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  1. Man o man I wish I could sleep Go to lala land really deep Keep counting those stupid sheep I try to get sleeping pills from Jak o the Shadows Hush lil' Zander dont say a word Nevermind that noise u heard Wanting sleep, lol dont be absurd I stuff under my bed the body of Jak o the Shadows
  2. Alright Dice, gauntlets dropped 'Fore steppin, give it thought But for you the W cant be bought I slap Jak o the Shadows Ladies, gentlemen boys and girls Bout to drop jots that shoot to thrill Bring that silverchair overkill I compare knives with Jak o the Shadows
  3. I got this one too ...wonder if mines still around....lololololol
  4. Chillax brah. The Bossman does wtf he wants!!!! Lololololol
  5. Jots now has not 1 but 2 queens Their verses are fun and clean Much more cool then digging latrines They rule with Jak o the Shadows But heres the Return of the King Fresh flowing JoTs is what I bring Like TB12, cept i got more bling I await more JoTs with Jak o the Shadows
  6. Lav is now writing "Lavish" JoTs With skill, with swag with lotsa thought Becoming the next JoTs Tupac She drops rhymes with Jak o the Shadows
  7. As a former Pats hater tho recently transformed into just a Pats disliker thanks to Chris Frand and Linz Frand ...the Pats loss was in a rather large part to really bad officating imho.
  8. You're right ill ignore your Patrick Mahomes pic and say youre a Ravens fan...thats whose winning the AFC....
  9. The words were supposed to come after gif but still....#nailedit Lolololol
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