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  1. Last day of the month, but I'm here! Adella, Blue Aes Sedai (also, when I typed Aes, my phone autocorrected to Awesome... So I'm the Awesome Sedai)
  2. Adella is here, head of the blueberries I voted for Semi for the whole torture thing. It stood out the most in my memory.
  3. You're telling me!! I'm tired of reminding him and having no success.
  4. Is... Isn't that what novices are for?? *Wide innocent eyes as she tucks the paint cans around the corner with a weave of air*
  5. *walks in carrying buckets of paint* ok guys, sorry I'm late- *Spots Elgee, spins on her heel and walks out*
  6. Ugh, I was all set to go and then we had to move! Ed is gonna be there, I'll make sure he gives you a good squeeze. Verb too. What? I mean hugs!
  7. Congrats Cross!! I'm so excited for you!!! *Snuggletackles* Here is your raising prezzie!
  8. So many congratulations to you Cross, and the Browns for their new full Sister!! Here is a nice new dress to get your new Aes Sedai wardrobe started.
  9. Totally Joe, he could absolutely pull that off if he can do a serious role. Adella, Blue Ajah, checking in.
  10. *Wraps her Blue shawl around her shoulders and steps forward after Blank has finished.* I will stand for her, Mother. Cross and I became friends fairly quickly after she joined the Tower, and I can honestly say she is a fun, kind, and genuine person. She is active in the community we have here, joining in on most of our boards and interacting with newer and older members alike. Always authentic, she cares for those she gets to interact with, lending an ear to listen, and taking an active interest in our real lives. Not only is her personality an asset, she is also
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