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  1. Isn't it your country that as an aversion to EU?
  2. Clovdyx

    NFL Discussion

    As a reminder, if they throw the flag there - it was a blatant penalty - the Saints kill the clock and win it.
  3. Clovdyx

    NFL Discussion

    Worst no call I've ever seen.
  4. Clovdyx

    NFL Discussion

    Saints (not JUST being a homer), Pats (mostly being a homer).
  5. Clovdyx

    Terror in the Bakery - Game Thread

    You were v/v in Leelou's Twilight Mafia. ...went okay...
  6. Clovdyx

    Terror in the Bakery - Game Thread

    Won't even lie - I town read you for your first post.
  7. Clovdyx

    Terror in the Bakery - Game Thread

    GG all. Congrats town. I read exactly 1 post this game and got my read right.
  8. Clovdyx

    NFL Discussion

  9. Clovdyx

    NFL Discussion

    Good luck in Arrowhead, Lamar.
  10. Clovdyx

    NFL Discussion

    Dallas, Chicago, Texans, Chargers UNLESS the Ravens game is a 1:00 PM eastern in which case give me the birds.
  11. Clovdyx

    CFB Discussion

    The two that won. I don't know what Clemson can do to beat Bama if Tua plays the way he did. I mean, realistically, is Clemson's offense going to be better than Oklahoma's? Not likely.
  12. How 'bout it, Griff? Chupa-thingy.... I like it! 'Sgot a ring to it.
  13. No, I think he called her a slut!