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  1. I still can't ping people and type messages in the same post. So weird... LAST CALL Round 1 ends in roughly 3 days (might be extended a few if I"m busy, but no guarantees after that). No harm if you don't vote, just a courtesy call.
  2. I have seen Nyn rand town vig and literally just shoot people she dislikes and sub out. Even if she's town I don't think she could care less what my actual alignment is because she always places her vendettas first, and if she's a wolf she has the precedent to get away with this sort of bailout. Arie looks like she basically gave up after Hallia's claim. We are lynching her. If Nyn is a villager and actually game throws to bail her out I don't even care if we lose.
  3. I'm not getting baited into this again.
  4. I have never seen Hallia pull FPS stunts for clearance ever I guess someone else could call the shots but it's not something in her normal playbook at all Why is EP so high
  5. I saw the notice and was hoping for a Ley-style catching up post
  6. EP I swear to god you have one of the most tilting playstyles I have ever encountered regardless of your alignment lol If you are a villager please slow your brain down and process what you are saying and attempt to form coherent explanations for why you believe the reads you have in this game. If you are a wolf, I guess it's working decently enough so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  7. We don't have much of a choice on that
  8. ok fun chat Let's lynch Arie
  9. Krak is IC Ed is very very likely town pending crazy things AJ is very very likely town pending crazy things If Arie is a wolf Hallia is town always That leaves Nyn, DPR, Kat, and you I've been ignoring you because I thought you were a villager and attempting to converse with you is impossible. Flips happened ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  10. um I gather you're referring to this post? Try again
  11. Ok. Explain "other data"
  12. This isn't like an argument
  13. Like ok let's pretend I'm a wolf Unless you think AJ is also a wolf, why would I have mechanical certainty as to how Lenlo died?