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  1. I wished I'd predicted that someone in the cinema would laugh so hard that it sounded like Peppa Pig was in the audience. Also the movie discussion board says that spoilers should be in spoiler tags for 3 weeks cos not everyone has had a chance to see it yet. Thanos demands your silence.
  2. I know where the orange infinity stone is. It's in plain sight in onew of the new release lego sets!
  3. Here and getting the house all sorted out. Curtains are finally done and we're getting a new car.
  4. I meant forwards of course. It's not too bad. It happened on a Sunday so we just had a lazy day. It'll be nice to have it lighter in the evenings and the clock in my car now has the right time again :)
  5. We are a strange mongrel nation. When it's cold we use centigrade but when it's hot we use Fahrenheit
  6. This was mine I was quite sneaky with my questions to help prevent google-fu
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