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  1. Ofc there is...Proper 12 is sold in Canada...lololololol
  3. What do Archers know about the front line?!?!?!?! You guys all hide behind us as we take care of business and pick off the leftovers from the distance...lolololol
  4. Any and all booze have been confiscated and drank by me!!!!! MHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! Welcome back!!!! #Inf4life
  5. Whether you win by 100 or by 1...a win is still a win....lol
  6. Just like we did in the regular season?!?!?!....oh no wait we beat them...lolololol
  7. But couldnt take out my mighty 9ers!!!!
  8. Theyd have to steal it cause they couldn't beat anyone..Kirk Cousins is a choke artist.
  9. Lmao you act like you know what youre talking about but i dont do opinions i do stats and numbers. And numbers dont lie. Total Points 1. Baltimore- We lost by 3 2. SF- Oh wow we've scored more pts then you. 3. NO- We beat em and they dropped 46 on us...lol 4. Tampa- lolWinstion in 30 30 club. 5. KC- You didnt even avg 30 ppg...lawl. PPG 1. BALTIMORE 2. SF 3. KC Avg Scoring Margin 1. Baltimore 2. SF 3. NE 4. KC Time of Possession 4. SF 21. KC Pass Yards PG 4. KC 21. SF Rush Yards PG 2. SF 22. KC So by the numbers our offense is better....now lets look at the defenses... RUSH YARDS ALL PG 11. SF 25. KC Pass Yards All PG 1. SF 14. KC Points All PG 5. SF 10. KC Total Sacks 5. SF 11. KC And so is our Defense.
  10. Its all aboot the scheme and Titans dont have the best blocking TE and best blocking FB in the league. Also Titans D aint the 9ers D bro. 9ers also the #1 Passing D in the league... Hard for Mahomes to throw TDs from the flat of his back and or running for his life. #QUEST4SIX
  11. #QUEST4SIX Bring on the Chiefs!!!! How do you stop a high powered offense?!?!?!? Run for over 200 yards!!!! LETS GO!!!!
  12. This was from our only game this year... SF 38- GB 7 was the score. I was rooting for the Pack cause the Hawks are a divisional opponent and we split our 2 games this season. We were also missing 2 our our top Defenders that game we whopped you this year....lolololol I expect the game to be closer this time tho.. SF 31 GB 27
  13. I told you not to cook anything Dice!!!! He tries to make 1 meal and lights Australia on fire!!!!!
  14. Barely!!!! Lololololol Hope you and yours had a Merry Christmas and have a blessed New Year!!!!!
  15. Hope you and the family are safe CASSGOATENFPMUSICTWINHYDRAFRAND!!!! (Hugs)
  16. Who can come up with the best Aes Sedai and Warder gif/pics. Which includes both an Aes Sedai and a Warder can be real or a drawing. Ex:
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