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  1. I've posted the Bio that was submitted and tagged you @Kathleen. Can you CC it please, lovely?🙂 Do you want handle OP breakdowns etc.? I'm trying to send the invite to the private TV board just now.
  2. @Cass or @Kathleen DM Handle: The Purple Ajah RP Section: Tar Valon RP Group: White Tower Character Name: Zoraya Mayrit Returning character: No Total PSW Character Count (max 24): 0 (1st character) Rank: Novice Age: 17 (entering the White Tower) Gender: Female Place of Birth/Raising: Darluna, Arad Doman (later Bandar Eban, Arad Doman) Physical description: 5'3" (161 cm), 148 lbs (67 kg), dark hair, dark eyes, a somewhat ordinary-looking woman with a slightly plump figure Strengths/Weaknesses Strengths: Deferent, polite, calm, quick learner and researcher Weaknesses: Unorganized, procrastinator, heavy sleeper, shy Character History Zoraya was born to a well-to-do Domani merchant woman, Zonene Mayrit, in the southern town of Darluna. Her mother’s family owned a decent-sized abode, with two servants to do the chores around the house. When she was three years old, her father, Binrim Garnade, passed away from a fever, leaving her with a modest personal inheritance of four hundred crowns. When her mother married again, it was to a son of one of the grander merchant families of Bandar Eban, Nadris Saraqusta. Her step-father’s mother, Cadiya Saraqusta, employed twenty servants in an estate to rival lesser nobles in other nations. Four daughters were born to her mother and step-father, Zoraya’s half-sisters: Antaena Mayrit (5 years younger), Maleane Mayrit (7 years younger), Parvena Mayrit (9 years younger), and Delciane Mayrit (11 years younger). As daughters traditionally run the ledgers in Arad Doman, they were all groomed to succeed her mother. Zoraya had a decent head for numbers, but it was never her passion. She often became known in mercantile circles as a daydreamer who was always sticking her nose in a book about the faraway lands of Shara, or the history of the Free Years. Nevertheless, she was still expected to continue her mother’s business as a cloth merchant. Her position in the family was complicated in her adolescence when her step-grandmother (a famous merchant in the trade of the razor horses of Arad Doman) was raised to the Council of Merchants that has a part in the election of the nation’s king. Since her step-grandmother had no daughters or close female relatives, this meant that the Mayrit family would likely possess the wealth and standing of the Saraqustas in time: and the elderly woman became more aware that this meant that her own trade may not pass to a granddaughter of her own blood, but the inconvenient, scatterbrained step-child from her daughter-in-law’s first marriage. Zoraya’s awkward standing in society was made a little more prescient by her rejection by other genteel girls of a similar age. They would always be polite with her, and she to them, but she always felt rather shy of engaging in conversation. When she reached an age of maturity, she was still somewhat apprehensive about speaking to other traders, and preferred to quietly sleep in and balance the family ledgers from time-to-time, between her own reading for the sake of pleasure. The Mayrit family was not cruel, so they did not wish to cast their own daughter out, but they both agreed that the mercantile profession was not for her. A suggestion was made that she could go to the White Tower and see if she was able to become Aes Sedai; if not, she could use her father’s inheritance to tour the other nations of the world, and perhaps marry well in another country. After setting off by caravan through Ghealdan, Murandy, and Andor, Zoraya finally reached Tar Valon. To her great joy, the Aes Sedai present at the White Tower determined that she was a channeler (a learner, like most), and as such, Zoraya gladly burned her too-tight Domani gowns and her link with her old life, now ready to enter her name in the Novice book and begin her journey on the way to being an Aes Sedai.
  3. Welcome aboard. We love seeing new members joining. Hopefully our WT & Warders Group Leader, @Kathleen will be free to come chat with you too. I did see the email that arrived earlier, either Kath or I will check it out. 🙂 I'm away from home at the moment so bear with me.
  4. Happy New Year, guys and gals. Sorry to hear of your hubby's loss, Jea. That's hard at any time but before Christmas just seems extra bad. All good with me. Trying to keep my business afloat in the midst of yet another lockdown here in Scotland so that's taking up most of my time. Other half is on furlough leave again as of Friday too, getting under my feet lol. No family or friends impacted by COVID yet thankfully. Can't complain really. *tacklehugs all of you*
  5. A belated welcome, @Ranch Doritos. Hopefully Cass has sorted you out and you've found the RP channel in the DM Discord. As I'm sure she's probably explained, there's no need for you to add your bio anywhere. All you have to do is email it so Cass can approve it and post it to the bio board for cross checking. If you need to ask anything else, feel free to drop me a PM as I get an email notification that way. @Cass if you need me to CC just poke me on Facebook would you, please? 🙂
  6. Re-activated at Hayl3y's request via PM January 13 2021.
  7. Lii is correct. We don't use objects of power that way in the PSW. It was very clearly explained in the Books why the One Power isn't used for menial tasks and we extend that to utilising objects of power for the same purpose. Menial tasks are character building for Novices so we're not looking to make their lives easier. The existence of ter'angreal and their ilk isn't widely known outwith the channeling communities. Saying that, I'm not against the use of certain items for big projects on, for instance, a city wide scale. So if the Black Tower decided to use something found in their cache of objects to better their community overall, that would be cool as long as it's cleared with the Group Leader, Cass.
  8. I've seen Going Postal and Hogfather, yes. Both brilliant. I'm not aware of the Soul Music and Wyrd Sisters but I'm not a fan of animated TV generally speaking.
  9. Hey Cairos, glad to hear your doing ok. You must be off your feet busy in the midst of all this crazy. Everything fine here, just a little hectic trying to salvage something from the wreck this has made of my business. All the fairs and large events have naturally been closed down for the year, so none of the ones I was participating in will be taking place which means at least 75% of my annual income has gone up in smoke. Hard to watch years of blood, sweat and tears crumble in front of you. But counting my blessings, the family is all healthy and that's the most important thing. Hope everyone else is well. *huggles the Lava*
  10. Hi Alin, welcome back and nice to meet you. I don't believe I knew you before, I started RP'ing in late 2006, mainly with Owen, but certainly seen your name on many posts. 🙂 Been a few board and staff shuffles in the last couple of years so instead of being the RP Admin, I'm now the RP Club Leader. Different title, same job lol. Any questions just give me a shout. A PM will notify me via email so that's usually best. Let me know character details and I can check various sources to see if I can dig up bios/scores. Can't imagine policies and rules have changed too much but I'm sure we can work something out if there are any contradictions. Edited to add: There's this Warder one on the wikia, guessing it's yours HERE.
  11. The highest annual death rate in the UK from flu related illnesses over the last 5 flu seasons stands about 28 thousand. The average over that whole period is roughly 17 thousand per annum. We're currently over 44 thousand deaths, and still rising, from coronavirus. After only 4-5 months of the year. It is not comparable to an extra bad flu season by any stretch of the imagination. And from the various sources I can find regarding the US, the same is true there. The MD of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease told Congress that the US annual mortality rate from flu is only about 0.1% and that coronavirus is 10 times more lethal. The most abhorrent attitude throughout this entire episode for me, so far, both from the general public and the media/Government, has been this dismissal of anyone in so-called" high risk groups". Making out as though they are acceptable collateral damage and "just to be expected/accepted". This back slapping, "I'm alright, Jack", approach from anyone not in those groups is simply sickening. As always money/greed/economic concerns are used as a justification to ignore simple common sense. Elgee is absolutely on the nail with the WoT/GoT analogy. People in power or positions of privilege will always do whatever it takes to safeguard themselves first and foremost and screw the rest of us. I'm completely with Liitha on this one and thank heavens we have a First Minister who uses her head and doesn't just follow the UK Government like a sheep.
  12. Welcome @Risyn_Mael, hope you'll enjoy writing with us here at DM. Your bio has now been CC'd and approved. You're free to start your intro RP. I'll be inviting you to the private WT board.
  13. I'm going to approve this and assume, as the writer you do know she can't just *decide" to become an Aes Sedai. It's not clear whether the character knows she'll have to undergo testing but presumably you do so I'll let that pass. Enjoy writing.
  14. Aha, Cass beat me to it. Consider this approved, very nicely written.
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