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  1. Well, I said I wanted a game, so I better sign up, right? 😄 /in #sorusty
  2. I can't remember if we've had a full mentor game here for the time that I've been here, but we've definitely allowed players to play with mentors in regular games before.
  3. The song is literally called Hate will prevail, so it's pretty much anti-everything. I don't like it lol. I did like Norway's song this year. It had some traditional Sami elements. Glad you're enjoying your games on MU, Wifi! 😄
  4. lol I figured that song would be a little too special for you, Z You've been playing at MU, Wifi? Yeah, that's a very different environment than DM. Are you ok with the atmosphere there?
  5. I feel like I introduced Zander to two very important things in this life... Dr Horrible and Lordi. I don't know which one I'm more proud of... You should have heard Iceland in the Eurovision this year Z.. I'm not sure you would have liked it or if it would have been a bit too weird though.
  6. Hey guys! Does anybody want a game? I can run or I will come out of retirement to play. I'm feeling the itch for the first time in a long time.... ❤️
  7. Dead thread mafia team and mason team are free to post theirs.
  8. Ok, my response was not intended to seem snappy, so if it made you feel that way, then that was not my intention.
  9. The DL extension was more for me actually than for the game. I was super tired and not sure I'd make DL myself (hence Cory helped), but I decided that I needed at least half of the people from either faction in on it, and since I soon realized I wouldn't get that I cancelled that idea. It was spur of the moment and probably stupid, but I hope it didn't affect the game very negatively. It was never supposed to be there, so the fact that it didn't happen made it the way I intended for the game to be. The time I chose for DL was the time that worked best for me, right at my bedtime. I'm not going to warp my schedule to host a mafia game. I realize this means it's going to be early in the morning Aus, and middle to late afternoon US, and is as such not a great time, but I didn't want to stay up until 1 or 2 am to make DL better. Sorry, not sorry :P
  10. Spreadsheet Probably not interesting, but whatever :P
  11. Sorry guys. I was at my grandmother's house to do laundry, because Norway has this terrible draught, and we're on well water which... there's no more. I came home really late, so this was as early as I was able to both write a writeup and post a flip. It has been a hectic game to host, at least in my current schedule lol. Thanks for playing everyone! <3
  12. That's a lynch! Kat (2): Ironeyes, Zander, Zander (1): Kat, In the deep of the night, Bill Weasley somehow ended up skewered on top of the highest tower of Hogwarts. As if that wasn't bad enough, the whole next day a trio of survivors of these strange shenanigans could be observed around the school, furiously debating among themselves which one of them might be responsible for these gruesome killings! Cho Chang was clinging to Cedrick Diggory by his robe, staring deep into his eyes with her most innocent look. Over on his other side, Neville Longbottom was attempting the same tactic, but since he hadn't Longbottomed yet, Cedrick didn't fall for his charm, and together Cedrick and Cho Chang chased Neville into the forest, into the lair of Aragog! As they heard wild screams from inside the lair they both turned their backs and walked back to Hogwarts. Kat was lynched, she was Neville Longbottom, Vanilla Town. As they passed over the long bridge towards Hogwarts, Cho Chang went over to the railing, leaning over to see how deep the ravine went. Cedrick followed, concerned she might fall if he didn't watch out for her. In a flash she bent over and grabbed his legs, somehow using her small frame to lift them off the ground. Unfortunately for Cedrick, she had already lured his wand out from his pocket, otherwise he might have been able to make a spell to save himself from the fall. Ironeyes has died. He was Cedrick Diggory, Vanilla Town. Humming, Cho Chang walked back to Hogwarts. The plan was complete. Everyone on the list were dead. Zander, Cho Chang, Mafia Goon and Lessa have won!
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