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  1. I think some list needs to be updated :p http://www.dragonmount.com/staff.php Robin
  2. OOC: It’s late and I’m a bit tired, so bear with me. :) I might got a bit carried away… If anything needs to be changed, let me know. BTW, good to see you here Deiria! :D Aleanda closed the door behind her and hurried downstairs. She knew she would arrive late but more than hurrying she couldn’t do anymore. Hindered by her thoughts she had forsaken to leave her room early and be in time for such an important happening. Important for the Ajah it was. Yet for Aleanda it was not that important. It became more and more difficult for Lea to hide her problems. Her thoughts wandered away, fa
  3. Aleanda looked in the book she had lying around on her desk expecting the novice to go on about her homeland. The book was about Ebou Dar and about those who had ruled from that city over the country. When Rossa remained silent Aleanda coughed and looked at her. Rossa had lost herself for a moment in the sketch but started to talk again. Aleanda could not say anything about this young child than that she had received a perfect training. This woman was destined to become a great Aes Sedai. What the girl said about going back to her homeland only after receiving the shawl was said in a way s
  4. Aleanda listened to her conversation partner. When the Tower Guard ordered another drink Aleanda thanked the waitress, pointed at her cup and said she still had some. The conversation, even though it wasn't a very quick conversation, the surrounding and the music made Aleanda feel happier than she had in quite a while. In the Tower her life consisted mostly of work, work and work. As it was supposed to be but everyone needed entertainment from time to time. And seeing all these happy people dance and drink and sing while talking to a sophisticated person was entertainment to Aleanda. "It i
  5. Lyv had walked into the party on the same way as Aleanda was, she found out after she seated herself at the table Lyv sat as well. Aleanda sipped her wine while she listened to Lyv and looked at the inn's bouncer when Lyv mentioned the man. A tall man whom you didn't want to fight with. When the a song was started Lyv and Aleanda were quiet for a little to listen to it and Aleanda looked over the crowd. There were many people dancing on the song and quite as many people sitting in the inn drinking, talking and laughing. Aleanda had been in the Sirens Call before and thought it was a good inn w
  6. OOC: I take you don't mind me entering this party as well? I just wanted to role play with you again :) Aleanda walked out of the White Tower. Sometimes, not very often though, Aleanda felt for walking around Tar Valon aimlessly. It was the city she lived in and no harm could be done by walking around and seeing how the city was full of life. Aleanda had put down paper and ink, and decided to forget about all she had to do still and just take a walk through the city she called her home. The White Tower was a beautiful sight if you were standing in one of the city's harbours. Or walking
  7. Aleanda agreed. "For the light indeed." How much Aleanda would like to believe it, she could not believe that the Tower was being walked by only Sister who walked in the light. Her reason, her thought told her that that was impossible. Every person, whether they were Aes Sedai or farmers, could be seduced by the Shadow. Or they could not see how the light was able to win the Last Battle. Yet it were very dangerous thoughts and if they reached the wrong people, Aleanda would not be happy. "Thinking such a group excists would probably be a little naive yet things can change and hopefully the
  8. Hahah! Do I see a future White Ajah member?! Welcome to the White Tower! Robin
  9. Aleanda liked to believe that Aramina and she were friends. At least she considered Aramina as such and altough she knew that Aramina would never be really close to other Aes Sedai, they at least were more than just two Aes Sedai from two Ajahs. Reliving the discussions she had had Aleanda felt the urge to smile, which she surpressed since she didn't want to show any kind of emotion in the room she was seated right now. The hall was like a cage full of lions. One wrong move and you could be eaten. Not literally perhaps but still it was best to over think every move well. Yet there wasn't
  10. OOC.My apologises for the long, long wait. Yet here is my reply which I hope you like. Let me know if you're not content. IC.Few times Aleanda had been afraid her emotionless face and way of speaking would be interpreted in the wrong way. Many Aes Sedai knew she was from the White Ajah and knew what that meant, they had their own ideas about her and her sisters and how they did not show emotion in public. Yet this was an Ogier and though he might know various things from all Ajahs, he could be intimidated, in what ever way, by Aleanda, her empty face and her calm voice that told nothing
  11. Aleanda sipped her tea while Aramina spoke to repsond to it after the Green Aes Sedai had finished. "Indeed, indeed. But I wonder when really the necessity is over. To me, it's always necessary to stand, as Ajahs, together. I'm not from the Blue Ajah, but we all serve some greater cause. We don't win if we only do thing that are in our own advantage. Yet there are too many examples of that. The question is what we can do about the Ajahs floating away from eachother. Perhaps you, and me are not like many others and off course, I don't want to be the innocent Aes Sedai in this because I've done
  12. Aleanda watched how the novice started drawing here and listened to the answer she gave on the question asked. It came clear to Aleanda pretty soon that this little one wouldn't have any information to add to everything she already knew about Ebou Dar, yet there could always be something of value in Rossa's words and regarding the position she used to had before the unfortunate accident with her family happened, Aleanda still listened to what was told while she was beign drawn. Aleanda scrabbled notes on the sheet that lay in front of her. Not only about what her former Mentee told her, bu
  13. -Aleanda was not in charge of leading the renovation project but she knew the Aes Sedai who was well and they had spoken about it pretty much. Aleanda knew they were in the City just now and as she had never spoken to one, she had sent an Accepted to ask the, polite yet urgent, to come to her office for a chat. Aleanda was very curious to how an Ogier looked to the world, and its troubles. She had read and talked about Ogier, but talking with one was an experience unknown to her yet more reliable than reading or talking about them. -One day Aleanda had seen an Ogier, she was still very yo
  14. Aramina agreed with the words Aleanda said. There was no denying it. Only someone blind or foolish would deny. The sad part was, however, Aleanda could point to some people who were blind, foolish or both. Aleanda knew that was and would be said by either her and Aramina wasn't something all sisters were keen on to hear. Aleanda knew she had shut herself from these views on the White Tower herself as well. Blind she had been, though on her way to where she was now something had opened her eyes. The tea Aramina had gotten was a nice tea, Lea took another sip before she tried to answer Aram
  15. Aleanda looked away from the Novice to think for a little. This girl had offered to draw a portrait of her. She had no clue if she could draw very well. In the little time Rossa had been her mentee she had never had the time to look at one of her drawings, though she had known this girl drew some pictures. Vaguely she had heard something about some trouble she had gotten herself after she had drawn some... inappropriate drawings. Aleanda was curious to how Rossa would draw her and next to that, Aleanda would love to have a picture of herself. Still Rossa had come here to run some errands,
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