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  1. gotta say that sounds like my kind of party. love the use of lan too
  2. man i am SO picky about the art i like for WOT. there's probably maybe two piece i've seen that i liked.
  3. @Asha'man Shar'aman you have chosen wisely. working within the system rand has established earns you a modicum of respect, and latitude that grows the more you serve @Skelos once you 'discover' where the sa'angreal is, how do you plan on convincing the ruler to let it go? as it's been an integral part of the royalty for generations. the threat of a 'plot' against them wanes once they know what and where the sa'angreal is. they're now more concerned about the impact of its removal will have on the throne and their rule. choosing rather than giving the object up to ferret out the perpetrator of the plot against them.
  4. i find it fascinating. more equal ground as well, which means partnerships over leader/protector. which is more my style. then again most of my fascination is purely that of my ajah
  5. With Moiraine gracing the Tower with her presence, we've recruited her to be judge over a contest. A Moiraine impersonation contest. that's right we're having a ball and everyone is Moiraine. here's the deal. light RP time, we're throwing a party for Moiraine, and every gets to dress like her, and act like her. post the best pics of things you'd wear as Moiraine, the kinds of food you think she'd bring and enjoy. the decorations. AND type all your replies as though you are her. Make sense? (if not ask away) Moiraine herself will be in attendance and be watching each of you. the person she deems the BEST 'Moiraine' wins the prize. an actual prize....actually. This is what you're playing for: and 11X17" watercolor painting who's up for the challenge?
  6. @Asha'man Shar'aman hypothetically, if you were in the same position as the aes sedai who were faced with Rand post-kidnapping, where they were either banished or forced to serve the Wise women as apprentices, which choice would you take, and how would you work within said choice to help guide Rand's footsteps?
  7. It took a lot of work, but through the talents and connections of our Amyrlin, she's been able to wrangle a very busy Aes Sedai from her current missions to come and spend some time back here at the Tower. Specifically to spend some time with you and the event in her honor. That's right, Moiraine is here and has graciously accepted our request to answer any questions you may have with her, discuss some topics and roam about the Event through the remainder of the month! So right here, if you ever wanted to interact with Moiraine, now's your chance. anyone have a question to start it off with?
  8. @SableSage very much shadowspawn trouble. perhaps a forsaken. though as moiraine(you) dont know exactly how or what injured Lan you can only assume the level of the threat knowing Lan as you do. @Skelos yes they do have an aes sedai advisor. though given that they have not recognized or done anything about the sa'angreal you have some reservations about them @Asha'man Shar'aman your decision to leave early is wise, and you make it out of the two rivers with the dragon reborn, unsaddled by the women's circle. though doing so you have alienated a good chunk of them and demoralized a few others. perhaps even made an enemy of Nyneave, the wilder with untapped potential
  9. think eye of the world asha. no he doesnt know etc @SableSage Lan had gone missing. your bond to him is thin, indicating vaguely his direction, and vaguely that he is wounded. however you are currently saddled with three whiny and obstenate young women that you're taking to the Tower for training. detouring to help lan may cost the women their lives, but detouring to take them to the Tower could cost Lan his. what do you do?
  10. because they want to help the aes sedai. they're nosey and protective of rand
  11. they do not know he's the dragon reborn. they do know you're aes sedai (cant hide that face) the whole womens circle wants to come as well as the usual characters from the books. tam is reserved, amused and quiet
  12. @Asha'man Shar'aman in convincing the dragon reborn to follow you and leave his village you are swamped by the women's circle. they have a thousand questions, seek a myriad pieces of advice. and in general have monopolized your time since your arrival. they're at your every turn, everywhere you look there they are. they're very nearly threatening to join you on your journey. how do you get rand away, the women's circle off your back without alienating them and causing a bigger scene? @Skelos while visiting a particular kingdom, you notice they have a sa'angreal prominently displayed above their throne. it's unlikely they know what it truly is, but it is clearly an important part of the throne and their family's history. it's a dangerous tool to be left where it is, and Tower law demands it be brought to the tower. how do you get the sa'angreal without alienating the kingdom from the tower's influence?
  13. of course. just say you want to be moiraine again
  14. the more i read the series the more i appreciate her wisdom, and also how she really was set into situations she couldn't have possibly accounted for and dealt with them in grace. taking what she'd been presented with, kept her cool, and did all she could to affect the best possible outcome. not for herself. but for the larger picture. that level of dedication and self sacrifice is admirable.
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