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  1. Here. I enjoy alone time a lot more since I got married.
  2. Lol oh boy! finally! 🙂 Thanks guys
  3. I think the mafia roleblocker would just be a normal roleblocker. It's my understanding of the definition that a day roleblocker would block roles that happen during the day, and since there are none of that here, and you specify they will be roleblocked during the night, it's just a regular roleblocker. (which would mean they could also choose at night who to roleblock, seeing as there's no need to do it before, because then you'd end up with a dilemma if they chose to roleblock the lynched person) Another thing, I think definitely random.org is the way to go with fluctuating roles, seeing as I believe it would be possible for town to clear one another if they got to choose who to send the role on to. I also think that a role should be gone from the game if the person who's holding it is lynched, not just night killed. Would it be possible for a person to be handed the same role several times in a row if random.org is used? I'm also not sure if cop is too strong a role in this setup. Perhaps a tracker would be better, but idk.
  4. 80s clothes though... Also I'm a coke zero girl. I drink it sometimes, but not as often as I used to.
  5. I'm pretty sure I've built a birdhouse, and furniture, and helped remodeling various rooms. Does that count? Entire house in the Sims too ?
  6. This weekend has felt nice and long for me. I truly appreciate that. The break has been needed!
  7. The Blues are not super active these days, but we pop in every now and then. Out saving the world and stuff ? Happy to have a visitor though ❤️
  8. How did I not post here? Also I'm here and can't pick.
  9. https://www.boredpanda.com/fictional-characters-classified-by-color-part-2-linda-bouderbala/?cexp_id=20620&cexp_var=21&_f=featured
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