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  1. oh i mean whoever the heck is around. been super quiet round these parts lately. at least the class is necessary, far too often they smack tons of classes that have nothing to do with a major and call it 'required' all it does is run up prices and time. and it sounds like an easy class so thats a plus. how many more classes/semesters do you have until the end? i've been plugging away. working on strips, writing a new book, helping sis take care of mom. her arm's been in a lot of pain lately, she supposed to be getting a notice to go get an x-ray soon as the doc thinks there may be a hairline fracture. though it could be anything from arthritis, scar tissue, who the heck knows
  2. *plops in a bean bag chair* ahh so what have you lot been up to?
  3. yeah almost all the activity is in the clubs
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