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  1. I keep forgetting to log on here. Only remembered today since we got a startup month for the tv show!
  2. More or less 🙂 Still not super active. May lapse back to not active when we get kiddo #2, but for now I'm at least around a little!
  3. Psst: Could we repost the hangman for every response? If we get a big one it's going to be difficult to always go back to the original post. It should be just a copy/paste for the person hosting. Just a wish 🙂
  4. Granted, but all the songs have been replaced by I wish I had an endless supply of money.
  5. Not quite that long. He's almost 1 1/2, so he won't be 2 yet by the time of the second baby. I'm scared lol.
  6. I as in i... Don't want any confusion.
  7. As shadowies we like lurking... so does our threads...
  8. Well there you go 🙂 Happy the position is filled!! Definitely better than me and my shoddy presence!
  9. Are you talking about leading the shadow? I'm scared to say that I will, because I know the new baby will come in like three months, and I'm not sure I will have the time to be around here as often as the position warrants.
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