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  1. Welcome to Dragonmount. So, tell us what your favorite character(s)/groups are in WoT. Mine are: Mat Dashiva (don't care he was a forsaken) Demandred Lan
  2. I'm here. I sadly don't have any plans this month.
  3. Welcome to Dragonmount. There are many groups out there started on WoT.
  4. Welcome to Dragonmount. I will eventually get to GoT, and I finished WoT for the 1st time almost a year ago now.
  5. Very cool. Welcome to Dragonmount.
  6. I would say they are some of the weaker books in the series, except the last 3 and 9. For me anyway.
  7. There are many places for that. The Legendarium Podcast has done all the books. Tor is a little bit into book 3. SFsignal has finished all of them. Of course there are a lot more.
  8. Welcome LynnEllyn. Do you mean people to follow along with?
  9. The end of school in 3 1/2 weeks
  10. Welcome to Dragonmount. If that is what you like, then you might enjoy the RL discussions in General Discussions.
  11. Drainage. just smells bad
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