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  1. Awwwww maaaaan. Wow! Thank you so much. Genuinely and truthfully, thank you. It feels really nice to be thought of. It makes me happy to see you too.
  2. I think it's something in the Moat water. Compels people to come back. Rhea, I'm sorry for your loss. My big brother, only brother, and I aren't as close as I'd like to be but I know his loss would ruin me. Prayin for you and yours.
  3. Millon

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    So, if I change it will I lose my current sig?
  4. Absolutely this. It is a part of life. You need to be able to face, process and deal with your sadness. Trying to avoid it or act as though it isn’t there is worse than the sadness itself. It festers like the DO’s touch. A, sort of recent, interview of the actor Andrew Garfield with Stephen Colbert, at least in where sadness is in grief, Garfield talks about the passing of his mother and how he hopes to never lose the grief because it’s [paraphrasing] “all the unexpressed love that he had for her. It’s not an emptiness or a loss just unexpressed love.” It really had an effect on me and how I view sadness. Or, at least, a different lense to view what current sadness I’m experiencing. Maybe the sadness I feel in a given moment is just another unexpressed emotion that I haven’t processed. It’s helped so much.
  5. Millon

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    I don't remember how to change sigs!! hahahahahahaha
  6. What are we talkin about in.........favors? hmmm? *tries to lean casually against the pie cart.....misses entirely and rolls ass over teakettle landing with a boyish grin at Arie's feet* A man does love pie and may be persuaded to things beyond what most may consider. Whataya say? Forrrr......you got any key lime pie???
  7. oh man. If we're goin with favorite characters I have to go with my boy, Bayle. I like Robin Hood type characters. Laws are made to be broken so long as you help people. Plus, one of my favorite things about him is the depth of character shown when he talks about the reasons for why he captains a ship. It's for all the strange and wonderful things he gets to see and his collection of curiosities. Then there's Egeanin who was willin to throw ALL to the wind for love. She also kicks ass, so, that's awesome. oh, and Leane. Would definitely bond her. For all the reasons you're thinkin.
  8. I too remember that and it pains me to this day. lol I'm sorry!
  9. Yes!!! I loved the dorms!
  10. Hello everyone! I'm no longer a Der'de'der???? sweeeet. Where the novice quarters at?! It's on like DOnkey Kong! It's been so long since I was an wee algai. I remember the Houses! I think I was in like 3 different ones? lol House Demandred for the win!! For the Chimera!! *bolts for LG's quarters......for the juke box <_<.....>_>*
  11. You are STILL just an absolute delight of chaotic energy and there isn't a one to compare on bringing levity and smiles to you, Sir Boopsie. The pleasure is still 100% mine. hahahaha I've been dealin with the sad! Pretty well I think. At least, I'm taking honest steps and getting the help I think I need so..... it's just time. I am confident I will have good progress this year.
  12. I was just havin this conversation with ....one of my bondeds. lol Kathline Sedai. Her and Leelou I still keep in contact with regularly. Christmas cards. Inappropriateness. Anxieties and joys. I am definitely blessed. Every once in a while Marta and/or Amadine and I will say what's up on the socials. I miss my sword brother though and worry for him. Karasayl. Last I interacted with him was right before he was deployed like a decade ago. Maybe more. I don't know if somethin happened to him or even how to find out. I have made so many friends and amazing memories in this space. It is a cornerstone of who I am. It saddens me that I have been so long away from here. I am sad all the time. I'm still recovering from a lot and the sad is like the DO himself inside of me. Fathomless. My boy keeps me goin though. Just last night, in a real low spot, I had the thought as I settled into my bed. Thank the light my boy is going to need me for all of his days. Cause I need him more.
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