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    I love playing Runescape, reading (mainly science fantasy/sci fi), and writing (hence the RP stuffs). I'm also a wee bitty obsessed with all things fibre related as I knit, spin, crochet, felt and sew. Distraction is likely when encountering sheepies, bunnies and alpaca.

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  1. Aww cookies from Cairos are always welcome. *noms* Ohhhh snacks! So kind, thankee. Actually, I said I approved of channeling Dicey places lol, I didn't say that it worked. I suspect he has something like Manny's tattoo that prevents the weaves touching him which is why I didn't channel directly at him. I've been wracking my brain since the other day trying to remember if anyone left anything with him for safe keeping or gifted him something like that.
  2. That was beautifully done, ladies. Club bonding No.2... now things feel like they're getting back to normal lol. *snoopy dances both of you in circles and scatters blue and yellow confetti* Many congrats on finding each other, and on your bonding.
  3. lmao! Well, you have a point there. Acquiring it illicitly does add a bit of spice to the drinking of it. *slides another Brew Tea down the bar* Your wish is my command! How's your week starting? Busy busy?
  4. Aww *hugs* not like there's a rush, just doing my 'calendar' impersonation as requested. *admires how smoothly Jea stole the Brew Tea* You know there's lots more of that, right? You are allowed to have your own. And no! Not you lol.
  5. Before my time I think. People have had text instead of a sig pic but I don't think that's quite as extensive as what you're speaking about. It's always been size restricted since I joined and I can't imagine 100 would fit lol.
  6. Ely frowned. This wasn't the usual reaction to a dunking. The girl seemed worse, if anything, and Ely didn't like her colour one little bit. Ely grabbed A.D.'s shoulders, hauling the youngster forward against her own shoulder and then shifting to wrap her arms around a small waist. In seconds, she had A.D. lifted once more and was continuing down the street towards the Barracks. Not the most comfortable position but it was the quickest way, and luckily Ely's block wasn't much further. She could hear moans against her back from the limp form so at least her charge was still conscious. First things first, Ely stumbled awkwardly into her own room and let A.D. slide carefully onto the rug that covered the flagstones between the two beds, catching her head with one hand to prevent it banging on the ground. Hurriedly, she stripped the girl of her wet clothes, dried her off with the cloth hanging by the wash stand, and wrapped her in a thick woollen blanket. Getting her up again and into the spare bed required a fair amount of ingenuity and manhandling but eventually it was done. Ely found another dry cloth and used it to briskly rub and chafe feet that felt like ice. Once she was satisfied that the circulation was improving, she pulled the bed coverings over the girl as well, and set about drying her hair. Thankfully, the Barracks were well heated so the girl was in no danger of getting ill from the brief chill, but Ely decided that a hot drink with some restorative herbs would be a good additional safeguard. Some hot water was soon boiled, then Marshwhite leaves were left to steep in it for a few minutes before a little Andilay Root was added and finally some honey to sweeten the taste. Crossing back to the bed, Ely perched beside A.D., sliding her arm around the girl's shoulders, propping her up slightly. "A.D., I need you to drink this. It'll help your stomach and clear your head," Ely spoke in a matter of fact manner but with a gentle tone as she held the cup to A.D.'s lips. "Just a little bit, then you can sleep and we'll talk all about whatever is bothering you in the morning." Relieved, Ely watched as A.D. managed a few swallows and then let her lie down and settle for sleep. She seemed much more pliable now and she would be safe and warm here. Ely would get to the bottom of the story in a few hours. Elynde Night nurse
  7. True lol. But that was pant wettingly funny. Kevin's a treasure.
  8. It's not about your politics, or even politics per se, it's that I can't explain what's wrong with the paragraph without partial reference to politics. I can't clarify because, as I already said, I'm not going to derail Sin's discussion thread. Indulging in a bit of Would I Lie To You?
  9. @SinisterDeath that's a cracking version of Zombie by the way. Dolores was such a loss, her vocal was incredible.
  10. *pours a brew tea and slides it across the bar* Why are you staggering? *eyes her personal cushion* Hmm, don't fancy being dumped on the ground again *leans on the bar* I was supposed to remind you about starting a thread... did you ever do it? You know, that one about our ill educated friend...
  11. *peeks in* Eeekk! Not pink! *follows Lii* It'll be interesting to see if your summoningfu works again. The last time was impressive.
  12. Ohhh confetti! Pretty! Thank you Lava. And thanky, Cairos. You realise we're double related now between Dicey and Mysty? Not sure what that makes us...but definitely family!
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