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  1. I will be working on New Years Day. Thankfully not eve though
  2. At this very moment the dark side kitchen is out of commission. It will be up and running eventually.
  3. Sorry for this being super late. Sign in here for 5pts, and answer the question for another 5pts. Question: Ham or Turkey? Debate, I prefer ham.
  4. There's also the monthly sign in points, but we have not had a lot of activity, so it hasn't been put up in a little bit.
  5. Stabbing each other is the height of enjoyment.
  6. I also missed you asking about ranks and factions, so here you go. Also in the BT info thread: Ranks In the Black Tower you can earn points in different ways. When you get a certain amount of points you will get a new rank. The ranks are: Civie = It´s what you are as a newcomer. Soldier = When you have earned 30 points. Soldiers can choose a faction. Dedicated = When you have earned 90 points. Asha´man = When you have earned 200 points. Asha´mans can give out 10 points/month. Asha´man, second level
  7. Copied from the Black Tower info thread. Bonding Bonding makes use of an intricate weave that creates an enduring psychic link between two individuals. The following are the procedures for bonding someone within the Black Tower. Members may have as many bonds as they would like in the Black Tower. Prior to creating a bond we ask that you PM the person you wish to bond with and seek their permission. As channelers, we use the proper noun 'Bond'; As members of the Black Tower, we make use of saidin... not saidar. Your bond may be a tr
  8. Um, ok yea I'm a LOT more active on the discord, but I'm gonna try to be more active. So 1. Tainted Brownies are brownies tainted by Saidin. 2. Yes, it's fine to have Asha'man in your name. I'm technically the the M'hael here, but it's not in my name. 3. You can call us anything you want, obviously within the Code of Conduct. 4. Roleplaying is definitely allowed, some are more intrested in it than others. So, all in all welcome. And I'll try to be here more often.
  9. Very mormon-esk. Ie: having a child is the most important thing in life.
  10. I'm here as well, I gotta say I like the Fremen from Dune. Essentially Space Aiel.
  11. I cut the flag off and replace it with my own.
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