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  1. 1. How did you first hear about the Wheel of Time and what made you want to read the series? a friend of mine in middle school read the first book and shared it with me. i loved it but didnt really pick up on the series until a few years ago 2. If you could join an Ajah in the White Tower which one would you pick? (Lucky us!) *looks around* this one? 3. If the Black Tower has Ajahs, what might some be? i can see them still using color just not as imaginatively, like: black, grey, light grey, and blacker black 4. Who is a character you love, but would hate to meet in real life? i dunno. there's a few i love and wouldnt mind meeting, there's none that pop out that i love and wouldnt want to meet. because the ones i wouldnt want to meet are the ones i find annoying 5. Who is a character from another book that would make a good Warder? gail or peta from the hunger games. peta more 6. What is a scene from the books you're most excited to see on screen? hmmm moiraine fighting lanfear 7. What are your favorite and least favorite book covers? honestly the original ones are my least favorite. as an artist i find them annoying in the inaccuracy of how things look, as well as for their flaws in simple perspective and proportions. the artist had the time to ask Jordan exactly how things look, or should have read it. the trollocs especially. come on. now e-book covers, THOSE are where its at 8. What is a location in the Wheel of Time you'd like to visit? the aiel and the two rivers 9. If you could make your own ter'angreal, what would it look like and what would it do? not sure. first thought is for it to look like my namesake and it would help me impart emotion into what i create so other people feel/experience it when viewed 10. What is another book or series you think Wheel of Time fans might like? the Circle series by ted dekker.
  2. yeah that was pretty much me in school. had to read so didnt thoroughly enjoy it. thats an awesome way to attack it! glad its working
  3. yeah i was specifically told not to watch the show if you're a fan of the books. which i am.
  4. well it's just a matter of turning the camera on while i work. it's the motivation that stalls me.
  5. what about livestreams? i should do more but often lack the motivation, if people are interested could turn some into live tutorials as i work, can cover pencils, inks, shading, watercolor, visual storytelling. also if anyone else is set up to do it, would be cool to see other peoples techniques and works. it’s another avenue we could look into
  6. i'm always around, just dont always post 😜 and @Elgee
  7. this is where i'll post things i'm currently working on when i am so inclined. which is not right now, just nailing down the topic
  8. ooooooooooo i read that like a year ago or so. good book, long but good
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