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  1. Three people? hmmmmm. I would also bring a survivalist. I watch a stream called Survival Lily. I would totes bring her. Ummm, I'll follow your format and pick someone from the books too. Min. All day. She is my WoT crush lol and she could possibly tell me how I'll die, so, win. 3rd? Perrin. Yeah. Hes tough. Me? not so much. lol He could probably help with the whole hunter gatherer thing too. lol
  2. I put the recipe in Gray Ajah cookbook if ya want it
  3. I had to post this here because it was just amazing. I love to bake cheese cake. It's one thing I know will be grand slam when I bake it. Friend of mine had a birthday about a month back and she is not a fan of birthday cake and jokingly said "I'd much rather have cheese cake than cake any day." SO I said *to myself* I'm makin a damn cheesecake! WHooooo!!! Went out and bought said fixins to make said cake not really thinking things through that my new place IS A DAMN OVEN! It's been so hot! I don't want to bake a damn cheesecake in this!! But, I had already bought the stuff so I have to. How c
  4. I just baked one of the best things I have ever made. Cheesecake cups. Use a cupcake tin with liners, use a vanilla oreo in the bottom of the cup instead of the traditional graham cracker crust, made a lemon curd for the first time ever and it came out AMAZING to dollop on top of the baked cheese cake cups and, lastly, place two raspberries and two blueberries on top. I thought maybe some icing sugar dusted on top would be nice but decided not to. They were incredible.
  5. I do believe I participated in the Blues. Get to it do it, Recruit!! Moats don't widen themselves!
  6. Sure thing kid. How you been? *kicks feet up on Jame's bunk. Muddy boots and all*
  7. Not sure if this just got weird or if I'm diggin it. . . . .
  8. For any tabletop gamers out there. A number of dice vendors have collections of Pride related color themes. Here's one on Etsy I've seen in the few groups I am in. https://www.googleadservices.com/pagead/aclk?sa=L&ai=DChcSEwixhv2d7ZXqAhUJCIgJHRn3A3kYABAHGgJxbg&ohost=www.google.com&cid=CAESQOD2xRMwGGGCoTq-lAExt56MGIyZuWHQfQuQKJ69iXdj-QX3k0QC6zGBpS8TUnyb1Tj0PGJBwJHWQ-JpTDBItMY&sig=AOD64_3mr9NH-hbLZJ9IL3uKGg3GNSao3g&ctype=5&q=&ved=2ahUKEwj_3_Wd7ZXqAhW3lXIEHRqoA8EQ9aACegQIDBBF&adurl= (if the link doesn't work just google Pride Dice Etsy -_-. I can'
  9. uhhhh, my forge is currently unavailable as I don't. . . own. . . . one. . . . Miniatures are 1" tall pieces of plastic. lol. Already molded. I don't make the swords. I just paint them. lol
  10. Wasn't an IDEAL week, no. Drama drama drama. Just more adjusting and learning how to make things work constructively and not keep dredging things up. Broken trust taints everything. It's just going to take time. Then, this bein the first Father's Day without my da has been hard as well. "This too, shall pass". How are you all? Manhattans and Old Fashioneds are best cold. Warm bitters are not good. lol
  11. All I need is a Manhattan. Perfect. If you have whiskey stones I'd prefer that over ice. Thanks.
  12. This is stunning! I would love something like this!
  13. Well, congratulations, @Lavandula. Welcome to the group. Now, it appears no one has officially welcomed you! Wait a minute. . . mmhmmm, yep. I thought so. This Moat. . . It. . . It's just not long enough now. See, Lava, there's a long standing tradition with the Warders. This is our space here. OUR SPACE. It needs to be maintained. So, as a sign of your commitment to the Warders we need an example. A visual example. Of how hard you're willin to go for OUR SPACE. So, here is your industrial strength teaspoon. (the regular ones would just break and, well, Ma keeps a ti
  14. hahahahahaha, I AM a hugger! lol Thank you. *unloops the mace from his belt with a flat expression on his face* James, eh? This needs be remedied.
  15. O_O . . . . . who told you about the. . . .I mean, what door? There's no secret door <.<
  16. Damn. Looks like I missed a good time. Too bad none of my bondeds are here any longer.
  17. I will kill you from afar with a crossbow or I shall smash your face with a mace. Those are my favorites Love Unicorns. My sister was obsessed with them growing up and she had them EVERYWHERE.
  18. Quitter socks. How does this keep happening?!?!
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