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  1. do you think you have what it takes to defeat the Seanchan? to avoid bending the knee and speaking the oath? or to run free from the Damane leash? it's time to prove it. sign up below and you'll be given a scenario, post how you'd deal with it and we'll see how you fair.
  2. The Seanchan have landed and begun their invasion of the White Tower! For this week we'll have a couple games and a discussion about the Seanchan. Test your luck at whether you become a Damane or not, voice your opinions about their culture, and even try your hand at defeating the Seanchan! battle the Seanchan Seanchan discussion
  3. an event is a themed coordinated activity either here or within an ajah or warder discipline. where there are threads for games, discussions and the like. they can be themed for things like halloween, chocolate week (a brown specialty) or WoT themed like this one will be. people who work them host a thread or two and help keep activity moving. i'd give you links to some but they're easily found if you poke around a bit. and it'd help you get acquainted with the area. just scroll down in the WT Public Forum and look for anything with "event' in the name
  4. we got an event coming up next week and i need a couple volunteers to help run threads. its a great way to earn yourself some experience, points and whatnot if your an aspie! post below if you're interested
  5. i'm just getting through book 7 and NOW all the Kin stuff makes sense.
  6. 1. done 2. songstress 3. keeper of the chronicles/aes sedai, brown ajah
  7. Congrats! and welcome to the job! whip them novices into shape!
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