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  1. Breathing. Sometimes moving and breathing. Eating. All the essentials. Hey there Mrs Lily. Doin my yearly check in lol. looks like this whole TV thing is actually going down. I am starting to get excited.
  2. Hello all. My pint still on the wall or do I have to get put back on the waiting list? Ma, Ry, Zander, Legs It's great to see you all. New person too, huh? I came just at the right time lol
  3. Chocolate was a good replacement for Bob's . . . . other . . . . . proclivities.
  4. I DO WHAT I WANT!! no. . . . . no I don't. Hello Mother. MoN. How are you? I have R'ed & U'ed.
  5. I do believe I participated in the Blues. Get to it do it, Recruit!! Moats don't widen themselves!
  6. Sure thing kid. How you been? *kicks feet up on Jame's bunk. Muddy boots and all*
  7. Not sure if this just got weird or if I'm diggin it. . . . .
  8. uhhhh, my forge is currently unavailable as I don't. . . own. . . . one. . . . Miniatures are 1" tall pieces of plastic. lol. Already molded. I don't make the swords. I just paint them. lol
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