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  1. *wanders of (in spirit ofcourse) to look for cookpot rules* Ah I now see..I mist actually work for us both to get pointies..and here I thought I was on spa and arie would do the work..being the chef..😝
  2. Sing it! Aaaaaall gonna shine a light together...lalalaaaaa...light up the magic...lalalaaaaaaaa!!!! 🎶🎵
  3. How excactly long will I sit here in this pot? Will I get some pointies for it? And most importantly how will I taste? Cause I don't know if anyone noticed but I'm not a particularly patient lightful..and it might be awfully booooring just sitting here..😁
  4. To all the darkies. Let the lighties shine on you!!! Love the lighties 😘
  5. Haha..it's more the rules of not sharing info from pm's, I go by the rule everything is of the table, cause what is private to some is not for others and other way around, so better just not "know" anything at all is my philosophy😛 Hm..that be no good..I'm no expert but either it means a goat will eat our curtains, or if we can't muster up active mods they will throw 20 000 pounds of dynamite and a lit match inside, close the door and call it a day..It may also mean someone burned the last batch of brownies though..🤔
  6. *Looks around for thread rules, see none* You guys be very lucky!
  7. Not to meddle in politics...but uh oh here I go against all my warning alarms..lava shhh...shut up! Go back to your room in the lighties! Do NOT push that button!!!! Last I checked you were left temporary in charge (aka substitute dragon) no? But then there was school and you looked away from the house, with a sweet little lava half asleep inside, but THEN there came more kids, aman and star and arie and sage and well you get the drift.. and then KABLAM!!! And then we sorta well... Lesson to learn: NEVER, leave kids unatended, and never ever, ever turn y
  8. Well it worked didn't it? Illian: !go fish Bot: you caught a lava Illian: uuuuuh... @*!#:
  9. Ugh..what be wrong with this kindergarten lately? It's more grown ups than kids, it's just not natural!!!!
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