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  1. I said it was in the Antarcic aka Antarctica No Atlantis isnt Greek nor has it ever been proven it was real. High place that sometimes gets very very hot, in Antratica named after something from greek mythology by a place that shares a namesake with a character from Friends. Its a male character as well.
  2. Also worth noting i gave u way more clues then u gave me...lol
  3. There are penguins. Yes i am on one. Characters name
  4. I don't mean im usually high (which is true) i meant literally im standing on a high place.
  5. The Sahara isnt the biggest desert in the world. Polar bears are only in the arctic. Lots and lots of snow. After the name of the place im standing. My Friends comment is in relation to a characters name and a place of the same name on the continent im referencing. Im looking for something the nature created itself. Greek mythology directly relates to the actually answer.
  6. Thats not the answer if that's what youre looking for....need to be specific............ And not sure what you think my Friends ref actually is.
  7. Never said it was nor use it. But i see what u mean now and ofc will. Sad that's the take away from that post now. Im sure another SJW got thier wings and halo from this post tho...
  8. Yes unless im high Yes but didnt mention sand. No No No No No Yes
  9. Gotta put the clues together. Its a specific name to a specific place/nature/natural earth object.
  10. Thats not me being a jerk, just Lavs rules for the game...lol
  11. Obv cant give that answer. Can only answer yes/no questions.
  12. Should be enough info. And not making the answer stupid complicated. Because Im Jay Zeasy
  13. Glglglgl will either be really easy or really hard.
  14. Im chilling way up high in the worlds biggest dessert with my close friend from Friends while studying Greek mythology. But gotta be carful it can be hot as hell here once in awhile.
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