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  1. Definitely. They have this thing called the 3 levels of reading. Level 1: just the flat enjoyment of the story/action. Level 2: philosophy, or how it can change your life. Level 3: social commentary. Or, at least I think that's what they are.
  2. Here. And I wanted to learn more about the portal stones, those were cool.
  3. The Legendarium podcast is just a few guys talking about books/movies. They did a series on WoT a few years ago. As well as all of Brandon Sanderson. Recently they just finished going back through LotR, and are almost done with the Dresden Files and the Expanse. https://www.thelegendariumpodcast.com/
  4. Well Words of Radiance is book 2 of a series(The Stormlight Archive) while Warbreaker is currently a standalone. Both are by Brandon Sanderson.
  5. Niniel ordered Warbreaker because I said its recommended to read it before Words of Radiance. If you need a podcast, you can listen to The Legendarium Podcast.
  6. I'm a busboy at a restaurant. I go to a book store(B&N) to get books. Got Peace Talks on release day.
  7. Sorry almost missed this. The characters that show up are more cameos in WoR, but 2 of them have some bigger importance in Oathbringer. So imo read Warbreaker at least before Oathbringer. Doesn't have to be before WoR
  8. Warbreaker is currently a stand alone book, but it has a couple connections to Stormlight. Edgedancer is a short story about a character you learn more about in Oathbringer. It's in the Arcanum Unbounded or as a separate book.
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