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  1. Is it something naughty? Like a queen being very vocal while doing something not pg13? 🤨
  2. It could be ironic.. Maybe a very shy gay guy or drag queen, or a gay guy or drag queen that doesn't have the most um..pleasant singing voice?
  3. Congratulations to you and your family! It must have been strange with corona restrictions, but also so special and precious in these times, with such a selebration of love🤗
  4. I thought so🙂 can't wait to hear the final conclusions (when it's done)!
  5. Haha was thinking more in the direction of maybe I'm to old to wear a crop top lol..but in my defense I plan to use it with high waste pants😝 I loved when one of the other (can't remember who) said; tan you gonna make every straight man in America wear a french tuck one guy at a time (or something like that)😂
  6. Oh lol autocorrect (I swear I turned it of but I also swear I didn't write that lol) it was supposed to say drama queen
  7. I'm hooked...I wonder what tan woulda said to my new crop top..lol
  8. Yeah that was my favorite too😄
  9. Mwahaha.. How's it going, you busy with your doctorate, or...? 😏
  10. Oh my I have no idea lol, but I can take a wild guess.. A dragqueen that sings opera? A dragqueen that is very loud and vocal? Cause we are on drag queen, or wait didn't Jonathan call Tan a queen in queer eye once, I could have sworn so.. If so.. A very loud and vocal gay guy? Um how many guesses do one get btw?
  11. Well now that both dogs, and millon are cleaned...I mean house cleaned, car cleaned, my sword cleaned, bob cleaned...barraks..I mean I don't know... sit around and wait for james to inspect my work?😁 Watcha up to lii?
  12. Mwahaha I didn't even remember how many books there were, but I do remember the ending and I don't really see how a book five would go.. Maybe something in the same lane as new spring?
  13. It might..😏 lol. as I understood it's a typical lesbian slang or is it also used by others? It's a really fast paced relationship, for example if you move in really faster than "normal (aka societys expectations)", right?
  14. You know I always tells pooch you gonna get washed wether you like it or not, so you might as well learn to like it😇 but if you still got complaints *pointing at @JamesBrown* like I said boss's orders😁
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