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  1. I will as well! I've seen Myra being very active within the WT and elsewhere on DM. She's fun to talk to and I can tell she will have a great future here. The Cuen are lucky to have a member such as Myra!
  2. No beer stains! Needs to be kept perfectly clean! *tosses a bucket of Moat slime at Zander*
  3. *carries in a jar or two filled with spiders* Here ya go Heart!
  4. Is it that time again?! I'm going to go run wild through the dorms!!
  5. I thought there was. I've got the paperback copy. Ill have to look again.
  6. *shudders* The Reds are a bit mean crazy with their prettying and stuff. *Tackles Dav* Hi stranger! Hii!! Not sure if I've said this yet but grats on your promotion to the new Monster!
  7. *pats Seph on the back* Welcome to the warders!
  8. Yes I really enjoyed reading this book. I have the second but have not had time to start yet.
  9. Ahh cool the rp side of things. I've not gotten down there myself yet.
  10. Welcome back! Where did you hang out?
  11. This is the official roster and rank structure for the Infantry Regiment. It will be edited at least once a month by the current MG to update promotions, staff positions and status. If you notice any mistakes please post them here for investigation and correction. INFANTRY OFFICIAL ROSTER Staff Captain-General: Vacant Lieutenant-General: Vacant Regimental Liaison Officer: Vacant Redarm: Vacant ▬▬ι═══════ﺤ Members Banner-Captain (250) Taymist (631) Captain (190) NONE Lieutenant-Captain (145) NONE Senior-Lieuten
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