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  1. hey narg, i dont want to work today. but if i dont the Dark One will be mad. what should i do?
  2. Dear narg i have a…..pet. It’s become quite attached, following me everywhere, all up in my business. How do I get it to stop? -Moridin
  3. there is a point at which both are true. when you both confront a wrong, stand up and not accept it then once that's accomplished you wipe your hands and be the bigger person in the terms Heavy meant. walk away from the toxicity because it'll only feed it. but i know you both know and exemplify this.
  4. 100% i fear/dread what i attempt all the time. partially because i know that that's the only way to grow. is to do the scary thing
  5. sounds like a topic for the Whites.
  6. No hobbies recently, though I am getting the urge to make another miniature
  7. MEAT'S BA__ ON THE MEN_ poorly guessed: i, d, l you unfortunately CAN have a b
  8. To everyone else, @Arie , @LilyElizabeth , @EirikDaude , @Cairos , @Azshaya , everyone, That is part of the Tower or has been, thank you for making this wonderful place as awesome as it is, and making me feel so welcome. You all are just so spectacularly brilliant I cannot believe my luck at being part of this community. Hugs and snuggles, Heavy.
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