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  1. @Illian Tear is the head of the Dark, but he isn’t around a lot. Umm. Do you want spoilers? You’ll have yours soon enough. Actually, I believe you are ready to be raised. @Lavandula, can you raise SableSage? I am busy today, so I’ll update the points thread later, and I wouldn’t want to hold back our new recruit!
  2. This game works just like the 50 questions game, except that due to the lack of active members, it has been made into 20 questions. Someone will ask 5 questions of @SableSage, and they will answer them. Then, someone else will ask 5 questions, and SableSage will answer those. Everyone is allowed to ask 10 questions total, they simply have to wait for someone else to post before asking another 5 questions. 1 point per question is awarded to both participants (the person asking the questions and the person answering). It should be noted that the questions should be within the limits of the Code
  3. Coming up soon. Yeah. We don’t have a lot of authority. I am kind of the Faction leader for the Light (Logain), but still waiting for access. We do have titles, (I mentioned that above), so you can put that in your signature if you want, but no logos. I think I also mentioned potential symbols.
  4. HA! You never know what you’ve missed! Do you know about Dumai’s Wells?
  5. Hey, @SableSage, do you want a 20 questions thread?
  6. That's awesome that you found tahini! And fake ground meat for tex mex! Yeah. Sear is kind of just making it more on the cooked side. I'm not a chef, so I can't give you an exact definition. It is a mixture of a ton of spices together (mostly paprika and that kind of stuff). It goes good with everything. And I mean everything. You can spread it on tofu, steak, burgers, whatever. My dad made it for us, so I will have to ask him for all the ingredients (since I forgot), if you want to know.
  7. I can give you a link some great WoT art, but there are some spoilers in the images. The link is here, if you are interested. If you want to avoid spoilers, I totally understand.
  8. 1, Blind Guardian. They have some awesome WoT songs, as well as songs about other books. I also like Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden. 2. Honestly, there isn’t really one I dislike. There are some I stay away from because of spoilers, but pretty much all of the things I read or watch, I like. 3. I like to read, or watch a show or YouTube. Being alone generally will do it. 4. The Hobbit. I love the book. My dad and I read it together when I was really young, and I have re-read it multiple times since then. 5. Malkier. I love the Malkieri culture, and I think it would be awesome to see
  9. Alright. What kind of pfp are you looking for? The official WoT artist had some great renditions of characters.
  10. The tournaments do sound fun! Hopefully Niniel comes back soon and we can get stuff going again.
  11. No worries! I don’t expect anybody but me to even look at the points thread, let alone keep track of it. I do appreciate the reminder. We need access to this cellar of yours!
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