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  1. annnnd the skintone study really starts
  2. k so question. which vid would you like to see? details/shading on the mountains or the buildings?
  3. jealousy has no place in art. appreciate varying levels and let it inspire. i’ve had 30 plus years of practice and still i’m guessing half the time. as in almost everything in life, we’re all learning at differing levels and paces. i’m going to try and film some more later, for the moment i’m just entering the ‘have no freakin idea what i’m doing stage’
  4. Yup, we're starting it again. you know the drill, name, rank, ajah/disc affiliation AND most importantly! what's your favorite Holiday time treat?
  5. nonsense. its just one of the movies i have memorized
  6. i like the way in which the lore is delivered. the pacing and everything is very nice. ya lose me a bit when it gets to the specifics of who begot who, from where and built what. it's necessary but personally those are things i always tend to gloss over, regret and have to go back and re-read.
  7. actually thats the first MIB my sis goes on a cookie baking spree leading up to Christmas, we have our standards: peanut butter, chocolate chip, russian tea cakes, oatmeal chocolate chip, snicker doodles, sugar cookies (with spices and lemon), gingerbread cookies. cranberry orange cookies. then we try and try a new type of cookie each year too.
  8. one truth: what is a fear you’ve carried with you from childhood? dare: replace the warder’s swords with pool noodles
  9. *with a simple weave of air the snowball is re-directed to the floor*
  10. the book and hot chocolate? yeah me too. progress vid if anyones interested:
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