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  1. given their stories about using it when their grandpa was around, it seems to have been words. like they'd be chatting and talking to him and he had no idea what they were saying
  2. nothing they've ever mentioned no. just the usual stuff like switching classrooms, and the language. which sis and i wish they kept up so we could have heard it
  3. i've never played them and have no real interest to do so i'm afraid
  4. the option is up to the members of the old ranks. you can keep what you earned or choose to start fresh
  5. that last one, the twin one i can vouch for. my mom and aunt did that when they were little. though unfortunately they grew out of it with the help of the school making them take english lessons
  6. indeedy welcome! yup we definitely seem to go through phases of activity around here. hitting pockets of introverted studies, which we've been in for a little bit. fresh blood always helps draw us out though
  7. the Aiel club is based off the Aiel as a whole from the books, if you haven't run into them yet, you will, they appear fairly early in the series, i think within the first four books or so. withing the club there are septs/clans where you can hang out and or wage war against the other clans. you are able to choose your path to be either a Wise One or Maiden of the Spear/Warrior. which within those there are different tasks, games, discussions and the like. also we've streamlined the raising system from the last iteration of the Aiel, so its much cleaner, easier to make your way up
  8. remember it? before the switch to the club format there were many groups that did not survive the switch over. one of them being the beloved Aiel. a group i know several of you had belonged to, but unfortunately fell to a complicated raising system, and a few other issues beyond anyone's control. however, there were always people interested and ready to have some fun in the Aiel. well, a few of us would like to bring it back. to make an Aiel club. we've hashed out and streamlined the system, while keeping the core of what we loved. however we do need enough interest in active members to get things off the ground. our lovely Amyrlin has graciously ok'ed us to create a thread here to both garner and gauge interest in such a thing. so what say you?
  9. i’m working on it. hopefully should have the ebook ready come the holidays
  10. who to start with and how specific should we be? let them decide how to kill? awards for the best done job?
  11. well i'm thinking we need to either pit the other factions against eachother or put some hits out on their leaders
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