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  1. I don't pay much attention to champs, but unless the rules have changed, we're ineligible due to not running any games since 1/1/20. Still time to change that though maybe lol
  2. I'm not MU staff. I talk to Amy most days anyway and being the liaison will consist of changing nothing. But I figured I wouldn't volunteer myself after already strongarming the subforum's existence. 😄 If y'all want me to do it that's fine. They just want a name or two eventually.
  3. https://www.mafiauniverse.com/forums/threads/30549-Check-in?p=4864735#post4864735 Subforum's up. Maybe having a place to play will spark signups. If it goes nowhere, no harm done. Obviously we don't have to use this, but the idea's been bumped around for a while so let's just see what happens, eh? If we decide to play there, we have to choose 1-2 community liaisons that can represent DM if there's any need for communication with MU staff. I'd personally nominate Cass if she's interested since she doesn't have prior staff ties there, but it doesn't really
  4. I'm going to see about getting a MU subforum actually set up. Maybe if it's there we'll use it. I don't expect Dragonmount to return to a game every month or anything like that, but I have to think the limitations of the current software is the only reason we've ran nothing in the past year. If we don't end up using it they can just delete it or something. I think it's worth a shot.
  5. Look at all this abandoned booze. I need to break into the wine cellar.
  6. I'm down for a reunion game any time, just hit me up on Discord. And yes, if I remember correctly, MU actually reached out asking if we want them to host a subforum for us. It wasn't well received at the time, but that was a while ago so who knows. I'm certainly on board with it.
  7. Looks like I'm pacing for progress here though. Less than 100 pages left in Crossroads says I'll at least end up opening the first page of the Knife of Dreams copy I bought two years ago. Haha.
  8. I picked Crossroads of Twilight back up this week. I hadn't read any WoT in over a year. That 8 to 10 stretch burnout caught up to me, but things are feeling fresh again. Maybe I'll finish! ....lol. I've been trying to keep current with this series since the mid 90s and it's yet to happen.
  9. Shad, pursuing the proper duration to remain Accepted XD The most personal thing to me right now is I have to return to work in the office next week despite a very successful telecommute set-up because my state is dead set on reopening whatever the COVID statistics. Certainly nowhere near the trouble a ton of people are dealing with, but this nonsense of COVID denial has a lot of negative trickle down consequences for people who have been trying to play it safe and actively avoiding unnecessary exposure.
  10. Bar tender? I'll have one for every empty seat in the house.
  11. Still down if I can be super low effort about it
  12. I want to ride on those swings. ...let me check my power level
  14. Spammy you say? I can't imagine how 22813 posts could lead you to think that!
  15. We have recruited The Wiggles! Victory is within our grasp!
  16. Pre-writing my AtE emotional breakdown right now for easy copypasta.
  17. I'll play. I will be slanking on a level none of you are accustomed to and I will probably get lynched for it as either alignment. PM me on Discord or there is a 0% chance I notice it has randed.
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