanda stopped and took a sip of her wine, which tasted surprisingly well and was refreshening in the warmth of the evening. "You might not be able to marry yet you can love someone. You're set with tasks other people are not set with, people who can marry. But what has marriage that a relationship doesn't have?" Aleanda shrugged. "But perhaps you're asking the wrong one. Aleanda Antori
  6. OOC: I take you don't mind me entering this party as well? I just wanted to role play with you again :) Aleanda walked out of the White Tower. Sometimes, not very often though, Aleanda felt for walking around Tar Valon aimlessly. It was the city she lived in and no harm could be done by walking around and seeing how the city was full of life. Aleanda had put down paper and ink, and decided to forget about all she had to do still and just take a walk through the city she called her home. The White Tower was a beautiful sight if you were standing in one of the city's harbours. Or walking through the Ogier Stedding gave you a good feeling as well. Today Aleanda wanted to walk through the streets of Tar Valon among the common people. She had always wanted to walk through the streets of a large city when she was young. Aleanda remembered her father sharing tales about the cities he had visited when he was away from home to sell his products. Always when he got home again he took her on one of his knees and told her about his travels. They could sit for hours in front of a fire that kept the room and them warm. She remembered how she used to ask him all kinds of things and how he answered all her questions patiently. Her first time in a real city, Aringil, not half as large as Tar Valon, was even better than any of the stories her father had told. It was like a dream came true. It was in that city Aleanda found out, through an Aes Sedai, a real one!, that she could channel. Years and years had passed since those days and the day she found out she could be an Aes Sedai but Aleanda remembered them as if it only happened yesterday. Walking through a city, this city, was still something Aleanda enjoyed, although she was older now and she didn't like it as much as she used to. It was the feeling that everyone lived their own lifes and didn't care much about what happened around them that gave her the good feeling. People could just walk around the streets without being noticed, you were part of a very large world. Off course things were diffirent when you were an Aes Sedai, yet in Tar Valon no one really looked twice if an Aes Sedai passed by. After a little while of walking around Aleanda's feet brought her to a place where she could hear, above the sounds of the street, music. Almost everywhere in Tar Valon you could hear music coming from inns and taverns but this music was happier, on some level. It was as if it pulled Aleanda closer. Something attracted Aleanda by this music, though she had no idea what, or why. Aleanda knew the inn she was standing in front of. Ran by Maggie Mae it was called the Sirens Call. She had been there a couple of times. Walking closer to the inn Aleanda found herself standing in front of a window peeking in. She saw a party, a party that looked like a wedding party. Aleanda didn't know any of the people that were in the Inn at first sight, yet when she looked better she seemed to recognise one of the people in the inn. Lyv. She had seen Lyv on the yards a couple of times. A feasible woman. Turning around to walk away, since Aleanda had not been invited to the party and wasn't that much of a party Aes Sedai anyway, Aleanda wondered why she had only seen Lyv and not anyone else from the Yard. Lea realised she didn't know every Warder and Gaidin yet she saw none but this one. With this, the fact that it had already been very long since Aleanda had been to a party and would allow herself one, she turned around hoping she would not disturb the party and walked into the inn. Absolutely not disturbing the party Aleanda was welcomed even though the people looked a little bit odd when she first set foot in the inn, apparently it had something to do with her being an Aes Sedai or something. Aleanda congratulated what looked like the happy couple, ordered herself some wine and walked towards the table that was partly occupied by the woman she had recognised through the window. Reaching the table Aleanda asked while taking a seat "Should I congratulate with the marriage of the couple, Lyv, or did you just like me stumble into what appears to be quite a pretty feast and were greeted so friendly you decided to stay?" Aleanda Antori Only stumbling in
  7. Aleanda agreed. "For the light indeed." How much Aleanda would like to believe it, she could not believe that the Tower was being walked by only Sister who walked in the light. Her reason, her thought told her that that was impossible. Every person, whether they were Aes Sedai or farmers, could be seduced by the Shadow. Or they could not see how the light was able to win the Last Battle. Yet it were very dangerous thoughts and if they reached the wrong people, Aleanda would not be happy. "Thinking such a group excists would probably be a little naive yet things can change and hopefully the Hall will be a little better in making amends when the time of the Last Battle arrived." Aleanda paused and took a sip of her tea which was getting a little cold unbothering Aleanda since this way it was calming her thirst better. "Do you think the Last Battle is coming soon? In our lifetime or beyond? Personally I just hope it won't come soon yet. I don't believe we're ready though I'm afraid that if it waits too long the Ajahs will be too far away from eachother." Aleanda wished she didn't believe this, but denying it wouldn't make it any better. Aleanda Antori
  8. Hahah! Do I see a future White Ajah member?! Welcome to the White Tower! Robin
  9. Aleanda liked to believe that Aramina and she were friends. At least she considered Aramina as such and altough she knew that Aramina would never be really close to other Aes Sedai, they at least were more than just two Aes Sedai from two Ajahs. Reliving the discussions she had had Aleanda felt the urge to smile, which she surpressed since she didn't want to show any kind of emotion in the room she was seated right now. The hall was like a cage full of lions. One wrong move and you could be eaten. Not literally perhaps but still it was best to over think every move well. Yet there wasn't always time to do so since the discussion could become pretty heavy from time to time. This time however Aleanda had though many hours over what she expected from this meeting since she knew it had been coming closer. It wasn't going exactly as she had though and hoped, yet Aleanda liked how the conversation moved along. When Aramina spoke, she could do nothing than agree. This was not a subject that could be thought about lightly yet a long, tiresome and endless discussion wasn't something they nor the Tower was waiting for. A hasty decision was neither what anyone was waiting for, but somewhere in the middle was what Aleanda looked for. Aleanda looked at Aramina while she spoke and realised she saw power in her face. She stood for what she said and wanted Sirayn as Amyrlin, whether or not that this Amyrlin would be supported by a Keeper of the Chronicles from a different Ajah. An idea which had made Aleanda come even closer to a smile than remembering the conversation with Aramina so vividly. It had been a thought that came to Lea's mind only then with an Aes Sedai from the White Ajah as Amyrlin and someone from the Brown Ajah as Keeper. Corrine'dei Susten spoke after Aramina, marking something about which Aleanda could understand why she was marking it. It had been as Estel said and although Aleanda had not been in the Hall when that arrangement had been made, Aleanda had heard about it. The Blues were not amused with what had happened, obviously. This time, however, Aleanda believed it would not happen. Sirayn Simeone was not Lanfir Leah Marithsen and times were different now. Aleanda stood and spoke again, probably to amaze people again. "Corrine Aes Sedai's right. This agreement has been made before, yet it was not followed by the then recently chosen Amyrlin. This time we can't have such a thing happen again and although I do not believe it would happen again it can't hurt to make sure it won't happen. I believe the Green Ajah, and especially Jaydena Sedai can stand for Sirayn and assure Sirayn won't pick any other Aes Sedai as Keeper other than the one we will pick for her. Yet, since we're not all convinced Sirayn will choose the Keeper we will have chosen for her, we must hear assurance from her, considering we agree to choose a Keeper from the Gray Ajah." Aleanda did speak on one tone yet she decreased the volume of her voice nearing the end of her little speech. She had learned that was the best way to have everyone listen carefully. Aleanda, as much as everyone, as a White Sitter, wasn't used to speak so quick in sessions like this but since she had thoroughly thought over her reasons and arguments about this and since moving quickly reduced time others could think about what was happening and by amazing everyone with her appearance Aleanda hoped they would move along soon and raise the new Amyrlin and Keeper as quick as possible. Leaderless the Tower was just a large building full of quarrelling women. Times were different. Aleanda Antori Sitter for the White Ajah OOC. If anything needs to be changed I'll hear from you.
  10. OOC.My apologises for the long, long wait. Yet here is my reply which I hope you like. Let me know if you're not content. IC.Few times Aleanda had been afraid her emotionless face and way of speaking would be interpreted in the wrong way. Many Aes Sedai knew she was from the White Ajah and knew what that meant, they had their own ideas about her and her sisters and how they did not show emotion in public. Yet this was an Ogier and though he might know various things from all Ajahs, he could be intimidated, in what ever way, by Aleanda, her empty face and her calm voice that told nothing about Lea's feelings. Yet setting aside your believes, your lifestyle is not something done very soon. Aleanda thought it unappropriate to talk about this with the Ogier and since there were some other things she wanted to talk about she didn't even want to waste time over it. Aleanda had not expected to greet her in such a way the formalities told him to greet her, yet she was pleasantly surprised. Although Aleanda had been told Ogier do everything in ease and overthink everything well, or at least they try, which this Ogier was doing as well most likely, Aleanda had thought they would be a little calmer than this one. Perhaps that was because he didn't know what she wanted from him or he just wasn't used for an approach by an Aes Sedai this way. It also could be that it was excactly as he had already said, a long day of hard work which had exhausted him and which had made him long for tobacco, a hot fire, a good book and just some relaxing time. Which would have to wait. "Forge, as I believe that is your name." Aleanda didn't have to wait for a nod from the Ogier, since she knew this had to be Forge for she had made pretty clear to Kristen that she had to bring the Ogier that was in charge of the repair work and the reports about the repair work lay on her desk which included the names of the Ogier that were in Tar Valon for the repair business. Still, Aleanda waited for Forge's reaction before moving on. "As I said I was wondering if you were willing to share your thoughts on matters that concern us all. Before we do, however I would like to hear if your work at the White Tower is going as planned, if you're on scedual. Perhaps you have need in anything which perhaps I can provide for you and your fellow Ogier?" Aleanda paused and quickly, before Forge could respond, added "Before I forget, tell me if I've disrupted your chance for dinner this evening becuase I could get someone to deliver some fine food for you." Aleanda knew that having conversations on an empty stomach was not something very pleasant, especially not if they would take some while, and would not want to have this Ogier be in such a condition while in her room. She herself could use something too, yet she would not be impolite to order only for herself so she hoped the Ogier was having some feelings of hunger that could be stilled by the fine pieces of art the Master of the Kitchens would prepare if she would request it. Aleanda hoped this way, as well, to comfort the Ogier a little bit, if that were necessary. Lea hated to have a nervous, or intimidated, conversation partner if she did not wanted such. Though somehow she didn't find it likely for a creature as the one sitting in front of her to be intimidated to easily. Aleanda Antori Aes Sedai of the White Ajah
  11. Aleanda sipped her tea while Aramina spoke to repsond to it after the Green Aes Sedai had finished. "Indeed, indeed. But I wonder when really the necessity is over. To me, it's always necessary to stand, as Ajahs, together. I'm not from the Blue Ajah, but we all serve some greater cause. We don't win if we only do thing that are in our own advantage. Yet there are too many examples of that. The question is what we can do about the Ajahs floating away from eachother. Perhaps you, and me are not like many others and off course, I don't want to be the innocent Aes Sedai in this because I've done things that were in advantage of my own personal goal, yet my believe is that through conversation between Ajahs the White Tower can reach much more than it's reaching now." Another sip to moist the throat before going on. "Countries should talk more either. I wonder how you look upon this, but I think wars are foul and by talking one can reach more than by swords and spears and other kinds of violance. Not always wars are inevitable, especially not if you're dealing with very violent people. But if everyone would hear the other out and let them finish their sentences the world would be with less wars. Or don't you agree?" Aleanda looked at Aramina and waited patiently for a responce while thinking she might have said the wrong thing in front of a Green Aes Sedai unless this Green had only chosen Green for the right to have more than one Warder, which she was sure Aramina had not chosen this Ajah for. Aleanda Antori
  12. Aleanda watched how the novice started drawing here and listened to the answer she gave on the question asked. It came clear to Aleanda pretty soon that this little one wouldn't have any information to add to everything she already knew about Ebou Dar, yet there could always be something of value in Rossa's words and regarding the position she used to had before the unfortunate accident with her family happened, Aleanda still listened to what was told while she was beign drawn. Aleanda scrabbled notes on the sheet that lay in front of her. Not only about what her former Mentee told her, but also about how it was told and about the choice of words. Aleanda found it all helpfull with defining what kind of emotion people were feeling while talking about certain topics. Now wasn't it all too hard with young children like Rossa and much more difficult with experienced Aes Sedai yet practise was the key to success. What Aleanda noticed and made a mark about, was how Rossa not only objectively gave her a report about what she knew about the situation in her former home country but also shared her view and what she would advice the Queen. The girl had a point here but Aleanda wondered if she had thought over all the aspects of this 'difficulty.' "Yes, yes. The queen has always been a calm and quiet queen if you ask me." Aleanda said. "And if you want me to sit still you can just say so. I'll stop writing then." Aleanda watched Rossa while she said that that wasn't necessary. Peeking at the notes again Aleanda asked the novice if she could elaborate about her personal reasons to want to go back to Ebou Dar, if she wouldn't mind. Aleanda Antori
  13. -Aleanda was not in charge of leading the renovation project but she knew the Aes Sedai who was well and they had spoken about it pretty much. Aleanda knew they were in the City just now and as she had never spoken to one, she had sent an Accepted to ask the, polite yet urgent, to come to her office for a chat. Aleanda was very curious to how an Ogier looked to the world, and its troubles. She had read and talked about Ogier, but talking with one was an experience unknown to her yet more reliable than reading or talking about them. -One day Aleanda had seen an Ogier, she was still very young and had just received the Shawl. She was amazed and, because she had just received the Shawl, quite unable to hide her amazement which hadn't gone unnoticed by the elder White Sisters who had told her she had to learn quick to hide her feelings, something Aleanda knew but something that had been very difficult for her. Not anymore. The last time she had shown an expression on her face she hadn't wanted to show was more than a year past. She hoped she would be too amazed by what the Ogier was going to tell, if he would be coming, because some of the stories told in the Tower and in books were... peculiar. -When, after a long while, Aleanda heared a knock on her door she answered by saying them to enter and stood up. The Accepted entered first, Aleanda had told her to bring the Ogier into her room. The child knew better than to decline Aleanda's instructions. "Thank you Kristen you did as I asked you. You're dismissed." The child made a curtsey for her and the Ogier, but more for her as Aleanda noticed the girl wasn't too keen on the large Ogier. "Master Builder, I welcome you to my humble room. First I would like to thank you for coming, I highly appreciate it. Please take a seat." -Aleanda, after all these years, she was happy to be able to hide her emotions since she didn't want to insult the Ogier at all. "I have had them bring a special chair for you Master I hope you like the comfortableness of it. There aren't as much as there were in times long past, but there still are some and made them pick a comfortable one." -Lea waited for the Ogier to sit down in the chair before she asked "I take Kristen, the Accepted, has told you who I am?" She didn't wait for the nod by the Ogier to move on "I was wondering if you were willing to share your thoughts with me on some matters that are concerning every reasonal being on our planet?" Aleanda waited for the Ogier to reply on her question, hoping an interesting conversation would be theirs to have. Aleanda Antori OOC: Is this conversation held in the Main Time Line? I hoped you like my post :D
  14. Aramina agreed with the words Aleanda said. There was no denying it. Only someone blind or foolish would deny. The sad part was, however, Aleanda could point to some people who were blind, foolish or both. Aleanda knew that was and would be said by either her and Aramina wasn't something all sisters were keen on to hear. Aleanda knew she had shut herself from these views on the White Tower herself as well. Blind she had been, though on her way to where she was now something had opened her eyes. The tea Aramina had gotten was a nice tea, Lea took another sip before she tried to answer Aramina's questions. "Distressing, for sure. As cause I can only say that the mentality of us, Aes Sedai, could have been better. These days we all have our own solution, better than the solution of our sisters that have a diffirent solution. But who's to tell what solution is better? Only time can tell, only the Wheel can tell. But we should cooperate again, like the Aes Sedai did in the past, in the far past." Another sip Aleanda took to moist her throat. "What happens in the outside world, is frightening us. You, me and our other sisters. We won't admit it, but it does. It might be a reason why we want to do things so eagerly we forget to think and talk. Instead we say that others are wrong and we are right." Normally Aleanda could carefully read other people's faces and tell their feelings, though she couldn't quite read Aramina's face. "Or do you think I'm not quite right?" But before Aramina could answer that question Aleanda had her mouth open already to talk more. "You asked about troubles of the world that might be a reason for the Ajahs to drift off, but can't there be any troubles in the Tower that are the cause for suspiciency toward those you live with under the very same roof?" This time Aleanda did keep her mouth shut and wait for the reaction of the Green Sister, hoping she hadn't said too much or things she should not have said. Aleanda Antori
  15. Aleanda looked away from the Novice to think for a little. This girl had offered to draw a portrait of her. She had no clue if she could draw very well. In the little time Rossa had been her mentee she had never had the time to look at one of her drawings, though she had known this girl drew some pictures. Vaguely she had heard something about some trouble she had gotten herself after she had drawn some... inappropriate drawings. Aleanda was curious to how Rossa would draw her and next to that, Aleanda would love to have a picture of herself. Still Rossa had come here to run some errands, not to draw Aleanda Sedai. Lea really wasn’t sure if she could let the child draw her as that would be a reward for something she shouldn’t have done. The girl should not have brought her sketchbook with her. “You can sketch me, I would love you to, though next time don’t bring your sketchbook until you’re asked to bring it with you, Child.” Aleanda looked at the Child again, knowing that it was a pretty good way of having Novices listen to her. “You came here to work, not to relax, though you’re lucky as I’m very lenient today. I’ll let you sketch me, while we chat a little about Ebou Dar, as I’m interested to know how the Ebou Dari are doing. Or rather, how they were doing when you left.” Aleanda walked towards the chairs seated under her window while she gestured for Rossa to take a seat for herself as well. “Tell me while you sketch me here. But don’t forget you will have to run your errands later.” Aleanda Antori Aes Sedai of the White Ajah
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