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  1. The Way of Kings

    Ive read so many books in the past month or 2.
  2. I want a garden and will pay with points.

    Green is better
  3. Welcome to Illian Tear !

    So I shouldn't listen to you because you say not to listen to Dice?
  4. Welcome to Illian Tear !

    Um.... I can't say a single song so.... Some favorites The Anarchist-Rush Through the fire and the flame-Dragonforce Comfortably Numb- Pink Floyd Eleanor Rigby- The Beatles Stairway to Heaven or Kashmir- Led Zepplen Dream On- Aerosmith Bohemian Rhapsody- Queen
  5. Ill join I guess..... Unrecruited I have too many books and like listening to classic rock And like most people my favorite character is Mat
  6. The Pool !!!

    Am I in the Band? Or am I else where?
  7. The Pool !!!

    Then there's us wizards.
  8. Happy ....

    you sure about that?