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  1. in order to print a design on certain things, like a backpack, you need a template to have the right dimensions, ratios etc. the template given i wasn't expecting. basically they broke every part of the back pack up, so there's the front pocket, sides, bottom, top etc. all with different lines. trim line, safe zone etc. at first glance it looks like a plan to make a plane or something
  2. so i'm putting together some merchandise for my company, shirts, mugs, phone cases, that kind of thing. saw the site offers backpacks...then looked at the template.....looks like physics
  3. A very happy birthday amid this super crazy time! party!
  4. Name and rank please and thank you! and also, how's your summer/winter going so far?
  5. i don't really tend to that much now that i think about it. my sister is ALWAYS 'sis' like i never ever say her name, my whole life its been that way. my dog's name is maple, sometimes it's shortened to 'mapes' or sweetie. other than that i'm a stereotypical southern californian and everyone's 'dude'
  6. it's that time of year again. harry potter week! check back here for easy links to all the threads, and enjoy yourselves and the fandom! sorting hat thread get your Potter gaming on guess the spell! while this is an annual event here in the blue ajah, this year comes with a bit of controversy, as such a message from Hal3y: HP week has always been a very important event, as far as I can remember. The HP universe brought a lot to many of our members young and old. This year, we will celebrate it again, and I hope you will all enjoy it. That said, I want to make it clear that the HPW (HP week) team doesn't agree with JK Rowling nor accept her opinion about transgender people and her vision of who can or can't be a woman. Material about this message https://www.nytimes.com/2020/06/12/style/jk-rowling-transgender-fans.html https://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/books/news/jk-rowling-trans-harry-potter-rupert-grint-daniel-racliffe-emma-watson-bonnie-wright-a9560376.html
  7. haha love it! looks great on the wall
  8. it's that time of year again. Harry Potter week is quickly upon us and we need volunteers! post your willingness to help below and a PM will go out thursday!
  9. tell me about it, my sister just turned 40. we're both in shock
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