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    I love playing Runescape, reading (mainly science fantasy/sci fi), and writing (hence the RP stuffs). I'm also a little obsessed with all things fibre related as I knit, spin, crochet, felt and sew. Distraction is likely when encountering sheepies, bunnies and alpaca.

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  1. Welcome back! Lovely to see you. Replied to your bio thread. As Elessar mentioned, it's fairly quiet but some of us are around. I haven't had much time to actively RP but I'm still checking boards and messages, generally keeping an eye on everything. Just shout if you have questions or hit any issues. I don't think any access has been removed so you should be able to see your boards.
  2. Someone who knows their geography. I'm going to guess you're over the age of 35 then. Younger folks (generally) never seem to have a clue where anywhere is these days. I'm actually from Fife originally but I went to uni in Dundee many moons ago, and was living/working in Perth when I chose my username, about 16 years ago. How time flies. Lancs is a nice area, fascinating history with all the cotton mills there. Name changed.
  3. Or we could just ask Tay nicely....... Hi Carl... good to meet you. Where in the UK do you hail from? Hope you'll enjoy your time here at DM despite this being rather a lull in proceedings. Calm before the storm possibly with the TV series on the horizon! Shout if we can help with anything. Oh and watch out for Elgee. She seems lovely but she bites and I'm not altogether certain when she was last innoculated. *smirk*
  4. The screen shots linked below may be the area you need to check. Under Account Settings > Notification Settings there are two section where you can check and uncheck email and forum messages for various actions. If it's not the check boxes at the top, it may be the ones in the bottom half where you move the slider on and off. You have to scroll the page down to see all of them as there are loads. Hope that helps, if not, post again and I'll take another look. Account Settings Notification Settings
  5. It depends which boards you're talking about, @DragonFairy. The official debates and discussions boards certainly have rules on posting. Without actually checking them, I suspect they're there to ensure no spamming and that everyone's posts contribute something constructive to the conversation. The Social Groups however are fairly lenient on what you can post and, unless it's an official sticky thread or Roll Call, it's perfectly fine to post saying that you agree. We don't provide "Like" and "Karma" buttons for various reasons. It can contribute to online bullying. It can also simply lead to people who don't receive "approval" of their posts feeling left out or ignored. I believe it was tried long ago and really doesn't work well in the kind of community we have here. We'd rather encourage people to have actual conversations and interactions. There's always the option to post a message on someone's profile or drop them a private message if you feel that strongly about letting them know you agree with their comments. I'm sure they'd appreciate it.
  6. Hey! How are you Taymist?

    1. Taymist


      I'm busy and very good thanks! How are you?! :biggrin:

  7. Hi Davian and welcome back to DM. I'm the PSW Admin, so if I can help at all just let me know. No sign of your BT char on their website but it may be stored in the email. If there were others, I'd need more info to try and track them down. If you wanted to RP them again that is. :) Afraid things are fairly quiet these days across the whole site, activity is sporadic in the RP but there are some older members about on and off. You may know Matalina or Arie? They've both been around longer than me. The offsite RP boards were gone before I got involved which was around 2006.
  8. That's my reply box back. It's letting me post so hopefully others will be able to as well.
  9. Ely's around too. I've just posted to the inter div RP so that can get moving again for any Banders who want to be involved or already are.
  10. *pounces* *hugs* *nails feet to the floor* Stop toying and just do it. Oh and welcome home. You've missed nothing apart from the fact that we had a fair few active (and new) BT folks this year. May have shifted boards about a bit too. @Cass is currently in charge of the BT as part of The Alliance section.
  11. Creepy. I like it. And I haven't forgotten about your bios.
  12. Done. We can use this thread. Edited the title.
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