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    I love playing Runescape, reading (mainly science fantasy/sci fi), and writing (hence the RP stuffs). I'm also a little obsessed with all things fibre related as I knit, spin, crochet, felt and sew. Distraction is likely when encountering sheepies, bunnies and alpaca.

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  1. Did We Survive?

    Welcome back, folks. Not quite such a long shut down this time thankfully. Hopefully we haven't lost anyone due to the lack of access. Definitely unavoidable though. Tech problems with the server for anyone who missed the Facebook updates from Jason. Did you all survive without the forums? What have you been up to meantime? How is everyone? It actually happened at a very convenient moment for me as I've been super busy with work. Hoping to get some writing time this weekend. If anyone's having any problems since the boards came back up, don't forget to post on the Bugs board or let me know.
  2. May Hangman: Musical Showtunes!

    Yes! Well done. :)
  3. May Hangman: Musical Showtunes!

    _ N E /N I G H T /I N /_ A N G _ _ _ No: S, R, L
  4. May Hangman: Musical Showtunes!

    _ _ E /_ I _ H T /I _ /_ A _ _ _ _ _ No: S, R
  5. May Hangman: Musical Showtunes!

    _ _ E /_ _ _ _ T /_ _ /_ A _ _ _ _ _ No: S, R
  6. Roll Call - May 2018

    Thanks both of you. Your usergroups look fine and your bios are reposted so you're free to RP. Welcome back.
  7. May Hangman: Musical Showtunes!

    _ _ E /_ _ _ _ T /_ _ /_ _ _ _ _ _ _ No: S
  8. Roll Call - May 2018

    Please sign in here using the following format to be added to the correct usergroup/s. New or Returning: Character Name (if bio written): Freelander Guild:
  9. Nothing stopping Ful teaching Merdyn how to fight with saidin and weaponry together, how they can complement and enhance one another. That would work for both of your requirements then.
  10. So I see. Quite a character, made me chuckle.
  11. May Hangman: Musical Showtunes!

    _ _ E /_ _ _ _ _ /_ _ /_ _ _ _ _ _ _
  12. Merdyn's only at Soldier just now. He still has 2 requirements to complete, so it will depend how long you want to wait to do it. Or, alternatively, we could make it a teaching requirement instead of what's effectively a training requirement. So it's still a duel but you're doing it to teach someone a level below you instead of fighting someone of superior ability. Your character is still learning something...how to impart knowledge.
  13. May Hangman: Musical Showtunes!

    Yeayyy, fun! I love musicals. Ok so... _ _ _ /_ _ _ _ _ /_ _ /_ _ _ _ _ _ _
  14. Welcome Back Taymist!

    Yeah, see you're crazy too! lol DM has that effect on some of us. I have a disease that I like to refer to as volunteer-itis. It took me a long time to admit that I had to step back, breathe and divest myself of various jobs. The burn out was vicious. It's much better now that I can just enjoy posting and having fun.
  15. Awesome, I'm sure he can find something to do! I've just sent Ely through the gateway with a group of nameless Banders, many suffering from the exploits of the night before, so it's an easy enough matter for you and Arinth to slot yourselves in.