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  1. AJ ❤️ you man. That's awful news, I'll pray for you and your family.
  2. Yeah don't know what Nol sees, I like your lil floof Leelou :).
  3. Ash fell from a sky that no longer resembled night or day. It coated everything in a dark wave, the only signs of what once was displayed as small lumps beneath the mountains of Ash. Of Luthadel, or the Lord Ruler, or Preservation their was no sign. The only thing that remained was Ruin. Mafia wins! Congratulations to Dead thread and mafia chat:
  4. It's possible that our world isn't the way it's supposed to be. Ancient texts speak of times past where everything was different, where the sky was blue and the ground was green. A time where there were flowers. That time may come again, but OreSuer won't be around to see it. I am starting to think that maybe none of us will. Dice 2.0 - OreSuer, town vanilla has been relynched. It is now night. Please submit your night actions in an orderly fashion.
  5. Official Vote Count: AJ: Dice Dice: AJ, Clov Not Voting: Marsh, Kat, Nyn
  6. Hmm, I access mine by phone. I'll send it to you and just click the three horizontal lines on the top right to see where I sent you a message. Hopefully it works!
  7. We will have to discuss it in the dead thread 😛
  8. Yeah I dunno. They might be moving, if they're like me.
  9. When you're hunting for spikes in a group with the world's most talented soother it doesn't take long to think, maybe he is the problem. At least, it shouldn't. If it does, he's definitely the problem, I suppose. Sometimes it's hard to tell with soothers. All of those questions evaporated like mid-morning mist when we found him spiked to a wall. Wildfire Sedai - Breeze, town vanilla has been killed. It is now day!
  10. Glad you're feeling a bit better WiFi, and I am impressed at how receptive you are to getting help when you need it 🙂 thats pretty awesome.
  11. Dice has replaced Hallia! Remember it's night time. Don't wander out in the mists.
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