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  1. GET IT GUURRRLL! Good on ya, Nyn! I can't see whatever that link is though lol. That's why I'm a Warder, Ms Lil. What must be endured can be endured. I got broad shoulders and I am entirely too stubborn to do less. I'll get by with a little help from my friends. lol All joking aside, no, srsly, my friends have been incredible. BEYOND incredible. I'm pretty much going to have all I need for my new place. Whenever I get one. Goin to go grab a stove and fridge tonite. Already have a couch and tables, shay lounge (or however you spell it. I don't know). Everything is going to be all patch work and mismatched but there it is all the same. Makes things a bit easier to handle.
  2. *snuggles back* Ms Kaylee. It warms me so much to see your sunshiny self here still. How have you been?
  3. WAIT! i AM THERE! I FORGOT I HAD AN ACCOUNT! Sooooo, now how do I find the DM
  4. Ya know what? Let me try it again. It's been a while. Don't judge me here but I don't really know how to navigate dsicord lol.
  5. *does creepy Warderly comin out the shadows shifty cloaky thing and whispers in Kaylee's ear* hi
  6. Last night! lol My niece's eldest daughter's 6th birthday at my ma's house. Good god her girls can be such monsters. lol Wyatt just doesn't do the rambunctious play like they do. Running and jumping all voer each other. wrestling and tackling. He had no idea how to react to it all. lol The next poster has an odd human trick/talent.
  7. Ages come and pass. . . . . Glad the Leopard still stands. At least I can enjoy snow imaginatively since it's just been a rubbish winter in Buffalo. It's the middle of February. February in Buffalo is supposed to be nothin but a dead white bloated ball of a sun, salt dust blowing in the wind and temperatures cold enough to make you question every decision you;ve ever made that brought you to this blighted place and why you remain there every time you step out of the house. Today now? It's 42 Ferenheit. FORTY. TWO. There's like no snow to be seen anywhere. I finally buy a cool tandem sled to use with my son and I to go sledding and nothin. It's enough to make a Da cry, I tells ya. Things are not ideal at the moment but I'll get through, There's no other option. Just have to bide my time and do what I can as I can. Thanks for askin. How you been?! I see your face all over the page! You've been a busy AS I see.
  8. Hmmmmm, well, I suppose I HAVE been kind of artisty lately. Well, not LATELY lately but in this past year I've started doing miniature painting for Warhammer Killteam and I am damn proud of myself, if I don't say so. Been binge watching tutorials and such and just diving in and it's been incredible. Prior to things getting a bit heavy I was going to enter into a local miniature painter competition on the urging of my local game store owner who's been really impressed with how well I am doing. There's always next year I suppose.
  9. blocked sadly. I SORELY miss Chat too.
  10. It was more meant to be a statement of personal taste lol
  11. YEAH BUDDY! *performs the most poorly executed high five ever because. . . really, in meatspace. . . I just cannot execute a respectable high five. I always look ridiculous. lol*
  12. Like a phoenix. Yes. Just not as. . . . resplendent. lol I've become a lot more . . . . fluffier in my absence. And hairier. And wrinklier. But I have this really cool unique patch of grey hair only on the right side of my head just above the ear. It's the oddest thing. I'm still sharp as a razor though!
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