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  1. Does anyone have any plans for Halloween? Anything fun they’re going to do?
  2. October points: Aman: 336 (roll call and question) Wolfbrother31: 123 (roll call and question)
  3. The Borderlands will still be cool, but I agree. Yes! I can't wait to see the Aiel. I really hope they don't cut whole cultures either. In a way, it does make sense to cut the Sea Folk, because they don't do much other than
  4. I haven’t figured out the Bela response either. Well, hey. Thanks for thinking of how each react would make me feel. Appreciate that.
  5. Awesome! I love it when people come back. They always have such interesting stories and backgrounds. I read through that thread a while ago. It was hilarious! Did things like that often happen in the years before I joined?
  6. I absolutely agree. His cultural descriptions and lore are amazing.
  7. Yup. Not fun. Cali. I'm so glad that my stuff didn't burn down. It was scary.
  8. Name. Rank. Faction. Five points for that and five for this question: What are you most excited to see in the WoT show? Aman Mod, Asha’man, Logain Light I’m most excited to see Logain’s extra story time. I really like him as a character, and think it will be awesome to see him get more screen time. Also, I apologize for this being a bit late, I’ve had a lot going on recently.
  9. I agree. I’m sorry I haven’t been super active, I got evacuated because of fire, and just got home a couple days ago. Congrats on the baby! Yep! I’ll get to that. Again, sorry about lagging a little on duty, life has been super busy for me recently. Thanks for the reminder.
  10. Considering I say Gawyn as Gwayn, I have to agree. Pretending is fun.
  11. They do. The Second Age is the Age of Legends. The First Age is most likely our Age.
  12. After the show drops, I assume that there will be new fans coming onto DM, possible ones who have never read the books. Eventually, they will find the BT. When they do, they probably won’t know what it is. That’s fine. The question is though, how do we want to handle that? We need activity and more members if we don’t want to be cut, and new fans are our best chance for more activity. I don’t intend to completely change the BT to fit to new fans, it’s still going to be largely the BT it is now, unless we decide we don’t like something about it. I’d like to have the BT set up properly and stable before the show comes out, but to do that, I need the thoughts of our members. Are there things you don’t like about the BT? Things you do like? Anything you wish we had/did? I won’t be offended by anything you say. If you don’t like something, tell me, and I’ll see what I can do about it. @Wolfbrother31 @Arie @SableSage @Illian Tear @Dar'Jen Ab Owain (Hopefully I didn’t forget anybody. If I did, it’s not personal, I just forgot to tag you)
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