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  1. It's a short story in the book: Arcanum Unbounded. Read it after Bands of Morning otherwise there will be slight spoilers.
  2. I just saw a post on reddit with a screenshot of Brandon saying he was starting on the screenplay for a Mistborn movie. However the image seems deleted so not sure if it is real or not.
  3. Oh I was going to ask, but didnt want to clutter up the sign in thread so, do you need to read any of Brandon's other works outside of Stormlight?
  4. We could play Who's that Cosmere character? Someone comes up with 5 clues for a character and other people have to guess it. And yes I did steal this from Shardcast.
  5. Welcome. Come join us in the clubs to interact more with other fans.
  6. I am, but I don't play many online games.
  7. *stabs Lily* Happy late New Year
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