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  1. Ignis nodded at the Gaidin, giving a formal bow. "Thank you Kynwric Gaidin. I will take these lessons to heart. With your permission, I will get myself settled in. I do afterall, have to be at my post tomorrow." ((Ooc: unless you have something else to tell him, a reply isn't necessary. Just let me know :D))
  2. Ignis took the blow as it came. He couldn't stop it, but pain was a good teacher. Next time, he would do better. Kyn worked back, remaining defensive until he was sure no more strikes would come from Ignis. Kyn told him he had a strong foundation. Ignis knew that, but it was nice to hear it from a better. Ignis relaxed only a little, but his posture still held a wariness. His own lathes could come up in a moment. It was an easy trick to see if someone completely lowered their defenses, and the Warder hadn't really said that the training was done. "Thank you, Kynwric Gaidin," Ignis said with a bow of respect. "Is there anything I can do to improve?" Ignis was after all here to learn.
  3. Kynwric dodged the slash. It was an expected move for one as experience as his teacher was. In fact, Ignis didn't expect to make a hit at all. Having some training had it's advantages. Those new to the sword or any weapon of war fought two dimensionally, but Ignis utilized the ring around him, choosing to move towards the side to strike. Rather than back and forth, the bout moved in a circle. Ignis came in with an over head strike that was parried by Kyn's own weapon. Using his other blade he struck from the side, and the Warder dodged the attack. Balance was something Ignis was good at and it showed in his footwork. Rather than stopping his motion, he continued moving with the missed strike. Keeping the momentum going, he brought in another strike from the side. Another parry. Each time Ignis released a strike, the Warder parried or moved. It was just enough for Ignis to keep track of the warder's movements. As of yet, the Warder hadn't struck. He kept on the defensive. Ignis knew the game. He wouldn't attack until the younger man made a mistake. It was a good training method. The fight itself was beginning to wear him out. Soon Ignis would falter. Whether Kyn was catching on to Ignis's style or not, Ignis didn't know, but it happened when the Warder feinted to one side and moved in another that the young man's first mistake was made. The Warder chose this time to strike. Ignis barely compensated in time, barely catching the Warder's blade. However, as Ignis moved to counter, an opening was left. Ignis's lip twitched slightly as he knew he couldn't prevent the next hit.
  4. Ignis nodded. Fighting with two blades was standard for him. He had been trained with two blades. In fact, he had arrived with two blades strapped to his back in the Arafellin style. As much as he wanted to distance himself from his background. He couldn't completely do it. Wordlessly, Ignis retrieved another training sword and back into his stance. It was a practice session similar to many he had been in before. The teacher would expect him to attack, allowing him to tire himself on offense. Ignis found it to be very effective. He recognized the form the Warder used. At least it was some variant of Unfolding the Fan. At begin, Ignis did so, approaching the Warder with caution. Just because he was on the offensive, didn't mean he couldn't assess his opponent as well. Moving into Parting the Silk, Ignis attacked.
  5. Caidin followed, listening as the so'jhin told her story. The story could have been the truth, or some version of it. Random farmers attacking wasn't unheard of. He stopped to contemplate the words. "Indeed," he said. "Regretful." Caidin moved into more silence. His eyes closed in thought. She could be lying, but Caidin knew that paranoia had it's limits. Seeing backstabbing everywhere was a great way to get nowhere. "The sul'dam and damane with you they were the two that I saw earlier?" he asked. "And these children - any signs of hostility or resistance from them?"
  6. Ignis nodded, removing both of his his blades and getting a lathe as well. The familiarity of the training ring came back quickly to him. Others around began to watch, both students and teachers alike - the students wanting to size up the newcomer and the teachers evaluating his skills. Ignis kept himself from going into Cat Crosses the Courtyard. There was no need to be arrogant. Even so, Ignis walked with a wariness that showed that Ignis took this seriously. Ignis nodded at the man in acknowledgement of his order. He set himself with one foot back, keeping himself firmly grounded. He drew the training sword and brought it in front of him in a defensive posture.
  7. Caidin frowned. He didn't like working with underlings. His own paranoia rose at the idea. The High lady's logic, of course, was sound, but Caidin got the feeling she was hiding something. The seeker sensed this situation wouldn't be resolved quickly. Caidin's own training kept his thoughts to himself. The so'jihn moved towards him and spoke with politeness. The receiving room would be ideal. It was enclosed, and therefore less likely to be eavesdropped, but Caidin's instincts said otherwise. Yes, the gardens could contain spies or the ears of random interlopers, but the darkness itself could be intimidating if needed. Caidin gave the so'jihn a light smile. "The gardens," he said. "Please lead the way."
  8. Kira followed and shrugged as she replaced the coin in her purse. The man liked to fight, which wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing. It could cause issues at times however, and Kira would need to possibly rein him in a little bit. The over of a place to wash up was enticing and gave her reason to stay with the gentlemen as well. This caravan could give her an excuse to continue observing the Illianer as well. "If I may ask," she said politely. "What is the destination of the caravan. I still have a ways to travel, and it would be good to have some company on the road. As well as protection?" Kira chuckled slight. "Light knows I wouldn't want to have a repeat of the incident with the bandits." She walked quietly, her hose whinnied softly as it walked, and a breeze moved though the trees. Kira could see the light of the caravan that they were approaching. "By the way, you haven't told me your name."
  9. Kira watched as her rescuer walked behind her two attackers, and grabbed them by the collar. A quick look of surprise and the two men bashed their heads together. The two slumped to the ground. Kira reluctantly let go of saidar, and looked at the Illianer as he finished speaking and gestured away. There was wisdom in her wards, and Kira stepped over to her mare and patted it on the nose before leading it in the direction offered by the man. "Thank you," Kira said. "For your help. I can pay you if you wish." Kira pulled out her coin purse to get a few coins out. She actually would pay the man if he would accept it, but at the same time she wished he wouldn't. It wasn't greed. Money wasn't something the blue worried about. It would speak highly of the man's character if he did something without payment. "My name is Kira," she said, offering her real name without the Sedai honorific. At this point, she still didn't want her rescuer to know. Kira found a few coins. They were of Cairhainin make. Tar Valon marks would connect her to the White Tower more than she wanted to be with this man who had come to her in her time of need. "Here," she said, holding the coins out to him.
  10. Ignis smiled at the woman in greeting. "Ignis," he said, smiling at her little quip. He didn't actually find it funny. A beer was really a simple thing, but like many things, he didn't deserve it. The woman excused herself, and Ignis bid her farewell, before turning to the man. "I think I am going to practice a bit," he said. "If you would like, I would be willing to accept any advice you may be willing to give." Ignis knew he likely had more training and experience than most new recruits, but he was also aware that the day you stopped learning was the day that you lost limbs to a trolloc blade. He wasn't full of himself enough to think there was nothing for him to learn.
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