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  1. Thank you, hm yes..that would probably be cool, cause I don't know if you noticed but it is reflector in it. I would share but sadly I cant share any more pics *sad puppy face*
  2. Woooh! Jea you on fire girl🙌 sound plausible to me *nods*
  3. Meeeh..blod doesn't bother me, but sure wash enough clothes as it is, one point to the archers for clean clothes.. Infants got zanzan though that bothers to play games with me, so one for the infants too! (Notices she doesn't see the cavs, maybe they don't like recruits.. One minus point to the cavs for being unfriendly) 😁
  4. Doesn't look like real weapons to me..🤨
  5. But then again, where does that leave the cavs? (And no wonder you get so little recruits) 😝 I ain't digging any latrines, do it behind a bush like normal animals, just watch out for nettles in the summer and you'll be fine..
  6. Interesting 😁 so if the archers are the fun group, the infants is the awsome group where does that leave the cavs? *blinks innocently*
  7. Well I ment lii, but sure I like spamming fun and secrets too😏 I haven't seen you archers spam much though is it an outdated description or is still accurate?
  8. No the program is currently down because of activity level, I wouldn't really know what to choose anyway, lol (I'm not the only recruit here though, you got three and one that is sniffing around for the second time, I think you archers are falling in taste if I were to take a wild guess)
  9. So I'm making this hat, well it's almost done.. It's this loop on the inside that is supposed to be curling the band a little up when around the button on the outside.. Clearly the button is missing, cause I can't deside, lol. I'm thinking maybe a wooden one, what do you guys think?
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