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  1. Didn't see the thread, but my favorite app is twilight. It lets you reduce the brightness on your phone farther, as well as put a red filter which makes it less of a headache to look at when its dark.
  2. Maybe its Netflix? It would make sense for them to want a fantasy series to break into the GoT audience. I hope its a studio with enough money to pull off something like this
  3. For some reason I never imagined any Myrddraal as wearing armor. Its so unfitting.
  4. Oh wow, I forgot it was April Fools. Yea, I agree with Taltos, this is a way to kill a site. Seems very much like an April Fools joke.
  5. This seems pretty bad. How does adding expensive services such as voice/video chats supposed to solve budget problems...?
  6. Though I'm sure almost everyone here saw this, this gotta be one of my favorite pictures of WoT.
  7. Stop staring at my profile, you creepy stalker!

  8. Same! ...Though mostly because I haven't been there for months.
  9. Yea, same thing happened with the Skype chats. (Not that I was too active in these lol) Remember when the chat had so many people it was hard to figure who was saying what?
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