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  1. i agree. my only point is they need time and exposure. we can't streamline that out
  2. that one sounds the most rounded out. with enough exposure/time to really choose which path and ajah are for you. that's my biggest concern in slimming things down. you dont want people coming thinking they know what ajah they're going to and not having enough time to realize their home is elsewhere
  3. *thumbs up* looks good! thanks for all the work blank, its good to see things looking more like home
  4. well how do you learn best? listening, seeing, or doing?
  5. So since some of you introduced me to Duolingo, i've been studying Danish. which got me thinking about languages and how interesting they are. so why not start a thread for those learning and those who just love them? basically, do you speak more than one language? if so, which ones? if not, which ones have you always wanted to learn?
  6. Cross


    only as much as a dystopian is.
  7. sitting here scratching the dog and trying to write
  8. Cross


    thanks everyone, the cover:
  9. S'MORES BROWNIE! *hugs elgee* want some milk to go with a brownie lily?
  10. *flops happily in the brown room*
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