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  1. Yeah, I could never imagine you being a morning person LOL I also think I know this one.
  2. Long Time No See

    Lol, been good. Took a 7 or so year break recently myself, only been back for about... I dunno, 6 months or so? Maybe longer. I'm old and lose track of time now. I'm genuinely surprised if you remember me tho LOL!
  3. I think I know the answer, but I don't want to keep us going back and forth lol
  4. Long Time No See

    Holy wow, blast from the past!
  5. March 2018 Roll Call

  6. 3 is the lie, it's very close, but I do just slightly prefer dogs.
  7. *snort* knew it 1) Apples are my favorite fruit 2) Babies are my favorite stage of human life 3) Cats are my favorite mammal
  8. Bahaha, I'm pretty sure it's #2
  9. 2 was the lie! Cross your turn!!
  10. Nope, it's #1. I still haven't gotten to his Alcatraz books, although they're on my list. 1) I have 2 siblings 2) I have 3 pets 3) I have 4 grandparents still alive
  11. Coke is life 1) I have read everything published by Brandon Sanderson 2) Reading is my only real hobby 3) I learned to read from Hooked on Phonics when I was 3
  12. Stranger Things (Food)

    Oh, people think it's odd that I put peanut butter on pancakes, waffles, and french toast, and then the syrup.
  13. Stranger Things (Food)

    Oh, so I love steak, and I don't think it NEEDS anything extra if it's a good steak... But A1 Peppercorn sauce is so good! I have to have it. I put it on boneless chicken breasts too. I also like to mix the A1 Peppercorn with ranch sauce and dip fries in it... Try it, it's amazing. Ranch on pretty much anything is so good really... *Drools*
  14. Stranger Things (Food)

    My husband thinks I'm weird because I can sit down and eat a whole jar of zesty pickles. Idk if that's actually weird or just a silly thing between him and I.