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  1. My turn.. 1. Tea or coffee? 2. What's your claim to fame? 3. Favourite music? 4. What fad or trend would you hope comes back? 5. If captured, would you prefer to be a gai'shan or damane? 6. Favourite color 7. Color of eyeshadow? 8. What would you rate 10/10? 9. What are some things you've had to unlearn? 10. Preferred holliday season? 11. Do you play an instrument? 12. What was the motif of the last picture you took? 13.do you like dancing? 14. What chosen would you serve? 15. What kind of food do you like? 16. Theater or concert? 17 most annoying habits in others? 18. What quirks do you have? 19. What type of shoes do you wear? 20. When was the last time you climbed a tree?
  2. Well, thank you! Oooh an interrogation..ok. 1. Europe 2. Not for the time being.. That might change though. 3. No 4. Some times.. 5. I don't play favourites among my books.. 6. Japan 8. Dogs 9 yes I've got a kitty pooch 10. Nope 11. Charmed 12. Suv 13. I love the car I do have, could I have a second tho..a hilux with at38 rebuild. 14. I love camping 15. Mountains 16. Who doesn't? 17. Yes 18. Neither 19. Fall 20. I've got purple hair.
  3. *nods in agreement* Its very strange, even when you think you've got a calm day...nope! I've sneaked in dm when folding laundry or making dinner, this last couple of weeks I've needed it for my own sanity...or insanity.. I do really look forward to the joust though!
  4. I will keep to my yoga that's for sure. Yuk schoolwork..learning is only fun when done in your own pace..
  5. Today I tried a tense machine for the first time, and I can tell you it really did work.. I'm as tense as never before! First the person holding the control to potentially electrify you, get this glazed over smiling look (you know..what you would expect to see on a vampire one inch from digging into a bared neck) suddenly theres creepy crawlies all over your whole back, before it feels like ten nargy birds are nibbling on you..
  6. That might be so, and I do realize there is a lot of work and skills behind computer art too, but to be able to do this with a brush and canvas is amazing in my book.
  7. Rooibo's the best! *lava's dancing and singing around the kitchen * tigress is running inn and out of the kitchen smelling the air, a hungry look in her eyes, yelps!
  8. Today I'm making baked tomatoes, stuffed sweet peppers and olives, kebab, and ofcourse tzatziki and lagana bread, for dinner. Also I got some very ripe bananas I will put heaps of dark chocolate in, and throw in the oven, for movie night.
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