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  1. Errr.. I think I must be doing this wrong lol.. How do you have time for that?
  2. It was scary to start, and it is scary now when he cries and I don't know why, but at the same time I feel like I'm getting to know him better, so we'll get there together.
  3. Meet Jakob. He was 4 weeks old yesterday (born 13.12.19). When he was born he was 2,415 kg/5.5 lbs and 46,5 cm /18 inches, so a tiny little bean. He wasn't technically premature, since we were already at 38 weeks, but still tiny as a premature baby. That's also why I got induced at 38 weeks, because he wasn't taking enough nutrition on the inside. The first week and a half was probably the most stressful time I've ever had, seeing as we were in the hospital for five days, and everything was about getting him to eat as much as possible, and he kept spitting up everything, so when I got home I also stressed a lot about his eating until he just showed me that he was going to do it his way, and now things have finally settled a bit with his eating. He's starting to have a bit of a personality now, and he has gained 600grams over the last couple of weeks, that's like 1 1/3lbs. He's still not catching up weight wise, but he's following his own curve. Anyway, here are some pics... yes, he has a ton of hair.
  4. Hi... Sooh still blue, just not here so much anymore. And yes, that's because of the clubs. It's too much work for me to navigate and read all the new content that I want to, so I prefer just leaving instead of being here and being irritated about it. PS. Look for a new post from me in a few minutes. I have somebody I need to introduce to you all! (I don't know where I'll post it, so I guess it'll be like a scavenger hunt just to find it. Good luck.)
  5. Here. I enjoy alone time a lot more since I got married.
  6. Lol oh boy! finally! ? Thanks guys
  7. I think the mafia roleblocker would just be a normal roleblocker. It's my understanding of the definition that a day roleblocker would block roles that happen during the day, and since there are none of that here, and you specify they will be roleblocked during the night, it's just a regular roleblocker. (which would mean they could also choose at night who to roleblock, seeing as there's no need to do it before, because then you'd end up with a dilemma if they chose to roleblock the lynched person) Another thing, I think definitely random.org is the way to go with fluctuating roles, seeing as I believe it would be possible for town to clear one another if they got to choose who to send the role on to. I also think that a role should be gone from the game if the person who's holding it is lynched, not just night killed. Would it be possible for a person to be handed the same role several times in a row if random.org is used? I'm also not sure if cop is too strong a role in this setup. Perhaps a tracker would be better, but idk.
  8. 80s clothes though... Also I'm a coke zero girl. I drink it sometimes, but not as often as I used to.
  9. I'm pretty sure I've built a birdhouse, and furniture, and helped remodeling various rooms. Does that count? Entire house in the Sims too ?
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