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  5. Wayne started out as annoying to me and then he grew on me for the reasons you said above. His whole redemption is cool - and yes he’s very intelligent. Im in Shadows of Self and so haven’t finished the newer trilogy, but Steris is beginning to grow on me as well.
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  8. You can pick your favorites from each world - just love talking characters. I recognize the name Jasnah, but it's been awhile since I've read Stormlight Archive. I need to do a reread.
  9. The Dresden Files is by far one of the greatest series I've read - it's a relatively easy read and I love hearing the story from Harry's POV. I'm curious as to why and what you would have replaced it with?
  10. By far, my favorite character in Mistborn was Sazed. He also stands as one of my favorite characters of all time! I like him because, well he is sort of like me. He is kind and thoughtful, often thinking before doing. For a Terrisman, however, he is also somewhat impulsive. The fact that he is a part of the Skaa rebellion is one instance where this shows. Also - how cool is Feruchemy!!!! Seriously one of my favorites magic systems ever. The following contains spoilers from the original Mistborn Trilogy
  11. Here we can discuss our favorite characters from Brandon Sanderson's Cosmere Universe. Feel free to share any characters that you like, but keep in mind that some haven't read all of these works, so it might be prudent to spoiler tag some things. Also - spoilers tags do not appear in email notifications, so if you are crazy about not reading spoilers, I would suggest not subscribing. You have been warned!
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