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    I love playing Runescape, reading (mainly science fantasy/sci fi), and writing (hence the RP stuffs). I'm also a wee bitty obsessed with all things fibre related as I knit, spin, crochet, felt and sew. Distraction is likely when encountering sheepies, bunnies and alpaca.

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  1. Congrats, minty mine. Job well done. *offers a bunch of lucky white heather*
  2. I wouldn't call it automatic... more like a stream of consciousness.
  3. Yes and Yes (Between you, you've got two of the 3 genres. You're still missing one of those listed against the film.)
  4. I believe Sinister was considering this as part of the Entertainment Club. He'd cleared with me that I didn't intend to have it as part of the RP Club. So may be worth having a chat with him. Be easier working together rather than trying to start a whole new Club. Just a thought.
  5. I'm bonded to one so I may be biased. The Greens are warm, fun people. Always welcoming. Most (though not all) of them are also shameless flirts, in the best possible way. I'd be almost as happy with a Green having my back as a Red. Almost. They're fierce.
  6. Ha! I inundated Lava with photos one day too. She probably regretted asking. The polymer clay is awesome to work with, much warmer in the hand and so far gentler on the joints. Really fun to make as well. I love having unique tools that nobody else has. Which Ajah did you pick in the end... I'm presuming Green was one from the post there?
  7. Thanks for helping out, Lii. I don't have any Freelander chars myself and I'd rather not have to pull out NSW's. It's not as much fun for Cal if I have to do that.
  8. You don't have to be that specific, Lii dearest. Just tea will qualify fine. Loving the Christmas cookies! I don't like rooibos, LG. I did try it but not my thing.
  9. Yup yup, like us some green tea. Good for us it is.
  10. Thanks, Ry! You be sure to let me know if she doesn't behave. Although tea and cakes is always a promising start isn't it? Have fun minty mine. The Greens are lovely, you should do just fine here so excellent choice.
  11. I would look good in a top hat admittedly. I could absolutely rock that Mad Hatter look.
  12. Eeek, that was sudden, sis. Understandable that you have a lot to organise. You take care of you first and we'll be here when you get back. Loves ya. Keep us informed. xx
  13. I make "work in progress" (WIP) / project bags for knitters and crocheters, along with various accessories like stitch markers, polymer clay handled crochet hooks, and needle cases. I also knit and crochet items for custom orders, make felted soaps and wool dryer balls called Tumblethumps. Basically all fibre craft related. Let's see... which Ajah do you want to spend more time with? And which Ajah do you feel you know the least about? The third should be with one of the Warders disciplines I think, just to be balanced and get a good feel for the whole Tower.
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