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    I love playing Runescape, reading (mainly science fantasy/sci fi), and writing (hence the RP stuffs). I'm also a little obsessed with all things fibre related as I knit, spin, crochet, felt and sew. Distraction is likely when encountering sheepies, bunnies and alpaca.

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    Done and done.
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    Ely's around too. I've just posted to the inter div RP so that can get moving again for any Banders who want to be involved or already are.
  5. Taymist

    Long time no see

    *pounces* *hugs* *nails feet to the floor* Stop toying and just do it. Oh and welcome home. You've missed nothing apart from the fact that we had a fair few active (and new) BT folks this year. May have shifted boards about a bit too. @Cass is currently in charge of the BT as part of The Alliance section.
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    Creepy. I like it. And I haven't forgotten about your bios.
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    Done. We can use this thread. Edited the title.
  8. Taymist


    Not officially. Do you need me to poke her on Facebook? If they are unbonded BT guys then I see no reason why not. Obviously that couldn't be enforced for men bonded to any non Reds. I don't recall if any are but I do know the option to bond was opened up to all Ajah members. You can certainly do the Aiel or any other Freelanders Guild. Done. Also done.
  9. Taymist

    Looking for Lost Threads...

    The Bowl of Winds never got finished despite Claire (and many others) doing their best to keep it moving. It was started more than once if I recall correctly. In the end, I think they decided to draw a line under it and consider it complete since the whole PSW was RPing as though the Bowl had been used anyway. Dumai's Wells is one I'm not sure about at all.
  10. Taymist

    Open Discussion for All Active RP Members

    I don't mind you doing the same for any of the RP Groups but when it comes to the BT, Band and Wolfkin, clear it with Cass first, please, as she's the RGL for them. She has a long list of threads that are hidden from view at the moment but that she was already working on to update how she wanted everything to look following the reorganisation of the RP Sections. I wouldn't want anyone jumping in and messing up her plans. Same goes for the Warders, check it with Kynwric first.
  11. Taymist

    *** The White Tower Timeline ***

    Thanks again, Jagen. All your work is a big help.
  12. Taymist

    I need the Black Tower’s help!

    Yes, I have access to the website. We centralised everything so I was given login information for any existing sites and emails by the relevant staff. The site is on wordpress. It seems a waste of time to duplicate existing information when it's quicker to update so if someone wants to take responsibility for doing that, I have no objection. I don't want people starting extra new information threads here on the boards as I know Cass has a pile of hidden threads that under construction for each of The Alliance sections. There's no point doing work on things she may be changing or already working on behind the scenes. One of those things I believe is the layout so you should probably discuss that with Cass if you'd like to help or volunteer, @Oddpositions
  13. Taymist


    Any fires I need to put out? Usergroup changes needing made? New members? Exciting news or goings on? Anything really urgent? The pressure of my big festival is now over (Hooray!) and my other half is finally back at work (6 weeks turned into 10! So that gets an even bigger hooray). BUT I have another 3 Craft Fairs in the run up to Christmas so I'm still very busy. I'm checking in again more now though so do shout about any problems. I've had a quick glance around the boards. Otherwise, as you were. OH AND PLEASE SIGN IN FOR THE CURRENT MONTH. TA!
  14. Done and thank you for all the work. It's brilliant.
  15. Taymist

    Open Discussion for All Active RP Members

    I guess the rough high points that are happening in the Book which applies for each 6 month period. Where people are in the world, what events are taking place. Anything specific that people want or need everyone else to be aware of that's effecting specific RP Groups... e.g. Cass might want everyone to know about a specific Band RP. I've forgotten most of what was discussed in the thread so I'd need to refresh it to remind myself where the idea was coming from. But essentially, it was intended as an overview direction of what was current and at the end of the 6 months, we'd move on to the next bit regardless of where individual RPs had got to. If that makes sense.