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  1. i know hans gruber is from die hard but i dont know names beyond that
  2. being there for people is key. though can also be draining on us who are stepping in that gap. on a smaller level i like to think that my work brings a little light into people's lives. if they read a funny strip, or escape into a comic, or read a book taking them into another world. providing that, even momentary, escape i hope shines a light for people
  3. oh gosh yes phaedra, i have to admit i dont get out and allow nature to calm my soul as i should. it is hard to do where i live but even just getting into the backyard, some good music in my ears and just sitting, breathing, and escaping into another world. i think the best way to describe it is being totally present in the moment.
  4. the square ones here, the simple are what i've always liked. looks like it can be as easy as getting a paper bag! more lantern DIY
  5. while being Lights to others is important, it's also important to recharge our own lights. so share with us! what brightens your day? what brings a smile to your face and neverfails? personally for me, top on the list is cute dog videos: doggies! then something that brightens my mornings every weekday: Good Mythical Morning!
  6. with so much darkness in the world, especially given the previous year, it's been my determination to make the new one brighter. it's not something we can sit back and wait to happen on its own, or hope that things merely brighten up. rather its our choice as to how we react and how we MAKE the new year. as with the calling of Aes Sedai, to be servants to all, i think it's easily also applied to being Lights to all. so in that vein, let's share ideas, experiences and what we do to be a Light to the world. what can we do to brighten someone's day? how can we start to s
  7. Welcome to the first event of the Tower for 2021! Normally all our events are hosted by a specific Ajah or Warder Disc, while we'll have all of those this year, we're also going to have one or two events hosted by the staff of the Tower! As such we wanted to kick of the events of the year for you all. We will also be infusing more Wheel of Time themed events through the year as well, and what better way to do that than by celebrating with that world in their festivals and holidays? Specifically the Feast of Lights! Celebrated on the last day of the old year and the fi
  8. this is where we chat about what we're reading, our goals and whatnot for the book challenge. have at it!
  9. our grand tradition continues! and for this year we have a special treat, the challenge will be guest hosted by @PiedPiper for the first couple weeks maybe longer, so without further ado, a message from the Piper: For all Ray Bradbury’s fear of technology and its impact on our society, there was one invention of which he wholeheartedly approved: the book. Humans are storytelling creatures, as said by Neil Gaiman, and one of the best ways we can come to understand each other is through the things we write. Why do we read? We read for fun, we read for escape, and we rea
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