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  1. Too many...

    I have way too many books.
  2. Welcome back Mirshann Uuranor

    Yea that may have been someone else...
  3. Two Truths and One Lie - Shayol Ghul style

    I pick hidden answer number 4: all of the above. JK. 2
  4. Choose Your Minion

    Doubt it.
  5. August Hangman - Favorite Summer Activities

  6. August Hangman - Favorite Summer Activities

  7. August Hangman - Favorite Summer Activities

    Here we have dirt. E
  8. Black Tower Roll Call: August 2018

    Good book. I have a book with 7 of his most famous ones.
  9. Why Did You Pledge Yourself To The Shadow?

    I go where the chaos takes me.
  10. First time rereader

    Well I only started in October.
  11. Choose Your Minion

    I would use horses because most people you would want to watch would own 1 or more horses.