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  1. Sorry about that. Here's your "official promotion." Congrats to being raised to the rank of Ash'aman
  2. Have fun on your trip. Things will be attempted at keeping this running.
  3. I think I remember you. It's been awhile though.
  4. Illian Tear, Dragon/Mod, Shadow. WoT everytime. It was able to hold my attention so much better.
  5. Are they from the westlands?(ie: main continent)
  6. Work and procrastination are not very good combinations... and I recently discovered fanfiction... please dont ask what I read, I might have to kill you.
  7. Oh... you know... I should really be more active because school is over. Very cool. Glad someone is keeping the club running.
  8. It's been too long since I've read the series to play this game... need to do a reread at some point.
  9. Illian Tear Dragon Dark faction. Saidin. Because the taint is aaammmaaazzziiiinnnngggg...
  10. I could order her to tell us... mwahahah... And thanks.
  11. Congrats. I actually just graduated High School, so I'll be on the same path soon.
  12. Granted, but the days shorten to only 12 hours a day. I wish school would end already.
  13. I have the ceremony on next Saturday. Then I have a small party on Saturday.
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