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  1. Like Dune, hate Ender's Game? And The Ocean at the End of the Lane is a weird book that's all flashback. A guy is going back to his childhood home, and stops by the house of one of his friends where he remembers the things that happened there, but immediately forget them again when he leaves.
  2. I haven't read Stardust, but I've read American Gods and I liked it. You are also correct, I couldn't get into the book.
  3. Like American Gods, hate Stardust? The 5th Season - N. K. Jemisin And to keep the theme of Neil Gaiman going: The Ocean at the End of the Lane - Neil Gaiman
  4. I made this in ceramics class. For the people who haven't seen it on the discord:
  5. Congrats and welcome to my faction.
  6. Definitely. They have this thing called the 3 levels of reading. Level 1: just the flat enjoyment of the story/action. Level 2: philosophy, or how it can change your life. Level 3: social commentary. Or, at least I think that's what they are.
  7. Here. And I wanted to learn more about the portal stones, those were cool.
  8. The Legendarium podcast is just a few guys talking about books/movies. They did a series on WoT a few years ago. As well as all of Brandon Sanderson. Recently they just finished going back through LotR, and are almost done with the Dresden Files and the Expanse. https://www.thelegendariumpodcast.com/
  9. Well Words of Radiance is book 2 of a series(The Stormlight Archive) while Warbreaker is currently a standalone. Both are by Brandon Sanderson.
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