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  1. I used to call her Taytay all the time! hahahaha
  2. That is one point of the series I have a big issue with. It completely breaks the Checkov's Gun rule. There was absolutely no reason to include any of that. You get no further info on why or how is significant. Hell, it barely got an off hand metion even by the characters. "oh, and this terrible thing happened here. . . ", response "wow. that's terrible. Lets carry on" ANd that's it. So, an important artifact is there that reacts to an incredible event but that artifact could have been ANYWHERE with at least some relevance. I kept hoping for more of that story and never got it. Hell, I don't even think the encyclopedia goes into any of that. Didn't need to happen. Same with the place the leader of the darkies in the final combat and his completely broken character story. It just doesn't make sense. AT all. I am not familiar with Ronin. . . .
  3. I was a part of the Cuen re-build some years ago. Was actually a head of it if you could believe it lol. Me and Wolfbrotherkronos. Had to put a few original spins on things and I am glad that some of that has still stuck. lol. My Swordbrother was a Me'A. It's been so long that I can't remember his DM handle hahaha, I can only remember his real name, John. I fear the worst for him. Our last communication was him being deployed in the Middle East. We didn't share any RL contacts so I don't know if anythig happened. Wait! I remember! Karasayl. Light be with you brother, wherever you are.
  4. @Cairos *tacklebearhugs Cairos to the ground!* Hello sir!! Glad to hear you'er still in the saving lives business. How ya been?!?! Many good hellos, e'erybody! I am Millon. I am 41, single, *yeah ladies 😉😉 ;)* [WARNING!: Disregard previous statement. Danger of an emotional mess. Keep a safe distance] and the dad to the most amazing homie-with-an-extra-chromie, Wyatt who is five. It's been incredible being a father and I am really looking forward to everything that comes even with all the challenges. Wyatt is non-verbal (god, don't let that summon Verbal) so we are working on signing and PICS and possibly using his tablet to help him communicate. I have recently gotten into the hobby of miniature painting for the game called Warhammer: Killteam. I love painting. Only wish I'd have gotten into it sooner instead of at the age of 40. lol Ummmmm, I like booze and chocolates and love to bake. I've not read a damn things in over 6 years. Looking to get back to it. I am also a DM/GM *wannabe, as I haven't sat at a table yet because getting my adult friends to commit to anything is just damn depressing* for Dungeons and Dragons. I used to play like 20 years ago and it was singularly one of the most influential experiences of my development as a human. lol Really want to get back into it. I also play vidjagames. XBOX only for now, BSnoops79, but really want a PS4 to play The Last of Us. I also am a REALLY big fan of the Youtube series called Critical Role. You seriously have to check it out. It's absa-Smurfly amazing. Where a bunch of "nerdy ass voice actors sit around a table playing dungeons and dragons". Totally worth it. Check it out from ep.1 on Youtube and watch it progrees to one of the greatest and most inclusive and supportive community I have ever been a part aside from here. It. Is. SUCH a great show. lol
  5. The Dragon Reborn, Ch. 47 @JamesBrown I say this all the time and am continuosly proven the validity of this statement. From The Shadow Rising, Perrin “Never think I have abandoned you. When the sun shines on you, it is my smile. When you hear the breeze stir through the apple blossoms, it is my whisper that I love you. My love is yours forever.” I have shared this quote with someone and I'll never have it back. So, it's a bit melancholy for me but I love it. ooooo, big favorite. "Asha'Man. . . kill" gives me goose bumps every time. Then the follow up "Kneel and swear allegience to the lord Dragon or you. will. be. knelt." DAMN that was bad ass. That's in the Lord of Chaos. I don't remember quotes so much as scenes though. Don't have that type of memory lol. When Perrin goes all super dark and says to the AS "Heal him" about the Aiel? Yeah? Trying to not be spoilery but holy shit did that get dark. oh" All will be well and all will be well and all manner of things will be well." the tinker quote. cant remember where but I love that one.
  6. Ups and downs, Lava. 19 years is a long time to get over and it's been. . . . difficult of late. The nights are the hardest.
  7. I feel that @Lavandula is goin to want in on this. Shhhhhh, it's okay. All you have to do is. . . . trust me @_@
  8. *snugglenibbles* Sorry, Tay. It's good to see you again. I've been well, physical health wise at least. lol
  9. hahahahaha, wow. Wyatt is just the opposite. lol He just had his 5 year check up. He is exactly 3 feet tall and 32 pounds! Stankin drankin! What she said.
  10. O_O . . . .yikes. Skin issues that are constantly being rediagnosed as different things and none of the "remedies" have worked . . .
  11. CHAE!!! . . . . . .hi ooooooooo, my favorite book of the series. Where are you currently? The Blues also have an awesome pool with a bar and the best ...... muffins. . . . . blueberry muffins. . . of course.
  12. Many good hellos! Millon, Der'Manshima, Cuen'deren.
  13. So, everyone wants to be a protector of the ones they love. AS or Warder. That's a Warder's whole purpose though where an AS is to serve. I am a protective, invested and interdependent person who prides himself on his loyalty and ability to be empathetic and supportive of friends and family. I want to protect everyone. Even on here, when I first started, Warders had that book definition of Warder and bonded our ASs and all that but, there was also like a purpose of the Warders on the site to kind of be ever present mediators and question answerers to new members, and old. We weren't here to POLICE anything but it was a kind of unspoken responsibility we took on. I enjoyed that aspect a lot as it just fit my nature. I am personally not a fan of swords. I like the bow/crossbow and bow staff. My favorite weapons though are militaristic. War hammers, flails and top of the list the mace & shield combo.
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