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  1. Shad_

    The Pink Loincloth Tavern

    I don't know why the thread opened to a year+ old post instead of the current one when I clicked on it, but I am going to pretend i didn't notice that for an excuse to share:
  2. Shad_

    Black Tower Roll Call: December

    My mom makes pretty epic cookies. They're pretty basic, only kickers I know of are orange rind and cinnamon stars. But mmmm
  3. I still can't ping people and type messages in the same post. So weird... LAST CALL Round 1 ends in roughly 3 days (might be extended a few if I"m busy, but no guarantees after that). No harm if you don't vote, just a courtesy call.
  4. I have seen Nyn rand town vig and literally just shoot people she dislikes and sub out. Even if she's town I don't think she could care less what my actual alignment is because she always places her vendettas first, and if she's a wolf she has the precedent to get away with this sort of bailout. Arie looks like she basically gave up after Hallia's claim. We are lynching her. If Nyn is a villager and actually game throws to bail her out I don't even care if we lose.
  5. I'm not getting baited into this again.