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  1. Unfortunately for u and the Rams and cards.... You all getting at least 2 losses each... Lololololol
  2. 9ers 1-0 16 more We till 17-0 and the #QUEST4SIX IS COMPLETE!!!!!
  3. I think I have some old rp characters tho I forget ranks n weapon scores but thinking of rping again. Lmk what needs to be done again... It's been a long min since last time... Lololololol
  4. Killing Is My Business ness and Business is Good - Megadeth
  5. Welcome to the Band and enjoy your stay If you're an enemy best get outta the way When you see the Red Hand, y'all should pray We serve wit jak o the shadows Inf, Cav and Archers, 3 headed like the Bible Bow down to us and not your false idols Cause when we fight we ending your vitals We win wit jak o the shadows
  6. Great Big Sea a Canadian band.... Lololololol Losing My Religion - REM
  7. It's The End of The World-Great Big Sea Also love Alice in Chains.... Lololololol
  8. Metallica my fav band.... Lololololol Harveter of Sorrow-Metallica
  9. How appropriate..... Lololololol Chop Suey- System of a Down
  10. Because I'm the male Canadian version of you?!?!?!?!? Lololololol Everything I do - Bryan Adams
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