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  1. Incredibly sorry for your loss, brother. If theres anything I can do, lmk.
  2. I proposed a Cory/me hydra. Not sure its allowed but yolo
  3. I know Dice expressed interest in this before. I would be fine sending Dice if he has the time to do it. Should only be about 1000 posts every 36-48 hours?
  4. That... doesn't sound like me.
  5. You, too, brother. I won't lie - I thought you were doing some next level crap when you put me as one of your highest townreads. I couldn't see where the trap was, but I definitely was hesitant to trust your honesty. I tried to play off BFG's play towards me as well as I could. I figured you and Tripped were the ones most likely to look at how she and I interacted, so I needed spinability for whatever she did.
  6. TBF I did openwolf a little bit. I made no attempt to hide the fact I was actively PR hunting D1 (and had the perfect excuse for it if anybody called me), and I basically tried to direct it exactly where I wanted it to go.
  7. Because I like the attention.
  8. Yeah, but you were objectively wrong Zander lol
  9. GG everyone, well done mafibros. Thanks for the game, Darthe!
  10. Anyone around? I'm cooking dinner but can check in on my phone.
  11. I would call MYLO with a mostly inactive IC and both of your scum reads awol a pinch.
  12. I support anyone who has time to play.
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