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  1. congratulations sir and mama! That kid's adorable. Good luck and rest when you can. lol #teamnosleep!
  2. Oh wow. He's just beautiful. LIL BABY WRINKLES!!! He IS absolutely beautiful Lessa. I am so happy for you and Michael. And Michael. lol Glad you're all finally home.
  3. my nightmares. . . . . . . they live in this world. . . . flee. . . . FLEE. . . . we must FLEE. . . . light help us all! Don't you see?! It's the end times! *falls to his knees clutching his head trying to silence the chickens and chainsaws*
  4. I’m sorry

    1. Ryrin
    2. Millon


      It’s all good, Ry. Don’t worry. I just got caught up in a moment and a memory. Thanks for asking though. 

    3. Ryrin
  5. Can't say that I have. Can ya give a non-spoilery breakdown thus far?
  6. Thanks Lady! I appreciate it! Slainte! May our pencils be ever sharp and our inspirations clear...er.....less cloudy. . . . . not like fever dreams. . . . that we forget to write down. . . . aaaaaaand I lost it already. Really need to just have a journal on a chain around my neck.
  7. Oh wow. Thank you guys so much! This is awesome. From what I can remember it was fantastic. Did a lil bar hoppin. Caught one of the parades. My BFF's kid's 5th bday party was yesterday morning and Wyatt had an amazing time. He broke daddy, crawling through all the tubes and slides and cargo nets lol but he had a blast. So of course, I had blast as well. It's James Brown b*&%$! Thank you sir! It was and I am hurtin now. Thank you Rhearhea!!! I do love me some witbeers. Throw a nice fresh slice of orange on there and I'm good. O_O I. . . . . I don't even have the words. . . . . . Thanks you, Ma. It's just. . . beautiful. ALL OF THE GUINNESS! Give them to MEEEEEE. Thank you Mrs. Lily. I am payin for all those Guinness today, I tell you what. lol Saturday I was in great form. Punched in at about 11:30 AM and crashed out almost at 11 PM. lol and THEN, had to get up for a 5 year old's bday party at 11:30 the next day in an echo chamber full of screaming running children at an indoor playground. Then punched in again after the party! lol My god I had a great weekend. I will seriously drink anything. . . . . I'm not proud . . . . . . .unless it has 'Lite' or 'Ultra' or 'low cal' or 'Lime-arita' whatever attached to the brand name. That's how people get punched.
  8. booooooooo. hiss. hiss. booooooooooo
  9. You really wanna give this guy access to the Hall? Glutton for punishment, Ma?
  10. I know you. Not that well at all but i know you. I remember seein you about a loooooooong time ago. I was still just a wee noob lurker when I saw you active last. lol. Welcome back sir. You were legend when I only just started. Finn's still about here and there. Not that much though as he's been 'domesticated' as well. It seems the talks of a TV show has inspired some of the more 'wizened' members to stick there heads back in. You might hace picked a great time to check it out again. How's life been treatin ya in your absence? Bigger and better I hope! lol
  11. I want to do the same thing myself SO BAD. You are far more brave than I think I could ever be. lol Still an awesome story man! Good luck for the next role. Have you thought about doin any classes? I was considerin lookin into that myself.
  12. Hi person I don't know! If it gets Ma this excited it's either wonderfully good or cataclysmic-ally bad. Either way I'm enjoyin it.
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