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  1. Gudrean Aes Sedai Aes Sedai Gray Ajah Returning from the search for the ever elusive clorox and lysol wipes!!! I have finally found some or at least something close...
  2. Hello my beautiful sister!!!! Not even time and distance can separate us or keep you from my heart!!! I LOVE YOU 

    1. Elaevia


      A Wild Gudrean Appears!


      Hellllooooooo *hugs tight*


      *lays out a trail of cookies to lure her in*


      Once a bonded, always a bonded 😄

    2. Gudrean


      *follows trail of cookies* *gobble*  ....  *gobble*


      I'm getting so excited about all the things up and coming for The Wheel of Time. I've been watching all the movies the actors are in to get a feel of them. What are your thoughts on the main 5? Of course I love Josha and i'm sure the other 2 guys will do great. I wasn't sold on the girls at first but i'm warming up to them. aw well, we shall see. I love you and miss you and we need to video chat and catch up ...realllly soooon!!!!

  3. This is great news!!! Keep up the good work Jason. =))
  4. So very excited about bringing new fans to the legacy that is WoT!!! *crosses fingers that the tv show is AWESOME!!!!*

  5. even if it's total crap I CAN"T WAIT!!!!! I just want to "see" the books happening and be able to share it as a show with friends and family that won't take the time or don't have the time to read a 14 book series. It's a lot easier to get people into a show than get them to read, I find.
  6. I think you can establish that in the first episode you would just need to tweak the prologue a little, and really it would probably be the best entry point for those unfamiliar with the story. Put Lews Therin and the Aes Sedai in our world several hundred years in the future. So the first 1/2-3/4 of the show is almost a space opera. The White Tower is in New York, London or somewhere familiar. Establish the people working on the bore to be from around the world. The break through it, and the male Aes Sedai go mad, where by they show world wide devastation. Lead back to Lews Therins encoun
  7. Gudrean - Aes Sedai - Gray Ajah Yes, yes, YES even if it's dog poop I will be watching it, as I could never get enough of this world!!!
  8. It kills me that all the "fans" seem to hate everything about the books!!! But anyways, why would you need to cut alll these awesome pieces out when the single fact that filming this is going to cut out half of the books just in the fact that Jordan describes everything in great detail. The scenery, weapons, faces, noses, hair, voice accents, current sky appearances, dresses, food on tables, etc, etc. etc... will be unnecessary because we will see it with our own eyes. Some details can be cut, but they will not be significant ones if they want this to be a success!!!
  9. you DO NOT "correct" someone's life work, and might I add an epic work at that. Just cause a few fans didn't like how certain details were portrayed or where story lines went, you don't get to re-write them. What if a few nay saying fans had wanted changes made to LotR...... don't think Tolkien would have obliged. Just saying fans need to stop trying to "fix" WoT, it doesn't need to be all perfect per some fans wants!!
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