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  1. Btw if the mafia were smart, they would've killed Clov and Aj 1st unless Aj was mafia.
  2. Illian Tear

    Basic Mafia Game [Sign-ups]

  3. Illian Tear

    Basic Mafia Game [Sign-ups]

    I'll join after the current game.
  4. This can be taken as a very SK statement.
  5. So of the 8 who are not confirmed town or wolf there is most likely to be 2-3 more wolves.
  6. And I purposely abstained because if I just flat out said no that could've been taken as wolfy, which we all should know I'm not.
  7. I abstained because I didn't fully believe Penguins to be wolf.
  8. Illian Tear

    Prescription Drug OR Tolkien Elf?

    A game that can allow us to embrace our inner socio/psychopathic tendencies.
  9. Illian Tear

    Black Tower Roll Call: December

    Pumpkin pie as always. 👌
  10. Illian Tear

    Prescription Drug OR Tolkien Elf?

    To get people to play mafia.