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  1. Something aboot the English eh......lol
  2. What am I, a new member of Oasis?!?!?!
  3. Only Lav can make crap cute.. lawl.
  4. Mother enjoys watching the sweaty shirtlese Warders practice.... lol
  5. What happened to the thread after i posted at the beginning is what Ebolaids is....lawl
  6. Hears something muttering in the wind Ah well he asked for it.....
  7. Zander parries and sidesteps and launches into, Canadian men are real men followed by Holy Crikey Thunder then ofc the final blow, A Dingo ate my baby.
  8. I don't want to kill poor Dice....i just want to hurt him a bit....lawl
  9. Who cares about bows and arrows Their courage like their skills, narrow Hopeless as Captain Jack Sparrow They miss the target of Jak o the Shadows
  10. Youre not seriously trying to tell me the Chief's were effected as badly as the Pats were by the refs are you???? It was 2 tds taken away ffs..
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