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  1. I think we're gonna try the copycat version. Yellow cornmeal isn't a thing here but we've discovered that polenta is basically the same thing. After doing proper halloweening this year, Thanksgiving is next and we need to make sure we have a good spread, with enough simple stuff for possible fussy eaters ... who don't like turkey lol
  2. Always make sure your eggs are fresh. Old eggs make for no rise at all.
  3. I think Turin just proved that it's fool proof :) It's all about volume. For the four of us we use two large eggs, then equal volume of milk then same again of plain flour. And a couple of twists of salt. You get your Yorkshire pudding/muffin tins and pop them into the oven on about 180c with a slash of oil in the bottom. Just a few mil really. Get that warmed up before you even try to cook. Also we make the mix and leave it to stand for a good hour, to let the air bubbles develop. Then when the pan's warmed up pop in the mixture. The more you fill it the bigger you'll get. Then back in the oven for a good 25-30 mins. The outside needs time to firm up so the don't totally collapse when they cool.
  4. I think the closest I'm come to that is swimming in Eli Creek on Frazer Island, Australia It's like a natural lazy river ride. It was really weird to swim in fresh water. Never have I ever been to see an Opera.
  5. Me neither. I lose or break them too often. Never have I been to Jordancon
  6. You drove half a truck? I have been to Scotland a few times. I did a caravan road trip with my parent's all around various places including the Isle of Skye and Loch Ness. Also Edinburgh a couple of times and a stay in a cottage in the low lands. Never have I used the instagram thingy.
  7. We found a secret in our city. A real old fashioned library. It's all wood and shhhhhhhh and was founded in the 1700s. It's the oldest fee paying private library in the country. Turin's going to go on a tour. Sadly I'll be working.
  8. I recommend the Fionavar Trilogy by Guy Gavriel Kay and Mordant's Need by Stephen Donaldson.
  9. I'm building an army of egg checkers.
  10. Hello Elektra :) Welcome to DM. I once bought a Cadbury's cream egg from my school tuck shop. When I bit into it it was full of dead ants. It had been badly stored and infiltrated. I still like them but I always check for ants even now. The social groups are fun :)
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