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  1. never turn your back arie, tsk tsk now there there no need to scream
  2. and the full pic instead of that foot close up: oh arie, you poor dear
  3. so i'm just wrapping up the last chapter in a book. and i need some fresh beta readers. it's a dystopian novel exploring the pressures and failures of pursuing a 'perfect' society. requiring perfection from imperfect people. if you're capable of using google docs, have the time to read and comment/provide feedback in a timely manner, and are just plain interested let me know. I'm looking for feedback on things from grammar, plot, pacing, details, anything that raised a question, etc etc
  4. @Arie oooo i'd love those flowers, we have stupid pears and lily's. though have since also gotten oranges and apples. haha we used to have Goose in one of the older games, don't think he was a jock then though. ooo we JUST got Flora. she filled up the last spot, otherwise its Katt, Hamlet, Keaton, Gruff, Blaire, Flurry, Marina, Hopper (who we want to get rid of) and Julia. we really only have a set few we want to keep at all costs. the rest are up for grabs. @Hayl3y it e really is. you can get attached to the animals so easily with their personalities and actions
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