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  1. How's everyone getting on?

    Any fires I need to put out? Usergroup changes needing made? New members? Exciting news or goings on? Anything really urgent? The pressure of my big festival is now over (Hooray!) and my other half is finally back at work (6 weeks turned into 10! So that gets an even bigger hooray). BUT I have another 3 Craft Fairs in the run up to Christmas so I'm still very busy. I'm checking in again more now though so do shout about any problems. I've had a quick glance around the boards. Otherwise, as you were.
  2. Done and thank you for all the work. It's brilliant.
  3. Open Discussion for All Active RP Members

    I guess the rough high points that are happening in the Book which applies for each 6 month period. Where people are in the world, what events are taking place. Anything specific that people want or need everyone else to be aware of that's effecting specific RP Groups... e.g. Cass might want everyone to know about a specific Band RP. I've forgotten most of what was discussed in the thread so I'd need to refresh it to remind myself where the idea was coming from. But essentially, it was intended as an overview direction of what was current and at the end of the 6 months, we'd move on to the next bit regardless of where individual RPs had got to. If that makes sense.
  4. Bios

    Returning characters don't need a CC so if or when you've submitted them you can consider them approved. I'm swamped offline right now so I don't know when I'll get a chance to read and post them up. If I do come across any problems, which is unlikely, we can work it out later.
  5. CotS idea

    Let's leave Malkier out of it. There's plenty in the main idea for everyone to sink their teeth into without having to keep track of any more diversions from the recognisable history of the books. Other than that no objections, sounds like a fun concept for people to get involved in.
  6. Don't count on me for RP'ing. I'm afraid I can't guarantee much activity for the next couple of months. We've hit my busy period now in the run up to Christmas with Festivals and Craft Fairs, plus I still have my other half at home recuperating from his op. Frankly I don't see much need to actually RP Calder or Ruan. Their actions, reactions or direct orders can be observed, relayed or commented on as easily as being actively written by OOC Staff. Just decide before hand what direction you want the action to go and what you want Calder/Ruan's actions to be then incorporate that. We wanted the PSW to be more driven by our own characters so now would be an ideal time to start doing that. Pinned the Seanchan info post.
  7. Roll Call - May 2018

    Is Evelyn definitely an NSW? If so, NSW characters don't go inactive unless the RGL retires them anyway. They're a permanent fixture, belonging to the RP Group rather than individual players, so anyone can write them at any time regardless of the original creator. If you want to write her that's totally fine, just no need to list her here. I believe WolfbrotherKronos and Kathleen both had active CotL but wasn't much going on as they had nobody to really RP with. And wb to your Seanchan character. Do you have a link to that bio too?
  8. Yes, sadly a lot of threads and RPs have been lost with all the board moves. A lot of the main ones wouldn't have been on the actual DM forums either, there were off site boards at one stage and that was pretty much all lost too. Seanchan only in Tarabon as far as I know, yes. I think it was an attempt (OOC) to keep them fairly contained in one place as there were so few active IC players. Edited to add: That may have changed or be in the process of changing. There was a pursuit of the Band's forces by Seanchan forces following Calder's rescue and the DotNM kidnapping. I'm not sure how far they got in their pursuit as the Band eventually used gateways back to the Citadel courtesy of their BT allies. The Seanchan would have kept searching of course, so they may have travelled some distance. Maybe discuss that with Cass as she intends to RP some skirmishes with the Band/Seanchan I think. I have no idea on the Panarch off the top of my head, go with whatever fits best in your opinion or in relation to what you've seen. I trust your judgement.
  9. The Band

    Last status was that Calder had taken over as Commander following his rescue from Tanchico. The Band's Under Commander has been Owen's character Amon for years. I'd prefer to leave both those positions as they are. Owen's around but not actively writing (yet). We could certainly have two Under Commanders though, it's not uncommon to have two deputies.
  10. Open Discussion for All Active RP Members

    Never any harm in sharing further thoughts. It help me to know where everyone's at with preferences. Couldn't agree more about the whole jumbled mess thing, it applied to the entire PSW in my opinion. Thankfully with the lovely Official Timeline that Myst worked up, and the work Jagen's done for the WT, it's not nearly as bad as it was. This is what we decided to do going forward. 6 month chunks per book starting with Book 11 which is where we were up to. Just haven't had time yet to do the first write up. Happy for anyone who has time to take that job on to do so as I'm going to be swamped through to September now. I think the total decided on will be more than sufficient for the active members at present. Even those who write loads. If anyone actually hits that limit and wants more, I'll look at it again.
  11. Yes. Our Falme was at Bandar Eban in 999NE. It's where the alliance between the Band, Aiel and Wolfkin was formed as they aided in freeing Bandar Eban from the Seanchan later that same year. No idea where the actual RP threads are but the event certainly happened.
  12. Roll Call - May 2018

    So little has happened in recent years that, unless there's a strong reason not to, I've been considering bios as still active. And yep, Slayer comes under CotS. We decided on a fairly brutal cull of main characters recently so you might want to check the Open Discussion thread on The Welcome Inn board. I didn't bother considering all the many Chosen/CotS characters at the time because there wasn't anyone active to play them anyway. We also decided to focus more on how our own characters shape the plotline rather than the NSW's. So I'm not sure what you'd see Slayer's role as being (we have no Perrin now) but I'm not against you continuing to play him if you have storylines/ideas you want to explore with him.
  13. Technically your points are still awarded by Kat, but both RP Groups need a record of your training. An email should go to wtdiv@dragonmount.com and also to warderdiv@dragonmount.com with a link to the relevant training thread and a note of the WS increases that you're requesting approval for.
  14. A Request for the Seanchan

    You don't. I feel exactly the same way about them and could, quite frankly, throttle Tuon in the Books. I dislike her quite thoroughly. Our Daughter of the Nine Moons, Ruan, is indeed an NSW and she was played by Mystica when she was the FL RGL. Ruan is currently in the Citadel having left Tanchico with the Banders during Calder's (Mat's) rescue from there. Bio doesn't need updating I don't think since that's still fairly current in main timeline terms. Jagen, that sounds like a very sensible idea. I like it. Makes everything very simple. I believe The Don mentioned a Seanchan character in his return thread too. As to the information stuff, go ahead and knock yourself out. It would be a lovely resource to have. I'm sure we could work out some kind of credit/points award in return for doing it if you have any characters that still need to rank up.
  15. Roll Call - May 2018

    Yes. Just lets me know who is actually around and willing to RP as part of the Group/Guilds.