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  1. PotC Mafia Game - Day 1

    1. Darthe You're saying a lot about me. Do you have a read?
  2. PotC Mafia Game - Day 1

    1. Darthe Cass is talking about me a lot but really isn't talking to me. I'm not a fan of that this early, feels like you need a read before you get invested. Cass why is that?
  3. PotC Mafia Game - Day 1

    Hey you seem to have an excess of opinions. Do me a favor and give me one of those cliche lists so that I can flame you for it not aligning perfectly with my thoughts.
  4. PotC Mafia Game - Day 1

    Also please keep talking about me <3 my internal need for attention is the only reason I wake in the morning.
  5. PotC Mafia Game - Day 1

    1. Darthe This is a whole lot of talk that I'm getting very little from. I do have a couple of quick questions though. Why is dice so suspect? I'm not seeing a root for that like at all and it's real tempting to say that this thread is full of forced pushes rn and discount these things because of it. Are we still using ISO tags?
  6. PotC Mafia Game - Day 1

    1. Darthe ^
  7. PotC Mafia Game - Day 1

    Sure, your working,but the stuff you did with me in particular looked to me like work for the sake of work. Also it was at the dead beginning of the game, which to me says tryharding. I'm supposed to evaluate quality of content and not just quantity, so here and now I'm trying to figure out if what you were doing was really an attempt to solve. And if it was, why did you feel that you could do that a few pages in? This is stuff that isn't clicking for me rn.
  8. PotC Mafia Game - Day 1

    I didn't get that from your posts. I got that you were tossing out enough on a few people to at best stir the pot and at worst create some trouble.
  9. PotC Mafia Game - Day 1

    Nah dice knew it was a reference. Stick with me here for a sec
  10. PotC Mafia Game - Day 1

    But if you were serious about it then why haven't you been chasing it any? You got off on dice instead of following through, and sure you voted but I haven't gotten the sense that that was more than a placehder.
  11. PotC Mafia Game - Day 1

    Hmm. Was I supposed to take you seriously? It's a page 1 miller claim referencing leterally the previous game. I am particularly talented. Do these tags really not work? It's a pain in the ass to remember them.
  12. PotC Mafia Game - Day 1

    1. Darthe ^
  13. PotC Mafia Game - Day 1

    If dice is a wolf this is a good look but this all feels premature to me so I'm skeptical.
  14. PotC Mafia Game - Day 1

    If you think my unclaim was wolfy then show the class Eld. Hell, show me cause I'd like to see it. So far I'm feeling pretty good about the game thread. It's a bit slow, but the state of things is nicw and people seem thoughtful which is always a good sign D1. Has anyone said anything yet about how wolves should technically try to "forget" to tag some of their posts? Every advantage counts, right? Or would that be breaking the rules? 1. Darthe - cause it's be awkward to say that then forget.
  15. PotC Mafia Game - Day 1

    1. Darthe the above post is mine