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  1. I think RJ said at one point that there was a massive disaster at the end of the First Age, but I can’t find where he said that. Does anybody else remember this/know where I can find it or am I misremembering? Thanks.
  2. September points: Aman: 296 (roll call and question) Arie: 131 (roll call and question) Dar'Jen: 474 (roll call and question) Wolfbrother31: 113 (roll call and question) SableSage: 83 (roll call and question)
  3. Turning the books into a show will definitely be complicated.
  4. I'm going to see it eventually, but probably not in theater. I'm not sure how the whole Disney thing is going to work. Scarjo was already kinda done with Marvel, since Nat was killed off, but maybe Disney will consider other people before her for other roles after this.
  5. I would love Lews Therin to speak the Old Tongue in talking with Rand. That would be really cool, but then how does that take away from Mat having special Old Tongue knowledge? Because if Rand can already communicate in the Old Tongue pre-Dragonmount, then it takes away from the special-ness of his being able to speak it later, after Veins of Gold. It's a problem for sure.
  6. I have. BW was pretty good. Not the best Marvel movie, but definitely not the worst. It was worth the thirty bucks.
  7. Name, rank, Faction. Five points for that and five for this question: Favorite all-time character? Could be from anything. Aman Asha’man, Mod, Logain Light Favorite all time character is either Lan or Tony Stark.
  8. HA! I’m sure your Aes Sedai conscience appreciates that. Thank you! Thanks! That’s the kind of pins I want them to make. Accurate to the books, and really cool looking.
  9. I’m looking forward to Thor: Love and Thunder most are well, and then the second season of Loki. After that, Multiverse of Madness.
  10. Ooo! Infinity War was a good one, and also the first Marvel movie I saw. What film are you looking forward to the most?
  11. Hmm. I liked Perrin, and I thought Moiraine looked amazing. I understand getting rid of the staff because it’s kinda an unnecessary prop since it gets destroyed in the middle of book one. Lan looks like he’s in linen pajamas, which I don’t totally get, but there we have it. Everybody else is passable. I like the Logain pic, but I’m not totally sure what’s up with the clothes he’s wearing. He was captured in a battle, he should be wearing practical clothes, especially since that’s a lot of Logain’s style. Shadar Logoth looked amazing, and I can’t wait to see the city. I’m trying not to judge too hard based off of pictures, and I am really excited for the show, even with all the changes.
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