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  1. it must be cool to live where you have diversity of local wildlife. here it'd be a lot of squirrels, raccoons, skunks and coyotes. what kinds of animals do you get just kind of wandering streets elgee? what class is it now lily?
  2. cross, keeper of the chronicles, aes sedai brown ajah. my mom passed away in january, so self care is pretty much all i’ve been doing. processing, adapting. right now i’m trying to pull myself back into proper sleep routines and work.
  3. i believe as long as you're in charge of the activity you can have someone else help. pardon my previous reply, my brain saw 'activity' and thought 'event'
  4. i can see you as a dog and hummingbird. not sure about the horse.
  5. oooo those breads sound awesome. i keep meaning to try my hand at bread making, specifically i want to try sourdough, i wanna know what our local yeast tastes like
  6. i’ve always wanted to, but never spent the time.
  7. kinda feeling the light at the end of a tunnel. given the start to the year i havent felt like really engaging in a while. its kinda been just taking one day then the next. starting to look more forward now with hope though, and what better way to start that than to relax in our library. anyone else around?
  8. the general rule of thumb in that universe is that every game is canon, and is basically a different era and incarnation of the same people.
  9. no amiibos arent canon. they're just fun things to use in game. as it is anyway zelda canon is all over the place. tenuous links if any, though they've tried to connect them all since OoT. there are still outliers, skyward sword tending to be one. windwaker too.
  10. TP is pretty good. and epona is in it a lot. really helps cover ground and she's easy to navigate. of course in that one if we're talking about fictional animals. link is a wolf
  11. OoT and TP they come when you call the best. and the one in BoTW is epona and isnt ya know?
  12. the first two that come to mind for me is Link's horse Epona, and Dresden's dog Mouse.
  13. totally agree on the fur and paws part. sure being able to fly has its merits but birds diets leave something to be desired
  14. it's an age old question, but still a fun one to entertain. this discussion is simple, what animal would you be if you could be any, and why?
  15. Bela is clearly a favorite around here. but there's a long list of fictional animals and pets that exist within the world of books, movies and tv. so here's where we share our favorites and talk about them! which one's your favorite? from what series? how come?
  16. i'm always appreciative of other people's artistry. that dragon is super impressive, kinda wonder what exactly they do with these
  17. i think you're on the right train piedpiper, though there's also the science behind it stimulating oxytocin, so we're physically conditioned to like it once we've had it. perhaps it's an association with that feeling, us realizing it's how we feel when we love someone and things equated along that line
  18. @Ryrin a care package from your bonded, james. and for me from james, thank you!
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