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  1. yay! congratulations! dont eat it all in one place
  2. hash browns basically. it's just they shred a potato and freeze it so you buy it frozen and cook whenever you like
  3. haha yeah. i tend to like earthy jewel tones but sometimes things scream blue
  4. both. we tend to have it for dinner on its own. but its also a side dish
  5. oh gosh we do that the week after Christmas, but use frozen shredded potatoes! my great aunt made it for us when she came over for Christmas oh over ten years ago, we fell in love with it!
  6. sis and i, well mostly me, are starting the tradition of watching the hunger games. it used to be there was an addams family marathon on tv every thanksgiving, and i kind of miss that.
  7. yeah there are guards you can slip on them https://www.amazon.com/Pencil-Rubber-Silicone-Writing-Handed/dp/B012YM8K0S' they come in all shapes and sizes
  8. i ran out of sedatives! my supplier from the black tower quit
  9. just come over to the keeper @Phaedra....i have treats.
  10. you beat me to it! happy birthday blank!!! look i caught a book cake!
  11. i am. webcomics, and some novels. dystopia mostly but going to be branching out into mystery. and i know there are a couple others, and some members whose spouses write.
  12. hello there @verinisbrown just wanted to let you know that lava has taken leave and i'll be taking over as your mentor. i see you're already at the subgroups stage! let me know if you need anything
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