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  1. just read up and hop in with the one i got going already
  2. i have one in revolution one. hasnt been posted in for months
  3. the club is pretty much reserved for new member sign in and events. all social activity should pretty much be in the forum
  4. my bets, saidin and saidar are white and black. the true power rainbow. which is hinted at in one of their promotional posters
  5. i'd imagine they'd make saidin darker in color. especially based on the color scheme of the symbols they've teased already. personally i want to see an unraveling of a weave
  6. @SableSage the false trail works for the darkfriends but not the forsaken who had taken Lan. they lie in wait having used Lan to draw you out. the three obstinate young women do not train easy and because of that they learn slow. both slowing and dividing your attention. as such you catch onto the trap only a hair before what would have been your doom. however you are now faced with protecting the woman, keeping yourself alive, and getting through a forsaken. it is not a winning task. two of the women die having been paralyzed with fear. the other runs but is wounded. your choices are now further pulled in opposite directions. retreat to save the one woman, plow forward through the forsaken to Lan
  7. gotta say that sounds like my kind of party. love the use of lan too
  8. man i am SO picky about the art i like for WOT. there's probably maybe two piece i've seen that i liked.
  9. @Asha'man Shar'aman you have chosen wisely. working within the system rand has established earns you a modicum of respect, and latitude that grows the more you serve @Skelos once you 'discover' where the sa'angreal is, how do you plan on convincing the ruler to let it go? as it's been an integral part of the royalty for generations. the threat of a 'plot' against them wanes once they know what and where the sa'angreal is. they're now more concerned about the impact of its removal will have on the throne and their rule. choosing rather than giving the object up to ferret out the perpetrator of the plot against them.
  10. i find it fascinating. more equal ground as well, which means partnerships over leader/protector. which is more my style. then again most of my fascination is purely that of my ajah
  11. With Moiraine gracing the Tower with her presence, we've recruited her to be judge over a contest. A Moiraine impersonation contest. that's right we're having a ball and everyone is Moiraine. here's the deal. light RP time, we're throwing a party for Moiraine, and every gets to dress like her, and act like her. post the best pics of things you'd wear as Moiraine, the kinds of food you think she'd bring and enjoy. the decorations. AND type all your replies as though you are her. Make sense? (if not ask away) Moiraine herself will be in attendance and be watching each of you. the person she deems the BEST 'Moiraine' wins the prize. an actual prize....actually. This is what you're playing for: and 11X17" watercolor painting who's up for the challenge?
  12. @Asha'man Shar'aman hypothetically, if you were in the same position as the aes sedai who were faced with Rand post-kidnapping, where they were either banished or forced to serve the Wise women as apprentices, which choice would you take, and how would you work within said choice to help guide Rand's footsteps?
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