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  1. Ahh cool the rp side of things. I've not gotten down there myself yet.
  2. Welcome back! Where did you hang out?
  3. I was able to finally get a second guardian egg. Is there specific breeds that will give you the others?
  4. I did! The black and blue ones are my fav!
  5. Does anyone want two cb winters?
  6. Pretty sure he didn't. I'm thinking its cause of valentines day release.
  7. Hi blac blank! Where is Mr. Tyler? He should be here!
  8. I am currently on book 3 of song of Ice and fire! I keep spoiling things for myself by looking on the wiki for the series.
  9. Awesome! Welcome to DM!!! As was mentioned above me feel free to check out the social groups or the RP groups.
  10. Welcome to DM! Glad to see ya join!
  11. Anyone have any pretty Holly dragons?
  12. RTE! How ya doing? For easy clicks for your eggs use this place. http://www.coup-detat.info/NDER/NDDC.php
  13. Welcome to DM I hope you have a fun time here! ^_^
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