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  1. Oh and we mustn forget. A black rose for the lovely new addition. Welcome to the dark side😁
  2. So I'm working on some fan art, well..I did research to my inspiration (potato potahto), for an art's club project and I tawt I would make something I can use in BT. It feel so homey here now 🤗
  3. Yeeeee... Mohahahaha... *swinging around waving the sword* it be the best of two worlds wooohoooo!!!! Here I can do both warder stuff and aes sedai stuff (only more channeling) illian should have started off with that, and I woulda been here much sooner😁😁😁
  4. Well that's to bad...for you! More cake for us in the lights, but congrats on the rank😇
  5. Lava I guess I'm a dedicated by now.. So far I think I'll go with dragon reborn. Well I guess this is going to sound a little weird that's why I first just went with TDR.. But I did read New spring eons ago, but I can't really remember much about it.. You would think if one really liked something you would remeber it..still the feelings I get when thinking about it is, it was really wonderfull and I always planned to read it again too.
  6. You had a lot these last couple of years and corona on top of it, I'm with Aman hope it calms down sooner rather than later now, and very nice too see you again😊
  7. Welcome home, so lovely to see you dar! Hope everything is fine *hugs*
  8. That is correct!!! Yeah the point was people had to ask questions to figure out where they were, but a little bird told me (to late) I made it to easy, cause someone climbed the wall there in almost that excact manner (how would I know that lol) 😂 I will check with my sources bettr before next time haha😁 Ok you wanna try channeling someone to a place now? 😊
  9. Uh oh! Someone has been playing with their channeling powers, and you have been sent on an unwilling holliday😲 Ask questions to find out where in the WOT world you are, and the one that guesses it can be the next to send an unfortunate soul on an unplanned holliday😁 Here's the first hint: you find yourself headfirst into a lovely flower bed (sorry bout that I'm still learning, at least the flowers should smell lovely), muthering to yourself (maybe cursing whomever is gulty of this mess) while brushing dirt of your pants. finally arissen and somewhat cleaned up
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