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  1. *throws out the chocolate cake and replaces it with several varieties of cheesecake.* There better!
  2. I will start out with a statement, such as "the person below me is wearing socks" The person who posts next will say whether the statement above was true for them, and then post their own statement Example Person 1: "The person below me likes the rain" Person 2: "True! I enjoy dancing in it. The person below me is wearing blue" Person 3: "False. The person below me is on a smartphone" etc We'll start with "The person below me has read The Dragon Reborn"
  3. Nah I respect Zander. He's a cool dude. I just like messing with him.
  4. Well...Zander makes a nice scapegoat from time to time..I think the Infantry almost grabbed Seph, but I guess he likes horses too much lol
  5. Yo! I've just got a blank screen. Used to have fallout 3 nukacola bottles in different colors.
  6. *lets Besie go free* Now now seph! No trying to be mean!
  7. Welcome back! I've missed seeing you and Starry and Nya around DM! Also for anyone who is interested BB is fun to blame things on! Remember when in doubt BBB(Blame Bard Babe)
  8. Now now dice! Bunyan can't be here and in the band at the same time!
  9. Welcome to the band! I'm Davrick the Captain-General of the Infantry! So happy you decided to join us!!!
  10. Well Dar best be finding a warder real quick lol
  11. She admitted she's a witch!!! Get her!!!!!!
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