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  1. Welcome to Dragonmount. Don't forget to check out the social groups.
  2. Ok, coming back from the dead for this. It's an site/app/whatever for communitiess to get together, ours isn't very active though... https://discord.gg/csmucJ And I'm back to being dead.
  3. Hello. Welcome to Dragonmount.
  4. 1. I'm not. 2. If she's town, then yes. 3. Same as above. 4. Same as above.
  5. Sorry couldn't use my phone or get to a computer this weekend. What questions are needed to be asked?
  6. Ok WiFi's list thoughts: Agree for Marsh, I know I'm town, feeling town on her, then the Nulls. Disagree on everyone else.
  7. As I said, anything is subject to change after today or later today, if I'm the chosen.
  8. Then there are players like me who randomly choose people in the game and either are really far off or on point. Example: the last 2 games where I flat out guess the remaining mafia, then get lynched by town, or shot...*shrugs.
  9. Ok, sorry for not answering immediately. I would rather know about BFG since that one of the few people here I haven't played with yet. And to clarify my trust on Clov right now: I haven't played with mafia!Clov yet so I don't know how that plays out yet. Of course all this could change, but this is my thoughts at the moment.
  10. Clov is town for me. You seem town. Tripped seems town. Null everyone else.
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