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  1. ok, so i read lauren oliver’s Delirium last year, enjoyed it, but i just finished her first book ‘before i fall’ and that one made me a fan.
  2. i dont really think you need to go any further back than that. you've done amazing
  3. cross, Keeper, brown aes sedai i’m good with either. its good to be informed and vent its also good to have safe spaces so we’re not overwhelmed
  4. so glad to see you again cindy, i've missed you. also know if you ever need to vent or talk we're all here. shoot me a PM or catch me on facebook, i'm free pretty much always
  5. i want to learn to speak my heritage. german's next on the list, i already know some so that should come pretty easy
  6. yup highly reccomend duolingo, i'm learnign danish and just started gaelic.
  7. most definitely. also remember stress of moving etc can trigger the stomach issues, and stress can lower immune systems, i'll be praying that that's all it is. keep us updated
  8. Welcome!! Keeper and most importantly brown sedai here, we’re so glad to have you! tell us about yourself and ask us questions if you got em!
  9. i agree completely, but to be a devils advocate, can’t creativity produce perfection?
  10. does the expectation of perfection allow room for creative genius?
  11. yeah i've retreated to the one band i can listen to forever, never tire of and lose myself in. music is such wonderful therapy
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