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  1. Hey he can bounce, that's all i need to know😄 And welcome to our newest aspie @Melisa Céliane Tomar ! Come in have some cake and tell us something interesting? 😃
  2. Awww... Sorry..I will totally ask someone to explain it to me this weekend and make a choise! thank you very much dar😃
  3. Eeeh..nope...sorry☺️ illness has been acting up again, starting to get better though so was thinking of doing some more in the weekend😀
  4. Me too! She was in the band a couple of weeks ago..😟
  5. Something tells me I can be greatful I don't know what weevils are.. *imagining little slimy worm thingys*
  6. OMG I tots forgot!!!😲 (bad lava bad!) 🎵Happy belated birthday to you lalala..🎶 *snugglehuggles cairos* hope you still have your smile on even though times are being rough, stay safe🤗
  7. I can't possibly imagine why😇 it's such a great motivator to evolve your creativity😄
  8. Yoohoo I realized I might have been a tad starstruck by the Ren'shai🤩 but now I'm heee...oh my! *dusting of pg13 sign* there, there did the naughty cuen offend you? *put sign on barracks wall* lava found the perfect home for you!
  9. How were the chips LG? I think they were good, but they didn't turn out much like tortilla chips so I think I will just use my normal tortilla recipe next time and dry them in the oven afterwards😛 Awww *hugs cairos carefully (in case of sore muscles)* I'm fine, how are you holding up?
  10. *snuggles cali* so nice to see you, hope everything is still fine🤗 Oh boy! He'll fit right in, can we keep him for ever and ever and ever @Arie ? *pointing at little minty* So Tucker, what do you like to do in your spare time, any hobbies? Oh and feel free to ask away if you have any questions.
  11. Awww..come on cal, it's so much fun! you know you want to😏
  12. But ofcourse! It's not everyday one get a new little minty (I'm your mentors other minty)😁
  13. Woop woop!!! look what I got @Maera and @Calindra😃 Welcome in the family @ATuckerMorin!!!!!! We need glitter! Lot's of glitter!!! Pretty please MoN??? 😃😃😃
  14. Guess what guess what???? We just adopted a cute little newbie...it's a BOY!!!!!!!
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