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  1. We have a newbie around...wonder if theyve met Bob yet.....lolololol
  2. Great to hear... Tell Eld I said hello!
  3. Then I guess we better put on a show.... I know you mean the tv series but still... Lololololol
  4. Hey Lily how are you and Eld making out?!?!?!
  5. Lololol. We're getting old Mother...I mean I am ofc!!!! And why does your grin still scare me?!?!?!! LOLOLOLOLOL It did my friend!!!! But it was all totally worth it for me....to others maybe not so much...lolololol Well then Welcome to DM and Mother's Madhouse...I mean Mother's Loonie Bin.....I mean Mother's Tower of Torture.....I mean White Tower..... *hides from Mother*
  6. Howdy! You an old timer returning or a newer person to DM?
  7. Howdy Mother.... I'm still above ground and won't complain about it too much... Lololololol How about yourself???
  8. Shad can always speak for me!!!! ❤️
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