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  1. Yes, sorry MoN. Right away MoN. *bows and curtsey* ( hope you are doing fine *hugs* )
  2. Snooped a little in your class (are not allowed to write to you in there), but I have to say you sound really interesting, and I can't wait to get to know you more, and maybe swap a recipe or two😜 hey aspie cuties, @Maera , @Caldazar al'Aemon , @IdleCuriosity , @Calindra *hugs all sisters and brothers* hope 2020 is treating you all well! and lookie here what the new year brought us *points at new brother*
  3. Hi there, so nice to meet another archer! Oh they are around here somewhere, at least jea is, and I've also seen shad and illian since I joined. and then ofcourse I live here, although I'm not an archer, but still😄
  4. *Peeks in the door* oh my, mashi it's beautiful! *sees a cat hiding under a table clearly trying to figure out how to get to the food* hi there little kitty, hungry are we? *sneaks in grab some sashimi and a handfull of shrimps, and settle under the table with kitty in the lap. Having perfect wiev of the dashing warder james, twirling one aes sedai after another, on the dance floor*
  5. I think you would be a marvelous dragon reborn!👍 *applauds maera for really cool thread* I think I am a goat and a rabbit😃
  6. Congrats tay! Whyever would you want to fit into others shoes when your own fits you perfect? You'll do great. *snuggles tay*
  7. Hiyah and welcome to the angel's quarters (aka aspies) @Jacen al'Miere !!!!
  8. Lava - novice https://dragonmount.com/forums/topic/107795-lavandula’s-graduation/
  9. @Maera @Cross Happy (very) belated young ladies, hope you both had lovely celebrations xoxo 😘 (Nice new pic maera!)
  10. Winter brake in texas sure seems tempting right now.. Lol *looking out window on never-ending snow* sigh...
  11. yellow ajah visit (last two weeks of 2019 ( to be continued...)
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